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Judge & Jury

by Hentai Institute

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Vegeta x Zarbon. Yaoi. Whenever Vegeta seeks revenge, it doesn't quite go the way he plans...

A Fatal Attraction : Judge & Jury

by : *Angelus


"Your disobedience to me…your betrayal…"

"Iie--Ouji-sama! I never--"

"Tch!" The fear in his black eyes as they widen quickens my blood and I run my tongue along the point of my canines. He jerks visibly, the punctures along his throat and arms still raw, still bleeding, still bearing the marks of my anger.

"Unacceptable." My tail lashes violently and he cringes again. "Your weakness sickens me, soldier…" His scent is strong, making my nose twitch, and I suppress the impulse to sneeze it away. Walking slowly, deliberately, I circle him, my broken prey.

"My fallen guardian, appointed to, of all things," mocking laughter, "to protect me. Your prince. The strongest warrior our race has seen…" Dark eyes glare at him reproachfully. "And you, nothing but third-class trash, littering the floor of your quarters with blood and filth."

Thick blood that I can taste on my tongue, copper that rusts away the medicinal bitterness of regeneration fluid. Bringing dripping fingers to my lips, I lick them clean, his heady, iron essence coating my throat, making the stench of healing more bearable.

"Ouji-sama," my disappointing protector attempts to raise himself on shattered limbs. His pain is evident with every failed maneuver, the cracking of bones already crushed beyond visible recognition renting the air with dissonant snapping and the repressed moans of unfathomable agony.

Immeasurable pain that I was forced to endure. Immutable anguish that made me feel as though every hair in my tail were being plucked from the skin with razor-sharp nails, those same nails that rent my flesh into strips of red that painted white walls the colour of the sky.

I crouch before him and his glazing eyes meet mine. I can see the desire to fall away into darkness overwhelming him and I grasp him aggressively by the hair, maintaining contact. His groans thrill me; my tail flicks of its own accord.

"What you have done is beyond treason, saru," my use of the lizard's word slaps his waning attention and his cumbersome frame shudders at the implication. "Saiya-jin secrets are ours to keep--your disrespect for our people is unforgivable!" Flipping my wrist, I throw him away from me; the back of his head smacks wetly against the metal floor and his eyes glisten with tears his Saiya-jin pride does not allow him to shed.

Such pain should mean nothing to one of our own. But he dare not defend himself, dare not raise a hand against me.

His prince.


"For them to know?" My fury escalates to a seething simmer, the boiling point for my tolerance gaining ground as he struggles again to rise. "That you would even think to utter such things in mixed company!" Fists clench and my voice swells above the range of concentrated rage. "You flaunted our weakness like a two-bit whore!"

He flinches at my choice of words, cheeks colouring a shade of scarlet three tones lighter than the drying blood that stains his skin from forehead to collar.

The space-black of his uniform has done an amazing job of masking the remainder of his wounds, though they drip from his body smearing crimson smudges against the shiny silver.

"Ah, hai…" Gather my anger. Subdue it. Bide my time for the one who will pay more dearly than the decimated thing that mews so pathetically at my feet. "You saw it? Perhaps heard about it…" His throat makes a choking sound like a cornered animal when I step forward. "What did they say, soldier? 'The great Saiya-jin no Ouji is no longer so great'?" Baring my teeth, primal instinct contorting my features, a personified mirror of the generational wrath that has become the life's blood of my species, I drive my booted heel into the softness of his groin. "Because that fucking lizard showed the entire fucking ship how to render a Saiya-jin helpless in seconds by ripping my fucking tail apart for the hell of it!!!" He howls wordlessly, tail flailing spasmodically, sending jagged cracks along the floor.

But it is not enough. Not nearly enough for what I endured. Grinding, I twist.

"And all because you opened your big fucking mouth!" Glittering, my eyes tear him apart, following where my fists and teeth have already carved their signature. "Repeating what I said to you! Insinuating that our tail holds the key to our demise!" He squirms, fighting futilely to remove my foot from the only other body part that can just as easily incapacitate. "What the fuck were you thinking!!"


