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this is the first fan-fic I EVER wrote. Of course it's about Vegeta- this is set when he is first sent to be with Frieza

By: Kichi

DISCLAIMER: Dragonball Z and it's characters belong to Akira Toriyama, Bird Studios, Shuiesha, Toei Animation, and FUNimation (although that last on is a damn shame)
Chapter 1

    "Wake up Prince Vegeta!" the young Saiyan slowly opened his eyes.  He was so tired, he noted that the sun had not yet risen.  What time is it? He wondered.  A heavy pair of hands descended on his shoulders and began to roughly shake him.

     "Wha-?" Vegeta cried.  The fog was clearing from his head quickly now.  He wrenched out of the intruders grip and sat up shaking in rage.  "Who are you!?" There was a snap and a soft light filled the room.  Three of his fathers' guards surrounded his bed.
     "Get up." Zorn, the Captain of the guard commanded.  The Prince snarled in fury.  His fists clenched tightly.  The guards noted his anger with grim defiance.  They had watched the young prince grow, but could not permit any compassion for him.
    "Who do you think you are?" Vegeta snapped.  Zorn glared down at him with a half-smile.
    "Please Prince Vegeta, I'm only following orders…Don't make this difficult." Vegeta was enraged, the only person who gave Zorn orders was his father.  Vegeta slowly rose from his bed.  He wanted to escape, but he knew that if he killed these three he would face his father's wrath.  And while he had the strength to kill his father, he was not ready to be King just yet. He gritted his teeth in frustration.  There is nothing I can do.  I must go with them.  He put on his clothes and Zorn threw him a cape.  Vegeta knew they were leaving the castle then, and a knot formed in his stomach.  What is going on? Have I done something wrong? He didn't know.  He'd gotten in a fight with his father earlier that week but that was not reason for this kind of behavior.  They headed to the launch pad, Vegeta saw a tiny pod waiting for him, and the door was like a gaping mouth.  He stopped for a second.  The two guards in front of him continued walking.
    "Why have you stopped, young prince?" Zorn asked.
    "Where am I going?" he demanded.  "What have I done?" he heard Zorn sigh.
    "You've caught someone's interest.  That's all I can say." He led Vegeta to the pod.
    Once inside Vegeta cursed himself for not trying to get away.  Who wants me? What is going on? He barely had time to contemplate what was happening.  Before he knew it, the pod had blasted and he'd reached his destination within minutes.  He entered a ship that hovered just out of Vejiitasei's atmosphere.  He did not know who it belonged to.  Once inside the landing bay,  guards immediately arrived to escort him to wherever he was headed.  Vegeta sat motionless, his pod-door opened and several totally different countenances greeted him.  One guard looked like a caltarry (octopus), some looked like demons and evil spirits.  Prince Vegeta refused to show fear, even though some of these faces horrified him.  He'd never seen such ugly beasts.  He'd seen visitors who wanted his Father to lend them some Saiyans to conquer a certain planet, but none so bizarre as these.  He clenched his fists in grim defiance.  He would never show fear in front of these low-lives', he was prince Vegeta, son of King Vegeta.  He stepped out of the pod.

    He waited.  Waited for what, he didn't know and couldn't guess.  Zorn stood beside him still, but for how long?
    "I am truly sorry my prince, your father and I do not want this, but in the end…" his voice died to a whisper.   "But don't worry, we'll get you back somehow."  Guards came forward to take him from Zorn.  Vegeta knew Zorn wouldn't fight to protect him, and he was quickly yanked out of his grasp.  You had better… I won't be someone's prize possession.

"Well, well, well…if it isn't our young prince Vegeta." Vegeta was afraid, waves of unimaginable power rolled from the figure before him.  Even the guards who held him trembled in fear.  Slowly the crushing power ebbed off, but never truly vanished.  Vegeta felt his fear dissipate, a tremendous weight lifted from his chest.  He was finally able to raise his eyes.  "Yes, that's right." A soft ambiguous voice said.  Vegeta looked at the small figure before him.  He wasn't sure if the figure was male or female.  Black horns jutted from a strangely shaped head.  The thing wore armor, but Vegeta saw pink arms, legs, and a tail.  He noted the three-toed feet with disgust.  "So, you find my appearance disturbing?" the thing asked.  Vegeta gasped and lifted his eyes until they met the demon's unblinking gaze.  "I can see why.  Your not used to such exotic characters." It paused for a second, "Oh, yes, I've forgotten to introduce myself.  I am Lord Frieza, your new master."  My Master?! I HAVE NO MASTER! Vegeta thought to himself in fury.  Lord Frieza noted his veiled wrath with a smile of pleasure.  "This is my second-in-command, Zarbon."  Vegeta stared at the pretty green face in disgust, Zarbon laughed quietly.   "Take him to his quarters."

