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Perversions: a cousins' affair


BlueShake has sexual fantasies with his cousin DragonFly and his lover Zipper. After a wet dream, BlueShake realises the fantasies got unbearable, so he decides to make all of them come true…

Warnings: Incest, multiple partners, sounding, bondage, master-slave routine, mild cigarette branding, gore, mutilation, fisting (with bottles), extreme nipple piercing and exhibitionism & voyeurism.


thayCVB thayCVB Primary Artist


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Erotic Art Lemon Male/Male - Yaoi Original Comics Sexually Explicit Content


yaoi gore lover incest hardcore cousins magic city humanised rides bdsm chastity belts master-slave fisting orgies mutilation wet dreams restaurant trails perversions: a cousins' affair

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