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Forbidden Love

by devilchick956

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Angst, Dragon Ball Z, Male/Male - Yaoi, Romance

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Kakarott becomes a guard for Vegeta and a love immediately sparks between them. But their love must be kept secret.

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Chapter 1

This is my first fanfic ever, so please review.

There's no smut yet, but don't worry there definately will be some in later chapters ; )

Dsiclaimer: Don't own them. Wish I did. But I don't.

Chapter 1

Kakarott stepped into the palace in awe of the grandness that surrounded him. The ceilings towered high above his head and he instantly felt lost in the magnificence of the place.

"Kakarott! Oi! Kakarott!!"

He turned towards the sound of his name, seeing his older brother Radditz hurrying towards him.

"It’s good to see you again bro" said Radditz pulling him into a brotherly hug and slapping him across the back.

Kakarott smiled. It had been three years since he’d last seen his brother. "It’s good to see you too" replied Kakarott. "Man, that training camp was a bitch!"

"Don’t even remind me!" groaned Radditz.

Kakarott had gone to train as a guard to join his brother in guarding the palace. Radditz hadn’t changed much from the last time Kakarott had seen him. He still was taller then him with larger bulky muscles and hair spiking down past his waist. Kakarott on the other hand had grown up a lot. In three short years he had grown from a boy to a man. He was built, but not as obviously as his brother, and had jet black hair in wild spikes which contrasted beautifully with his porcelain skin.

Radditz and Kakarott walked down a hallway and chatted about everything that had happened in the last three years. "And this is the guards floor" said Radditz as he continued on his tour of the palace. Then he led Kakarott to the throne room where the new recruits were being assigned their positions.

Kakarott lined up with the new guards; a few of them looked familiar from training camp. He glanced across the room to where the King and Prince were seated. His eyes widened in astonishment when he saw the Prince.

Prince Vegeta was the hottest person he had ever seen. His features were soft and delicate and he had stunning ebony eyes. His hair stood like a flame, as if it was trying to make up for his lack of height. His body was sleek, toned, and powerful. And his expression demanded respect and loyalty. Kakarott had never seen the Prince before, and the sight of him nearly took his breath away.

The gruff voice of Napa rang through the room and Kakarott quickly changed his gaze from Vegeta to Napa.

Meanwhile Prince Vegeta had been studying the new guards lined up in front of them. He needed another personal guard since one of them had been killed. So far none of these guards were to his liking. Vegeta was very picky about the people he chooses and would only have the very best.

Napa had started to assign the guards to their stations when he saw someone out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head to fully see the man, and began studying him. A mischievous smiled slowly spread across his lips as he surveyed him. The more Vegeta looked, the bigger the smirk became. ‘I think I might have found him’ Vegeta thought.

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