Vegeta was escorted to his room, it was nothing more than a small cell in the bowels of the ship.  He sat there for days, his mind churning with anxiety.  What did Frieza mean when he said he was Vegeta's new master?  He had no master.  He just wanted to go home.  He was hungry and tired, but he was too anxious to sleep, and no food had been brought to him.  It was as if he'd been forgotten.  He formed a ball of energy and blasted it at the door with all of his power, the hinges screamed in protest, but did not break.  He was growing weak from lack of food, his power was half of what it should be.  He sighed in misery.

Almost a week had passed when his cell door was finally opened.  Vegeta slept in a little ball on his "bed" which was no more than a spongy mat nailed to the floor.  As soon as the light hit his eyes he winced as it pierced into his brain and burned his eyes.
"Get up, boy." A boot slammed into Vegeta's midsection, forcing the air from his lungs instantly.  He lay there gasping and choking heavily.   "I said GET UP!" another kick came and hit him right in the mouth.  His hands flew up to his face in fear, no teeth were loose or broken, but his lip was split open and blood dribbled down his chin.  He got to his feet as quickly as he could.  "That’s better, brat.  Now let's go."


    "This is where you will begin your training.  Your first opponent will be Sukida." Vegeta looked at the man before him.  He did not look very strong.  But Vegeta was weak from lack of food.  Vegeta's lip had stopped bleeding, but there was slight pain in his ribs still.  He cursed the guard who kicked him.    "All right, get going." The trainer shouted, shoving Vegeta forward.
    His opponent charged at him, howling in fury.  Vegeta quickly side-stepped and tripped the fool, and smiled as he flew to the ground with a thunderous crash.
    "Wipe that smug look offa yer face, punk! Shenti, attack!" a large, fat, pig-like creature lunged forward.  Vegeta was ready, but when his fist slammed into the creature's gut, it stayed there.  The creature laughed, it was a sickening gurgle.
    "Ah!" Vegeta gasped, he tried to pull his arm out but it was stuck between folds of fat.  "How sick!" the creature whipped about and Vegeta went with him, his arm was released and he went flying into the far wall.  The air flew from his lungs as he hit and he collapsed to the ground, gasping painfully.  The tub of lard charged forward and as Vegeta rose a boot slammed into his ribs, he gasped, sure that something had broken.  Who kicked me?  He'd forgotten his first opponent!  He stood over the fallen prince with a bloody grin. Must of landed on his face, ha ha.. but his glee was short-lived, as he tried to get up, his first opponent was punching him in the back.  Luckily for Vegeta, his armor absorbed most of the force of the blows, but then the whale-like creature ran forward and body-slammed them both.
    "Oohh!" the crowd gasped.  Vegeta felt the air forced from his lungs yet again and moaned as he felt a rib cracking. Get off! Get off! Get off me! Vegeta was in a frenzy, he could not breathe and was beginning to get light-headed.  Then the immense weight was finally lifted off him, he groaned in misery.  For long moments he could not even move, he was sure that he'd just been paralyzed.
    "It would seem that the little prince is not as strong as he seemed." The guard who'd brought him there laughed.  Vegeta's vision blurred red, I'll show that bastard! With a defiant scream of rage he lunged at his attackers and began to pummel them mercilessly.  Ki-bombs burst from his fingers destroying everything in their path.  He didn't stop until he didn't have the strength to fire anymore.  Blood splashed in his face, but he didn't notice.  He only had one thought, one word that repeated over and over in his mind until it made no sense… Revenge!
    He stood alone in the room, panting in exhaustion, he'd destroyed everyone.  Alarms were flashing and the doors flew open as a dozen guards charged in and surrounded him.
"Look what he's done-"
"Lord Frieza will be pleased."
"I'm not sure about-" Vegeta was growing weaker by the second, that outburst had used up all of his remaining energy.  The guards hauled him off to Frieza, he was too worn out to feel fear or even care what was going to happen.
"Lord Frieza, this young Saiyajin has destroyed every one in the training room!  Grimor and all his students." Vegeta couldn't even raise his head, they released him and he collapsed to his knees, panting heavily.
"My young prince," came Frieza's slippery voice, "why have you done this?" the voice was uncaring and Vegeta wasn't sure what to say, I might as well tell the truth, what have I got to lose? he thought.
