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Royal Blood

by VegetaVixen

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Find out what happend when a sinister alien named Cooler comes to earth with an evil plan in mind for a certain Saiyan Prince and his family!!

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Chapter 1

Royal Blood

‘Royal Blood’


Chapter 1.



It was a dry humid day, the sun was shinning and the faint sound of party music and laughter could be heard drifting through the air. Bulma was holding a farewell party for Trunks who was planning on returning back to his own time that day.

“Wow you got some great grub here Bulma!” Goku said stuffing a huge Chicken leg into his mouth and pulling the bone out clean.

Yeah, I hope there is enough here for everyone, especially the way you Saiyen guys eat!” Said Bulma unwrapping the last plate of food.

Scoffing another bowl of rice down his neck “Speaking of Saiyen guys where’s Vegeta? I haven’t seen him around?

Suddenly an annoyed look creeps onto Bulma’s face, ‘ Yeah I know, he won’t be joining us I’m afraid.’ Crossing her arms in disgust, ‘ I asked him to….. Well, begged him to, but he’s just too darn stubborn, he can be such a jerk sometimes!’

“ I don’t think it’s that Bulma!” Goku said smiling.

Bulma unfolds her arms and tilts her head curiously at Goku, “ What do you mean?”

“ Well I don’t think he’s very good at farewells Bulma, Lets face it Vegeta isn’t really the emotional type!”

“You got that right!” Krillen joked

“You really think it’s that he doesn’t want to say goodbye to Trunks?” Said Bulma more light heartedly.

Goku nods, knowing that Vegeta would rather Burn his own eye balls out then risk shedding a tear in front of the others.

“Oh! I never thought of it like that!” She said looking down at the floor feeling guilty for putting Vegeta down.

“Hey guys!” Came a cheery voice from the distance.



“Hey, It’s Trunks!” Yells Gohan excitedly.

Trunks walks over calmly to greet them all. He looks overwhelmed at how much effort his mom had put into this party for him.

Bulma pats a chair seat close to her eagerly “Come, sit down Trunks, I made you all your favourite food, so you won’t be hungry for the journey”

“Well the actually journey doesn’t take that long.”

“Really? I thought travelling 20 years into the future would take quite a bit of time, getting to Australia is long enough!” Came a shocked response from Bulma.

“ No not really, Travelling at 0.02 years per second means that I get home in about 15 minuets.”

“Oh”, Said Bulma feeling rather silly for making so much food.

“But I’m sure taking some food back with me wouldn’t be a bad idea! There hasn’t been any decent food around since the Androids started destroying everything! I think my mom would appreciate it.” Trunks blushes not wanting to hurt his mothers feelings.

Bulma jumps up gleefully, “Great! I’ll start getting a hamper ready!” as she scurries off in excitement.

Trunks turns to Goku and the others looking more solemn, “You guys haven’t seen my father around, have you?”

“No Bro, sorry!” Said Krillen feeling bad for the young Saiyen.

“Give him time, he’ll show!” Said Goku not wanting the poor kids feelings to be hurt, after all this was his party, everyone should be happy that it’s all over and he can safely return home.

“You know as well as I do Goku that my Father won’t come. I saw him take off somewhere this morning! He didn’t say anything to me, he just left without saying a word!”

Trunks turns away from the others and looks up at the sky.

Why didn’t you want to see me before I leave father? There is so much I haven’t said to you, so much I wanted you to know!’

Goku see’s the Sadness on Trunks’s face and walks over to him.

“ Hey! Turn that frown upside down. You know what your father’s like, I think he just can’t face seeing you go. Maybe it’s your fathers way of saying goodbye, he could be out there watching us now. That’s just the way he is. Don’t let it get you down, ok?”

“Thanks Goku, I guess you’re right, but it still would have been nice just to see him one last time before I leave. I’ll probably never see him again!” Trunks said looking down at his feet.

Trunks quickly turns round not wanting to put a damper on things, “But I’m not going to let it bother me today! I’m going home to kick some Androids butts! All thanks to you guys that is!”

Gohan speaks up “Hey we should be thanking you Trunks, we would be dead right now if you hadn’t warned us!”

Krillen nods in approval, “The little guy’s right! We owe you big time man!”

Goku smiles and turns back to Trunks, ‘Yeah, here, have some food have a drink and be merry and maybe we’ll let you have a dance with Marron later’!

