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The Breadth of Dreams

by ~ Lily B ~

Libraries: Gothic, One Shots, Original Fiction

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Just a little self-experiment -- me and the thesaurus!! :o)

The Breadth of Dreams

~The Breadth of Dreams~

As heavy oak doors open to embrace the fevered throng,
drumbeats punch and pull bodies inward, wasting no time in
hypnotically synchronizing a communal heart rhythm. Flesh collides and withdraws; the mass heaving in unison with sculpted chests while furtive glances grope for electric union among so many eyes lined in charcoal insomnia.

Threadbare introductions fade as a survey's focus uncovers
strobe-lit cancer clouds subliminally showering marble tiles
in bridal gown fantasies and breathless wet dreams. Lasers
lick goosebumps from glittered tangles of writhing limbs but
neglect the dark, tapestry-cloaked recesses where more purposed tongues find momentary sweetness despite surroundings steeped in the sweat-and-piss warnings left by Casanovas past. Painted pouts smear blood-red whispers across the shadows and are repeatedly swallowed by hungry riffs of an insistent and haunting melody, weaving between stone columns and reaching a deafening fervor.

Anticipation swells and becomes fluid, drowning reason
and betraying twinges of self-consciousness. Shields are surrendered and drawn again while Lolitas tease their daddies in
Techno-Freudian dance. Masquerades unfold in Acts of III
as, beyond the din in rented chambers, sons and daughters
orchestrate parental nightmares with needles and cockrings
on 8mm film.

Among the ravenous marauders in these dens of raw humanity,
a stirring becomes flesh and radiates a cacophony of psychic thunder. Though senses are peaked to galactic proportions, no player appears conscious of presence beyond his own heightened existence, nor does he show fear.

As ecstasy explodes in a supernova of screams and epicurean laughter, awareness comes, unwelcome in its reason and merciless acuity. My psyche is wrenched rearward into reality, rendering me barren once again; to resume this fruitless pilgrimage through Life As I Know It.

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