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    Erotic Art

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    Writings containing explicit sexual content.

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    Elves, wizards, dragons, Fairies, and other things mystical. Gallery icon created by [user312]

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    Female/Female - Yuri

    Sexual/Romantic relationships between two females.

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    This is work that doesn't fit into any of the listed genres.

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    Macabre is a term applied to a type of artistic or literary works, characterized by a grim or...

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    Male/Male - Yaoi

    Yaoi, also known as Boys' Love, focuses on homosexual relationships between male characters,...

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    Ah... love is in the air. This gallery is for artwork with romantic or love themes. Kissing,...

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    Sexually Explicit Content

    For the purposes of this website, sexually explicit material is visual exposure of the penis or...

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    Sprite Comics

    Sprite comics are webcomics that use computer sprites, often taken from video games, for...

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