Krillen falls off his chair, “Hey, cool it Goku, I have enough trouble keeping her at my side already! Yells Krillen worryingly.

Goku and the others begin to laugh at Krillen, loving the fact that he is so easy to wind up.














A cold metallic hand swirled a goblet of wine gently in a clockwise motion, as Cooler pondered his family’s revenge and his right to rule the universe.

“Royal blood?” He whispered in a low gravely tone. His eyes burned deep into the cover of the book rested upon his lap.

“Where could I get Royal blood? not just any royal blood but that of a powerful warrior?”

Cooler looks deep in thought. He had been studying the dark arts for sometime, trying desperately to find out why his Father and sibling had perished all those years ago without knowing who had Murdered them and how? His father and brother were two of the most powerful beings in the universe last he heard. So who could be strong enough to wipe them both out? All he knew was that the book he had been reading provided a way in which he could resurrect his family.

Cooler signals for one of his soldiers to come over to him.

One nervous soldier complied and walked over.

“ Bring me the scientists that used to work on my Fathers ship at once!” Coolers tone struck fear into the soldier enough for him to almost run out of the room.

Cooler stood up and looked at his reflection in the ships wide window. He scanned the depths of space for any energy levels that would be worthy of investigating. He sensed nothing but emptiness, emptiness and darkness. Until……..a faint ki, a ki that was most definitely worth exploring! But what planets came from the east? Yardreth? the old Namkekian planet?

Suddenly Coolers deep thoughts were interrupted.

“My liege, you requested our presence?” Exclaimed the scientist anxiously.

Cooler still did not turn around, he stood holding his glass of wine deep in thought.

“My liege?” Came the voice of one of the other scientists.

Suddenly without warning Cooler spun around with a crazed look in his eye!

“DO NOT INTERUPT ME WHEN IM THINKING YOU FOOL!” Coolers voice boomed through the control room.

Cooler pointed a finger towards the petrified scientist. Suddenly a blinding white beam of light shot out from his index finger across the room towards the paralysed scientist. The other scientists backed away quickly screaming in horror, as the poor unfortunate man dropped to his knees looking down through a hole where his stomach had once been.

“Imbecile! Now let that be a lesson to the rest of you, I do not appreciate someone breaking my line of thought! UNDERSTAND?”

“Yes my liege!” The scientists all said in unison, bowing the heads trying their best to not annoy their master further.

Cooler looked down at the befallen scientist. He looked at him with unmerciful eyes.

A hint of disgust crossed over his face. “ Get rid of it!” Cooler kicked the corpse across the floor. “ I don’t want it stinking my ship out!”

Two obedient soldiers ran over to the body quickly, picked it up and proceeded to the door way. A trail of blood followed them behind.

“ Now listen to me carefully!” Cooler slowly turns back to the scientists.

They tried not to look at the blood now touching their feet, they looked straight at their master, sweating profusely.

“ I know that you all worked on my fathers ship at some point. But what I need to know is, which of you were on that ship when my brother Friezer was found badly injured just after the destruction of the planet Namek?”

The scientists looked around at each other confused, until one brave man stepped forward.

“ I was on the ship at that time my Liege.” The scientist began to tremble uncontrollably.

Coolers cold gaze came over the petrified scientist.

“Good! Now what I need to know is did you ever overhear my little Brother or father talking of any planets they were planning on visiting?”

The scientist looked slightly confused for a moment and began to look up as if he was physically looking into his brain for any memories.

“WELL! I haven’t got all day!” Coolers sharp voice broke the scientists line of thought.

“ I……….I…..remember Friezer!”


“I remember him asking his father to set a course for some planet shortly after a reconstructive surgery………….b…but I don’t remember where!”

Coolers eyes narrowed. A merciless look came over his face.

“You better remember, otherwise you will be joining you’re slaughtered friend! NOW TELL ME WHAT PLANET THEY SET A COURSE FOR YOU BAFFOON!” Cooler crushed his wine glass in his hand. The goblet exploded and sent shards of glass and red wine all over the ill-fated scientist.

The scientist winced and began to whimper.


The scientist held his hands to his temples and began to rock backwards and forwards. Why was this happening to him. He can re-build a bio mechanical body from head to foot and create the most destructive weapons in the universe but he can’t even remember a planets name.

“ONE!” Coolers voice thundered through the room.

“It began with an E!………..Or was it an R?



“I think it might be……….M….Mars…!” The scientist pounded at his head with his fists desperately trying to remember.