"That's obvious!"

He swallows hard. Any semblance of control is out of reach, but I see him stretch for it nonetheless.

"At least fraternizing with alien shit hasn't stripped your pride completely." I cross my arms and tilt my head arrogantly. He responds to this immediately, striving to somehow look presentable to his prince.

It fails and he spits the blood from his mouth instead; it dribbles down his chin, reinvigorating the stale, stickiness of its predecessor.

"I apologize for my carelessness, Ouji-sama," he recites formally, words slurred through the head-wrenching pain I've been putting him through since I stalked into his quarters nearly an hour before, still wet from the tanks and newly healed.

Another reason for his punishment. If the drastic nature of this situation is not dealt with now, there will be no secrets left to us.

And the last fucking thing I need is for the source of our strength to be known to Frieza. I'd be brought to the edge of death every other night--my days would be spent healing for the opportunity to do it all over again in his endless quest for stronger officers.

My lip curls. And he, that vain bastard, he who was the cause of my previous pain, he who holds Frieza's ear in so tight a grip…

He would pounce on the prospect of permissibly tearing me limb from limb.

The very thought of him makes my tail thrash and my fists quake with anger. I must deal with that narcissistic prick before Frieza is informed of my release. Calculating my time--the death of the doctor on duty will not lay undiscovered long--I realize that this lesson must conclude quickly.

My revenge on him is much more important than berating this pitiful excuse for a Saiya-jin. Dammit, I long for one of my own that is worthy of my strength…

Swiftly, I thrust my open palm against his chest, listening to the satisfying crack of his collar as they connect.

Radditzu stiffens, groans, lids flickering, his eyes roll backward into his head as his entire body goes limp beneath my conquering stance. Straightening slowly, I wipe the blood from my hand down my thigh, a warrior's victory.

But not satisfying. Not in the slightest. Not until I taste his blood will I find contentment that my retribution has been won.

I despise you. Hate you. Long to tear into you like the flesh of my enemies. Ache to take the smugness you wear like an insignia and rip it from your perfect face.

I yearn to make you bleed.

You yearn to have me.

And that is where my power lies.

The degradation I have recently suffered has helped my power level and I intend to use that as well. Anything to make you pay, in the most painful of ways, for what you have done to me.

You have never turned a deaf ear to me; it was no surprise that you used Radditzu's words against me, made the lizard punish me for speaking ill of him.

It hardly mattered that it was nothing but heresy. Words from your lips are taken as well as truth when it comes to Frieza. He listens to your counsel. Particularly pleased when it has to do with fucking with me.

Another thing you'd love. Oh, and I know. I've seen the leering looks, the blatant lust, the way you turn to watch me pass.

I know what you'd like to do with my ass.

I also know that because I deny you, you hate me in a way only a brother can.

And we both want father's love, don't we?

So I'll play your games, partake of your little fantasies. I'll come to you, the willing object of your desire. I'll let you touch me, and stroke me. Call me pet.

Then I'll bite your fucking hand off and feed it to you while you bleed.

Black, my uniform. Like the hate in my molten little heart. Like Radditzu's drying blood that I take care not to step in. Like the intent in my eyes.

White, the cloth I rip from the bleeding Saiya-jin's leisure suit. The swatch I tie around my upper arm. A whoring colour. Submission.



Boots I cast aside, along with my gloves, another sign of sexual acquiescence. A guaranteed way into your quarters without being questioned.

You fucking bastard. Vain and lusting and wanting of me. Me, who hates you, despises you, wants to sink sharp teeth into that disgusting blue skin just to see what colour you bleed. I've wondered that for some time now. We've sparred and fought and tattle-taled on each other to our little lizard father.