"They deserved to die, every last one-" he panted.  "t-the guard he- he kicked me in the face… and-he insulted me.  I was angry…" he gasped for air, he'd never felt so weak from using up all his powers.  Frieza laughed, Vegeta looked up in confusion and caught a glimpse of admiration in Frieza's eyes.
"Very good, my boy, you are very strong, stronger than your father maybe.  But why is he so weak now?" he asked the Captain of the Guards.
"Uh- Lord Frieza, he was in a holding cell, none of the prisoners are fed as a rule." The guard was embarrassed and more than a little afraid.  Frieza looked displeased, "Uh-w-well you see s-sir, Grimor was in charge of those prisoners-"
"Well, I can see he got the fate he deserved.  Someone get the prince some food, he is weak from no sustenance.  And find him some decent quarters!" Vegeta heard footsteps as the men scurried about to obey Frieza's command.  He suddenly felt hands on his arms, hauling him to his feet.  "Leave him!" Frieza commanded,  The clutching hands froze instantly and began to tremble,  "I wish to speak with him, ALONE."
Vegeta still knelt on the ground, gasping in exhaustion.  "Are you unwell, Vegeta?" Frieza asked.  Vegeta slowly raised his head.
"N-no." he gasped.  "I'm fine." His pride forcing him to lie.  Frieza stared down at him with interest.
"You are a brave warrior.  It is unusual to see a lad your age defeat so many of my men in your condition.  You should be proud."  Vegeta was, in fact, very proud and somewhat amazed that he'd managed not to get clobbered.  But the guard had disrespected him and the young prince had never had that happen before.  He also had never felt such rage as he had as a direct result of the humiliation.
"I only did what I had to.  I was disrespected.  I won't allow it." He said quietly.
"Nor should you." Frieza said, smiling wickedly.  Frieza continued to talk, but for some reason, Vegeta couldn't listen.  He began to wonder why he was here.  Where is my father! Why has he given me away? "Your father wishes you to become a great warrior," Frieza said, answering Vegeta's thoughts (something the young prince found quite unnerving).  "I am the best teacher in the Universe.  You will become the strongest Saiyajin ever to live under my guidance.  Your father has not abandoned you, he wants the best for you."  Vegeta snorted in derision.  Frieza frowned.
"He does not care what happens to me, all Saiyajin Fathers hate their sons.  And vise versa." He sighed sadly.  He was still a young boy and a very small part of him still wanted his Father's respect and approval, if not his love.
"You are bitter, my boy?" Frieza said.  "But I know what it means to despise one's parents…" Vegeta glanced at the demi-god before him and found it hard to believe he had parents and had not spawned from an egg in a dank pit on some desolate, unnamed moon.  Frieza laughed.  "You have quite the vivid imagination, my boy.  I enjoy it."  Vegeta was startled again and concentrated on forming a steel wall around his mind and thoughts.
"Yes, that's it.  You've got the right idea, but I can still cut through all your mental defenses quite easily."  Vegeta frowned.  "But fear not,  I will not violate the sanctity of your mind again."  Suddenly the door opened and several men entered carrying trays.  Vegeta immediately caught the sent of food and his mouth began to water.  His stomach roared in anticipation.  He was so happy to smell food, his stomach had felt like it was trying to consume itself for want of something to fill it.  As soon as the trays were set before him he tore off the lids and began devouring everything instantly.  Frieza laughed in delight.
"Make sure the prince is not starved anymore,  he can barely keep up a conversation in this condition." He scolded.  The servants swallowed and nodded rapidly.  Vegeta was shoveling food into his mouth so fast, he started to choke, but he merely pounded on his chest, took a quick drink, and began scarfing more food.

Over the next few weeks Vegeta was put through intense training.  He could feel himself growing stronger every day.  When he was told to spar, he almost looked forward to getting beat, if only because it made his strength increase almost three-fold.  He began to doubt that he'd ever see Vejiitasei again and when he looked for it in the night sky, he saw nothing.  Sometimes he didn't even know which direction to look in, Frieza's ship was constantly moving to different planets and solar systems.  But Vegeta merely began to ignore his home-sickness and train harder.