“THREE!” Cooler lifted his cold metallic arm and pointed at the panicking man.


“FOUR!” A pale light began to emanate from Coolers index finger.


Cooler lowered his arm and looked down at the traumatised scientist who was now a wreck on the floor.

“Earth?” Cooler mumbled to himself.

“Are, you sure, because if I end up wasting a journey, you will regret the day you we’re born!”

“Yes…..yes my liege, I remember Lord Friezer requesting for King cold to set a course for the planet Earth shortly after his reconstructive surgery. He seemed extremely Angry.” The scientist said trying to hide the wet patch he now had on his pants.

“Very well, Earth it is then. Captain, set a course for the planet Earth, I would like to arrive there as soon as possible!” Cooler said turning his back on the ashamed scientist.

“Yes sire, would you like me to put the ship into hyper-drive?”

“Yes captain, whatever, just get me there……and quickly! Hmmm, Earth, what a pathetic name for a planet!”

Cooler sat down in his seat, a fresh glass of wine already poured for him. He picked up the glass and took a long deep sip, his face full of thought and bemusement. How could some being from a planet he had never heard of before wipe out his family so easily. To resurrect His sibling and Father he needed the blood of a powerful warrior. To be able to assassinate his Brother he must be at least powerful, but to take out his father too! This person must be from a strong blood-line, surely? Well he didn’t have long to find out.


As he lowered his glass the ships engines had powered up and they shot off into the blackness of space.



Trunks puts on his jacket and secures his sword to his back. He could feel the lump in his throat begin to swell as he looks around at his new friends.

“Well guys, it’s been fun!” Trunks stands in front of his time machine, his voice trembling.

Mrs Briefs begins to weep uncontrollably into her husbands arms.

Trunks bends down to Gohan’s height and puts a hand on his shoulder.

“Goodbye Gohan, You’re just as I remember, even as a little boy you still have so much courage it’s impressive! You inspire me little one. You have in my time, and in this time! Don’t ever change, because I know that someday, you will become as strong and as heroic as your Father!”

Gohan looks up slightly blushing not knowing how to take such a personal compliment. “Er, thanks Trunks!”

Trunks smiles and looks up at Goku who is standing over them both.

“Goku.” Trunks slowly stands up to look at Goku. Looking at the saiyan before him admirably.

“You have no idea how much you have changed my life. I can’t possibly thank you enough, I feel honoured to have fought by you’re side these past few crazy months. My mother told me that you would make everything alright again and she was right. You make me feel proud to be a saiyan Goku!”





Trunks holds out his hand inviting Goku to shake. Suddenly taking Trunks by total surprise he is quickly pulled forward and embraced by Goku in a fatherly way. Trunks softly smiles, as they pat each other on the back. Goku puts his hands on Trunks’s shoulders and gently pulls him back to face him.

“Trunks, you are a brave young man. You’re mother and father should be proud of such a courageous pure hearted kid. Remember what I told you, I’ll be with you now in spirit, no matter where you go!”

Before Trunks could respond he was jolted back by a very emotional Bulma. She wrapped her arms around him tightly as she shed uncontrollable tears.

“Goodbye young mother. My father better look after you from now on, otherwise I will be paying him a little visit!” Trunks joked, embracing her, feeling slightly peculiar at the thought that he was saying goodbye to his mother but at the same time he was getting ready to say hello to her after so many months.

Bulma stood back slowly looking into her sons big blue eyes, eyes that looked so much like her own. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

Trunks turned around to face his time capsule and walked to the platform. He turned around again before stepping onto it. His eyes were now full of unshed tears and he was finding it hard to make out his friends through the tears. But his tears weren’t for leaving his friends, but for not being able to say goodbye to his father. He glanced quickly at Gohan who was now seated on his fathers shoulders and a pained look crossed his face.

Why didn’t you come father? Do you really not care that much? I hate to leave and not see you one last time, not speak to you or even hear you’re voice. Even if it might be something rude or offensive! Well, if you are watching, I hope you know how glad I am to have met you, you’ll be in my heart always proud father.’

Trunks looks back at the Z gang, He smiles softly and gives them a quick wave and turns around to board his time machine. The Z gang all wave like crazy cheering at the heroic young saiyan.



As Trunks sits aboard his Tiny Space pod typing in his co-ordinates he looks up, almost half heartedly hoping that his father might suddenly appear in the distance. He shakes his head slightly, shrugging off the thought, he must remain focused, typing a wrong number in now could land him in deep trouble.