But never before like this. Never before have you done me in to this extent. He doesn't let you touch me, doesn't allow you to whore over me like your other boys. So instead you shadow me, spy on me, get your rocks off to watching me fight, fuck, and forge my name on this damn ship I am forced to call my home.

All the while getting closer to father. Are you afraid I'll become his favourite? And then, the things I would do to you…

I leave Radditzu's rooms through the entrance he shares with Nappa. I was not seen entering, and I have no intention of making my presence known before necessary. The alarms have not sounded. Time has not yet betrayed me.

Darkness engulfs me; the massive slumbering mound on the bunk in the corner shifts as the door hisses shut.

The sound of breathing interrupted. Then quietly, "Vegeta-sama?" Hurried motions as he catches my scent. Ah, faithful Nappa. Would that you had a fucking brain cell in your head.

I deposit my gloves and boots near the door by a similar pair that dwarf me by more than half.

"Listen to me." The rustling movement subsides immediately. "The blood you smell on me is not my own. Radditzu is dying in the next room. You are to take him to the tanks in one hour and not a second before. But before then, and this is important…" not that I need to reiterate. Nappa's indisputable loyalty to my father has extended to me and the annihilation of our race has bound him even closer to my line.

"You are to leave at this very moment and proceed to division 487. From there, go down two levels to the maintenance area and dispatch the guards on duty. Cut the heat supply to that division and that division only, do you understand?"

"Hai, Vegeta-sama." No questions. My orders are always followed to the letter and I have no doubt that he will execute them just as I have commanded.

He rises quickly and, having slept with his armor on as trained, takes but a moment to don his boots before heading toward the door across the room.

"Nappa…" Pausing, he inclines his head respectively.

"Hai, Vegeta-sama?"

"I was never here."

"Hai, Vegeta-sama."

Five minutes later, I proceed, walking purposefully the same path that he has tread. The ship is quiet in this sector, the rotation of sleep stealing silently. I am wordlessly grateful that his rooms are on this half of the ship. Had he been on the opposite side, my plan would have been scrapped from conception.

But that's the impenetrable glory of Frieza's operation. While his generals sleep, he remains awake, and while he rests, we reign in his stead.

Not that it matters in space, where the only lights are the omnipresent trim of gas glowers that line the tops of walkways and decks. Even now, in artificial night, they are only dimmed to a dull haze that still allows for clarity of movement.

I am not a stupid boy, as everyone seems to think. I would never presume to 'sneak' into his quarters. That would have been folly.

This. This is foolproof.

Your lust is your downfall, you fucker. No one humiliates the Saiya-jin no Ouji to such an extent without repercussion. If you had not told him, he would not have punished me so harshly and I would not have spent the last four cycles in a regeneration tank with a tube down my throat.

I can taste it still, through the fading metallic flavour of my 'protector's' blood. It itches like a scar at my senses and I want to scratch out my olfactory glands just to be rid of it.

Tasting your blood might temper that.

I've never had…whatever the fuck you are before. Might develop a sweet tooth for it. And wouldn't that be a bitch.

I can see my breath by the time I reach my destination and my feet are freezing past the point of numb. Hatred warms my ambition enough to make it successfully to that division. Good Nappa. Loyal Nappa. Because of you, my faithful buffoon, he should give me no problems at all.

His personal guards sense my power reading well before I arrive and are properly agitated by the time I round the corner. Briskly, I walk toward them and my very presence makes the smaller one cringe.

The taller one, however, is another matter. He blocks my path righteously, hands on hips. He's counting on the fact that his death would declare open hostility toward him. Something Frieza would not stand for amongst his best.

"You can't go in there, little man." My jaw clenches tightly at the insult and I swear silently that this fucker's going to suffer a very painful 'accident' in the near future.

"I believe I will be well received." Glaring hatefully, I stand my ground though he towers above me by at least two heads.

"Oh, really? And what could you possibly--"

Which is precisely when my attire is noticed by the intelligently mute one that's all but pissing his pants.

