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Truth or Dare?

by majinbulgeta

Libraries: Dragon Ball Z, Humor, Male/Male - Yaoi, Series

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A summer pool party is thrown at Capsule Corp…and theres drinking. … adults start getting buzzed and soon a harmless game of truth or dare has began and two male saiyans end up twist tied in a dare that is sure to shape new feelings into the pair. Will the two take it lightly, or will there new feelings throw them into a whole new direction?

Chapter 1

Truth or Dare?
Truth or Dare



Truth or Dare?

Pairing: Goku x Vegetayou knew this was coming

Rating: R

Warnings: awkward randomness, OOC, yaoi,lemon,swearingthats right, the fun stuff in life

Disclaimer: I wasnt blessed enough to own Goku and Vegeta to make them do fun stuff as portrayed in this fanfiction. * tear *

Summary: A summer pool party is thrown at Capsule Corpand theres drinking. adults start getting buzzed and soon a harmless game of truth or dare has began and two male saiyans end up twist tied in a dare that is sure to shape new feelings into the pair. Will the two take it lightly, or will there new feelings throw them into a whole new direction? (like towards the bedroom ..hehe) This is the part where you become engrossed in the summary and continue to read onwardgo aheadstart reading.

Chapter 1

What a brilliant summer day on this lovely weekend in July. The blistering high temperature causing waves of heatstroke upon the townspeople, the souls of shoes melting to side walks, and young children collapsing in the streets. A small mockingbird sings a joyous song of heat induced delusion which sends him into the second story window of the famous Capsule Corporation.

What the hell? The raven haired prince of saiyans averts his glance towards the window where the bird had made fatal contact. He blinks as he watched the bird near death slide down the window and disappear. Hmm He Hmmd until a noisy knock came to his door.

WHAT? He snapped at whatever decided to disturb him.

Vegeta a muffled womans voice came from the other side of the barricade separating Vegeta from her. You remember whats happening today?

Its the day blue headed womens voices dont disturb me on an hourly basis? Oh wait nothat cant be. He grumbled to himself still feeling rather annoyed.

She huffed already getting frustrated with him. You know today were inviting everyone over for a pool party.

Oh, how could I forget? Ive been waiting all my life for this day where I can spend an entire day with that bumbling orange dumbass half naked with his crack addicted friends and falling near death to a heat induced coma. His enthusiasm obviously enough sarcasm to kill someone.

Bulma still remained unaffected. Theyll be here in a couple of hours so make sure your ready and is that music? She blinked, puzzled at the low sound of a radio being heard through the door.

Im tuning you outHah! Get it?! Tuning you out! Its a radio Vegeta chuckled at his own sense of humor.

Wow Vegetathat is freshyou can do a one on one comedy stand-up hour with Emeril Lagasse and hes about as funny as well you.

Shh shut up! My song!! He began singing passionatly to the song now blasting through his radio. Why you have to go and make things so COMPLICATED?! I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else gets me FRUSTRATED!!!

What the hell? Is that Avril Lavigne? She raised a brow in confusion.

So, I like to listen to girly American pop music while I use the bathroom! Im very secure! Vegeta shouted over the music.

She tried to stiffle her laughter. Im sure you are. A couple of giggles slipped out causing her to swat a hand over her mouth.

Now please!!! May I finish taking my morning shit in peace?! He snarled clutching a roll of toilet paper.

Bulma didnt have time to respond. She ran from the front of the door around the corner of the hallway leaning against the wall for support as she boomed with laughter later discovering she had pissed herself.

Now finishing his morning routine, Vegeta headed downstairs for his regular bowl of Special K and pulp free orange juice. Thats when he discovered large platters of food on the table HE normally ate on. The whole room completely rearranged. This set up completely unnormal with his normal routine of every normal day life.

This scared himno He was petrified.

Shock crossed his features as he spotted his Special K box knocked over on the counter improperly sealed. A gasp of pure horror was followed after rushing over to noticea dent in the corner of his box. cant beit cant BEEEE! He clutched the box into a tender hug sniffling.

Bulma then entered the room. Oh, its about time you came down stairs.

DONT TOUCH ME!!! He threatened, shivering, somehow having gotten inside one of the lower kitchen cabinets crouching in a fetal position.

She blinked lamely at him standing nearly 15 feet away. After a long silence that lasted about 10 minutes, the door bell rang. Walking over to open the door it revealed a man in a nurses outfit and an ambulance with blaring lights behind him. "You called 911?"

She blinked at the stranger. "Um no..not me."

"OH! Oh thank God!!!" The price rushed up to the medic holding out the injured cereal box. "Can you save it?!"

The man stared blankly at it. "Sir thats an emtpy cereal box."

"Empty?" Vegeta trembled. "No..........NOOO!!!!!" He collapsed to the floor having a seizure.

Well it looks like you dont need any of our assistancethats $300 please. The medic held out his hand awaiting his payment.

But hes having a seizure!!! She pointed to Vegeta still twitching amongst the floor clutching his cereal box. Your just gonna leave him like that?!

Yep, Im afraid I cant help him. Youre going to have to call a therapist for that kind of treatment. He snatched the check from Bulmas hand and left before she could respond.

Turning her attention back on Vegeta she found him laying fast asleep in the middle of the floor. Rolling her eyes she simply walked over him setting up the rest of the house for the party.


Our challenger isVegeta Oujisama!!!!! From Planet Vegeta-sei!! An announcer hollered out as Vegeta walked out proudly up to him in culinary uniform. They bowed as a sign of greeting and formal respect. It is a great honor to have you here with us today. The announcer smiled graciously.