Suddenly his keyboard goes dark, a shadow creeps over his Space craft. He wonders for a split second if there is a storm coming but as soon as he looks up and sees his friends all frozen in fear and curiosity staring up at the sky, he knows that it isn’t a storm. He quickly looks up to find that the sky had mysteriously turned to metal and lights, he could see circuits and wires all strange multicoloured lights flickering.

“What the heck is that?” Trunks quietly whispers to himself.

He quickly pushes the door release button struggling to get the seatbelt off, and runs out to his now overshadowed friends.

The giant streamlined space craft passed over their heads quietly and slowly settled down on a patch of land just outside of Bulma’s house. The boosters began to shut down and a platform slowly descended down to the ground.

“ Who do you think it is Goku?” Asked a nervous Krillen.

“ I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s evil! It has a slightly similar Ki to Friezer’s you guys!” Goku said in a deep tone, not even turning his gaze away from the mysterious spaceship.

“Oh man……..are you serious………Freizer? But I thought Trunks had finished him off for good, we all saw him make sushi out of him!” Said Krillen His eyes wide and quivering with a fear he couldn’t hide.

“No!………………this is different! It isn’t friezer! I remember his Ki quite clearly. Besides Krillen is right, I made sure there was nothing left of Friezer, or his father! It’s the same but feels different somehow!”

Trunks turns to Goku feeling extremely uneasy. The others wait for the unwelcome visitor to unveil themselves to them.

Suddenly the door slowly slides open. A light mist begins to flow out from the darkness of the doorway. The Z gang all stand their ground in their fighting stances.

Not yet visible Cooler surrounded by guards turns to the Lieutenant.

“Remember………..I don’t want the strong ones killed, all those with a high power level must be bought back to the ship unharmed, Understand?”

“Yes my liege”. The Lieutenant nodded at his master and began to round up his troops.

Cooler stepped slowly into the daylight to greet his curious enemies. The suns rays glinted off his highly polished metallic body magnificently. Like some cold robotic monster cooler slowly turned to face his adversaries.

“What in the world is that thing?” Cried out a cowardly Yamcha who was finding it ever-more difficult to keep his cool.

Cooler noticed the weakling’s response to his presence and knew in an instant that he would definitely not be worthy of taking aboard his ship. He carefully examined his opponents taking specific time examining Goku. This one seemed very interesting. Cooler could sense Goku suppressing his energy. Without further hesitation he began to speak.

“ Seems I have caught you all a little off guard! well I’m sorry to crash your little party here but I’m hoping some of you could help me on this little quest I’m embarking on at the moment?”

No response came from these strange beings in front of him.

“ Hmmm, a little quiet I see. Let me Introduce myself to put you all at ease. My name is Lord Cooler! I come from a planet light years away from here and it seems your puny little planet has sparked some interest in me just recently!”

Bulma peeped from behind a trembling Yamcha whilst clutching her baby. Her eyes wide with curiosity.

Cooler? Why does that name sound so familiar? I’m sure I’ve heard someone mention it before!”




“I suggest you turn around now and leave, I can sense you have nothing but evil in you‘re heart. Whatever you’re plans are you’d better forget it!” Goku growled through angry eyes knowing that this monster had terrible plans for them all.

“ I see! Now let me guess, you are the one who is going to try and stop me?” cooler mocked at the Saiyan challenging him.

“Not just him!”

“And who might you be? Cooler began to stare at the young boy in front of him, thinking how familiar his features were.

“My name is Trunks, and I’m warning you that if you even attempt to hurt any of my friends I will destroy you!” Trunks threatened the cold monster who was gazing back at him with inquisitive eyes.

“Well you’re either very powerful……………..or very stupid!” Cooler sniggered.

“WANNA FIND OUT?” Trunks yell’s at Cooler with an anger not so unfamiliar from his fathers.

“TRUNKS! Wait. That’s what he wants us to do. Goku holds out an arm keeping the enraged teenager back.

“Why don’t you make the first move Cooler?” Goku feeling the monsters intentions invites him to spar.

“ Well it seems you have me all figured out huh? You think you’re very clever when in fact you’re being extremely stupid! Oh well, I was hoping it wouldn’t have to come down to this, but you bought it to this you pathetic little creature!” Cooler turns around and signals for some of his elite fighters to come forward.