 "Vegeta, this is your new training-mate, Mehyl."  Vegeta gazed at the young man- or woman, he wasn't quite sure. Its face was quite feminine with long, silver hair.  But it had a slight build that appeared masculine.  It was probably three feet taller than Vegeta, humanoid in appearance with yellowish skin.
 "A Saiyajin?" the one named Mehyl gaped.  "I thought they were all destroyed." It's voice was soft and girlish.
"Wha-?!" Vegeta cried in shock. "What are you talking about?" He demanded.  It looked confused, then embarrassment crossed his face.
"You didn't know-" she stopped looking extremely awkward,
"What!?!" Vegeta nearly screamed, the captain who'd introduced Mehyl and Vegeta was trying to fade into the background, his face white with surprise. Mehyl took a deep breath.
"The planet was destroyed in a meteor shower or something." He said as fast as she could. Vegeta was stunned. Vegeta-sei could not be destroyed, but deep in his heart, he knew it was true.  He had dreamt of such a thing happening often over the past few years.  "Your planet was destroyed about six or seven years ago.  My father and I were training on Astaroth when it happened." Vegeta was stunned, how can this be? I have no home! Everything is gone? But- He let his head fall.
"Why!?" he cried in anguish. The Captain had been shifting about nervously throughout the whole conversation, but Vegeta ignored him. His hands flew up to cover his face and he quickly sat down as if the news was more than he could bear. Mehyl felt such pity for the prince, he had felt such pain and sorrow the day he and his father were supposed to reach their home planet, Andaka, only to find clouds upon clouds of space dust.  How can Vejiitasei be destroyed? He choked back a sob.  Mehyl sat down next to him.
"I'm sorry sire, I thought you knew." How can such a thing happen? Vegeta wondered for a moment, then tried to think of anything but his destroyed home.
"Don't call me that!  Who do I rule over?" Vegeta snapped.
"There are still a few of your kind left…" Mehyl began.  Vegeta spat in disgust and rage.  And then a thought hit him like lightning.  Frieza! He knew about this all along and NEVER TOLD ME!!! The young Saiyajin leapt to his feet and took off down the hall.
"Uh oh." Mehyl and Frieza's man said in unison.

"Frieza!" Vegeta screamed as he burst into Frieza's quarters.  Frieza and his main-man Zarbon looked up in surprise from a map of a galaxy.  "My planet!" he screamed, his face red with rage.  "Why did you lie to me?!"  a look of shocked embarrassment quickly replaced Frieza's look of surprise.
"I thought it would be best-" he began.
"No!" Vegeta shrieked, "You didn't think! Where is my father?! Is he dead too?  Why didn't you tell me? I have the right to know!" a sudden bolt of energy slammed into Vegeta's chest and sent him flying into the wall.  The air rushed from his lungs and he collapsed to his knees gasping.  When Frieza spoke again his voice was low and threatening.
"Now you listen to me Saiyajin, You have no rights as far as I'm concerned! And as for your father, you will do as I say or you will never see his worthless face again!" he paused to watch Vegeta gasp and moan in anguish.  He felt a small amount of pity for the prince, he did favor him above all others, but he would not tolerate such disrespect.  Vegeta climbed slowly and painfully to his feet.  "Now, are you ready to listen, or do I have to knock more sense into you?"  Vegeta did not answer, but he did not leave either.  "Very well,  I did not find out about you home planet until months after it happened, and to tell you the truth, I didn't know how to tell you."
"But how do you know my father is still alive then?" Vegeta asked, not ready to believe Frieza's story.
"Your father was the one who told me about the unfortunate turn of events.  He'd been away at the time and returned to find nothing.  I'm sure it broke his heart." Vegeta looked up at that.  He couldn't miss the mockery in Frieza's last statement.  And he knew he was lying.  The King was not allowed off planet, it was the only thing he couldn't do.  Why is he lying?
"I am sorry, my Lord." Vegeta said, and turned on his heel.
"Oh Vegeta," he stopped dead in his tracks and sweat broke out on his forehead.  Oh no, I've gone too far this time.  He's going to kill me.  He slowly turned just in time to see another energy bolt heading straight for him, he gasped and tried to dodge it, but it was large and faster than the first.  It slammed into his chest as the other had, and Vegeta flew into the same wall as he did before.  His lungs cried out as all the air was forced out again.  The blow knocked him unconscious for a minute or two.  When he woke he was in so much pain that it hurt to breathe.  He sat there gasping in pain for another five minutes.  All the while Frieza and Zarbon watched with interest.  After a few minutes Vegeta climbed to his feet again, groaning as he did.  His lungs hurt so bad, he didn't want to breathe!  Even that hurt.  "I'm sorry I had to do that, but I had to teach you a lesson."
Vegeta knew a look of pure hatred and disgust crossed his features, he tried to cover it quickly.  A sharp pain stabbed at his lungs more insistently and he began to choke.  When he took his hand away from his mouth, his glove was covered in blood.
"Shimatta." He groaned.  "This is just great."  He choked again but didn't cover his mouth and a huge glob of blood landed on the floor in front of him.  Frieza noted it with interest, a smile played on his black lips.
"Can I go now?" Vegeta asked, his voice raw and hoarse.  Frieza nodded and Vegeta stumbled to the regeneration Tanks.
"He'll never forgive you for that.  His pride won't let him." Zarbon said as soon as Vegeta left.
"I know." Frieza said, he was surprised to note a small feeling of guilt, but quickly ignored it.

