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About Me

Heya! I'm Dagger (yes...that is what I am called and it will be my real name someday in the near future >:3 ) I'm 21 years old and I'm  an artist with many talents. I don't just stick to one style or theme. I like to broaden my horizons with different medias, such as sketching, ink drawing, markers/colored pencil, painting, sculpture, and now digital art.

My favorite subject to draw is animals...I...Love...ANIMALS x3 Always did when I was just a wee little runt. They are so beautiful and extremely easy to draw. I don't know why...they just are.
Also if you have noticed...I love drawing bishounen type males....
and I'm a yaoi freak...though I also love yuri <3 Women are such gorgeous creatures as so are men (when they aren't covered in body hair....>< )

Anyways....I'm a video gamer at heart (I own a SHIT LOAD of games for a few consoles...which I <3 my Gameboy DS btw). I love anything from Final Fantasy to Spyro to even fighting games like Soul Calibur, Guilty Gear, and Super Smash Bros.

Also I'm a cosplayer and go to anime conventions....omg they are great! You meet the most awesome people and the raves! Don't get me started on the raves....cuz I'll go on and on forever xD Roleplaying is also a must for me....I get inspired sooo badly when I  roleplay with others. Music also inspires me (like techno/trance) and manga too!

I do take commissions and sometimes art trades (but mostly those are which close friends)You'll be able to find information about commissions on my shoutboard on DA,

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