Six very built creatures dressed in black quickly march out from the ship. Their faces covered with some sort of metallic mask, none of their features could be distinguished, just two tiny slits for them to see through and a strange vent for breathing. They poised ready to take on their opponents in front of them.








Goku smirked at the warriors in front of him, he slowly out stretches a palm and mockingly invites them to bring it on! It worked! One of the fighters pounces toward the mighty saiyan with a speed so incredible no one saw the first punch thrown. Goku easily blocked the punches that we’re being thrown at him over and over, until……………….Bam! Goku lands a punch right on his enemies chin! The mysterious warrior fell to the ground and hit with force. The other warriors never moved a muscle.

“YEAH GOKU!” Shouted an excited Krillen.

But before Goku could make anything out through the thick dust cloud he sensed something behind him but before he could react two arms restrained him. Goku struggled and gasped for breath, but the sneaky warrior held him tightly. Goku was completely shocked at how quick this fighter was. He never even saw it coming!

“GOKU! I’M COMMING, HOLD ON!” Trunks see his friend in distress and before any of the others could react he shoots of towards the two fighters. He unsheathes his sword within the blink of an eye, charging at full speed towards his friends captor. Just as he launches above the Warrior and bears his sword down he feels a sharp kick hit him from the side with such force it knocks the young saiyan totally off course and towards the ground.

“TRUNKS NO!!” Bulma runs out towards the small crater in which Trunks now lied in unconscious.

“BULMA!” Yamcha scrapes together his last bit of courage and runs after the hysterical woman, that crater was just a little too close to the metallic demon still standing on his platform. Yamcha quickly caught up with her and pulled her back quickly. Bulma flung back and landed in the young fighters arms.

Yamcha……….He’s……. hurt………..” Bulma’s voice trailed off and she fainted, still holding her baby, who was now screaming like crazy.

Suddenly Goku’s screams of pain could be heard from above.


“DAD!” Gohan blasted off to his fathers aid, but before he could even get close another warrior suddenly appeared before him blocking his path. Gohan stops dead in his tracks and stares at his challenger before him.

“Get out of my way……….now!” The little saiyan ready for the attack. Just as Gohan launches at the fighter in front of him he’s pulled back with a sudden jolt by his neck. He quickly puts his hands up to his neck to find that there is some sort of strange collar around him. He turns around to find the culprit who had done this to him.

“YOU, what is this thing?” Gohan tugs at the metal collar but it won’t budge. He begins to panic, struggling to pull off his neck restraint but before Gohan realised the warrior lurched at him quickly. Gohan closes his eyes ready for the unavoidable blow, but it never came. He slowly opens an eye.


Piccolo had grabbed the unsuspecting warrior from behind, locking his arms around his shoulders and head. Piccolo smirked sinfully and with one swift move he cracked the warriors neck in two and let its body fall out of the sky like a bird that had just been shot by the hunter.

“Boy am I glad to see you, now quick help my dad!” Gohan still clutching at the annoying collar looks up at his father.

Piccolo follows Gohan’s stare and rushes towards them. But before he reaches them he is blasted out of the air! Piccolo tumbles toward the ground. Goku struggles hard almost turning blue from lack of oxygen and without further haste his captor clamps a similar collar around his neck and lets the squirming saiyan go. Goku not noticing the collar at first gasps in precious gulps of oxygen.

“What‘s………….this…………..thing?” Goku tugs at the collar still gasping for air.

Cooler watches his enemies with an evil sort of glee. He stares at Goku who is struggling to brake off his collar and cannot help but blurt out laughing. But before he gets carried away he senses an increasing Ki bolting towards him. He turns around quickly to be greeted by a very infuriated Trunks.


“You think that’s funny huh? Well let me show you something that will wipe that ridiculous smirk from your face!” Trunks said looking ever more like his father with his aura beginning to flare up around him.

Cooler fold’s his arms and looks curiously at this young fighter standing in front of him. What was he going to show him?

Before Trunks even gave him a chance to respond he slowly rises off the ground and powers up quickly, leaving Cooler for the first time in his life, stunned. Trunks angrily screams out and a brilliant yellow haze engulfs him. Fire and electricity emanate from him. He clenches his fists as his hair waving upwards, begins to turn yellow. Trunks stares down at the startled monster in front of him, his pupils disappearing and turning a magnificent blue.

W….what is he?”

Cooler is left speechless at this young golden warrior floating back down to the ground towards him.

“Surprised? You should be! Coz I’m gonna’ teach you what a Super-Saiyan can do!”

