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Vampire's Kiss


First it'll be strips so you can get to know each character. Then it'll break out into song story...


This is about a Pirate captain who's escaping his fate as a Vampire Slayer. He robs merchant ships who transport exotic and expensive teas and resells the tea to different places as a merchant. He manages to sell his largest batch to an aristocrat he falls in love with. Who later when revealed turns out to be a man.

Basically it's a comedy too but since this is something I'm working on I'd like to share it with you. It's going to be shounen-ai... well sort of considering the Pirate's feelings are never reciprocated.

This comic will be about Pirates, Slayers, Ex Slayers, Monsters, Vampires, Lycans, Scientists, etc...

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grim-away grim-away Primary Artist


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