"Sh-shit! Look at him!"

My aggressor's eyes narrow disdainfully and he snorts as if to say something else that would see to his early demise.

And then they widen as if he's seen the epitome of his alien gods, something so fucking farfetched that to have it land at his feet renders him instantly speechless.

"No…shit…" He's laughing so hard by the time it's registered that the little one, still appropriately intimidated, is left to open the door and usher me by all by himself.

I 'accidentally' break the other's kneecap as I pass and the satisfying sound of his screams is muffled with the closing of the door behind me.

I have no time to acclimate. As the door closes, the escalating of the guard's screaming has summoned his master and I am forced to pursue my intent.

My military training memorizes my surroundings in an instant--two doorways, one leading to what looks like more living space, and the other down a hall. Presumably a second entrance. Posh luxuries befitting his station and the overall feeling of purple make me want to blast the disgusting accommodations into the nothingness of space.

I'm given no time; that luxury has expired and I'm face to face with the man I loathe second only to the lizard king himself.

And looking like a willing whore.

Anger follows surprise follows shock as he too sizes his enemy with a glance. A flicker of recognition, of eager interest as those unnatural amber eyes openly scan my body.

It makes me sick. Swallowing my pride, I toss my head and cross my arms, displaying the band on my bicep like a fucking scar.

The movement does not go unnoticed. My stance is mimicked and he continues to evaluate my presence guardedly.

Silence gets you nowhere, Vegeta…come on…give the cocksucker what he deserves…

"I heard a rumor today that intrigued me."

"Really…" His eyes narrow, though he reveals little more. Smirking secretively, I allow my arms to fall, though the lack of defense leaves me feeling more vulnerable than I will admit. Strolling leisurely into the room, I run the tips of my fingers over the table nearest me, over alien baubles and useless trinkets that appear to be his material weakness. Nodding comfortably, as though meant to be doing exactly what I am, I pick one up, stroking the smooth edges of its rounded form.

"I…" his eyes absorb my provocative motion and he raises one brow, takes a deep breath. "I was not aware that you were awake."

Rage turns my back to him, black and thick, before he can detect it. Replacing the item, I slip my tail from around my waist. It falls, curls, swings backward…forward…pendulum-like for three tics before returning to its loosened circle.

I glance meaningfully over my shoulder and catch his eyes in the act of lusting. "Hai. In perfect condition."

"So I see." Perhaps the easiness of my demeanor has given him a comfort, for he seems to relax slightly, though his arms remain crossed and he has yet to move far from the doorway of the second entrance.

As I thought. A back door. My escape.

"Hai…Frieza-sama…" there's a note of sarcasm I just can't quell, but he barely notices, too enrapt by my body to do much more than stare. "Put me back in my place, as it were." My eyes flash. I cast them down, maneuvering around a large piece of furniture that serves a purpose I can't fathom. Fucking aliens.

"I know. I was the one to carry your pathetic carcass to the tanks."

Red. Scarlet. Ribbons and rivulets and rivers and warm over my hands--

Baiting me!

I catch my balance before stumbling into my own trap and chuckle away the anger as best I can. He wants me to react; I can taste it!

And if I do, he'll know. That's why he does it, that's why he's baiting you…dammit, Vegeta! This is war! Tactics!

"Hai…" Licking my lips nonchalantly, I smooth a hand over the furniture frame, closer still.

He doesn't move.

"It's amazing what they say when they think you're asleep." His attention is snapped at my words, eyes widening in spite of themselves. "Ah, so," I laugh, "another Saiya-jin secret you didn't know? Radditzu was so liberal with our workings, I thought, perhaps…"

"You can hear inside the tanks?" Genuine interest. Probably thinking back to all the times he spoke more freely than he should have.

Yet that's the problem with you, isn't it? Always covering tracks and masking your scent. So hard to catch you in the act of disservice.