“What………Saiyan? Wait you can’t be a Saiyan boy, the Saiyan’s were wiped out years ago by my brother! You’re a liar!!” Cooler was taken back by Trunks’s surprised announcement.

“Ah, so you’re Friezer’s brother! That’s interesting! I thought I noticed the familiar hideous looks!”

“How do you know Friezer?!? Tell me at once boy!”

“ I KNEW him because, I killed him!!”


“Yeah, and that giant moron you called you’re father!” Trunks took pleasure in watching the horrified alien gasp as he found out he was the one who wiped out his family!





“YOU DIRTY LITTLE SAIYAN!!” Cooler launches an attack at Trunks but before he reaches the poised teen he quickly disappears and re appears above him! Cooler slams his cold hard foot into Trunks’s head. Trunks collapses to the floor but gets up almost immediately. He blasts an energy ball towards the furious Alien. Cooler bats it away as if it were a mere insect.

“YOU FOOL, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU UP AGAINST BOY!” Cooler pushes his palms out towards his adversary and blasts a strong energy beam towards him. Trunks darts out the way just in time ,only to feel a hard grip on his legs. He looks down to find one of the mysterious warriors climbing up his body! Trunks Blasts the thing in its face, but he doesn’t feel it loosen its grip. It’s mask has now burnt away to reveal a grotesque bloody face. Bits of bone were exposed, it was starring back up at him through hideous yellow eyes. It looked like some kind of monstrous burnt corpse! Trunks shrieked and began to struggle as it continued to crawl up his body as if he were a gym rope. It pulled out another collar and quickly clamped it around his neck! Trunks screamed in pain as the collar instantly began to emit extremely strong electric volts through his body.

“ARGHHH………..IT BURNS!” Trunks shook and quivered uncontrollably, his blonde hair quickly became lavender again and he dropped to the floor. His body hit the earth hard. Lying completely still, face down.

“NO………TRUNKS……….YOU‘LL PAY FOR THAT COOLER!” Goku cried out at the site of his badly injured friend.

Cooler turned around and looked up at the threatening Saiyan. He smirked as the sun flickered in his eyes.

“Really? Somehow I doubt that. You see, I’ll let you in on a little secret, there is a reason you all have these collars on, the minuet you power up it will trigger the collar to send huge electric volts through your puny little bodies! It seems your friend here found that out the hard way! Cooler sniggered.

“ So go ahead be my guest, you imbecile! Your body will be instantly paralysed if you decide to attack me with any sort of power that your friend just did!



Goku didn’t care he had to try before anymore of his friends were hurt. He zoomed towards the icy tyrant standing calmly ahead of him. Suddenly a sharp burning pain shot through his spine sending his every muscle into spasms! He cried out in pain and fell unconscious in mid air.

“DAD!!” Gohan rushed towards his father but his panicking set his own collar off and he too paralysed in mid air and fell to the ground.

Piccolo could only look up in frustration as he witnessed his friends one-by-one drop from the air like stones. He too had been captured by the mysterious fighters. He flashed a disgruntled look at his captors and knew that struggling would be pointless, if not even Super-Saiyan’s could overcome the effects of the collar then what chance did he have!

“Excellent bring them aboard at once!” Cooler turned back to the doorway and began to re-enter his space ship. But before he reached the shadows cooler felt a slight tap to his head. When he turned around a tall creature with three eyes was staring back at him horrified. Tien had given all he had into that kick and it didn’t even knock him off balance. It was like kicking solid granite!

“Pest!” Cooler whipped his tail across Tien’s face and sent him flying through one of Capsule corps windows!

Everyone that had been left behind screamed as they were smothered in shattered glass.

“NO……………GOKUUUUUUUUUU!!! Krillen ran towards the space craft as it gently began to lift off the ground tearing up the grass as its boosters began to fire up. The force flung Krillen back.

‘ No I can’t let him take them, I don’t care how weak I am compared to him! No…….Goku, Trunks Gohannn………No!!

But before Krillen could regain his footing the space craft was already a dot far off in the distance. He collapsed to his knees trembling. They were gone!




What will Vegeta think when he come back to find Kakarot his son and

the others all kidnapped? Will they ever escape their evil captor Cooler and what does this evil monster have in store for them? Please hang on for the next exciting chapter! I promise you it will be worth the wait!

Any comments would be greatly appreciated please e-mail me your feed back to:





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