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The Jist: Ella, a Silent Hill enthusiest gets thrust into a new story plot based around Silent Hill! Question is, will she survive long enough to want to go home, or will she stay to become the new Heroine of Silent Hill?

The Story: Ella Granvew had graduate Highschool a year ago and is in a job she is unsatisfied with while attending classes that she does not like. Back when she was in Highschool, she was a huge fan of Zombies, Horror flicks, Thriller's, and most of all, Silent Hill! The games were her most favorite of the Silent Hill franchise, and she wanted desperately to work with the brilliant minds behind Silent Hill! She had quite a few ideas for her own Arc in the series, like the new and improved Nurse, slightly influenced by Pyramid Head! But one day, she finds herself in a place she had only thought and wrote about! As she wanders around, she runs into her old favorites from the Monster Section, and a few of her own creations! It's a dream come true! Right?


Now, I realize that my work is not that great and that my plot lacks a lot, but I like it! ^^ If you don't, just don't read it! But, if you have something to suggest or some possitive critisism, I am all ears. Have fun reading!


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