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I'm a full-time erotic romance author that uses fan-fiction to try out experimental scenes and fan-art to recharge my creative betteries.

Just so you know, MOST of my work can be found on the Red Curtain side--including many of my writing tutorials.

Ookami Kasumi
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Blog: Sex isn't Everything.


Art by Mel
Color by Ookami Kasumi

No matter what you've been told about making your stories popular, Sex isn't everything. People will Fav a damned good story Without sex faster than they will some slap-dash PWP. Believe me. I do it all the time. *grin*

The truth is, people Fav what makes them React. Whether it's getting them hot, laughing out loud, or weeping--they Fav'd it because it made them feel something strong enough to have a reaction. Look at your own Fav's and think back on WHY you Fav'd it. What reactions did you have to those stories? What did they make You feel?

The hard part is that in order to put those feelings on paper, you actually have to feel them while you're doing it--which is why I really hate writing Angst.

Having problems writing a scene?
-- Whether it's angst, crack, or sex, EMBARRASSMENT is normally the culprit behind that form of writer's block.

How do you get past it?
-- Memorize this: You are Not your characters. That this idea came to you is Not because it's something You would do, but because it's something THEY would. You're just following their train of thought to its logical (or illogical) conclusion. See?


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