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2019...and just a reminder that this story is still awesome and you've always been one of my favorite authors/artists! Smile

on Dirty Dogs

Thank you, more soon ...

on Veronica - FE

Thank you very much, I'll continue to post here.

on Veronica - FE

Great artwork! I like the "sound effects." And the subject matter is, let's say, compelling. I can't wait to see more!

on Veronica - FE

Wow. Love your comic lots of action and colour. You must be studying art at the very least. Really I am MOST impressed with you work. Right now I'm posting on DA but the "Nannies" there are giving me grief about my art, so I may start looking at other places to post. Take care and HOPE you see more of your amazing talent. Chow Bella

on Veronica - FE

Even more gorgeous Big Smile

on Gymnasts Males COM

You're welcome.

on Wet love COM

thank you!

on Wet love COM

Love it.

on Wet love COM


on Lyon and dicks