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Sustain Life

by Brethesen

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How does one define hell? Wouldn't each and everyone have their own version of hell? I don't know if hell even exist, but this would be quite close for my hell.

Sustain Life


Entrails flowing down the metal spike,

Warm blood gushes out from my mouth,

When my lungs pressure is changed irregularly,

Sharp needles poke my heart,

Injecting different doses of medicine and drugs,

In order to sustain my life.


Drills of various sizes rip's through skin and flesh,

And with various drilling speed,

They engrave icon of sins to my bones,

Eyelids cut off,

Sparks shot directly to the eyes,

While flames,

Bright blue from color,

Burn my nose,

The hurt,

When your skin is melting away...


Small creatures crawl under my skin,

Devouring everything in their path,

Pipes of various sizes are connected to my spine,

Injecting hormones,

Which will keep me awake.


My legs being pulled off,

After the joints has been dislocated and crushed,

The pain,

As each muscle cell slowly rips apart.


Sharp claws tearing my skin,

From between my legs,

While a parasitic worm crawls upwards,

Corrosive tentacles melting my entrails,

While nanomachines destroy my nerve cells in my brain,

And make new ones,

To maximize and broad the feeling of pain.


Nails being turned upside down,

Before being pulled out,

Ears and half of my face frozen,

As the liquid hydrogen pour down on my skin.



I feel my body very faintly,

All the sounds turn down,

And I feel like I'm floating,

The temporally escape,

To Death's arms,

Before the cycle starts again,

Slightly differently than last time.


Torment of the mind,

Torment of the body,

Torment of the soul.

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