Yeah... failure.

Out on the road!

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I left Minneapolis a week ago! 2 overnight bus rides later, I'm from Chicago to St. Louis. For the most part, I've done some partying and have had some welcome peace and quite in different contrast to the choas in Minneapolis. Naturally, I miss everyone but I don't miss what's going on there with the Super Bowl and the snow.

However, my host is so tone deaf my ears are hurting! After trying to pass me off as a hook up to another guest, he sees it as acceptable to have me clean up after his priligved cis white male guests. All grown able bodied men are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, unless they are paying for otherwise. I'm not getting paid, and I've already been wildly disrespected and dehumanized.

I met up with a friend, that was a past housemate where I currently live. It was lovely to hang out with another radical after already being here so many days! We talked about a lot, as I updated him on the situation at the house, and he told me about trails in St. Louis. We was small talk inbetween, until we talked about street medics and more about past events with past housemates.

When I was having food insecurities I asked around, and some local comrades pulled through to get me feed! Where I'm staying is next to a cafe with a prepaid coffee/ drink broad, so I'm living that up! Aside from the host, things are going very well, and I don't even have to see him, if I don't want to! But, I'm still trying to get out of here asap, because I'm not going to be the house wentch.

New Year

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Last year was ride, and I'm not dead - so I'm ready for more!


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Unfortunately, the twins can't move in because the house manager smokes in the house. The hm's room is in the basement, so when he smokes it goes up through all the rest of the house. The one that came over even opened a window and said it stinks. I'm not offened by the action. I'm very embrassed that I had someone over as a guest/ candidate for housemate over and the house stank so bad that they had to open a window.

I've put up with a lot for my own sake. All my complaints since I've been here have been at the terrible housemates, but the house is decent. The reason why I put up with all that is because nothing ever effected my guests coming over. The reason why I went out of my way to find a place to live is to have guests over. I want people to come to my house and be comfortable. If that's not doable, there's no point in me living here.

Twins moving in?!

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The saga continues...

Recently, one of my co-workers approaced me about needing an affordable place to stay. The other room hasn't been filled since the sea urchin housemate left, so I told them we have a room available! If they move in, I won't want to move out, so soon. I'm putting thought into moving into an intention community house or something like that. Also, the other housemate is generally pretty gross, but we're going to see if we can work on that.

At the same time, I have some people my age that are trying to find a house together. We'll see how that goes.

We're out

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I'm out of this house in April and leaving the drama behind. I don't know where I'm going or what's going to happen, but I'm getting the fuck outta here!

Job and house by June to Portland!?

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Shit gone awry around Minneapolis. I was hoping to be able to stay here over the Rump era, but that might not be the case. I have my eyes on Portland OR, though, knowing that it's not the best place for diversity and very classist against the poor. Minneapolis is a rebel city, but Oregon is a rebel state! I will be better off there. Even if things don't work out in Portland there are other places up there I might be able to get along in, like Eugene. I like the punk community here and I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to this, but moving to OR isn;t the most terrible fate I can think of.

Happy St. Valentine's Day

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Tis the season to celebrate love!
The love of your neighbors! The love of your friends! The the love of your family!
Above all else.

After much drama

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We had to kick a roommate out, because she kicked the door to her room (now my room) in. So, I have  abigger room and the house is more peaceful, not that it wasn't a fight to get it to where it is now. Just when I feel like i can rest the country is about to be overturned all together, if people don;t get what they want.I'll be more than happy to help overturn it, along with the others. Ain't no rest for the wrecked! I just wasn't expecting this in my lifetime.

Normal Life

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I put in my 2 weeks at Cub and my last day is the 22nd. i'm going to write SO MUCH SHIT about SuperValu. It's terrible company to work for. The only good thing about it is that it's so bad the turnover means a job will always be available for the desperate.
I'm not saying I'll never work for them again. In fact, if need be in the future I will look for SuperValu stores, specifically, because I'm guaranteed a job.
I know I use to post normal life stuff all the time. Anytime something "normal" happened I was so excited. now that I'm living a normal life full time, I don't announce normal things. And, i see that was 75% of the things I told everyone about, so I'm boring, now.
I got a place, job, back account, gonna start my own business, got a new job. I have a bike thanks to Vania Bright. I'm even looking for a mate. I'm taking care of my health, and my education is next when the majors of that are settled.  There's so much about being normal that I see people taking for granted, and they look at me funny for smiling because I have my own roof over my head and food in my tummy.
A lot of people really don't understand. I've had good times on the road, don't get me wrong but last was winter was MOSTLY horrible. Philadelphia was a bad experience for me, psychically. I went there a lot of wear and tear surviving out there in winter, and I'm very thankful for the help I received from strangers turned friends!
I'm going to spend this winter relaxing as much as possible in honor of the hard times I had last year. So much food. So much sleep. So much soup. So much tea. So much Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING! I can hardly wait, and I don't have to because I'm already cold in Fall!

Welcome to Fall!

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For all the highs and lows that happened in my birthmonth this year, I can proudly say I lived through it! My birthmonth ended with a house party last night, and it helped me feel a lot more comfortable and less outcasted being in this house. None of my friends could make it, but the house manager knows a lot of great people that I was happy to meet! I feel way more comfortable inviting people over now that other have been here.

The house was cleaned up! The other 2 hosts cooked! I felt like people with lives actually live in this house, which I haven't felt since I've been here. Honestly, I'm going to make at least one more try at finding a new place, but I'm not going to be so disappointed if it doesn't work out this month. I might not try again for Nov, depending on how things go over this month. I still want to leave for a chance at a better place, but as of right now I'm not dying to leave because I dislike my housemates.

I was looking at somethings I would like to put in my room, to make it more homely for me. And, I'm buying more for the house, in general. Before I started typing this I was thinking about where I could find a tv and getting video/ movie streaming services for the house. I live here and I like nice things, so the place I live in is going to have nice things.