I shrug, playing along. "Sometimes. Bits and pieces. Things people do when they think they're alone. Things they say…" Grinning seductively, I close the last of the distance between us, nothing dividing but the fog of our breath and about two feet of height he wields annoyingly over me.

"Like I said--"

"You heard a rumor…" His eyes are lidded and heavy, voice murmuring.

"Hai…" Steeling the repulsion that sits densely in the pit of my stomach, I raise a hand and lay it lightly on his chest. He starts at the contact, eyes candidly curious, stance once more defensive. Grinding my teeth, I smile invitingly, stepping toward him, imposing a more physical connection.

"Everyone seems to think…" Tongue over teeth, sexual. "That you want to fuck me…" Fingers upward over his armor, the cloth-shrouded x of his arms, snagging on the collar. "I wonder why…"

Contempt at your desire, I thrust it aside. There's a thrill in the teasing untainted by hate, at the sheer power I lord over you.

That you cannot resist me…

"Frieza-sama would not be pleased." Again, that quiet voice.

Hand over freezing flesh, my heart skips with anticipation. Cold, ice fucking cold, you reptilian prick. Tilting my head backward, I drop my voice and part my lips.

"I'm not here to please Frieza, Zarbon…"

The name on my tongue is like acid, worse than the acrid bitterness of tank fluid, yet I've little time to contemplate it as it's replaced by something far more alien than both.

His mouth is cold, his tongue long and repulsively wet. Tasting the inside of my mouth with a deepness that chokes, I pull instinctually backward.

The lock of his arms panics, but I grasp control of my actions before they betray me and reciprocate his desire with an intensity to match, though the act repels. His scent is foreign and bitingly sweeter than Saiya-jin musk and it only reinforces the grating stench of the tanks. There's something similar in both that makes me want to retch.

Reptiles…regenerate limbs…


I force a break in the kiss, my hands on his thicker arms, pushing down. I need to breathe!

"Saaa, Vegeta…" That fucking voice that soothes our savage father, that makes him listen to the idiot things you say--I hate it! "Do you fight in everything you do?" That fucking tongue on my neck, those hands that can fit around my waist twice molesting my ass longingly through my black suit. "I've often wondered…"

Pulled taunt against his bulk, I squirm. And instantly realize my mistake.

Laughter. "You're young yet, are you not, Vegeta? Even for a monkey, though your height has always made you seem younger than your years."

Infuriated, I look upward, teeth bared--

Bark indignantly as his fingers find the places on my person only I have been. Snarling, I snap at his mouth, furious at his continued laughter in my ear.

"And tonight you came here, looking like a whore with thoughts that I would just give into your seduction so you could--what? Kill me in my sleep? Repay me the injustice? Baka saru…"

Struggling madly, I reach blindly for his braid to pull him away from my throat.

"Ah-ah, Vegeta-chan…"


"Hai…relax. It doesn't have to be bad, boy. I think, maybe, you'll even enjoy it. That idiot revealed many interesting things about Saiya-jins and their tails, only one of which I mentioned to Frieza-sama. The other I kept to myself."


"For just this occasion. Come now. Kiss me like you want me, Vegeta…"


"Haaii…don't make me break it again so soon. It would be a shame to have to explain that to Frieza-sama. Let us keep it between us…just us, Vegeta…"

I…can't…my tail…his…hand…


"Hai, that's it. My, my, I see that your height has nothing to do with your size, now, does it? How fortunate that you will be able to enjoy this as much as I. I was tiring of your vile tongue and hateful glances. This is so much better…"


"Your tail really is your weakness, isn't it? I hardly thought your species had one…and then he went and opened his mouth, didn't he? I'm sure you gave him hell for that…"


"Now, now, Vegeta-chan, not so fast. I've hardly begun to have my fun."


"Your hair is softer than I thought it would be. Strange monkeys…why don't we take that off, ne?"