"Sorry, you'll have to wait a few days, all the tanks are either full or broken."
"What?!" Vegeta winced, he was in pain! He knew he had broken ribs, at least he thought they were, he didn't know.  The doctor asked him where he was injured and he pointed to his chest.
"Did you have your armor on?" Vegeta shook his head,
"No! It just happened, I didn't go and change or something!" he snapped, disgusted.  The doctor felt along his ribs.
"Hmmm. I see, oh my." He muttered.  Vegeta was getting worried.
"I can't do anything for you, son.  Until the tanks are empty and repaired you are going to have to stay in bed! And I mean it! No physical activity whatsoever, or you could cause yourself some real trouble.  I will send for you when one is available, and I am telling your superiors that you will not be doing anything for at least two weeks."
"What-?!" Vegeta cried.  What had Frieza done to him?
"Yes, you've got a few broken ribs here.  I want you to take this," he handed Vegeta a large pill and a small, plastic cup full of water.  Vegeta looked at it curiously and popped it in his mouth, swallowing it instantly.  He grimaced as a disgusting taste filled his mouth.  "There now," the doctor said, "now get to bed, RIGHT NOW!"

Vegeta staggered to his room, his vision was blurred and his lungs burned.  On the other hand, his fingers and toes were starting to feel numb.  In fact so were his lips.  By time he got to his room he felt like one of those jelly fish.  He fell to his knees and was about to fall asleep right there on the floor when a voice shocked him awake.
"Tired Vegeta?" it was Frieza.  Vegeta was stunned, why had he come here, to punish him again?  Frieza shook his head for a second.  "Do you think I should?" he asked, reading Vegeta's thoughts.  He said he wasn't going to do that again. "I lied, I just can't resist sometimes, you mind is like an open book- a rather interesting one at that."  Vegeta sighed, he couldn't keep his mind blank, especially now.  He missed his home and now he'd never see it again! He was thinking about the burning pain in his lungs also, the pill the doctor had given him had totally drugged him up, but his chest still ached terribly.
"I said I was sorry, didn't I?" Vegeta honestly couldn't remember, that pill was strange- to say the least.  Frieza smiled as he stared at Vegeta.
"You look like your drunk, and yes, you did apologize." He stopped for a second, Vegeta shuddered as he felt Frieza's eyes on him.
"Do I? Oh well." Vegeta didn't know what Frieza wanted, he just stood there, staring at the prince.  Vegeta wanted to sleep so bad, but he was afraid to close his eyes with Frieza around.  His eyes kept closing and snapping open, God, what does he WANT?! Frieza smiled slightly, and then Vegeta knew, or thought he did.
"Aah! Get away!" he cried and jumped to his feet, only to collapse backwards.  Frieza laughed and slapped his knee.
"Hahaha! That was funny." Frieza laughed.  He suddenly stood and reached out to help Vegeta up, but the young prince quickly scrambled away, sure that Frieza wanted him or something.  He didn't know what he wanted, but he was sure it was something unpleasant.  He tore out of his room as fast as he could, stumbling and falling the whole way.  That pill was really doing a number on him, maybe he was hallucinating.  It certainly had addled his brain.  Maybe he'd imagined Frieza.  He burst into the hallway and heard Frieza's laughter echoing after him.

"That boy has a wild imagination, ah hahahahah!" Frieza laughed, he suddenly snorted, and then laughed even harder.

Vegeta could barely run, everything was going in and out of focus.  After floundering through a maze of corridors he was totally lost.  He felt as though a powerful hand was pushing his face to the ground.  He finally couldn't take another step and collapsed to his knees.

