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Been a few years since I updated here, but I came back honestly because I've been told some of my mature work from here showed up on danbooru lol... So I came back to show URL proof of my posts... I am considernig asking them to remove the pieces up on their site but, it's fanart and it's not exactly art theft.. The one who contacted me came to me asking if I was the artist and I verified it and they said they'd link back to me so... Yeah I'm not really too upset.


Other than that I doubt I'll post here too much. I'm just coming back to let anyone know who does stumble here, that I post mostly on deviantART ( I do currently take commissions and any info you need will be there. However I deal over strictly private messages (Notes) over dA, it makes it easier for me to manage rather than using e-mail.


For mature work I post on my furaffinity account (horusgoddess), but I'm not very active there either lol. Just mostly on deviantART.

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