This isn't…how…

"Hai, brace your hands. You're so small, I wouldn't want to break you in half…"

…it was…

"Hai, a little farther apart. I doubt you're as experienced in these matters as you have led us all to believe. No matter, I'll discover that soon enough…"




"--little bastard, aren't you…Ouji-chan…"


"Nn…Nn…haii…hot little teasing…"


Green against my face. A flash of silver.

"…done nothing but tease me, Vegeta…"

Again. Glitter of silver. Gone. Again. Glitter. Gone. Again. Glitter…


"Squirming does you no good, you know…Mmmm…gods…you're tighter than I thought you'd be…"



"Oh? I didn't take you for an ear nibbler…"




"Fuck! You little shit!"

Gone. Hand on tail…gone…

Blinking away the unwanted, pleasurable curtain, I notice the weight on my back is gone, as is much of my clothing, that my ass hurts like a motherfucker and that the fucker in question is still behind me.

Not acceptable.

Wheeling faster than mortal men can track, I pivot, facing him. Had he been prepared we would have been something of an even match, with him injured and I newly healed.

Had it not been a tail's hair shy of freezing, the fucking reptile would have had better reflexes. As it is he's clutching the side of his head and cursing in a language I can't identify. His blood is the same foreign hue as his skin, two times darker, and foul in scent that makes me choke.

My elbow crushes his windpipe and deposits him on the ground in a matter of seconds. The fading stimulation from my tail and the burn in my ass adds to my nausea and it takes an active effort not to lose what's left in my stomach all over the floor. Instead, I spit the earring and, consequently, the missing half of his ear on his sputtering and prostrate form.

My knee connects solidly with his nose and flips him onto his back where his softening prick flops sickeningly against his abdomen. Bile rises in my throat and I retch, bracing against an end table, all gratification from my endeavor demeaned by my throbbing bottom. I struggle to pull up the last of my pants and stagger toward the second doorway, hand over my mouth, stomach in my throat.

Passing my violator, I pause at his head, staring impassively at his bulging eyes and gasping mouth. Sneering, I lean down and grab him by that fucking trophy he wears plaited down his back. With a snarl, I jerk. Hard.

Digging a knee into his throat, I shove the hated thing into his mouth until nothing's left but grotesque green and stand again.

I make it to the hallway in time to be sick. Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand and shaking uncontrollably, I wait until it has subsided enough for me to stand straight. Using one hand on the wall to guide me, I make my way through his inner chambers to the door at the far end. I have no conception of time, but I know my hour has long past.

Touching the keypad, the door whispers away from the panel to reveal the room beyond. Is the night shift over? Can I make it to my quarters before…

Light pours forth, blinding with the ferocity of a multitude of suns.


A silhouette that turns slowly at my entrance. Light at his back emblazons him a god.

"The thing about you monkeys is that you are so predictably…"




"I take it then, that Zarbon has fallen?"

There's no retreat. As calmly as my dodgy nerves allow, I nod. Be confident. "Hai."

"Ah. So. Clever monkey…"

Growl. Bastard

"Then I suppose you have earned your revenge?"

I narrow my eyes. "Hai."

"And are prepared for the retribution that will follow when he recovers?"


"And you realize, as well, that I cannot allow this to continue…"

I swallow, square my shoulders. Punish me again, I don't fucking care! Zarbon got a taste of his own and I earned the upper hand until we play this game again. Arrogantly, I respond.


Quiet hum of the ship waking. Clicking sound of his footsteps drawing nearer.

"Then perhaps, saru, you are not so clever." The reaching of hands nightmarishly clawed and I fight my pride not to shrink from him.

Then sinking, falling, biting a whimper as he pulls me forward by the tied white around my upper arm. No…shit…I forgot…

"Tsk, tsk…Vegeta…you should never stake what you are not prepared to give…"

My stomach flops again and I shy away from his mouth as he comes nearer. Gods…this…isn't how it's supposed to…

"Even vengeance has its price." He smiles and licks his purple lips. "I thought I taught you better than that…"

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