"Vegeta! Wake up!" Vegeta's eyes slowly opened, everything was gray.  He tried to sit up, but was far too weak.
"Wha-?" he croaked.
"It's me, Mehyl! What happened to you?" Vegeta couldn't answer, he started coughing violently and suddenly blood began to spew from his mouth. "Ah! Megami Sama!" Mehyl cried. He felt himself being lifted and thrown over Mehyl's shoulder.
"I can't see!" he moaned, he coughed and more blood shot out, he could taste it. I'm dying… he moaned and passed out again.

When he woke again he saw the same doctor hovering over him.
"I told him to go to bed, now look what's happened.  That pill was supposed to put him to sleep so he wouldn't move and tear up his lungs.  Now we'll probably have to operate, the tank won't help him now."  Vegeta saw Mehyl staring down at him and finally figured it must be female, her eyes were shimmering with tears and her hands were clasped together as if she were praying.
"I found him out in the hall, he was totally disoriented and then when I brought him to my room he began to vomit blood." She said.
"Ooh, that's definitely not good…" Vegeta lost consciousness again.

When he finally woke up again he felt terrible.  He was still in Mehyl's room and she hovered over him.  When she saw his eyes open she beamed happily.
"Your awake, at last!" Vegeta tried to sit up, but Mehyl wouldn't let him.  She put her hands over his lungs and closed her eyes, breathing deeply.  Vegeta felt a soothing warmth fill his chest.  She was healing him somehow! When she finished he felt well enough to sit up and his vision was finally cleared.
"How?" he gasped, she smiled, her face turning orange at the cheeks.
"It’s a gift I have.  I wanted to help you before , but the damage was too great, I might have done more harm than good.  I did all I could to ease your pain, but it was not enough.  I was so worried." She stopped, blushing again.  And this girl is supposed to be my sparring partner. "I know, it's so silly." She said.  Vegeta gasped and winced as pain flared in his lungs. She could read his thoughts, just like Frieza.  "Yes, its true.  When I first met you I knew I couldn't fight you, even though you didn't know if I was male or female, but in my race that is understandable."  Now it was Vegeta's turn to blush.
"I-I'm sorry." He stammered. She grinned.
"Don't worry, I do not take offense, in fact, you were the first person to actually figure out that I am a female." His face turned pinkish again, Mehyl laughed.
"How long have I been out?" he asked.  She sighed sadly.
"Almost five days, I was beginning to think you'd never wake." He gaped in astonishment, no wonder he felt like shit and could hardly talk.  He sat in silence and Mehyl began to sing a sweet, strange song in an odd language.  Immediately his eyes began to close and soon he was fast asleep.  Mehyl smiled.  "Works every time." She kissed Vegeta's cheek as he lay there sleeping.  He looks so innocent when he sleeps, I have a feeling he's going to try and forget the goodness in him though.  I hope I can prevent it, he has a beautiful aura, but the center is turning dark and angry.  He's lost so much all at once for someone his age.  He's not even twenty yet.  Poor Vegeta…

Chapter 5
For the next week Vegeta lay around his rooms all day and night, Mehyl came and took care of him everyday.  She cooked for him and straightened up his rooms which were always a mess and forced him back into bed when she caught him training.
The one day she walked into his rooms and he was doing one-handed push-ups.
"Vegeta! What are you doing? You know that you aren't supposed to be working out!" Vegeta stared at her in surprise.
"I'll do whatever I like!" he snapped back.  Mehyl growled viscously, it sounded just like a lion, Vegeta gaped in shock.
"Get in bed RIGHT NOW!" he stared wide-eyed and slowly got up and went and sat on his bed, pouting.
"It's not fair." He grumbled.  "I'm sick of this shit! Goddamn Frieza! Look what he did…" Mehyl sighed and sat down next to him, smiling gently.
"Are you feeling unwell?" Vegeta snorted in derision.
"I'm fine!" he barked.  Mehyl just smiled again, he's lying, but I'll fix that…she muttered some words in a strange, foreign language.
"Are you sure?" she asked.
"Well, my whole chest hurts every time I breathe.  I'm hungry, I'm tired, and I want to fuck your brains out." Mehyl laughed in delight.  As soon as the words escaped his mouth, Vegeta turned bright red.  The truth spell worked remarkably well on him, plus she got some extra information that she hadn't expected, but was very pleased none the less.
"Well, I can solve all those problems."
And she did.