Thank you. Vegeta nodded his head in response.

I have chosen a competitor worthy to challenge you. Your competitor is..IRON CHEF BOBBY FLAY!!!!! Bobby Flay stood proudly with crossed arms stepping into the spot light and walking over to Vegeta and the host.

Vegeta and Bobby shook hands sternly as a greeting then were led over to a giant metal lid that hid the secret ingredient. After completely ignoring the hosts opening statement about the ingredient since he was already told what it was before hand the lid was lifted. The secret ingredient isWALRUS!

Lifting a giant walrus over his shoulder Vegeta threw it down onto the large table digging into the blubbery flesh with a sharp blade. The Iron Chef needed all his personal chefs to lift the walrus giving Vegeta more time.

While Vegeta worked consistently on his 5 meals the camera moved over to the three judges.

Our first judge to the left here is Ted Allen! Food obsessionist played on the hit series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! Our next judge is Jeffrey Steingarten! Vogue food columnist and dubbed the Simon Cowell of Food.. Whatever the fuck that means. And our final judge! She has made over 13,000 hits on her deviantart account since June 2005 and current founder of the Majin Madness Club iiitttsssss MB!

Jeffrey Steingarten turned his head to MB. And what are you in relations to food exactly?

UmI make my own lunch for school every morning. She blinked at him.

The camera focused back on Vegeta and Bobby working diligently on their meals. Alton Brown announced Vegetas final dish. And with 5 minutes left in the competition it looks as if Vegeta Oujisama is mixing his walrus sorbet to give it a smooth texture and spooning some of the cold, pink, creamy, mixture next to a thinly sliced piece of flame broiled walrus.

54321 A loud buzzer sounded both chefs dropping their cooking utensils and stepping away from their beautifully prepared dishes.

Now it was time for judgment. Vegeta was first to give out his dishes. He explained his first dish which was a Japanese style soup of some sort. All the judges began their taste test.

Ted Allen commented first. Oh my God its too hot!! Are you trying to kill me with this scalding bowl of hot lava?!?

Just blow on the spoon douche bag. Vegeta stated simply.

Kick ass dish! Thats keeping it real!!!! MB cheered having already eaten all the soup in the bowl.

After waiting at least 10 minutes for Jeffrey to finish with his very in-detail review of Vegetas first dish, the second dish was brought out. Again, Vegeta gave a short description of the dish and allowed the judges to taste.

Ted commented first again. Very interesting dish but I found the chopsticks to be a little bland. Maybe thats just me.

Vegeta stared at him blankly. Youre not supposed to eat those.

I thought so

Again, MB already wiped her plate clean. Damn! This is good shit! You should be like a chef or something!

Blank stares all around.

Now I think- Jeffrey started.

THANK YOU. Vegeta interrupted him before he could continue.

Vegeta had given out all his dishes and walked away puffing his chest proudly as Bobby then began giving out his dishes and giving descriptions. The first plate was an avocado egg roll stuffed with Walrus.

Again Ted made the first comment. Wowso full of flavor! The texture is so consistent

Well, first I basted the roll in a pot of broth with

No, the chopsticks! Theyre fantastic! You really know how to cook up a fine pair of utensils! He crunched on them satisfied.

Bobby sweat dropped and looked over to Jeff who commented. Its good

. Everyone blinked at his small statement with surprise.

Well, I find this dish to be very shallow and pedantic. MB folded her arms glaring smugly at the roll.

Finally, Bobbys last dish was put in front of the judges. A canolli with a light chocolate sauce on the sides for dipping made from of course, chocolate and juices from the meat of the walrus.

Oh my god! I remember this one time I went to Italy and I bought a canolli and I named it Fred! But then I ate Fred and I was sad. Ted petted the canolli mourning the loss of his favorite pastry.

Well, I find this dish to be very shallow and pedantic, She sat with her arms folded again.

Youve said that for the last 4 dishes. Jeffrey glared at her.

Well then they were all shallow and pedantic.

Do you even know what pedantic means?

It means its time for you to get a dictionary Jeff! She hollered back at him shoving the canolli in his ear.

The camera then shifted quickly over to the host who stood between the Iron Chef and Vegeta. And the winner isChallenger Vegeta Oujisama!!!!!

Suddenly, a heard of walruses stampeded into the stadium knocking over the host and coming after the cast, crew and Vegeta.

No!! NO!! WALRUS!!!! Vegetas eyes flew open beads of sweat drenching his forehead as he looked up at two familiar faces looking oddly down at him. He blinked nervously up at them. Good morning Bulma and son.

Its Trunks dad

Yeah, whatever son. He sat up slowly feeling groggy.

Vegeta its 2 in the afternoon. She glared at him lamely.

Thanks for the update Big Ben. The grumpy prince rubbed his throbbing temples.

The doorbell then rang throughout the house.

Bulma rushed to the door with excitement. Theyre here!!!

Vegeta huffed obviously not happy with that being said. Jesus Chri

Hey, Bulma!!! An annoying nasally and high pitched voice rang through Vegetas ears as he got up to see who was at the door and if he should run for cover under his bed.

It was the bald headed midget and his family. How ya doin?

Im doing great! Bulma beamed happy to see her friend.

Krillin just completely ignored Vegetas presence before finally deciding to be nice to him. Ohhi Vegeta. Krillin walked by him not asking how he was.

Like shit, thanks for asking. Vegeta growled not satisfied with how he was greeted.

The prince heaved a heavy sigh and lowered his head. This is going to be a long day.










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