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The adventures of Incubus shopkeeper Dhiar and his friends and family in countless worlds!

Originally running from 2007 to 2015, Incubus Tales was the longest-running comic of its kind during its run. Its sexy satire and daring parody covered many subjects, and its moments ranged from serious to silly. Beloved by thousands upon thousands of fans all over the world, Incubus Tales now finally, once again, has a home online.



Welcome to Phantasies!

I think it's important for me to remind that this is a comic from over ten years ago, so it does not reflect my current abilities, but I am still very satisfied with it. I hope you'll enjoy it too!

I first came up with Dhiar in the late 90s, having noticed an abundance of sexy succubi, but never a sexy incubus. Over time, I decided to create a comic in response to so many stories of hot people having great sex but still being somehow miserable. I decided that a satire with the ability to go between worlds of fiction and imagination would be the best option and would stave off burnout from too much of a single theme. And the rest, as they say, is history!

At the time, I did the art traditionally on a drawing table with traditional tools, just like I'd learned with the superhero comics I'd grown up with. I scanned it in and cleaned it up, then applied whatever digital additions and text, resized, and then posted it! It was all quite a process that is now much simpler, but I continued with this method all throughout the seven years I did Incubus Tales.

In this introduction, you'll meet the three central characters for the first chapters of the story. They all are so special, and they each have a part to play.

I hope you'll enjoy Dhiar's company as much as I have.


An Incubus in King Arthur's Court

1001 Hot Arabian Nights

Better Get Some Now

Dhiar is summoned into the world of collectible monsters. By the villains!

Hey Nonny-Ah!


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