"Well Vegeta, you look much better than when I saw you last.  Yes indeed, you look…I'm not sure.  I think I may have felt it when I killed my mother.  Happiness?" Frieza commented.  It was almost two weeks later and Vegeta was allowed to continue with his training.  He was in the middle of sparring with Mehyl.  He did not like sparring with her that much, he felt bad when he hit her.  He punched her in the face and when he heard her cry out, he stopped dead in his tracks, wanting to apologize.  But he also did not want to look like a pussy.  But that second he stood still was long enough and Mehyl kicked him right in the ribs.  She gasped when she realized what she did, his ribs were still somewhat fragile.  He fell back and groaned in pain.  Mehyl ran to his side, immediately sorry for what she'd done.
"What are you doing?!" Vegeta snapped as she fled to his side.  "Fight me!" he shoved her back violently.  For a second Mehyl was hurt, but she realized that he was right.  The did have to fight, they were training.  She did a few back-flips and landed on her feet and Vegeta faced her, a wicked smile on his lips. He really doesn't want to hurt me.  I can sense that, that is good.  He still is in control.

Over the next few weeks Mehyl monitored Vegeta's emotional balance.  It was always either extremely high or low.  There was rarely any in-between.  That worried her, but she knew that it was part of his personality that would never change.  But what disturbed her most was a deep, well hidden feeling of overwhelming sadness and guilt.  It took her awhile to uncover it.  But she stumbled upon it one night as she watched him sleep.  It was like a small cloud of black fog.  She sensed deep feelings of guilt, loss, and regret.  She tried to purge the feelings, but it was too difficult for her.  The effort was almost enough to knock her out.  She sighed sadly, she could approach him about it, but she knew he would only get angry.  He was still young, after all, as was she (at least, compared to her race- 158 years was still young) and would blow up, and his angry outbursts would frighten her and scramble her brains-or so it seemed to her.  She had extremely heightened senses and anger would blast her like the heat from an oven.  She shuddered at the thought.


Vegeta was tired.  He hurt all over.  He'd gotten a different partner to spar with today and was beaten.  He smiled, he would grow stronger once he healed.  That was one of the great things about Mehyl, she was an excellent healer, and just the way she did it…  Ooh! Where the hell is she, anyway?
He waited for hours, he wondered what was keeping her and finally, he was disgusted and stormed to her quarters.

Two hours earlier

"Arlak! It's been forever! How did you escape the planet?" Mehyl cried upon spotting him among the new recruits.  He'd been an old friend of hers on Andaka, but she stopped hanging out with him as much when he'd made a pass at her.  She thought of him as a brother, not a lover.  He smiled brightly as he saw her.
"Mehyl!" he cried, running to greet her, "I've missed you so!" they embraced warmly.  Vegeta watched from across the room, a dark scowl on his face, but he wasn't about to say anything in front of everyone.  He'd wait till later, when they were alone.
They left together after training and went to eat.  Vegeta went to his room, pouting.  I'm gonna smack that bitch when she gets back…

Vegeta ran to her rooms.  Insane thoughts ran through his head, she'd never been so late, and she left with that guy… She's fucking him! NO! I'LL KILL THEM!!! He stopped at her door for a brief second.  He heard panting inside.  NO!! NOOO!! HOW DARE SHE?! He kicked the door open and saw his fears confirmed.

Mehyl lay on the bad, naked, her eyes blank and staring.  Vegeta saw absolute blood red.
"NOOOO!! I'LL KILL YOU!!" he charged forward screaming in rage and tore the naked man off of her.  "How could you-" he stopped, his mouth dropped open.  He couldn't believe what he saw.
Mehyl was dead.  There were wounds all over her body, blood still seeped from them.  He gasped in horror.  The man was recovering from being thrown into the wall and got up to run.
"What have you DONE?" Vegeta shrieked.  He turned and blasted him with Ki bolts, but felt no satisfaction as they punched holes through his head and chest.  He walked over to his bloody corpse and stomped it until it was a pile of mush.  Others had gathered outside Mehyl's room and stared in shock.
Vegeta turned back to Mehyl's body, a hoarse sob escaped his throat.
"No…" he moaned.  Blood was all over her walls and sheets, it must have been a terrific battle.  Maybe she…she would of won if we'd trained harder…its-its my FAULT! He pounded his fists on the floor and screamed in rage until he put two huge dents in the ground.  He could hear the whispers of those in the hall.  He raised his head and screamed.
"Get out of here!" he shot dozens of Ki bolts into the hall, a few were quick enough to dodge them in time, but most weren't.  Vegeta did not care.  He could feel nothing but the most horrible pain in his heart, it felt as if it was being torn from his chest.  He sank to his knees and cried.

The next few weeks were terrible.  All Vegeta saw when he closed his eyes was Mehyl's lifeless eyes staring at him.  He felt horribly guilty for not leaving sooner, he could have saved her… he stayed in his room most the time, too emotionally drained to work out.  Every time he thought of her face he felt the same stabbing pain in his heart, he'd never been so miserable in his life.
One day there was a knock at his door.  He didn't answer, but it opened anyway, and there was Frieza.
"You've been refusing to train." He stated as soon as he spotted Vegeta lying on his bed in the dismal room.  "Have you been re-injured?" Vegeta still did not answer, Frieza frowned.  "I guess I'll just have to scan you mind." Before Vegeta could say no, it was already done.  "So…another man killed you lover.. and you feel responsible?" No answer.  "These feelings are making you weak, Vegeta.  You will train tomorrow or I will have to teach you another lesson." He left the room.  Vegeta shuddered in pain and fear.  He hated Frieza, but his fear was greater than his hate.  He had no choice but to obey him.
"Damn you Frieza!"

 A fist slammed into Vegeta's jaw.  He stumbled backwards.  His vision suddenly blurred red and in a furious assault his opponent was reduced to dust.
"Well done, Vegeta." The trainer commended.
"Oh, joy, rapture, I can hardly contain my excitement." Vegeta mumbled.  His trainer gave him a hard glare, but Vegeta didn't even notice.  He felt like a failure.  The only person who'd ever cared for him was dead.  He exited the training hall.
"Hey! We're not done yet." Aikido yelled.
"Eat shit." Vegeta muttered as he walked away.

"Lord Frieza?" Frieza turned and stared into Zarbon's yellow eyes.
"Yes, Zarbon, what is it?"
"The Saiyan prince walked out during training today.  Aikido is concerned.  Do you wish me to-"
"No." Frieza interrupted. "I will deal with this personally.  Vegeta has already been warned."

Vegeta awoke to feel cold fingers around his neck, a thumb pressed into his throat.
"Awake?" Vegeta went rigid, he felt paralyzed. Frieza! Oh shit! he wanted to struggle, but he knew it was useless.  Breathing was impossible, he tried, but with Frieza's thumb pressed into his throat, all he could manage was a strangled croak.  Frieza pressed harder and Vegeta nodded.  "Good." He felt the icy hand release him.  Air filled his lungs as he gasped hoarsely.  After laying in bed and panting for a minute Vegeta finally croaked out:
"What?" Frieza chuckled softly.
"I've come to solve your problem." Vegeta shuddered, whatever 'help' Frieza would offer, he didn't want.
"I-I don't have a ..problem." Frieza laughed shaking his head slowly, he sat down on Vegeta's bed.
"Ah, but you do." Said he, "Your training is suffering as a result of your weakness." Vegeta bristled at that comment, his hair spiked out and his tail fluffed up and began to thrash about behind him.  Frieza noticed and smiled briefly.  He continued as if he hadn't noticed Vegeta's reaction.  "Your thoughts for the changeling." For a moment Vegeta didn't understand.  What changeling? Then he remembered Mehyl had said she'd had the ability to shape-shift.  "These …emotions are making you weak.  I'm going to change that." Vegeta was getting scared now, he tried to calm himself but he knew that if Frieza had plans for him, no one could stop him, not even the strongest Saiyan alive.
Before Vegeta could even see it, Frieza's hands flashed forward and grasped the sides of Vegeta's head, he tried to squirm out of his grasp, but Frieza's grip was far too strong.  SHIT! Vegeta cursed, he's going to kill me! "No." Frieza began, "I am merely going to erase all memories and thoughts of the changeling from your mind.  Then you will have nothing to distract you from training."
Frieza began to probe Vegeta's mind.  Vegeta jerked beneath his grasp and began to howl in agony as Frieza scanned his memories.  "Don't fight this, it only causes pain, relax." But Vegeta couldn't hear him, and even if he could have, he couldn't relax in Frieza's icy grip.  His tense body trembled and jerked in pain.  There was no way to describe what he was feeling.
Frieza went back though Vegeta's thoughts until the time Mehyl and Vegeta met and then began to systematically erase all dreams, thoughts and images of Mehyl from his mind.  Vegeta lay on the bed convulsing in pain, whimpering cries were wrenched from his throat every so often until at last, Frieza was done.  He stood, satisfied that his work was complete and left the room without a word.
Vegeta lay there gasping, drenched in sweat before passing out.

The next day Vegeta woke feeling better than he had in weeks.  He didn't know what had caused him to neglect his training, but he assumed it might have been some sort of alien virus.  Whatever the case, it was gone now.  He threw on his armor and raced to the training hall.

The End

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