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by Pixelgoddess

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Vegeta groaned and writhed in pleasurable torment as Radditz teased and tasted his body. The long locks of hair gliding over his sensitive nipples were making him shiver at the contrast between the delicate touch and Radditz’ firm caresses.

By Pixelgoddess

Yes, this is for c_v's infamous contest, therefore it is an AU universe, and we are on Vegeta-sei. 3992 words *wipes brow* That was tough. *Points* Look - Holiday, Fire, Ice, Gifts and Smut. What else could you possibly ask for? Pairings - Vegeta/Radditz (And if you want to see the inspiration for Raddy's outfit, - and damned if Yul himself doesn't look Saiyan.) Sadly, I do not own these hunks of masculinity, because if I did….well, it would be Dragonballing.
Would it be crass of me to ask for reviews? *lol*


Prince Vegeta added more offerings to the already burning brazier, scowling to himself at how long this year's memory burning was taking. Besides the large quantity of offerings for the flame, a huge cauldron had been filled with ice - fire and ice for every death - and the ritual could not end until the fire had burned and the ice had melted… It angered him that a ritual that should have taken only a few hours was taking days.

Even though he knew he shouldn't, he felt responsible - he should have been able to prevent their deaths. Radditz had told him his people did not believe this; to them, he was their hero - the nearly mythical Legendary. They fought to make him proud - and they did. His people would know he recognized their brave battles - he refused to take the throne before acknowledging their sacrifices. Too many Saiyans had been lost - he swore he would never allow anything like this to happen again. Too many packs, and even entire clans, were gone forever.

They had been naïve to think his ascension to Super Saiyan and Frieza's resulting death would be the end to their fight for freedom. No matter how powerful he was, Vegeta could not be everywhere; his people were forced to fight for their own survival against other races that either wanted revenge for the icejin's death or wanted to claim his empire for themselves. One of the oldest clans - even older than his own - had stood against Cooler, buying time for Vegeta's arrival. They died willingly to protect their race. Even as Vegeta destroyed the icejin, he swore to remember their courage.

But it hadn't been enough to save everyone.

His father… the king…

He watched the fire burn, adding his own blood to honor his father's memory, not moving as the flames eventually burned down and died out. They were gone - and no amount of ritual would bring them back. It was up to him to hold his people together now and protect them from any future threats.

"Your Highness," Radditz said in a low voice, "it's time. The flame is out. The ice is melted…"

Vegeta let out a breath and glanced over at the cauldron, now full of water.

"Yes," he agreed, glancing up at the rising crescent moons. "Is everything ready?" It was time to break their fast, ending the mourning of the lost and begin a celebration for the living. There would be gifts and boasting and drinking following the crowning of Vegeta as the new king in his father's place.


Radditz picked up the towel his prince - no, his king, had thrown on the floor, breathing in Vegeta's heady scent. He still couldn't get over the idea that he was the bodyguard and frequent lover of an ascended Saiyan.

Nappa's death had upset Vegeta more than he had believed possible. Still, it wasn't surprising, he mused; the general had been with Vegeta even before he was born, protecting his mother, remaining to shield the infant from any attempts on his life. As prince, Vegeta had learned much of his loyalty and honor from Nappa. Radditz was positive they hadn't been lovers - their relationship was deeper and more complex than that, in ways that sometimes made him envy the general. When Frieza ruthlessly, and without warning, butchered Nappa before Vegeta's eyes, something in the prince broke. Waves of ki exploded from the prince, shattering scouters for unimaginable distances, and he ascended. Frieza was stunned speechless in the moments before the first Super Saiyan in generations killed him effortlessly.

Radditz knew the resulting deaths had put a weight on Vegeta. Living under Frieza's control had been something that he despised, but accepted for the greater good of his people. No matter what harm the icejin caused him, he bore it, believing this would protect the Saiyan race. Nappa's death betrayed Frieza's intensions, however, and Vegeta's pride and honor demanded he protect his people.

Hopefully now that the deaths had been honored and he had been crowned king, Vegeta would move on. Long periods of grieving went against Saiyan nature - life was to be savored, not regretted. Radditz didn't like to see him like this; hopefully it wasn't a side-effect of his ascension. He was determined to do everything he could to make Vegeta less tense, if only temporarily.

He quickly removed his armor and prepared himself before dressing to Vegeta's liking - loose pants and a short open robe that displayed his chest, tail loose and available for pleasure.

The coronation had gone smoothly, the leaders of the remaining clans bringing gifts and swearing loyalty to the newly crowned King Vegeta. The drinking and feasting had begun soon after - Vegeta had realized the massive deaths had disrupted their lives and refused to permit any more long and involved ceremonies. There had been too much ritual lately - it was time to celebrate and get on with their lives.

He stepped into the next room, smiling to himself at the sight of his king. Vegeta's eyes were closed as he leaned back in his chair, legs stretched out, the deep blue robe falling open, displaying enticing expanses of bronze skin.

"Radditz," he said smirking, not opening his eyes, "I'm positive you managed to get several bottles of that excellent wine up here."

As his personal guard, Radditz had managed to unobtrusively water down most of his drinks. Vegeta refused to allow himself to become even slightly intoxicated in public. He couldn't let his guard down - he had to be able to think and react faster than everyone around him; that's how he stayed alive. Here in his quarters was the only place he allowed himself to relax.

Radditz chuckled and set a serving tray with wine and glasses within easy reach. "Of course, Your High- Majesty," mentally kicking himself at King Vegeta's grin at his mistake. "It was almost a crime to add water to it," he said, pouring a glass.

"Join me," Vegeta said, gesturing at the bottle. "It's been several long days and it's sure to get even longer soon." Vegeta's coronation speech had been clear and inspiring; the obvious enemies were gone - through treaty or conquest it was now time for the Saiyan race to take control of its own destiny.

"I've been waiting all day to give you your coronation gift," Radditz smiled, kneeling in front of Vegeta and taking a royal foot into his hand, massaging away the tension; he had learned years ago the surest way to Vegeta's heart was through his feet. He doubted anyone else had ever been permitted to do this - it required a level of ease the new king had with few others.

"Damn," Vegeta groaned in relief as the ki-warmed lotion was worked into his skin.

Radditz continued to work, pleased to feel his king relax under his hands, slowly working his way up to smooth over strong calves. They didn't speak; the only sounds Vegeta's satisfied sighs and the clink of glass as more wine was poured until they had finished two bottles.

He glanced up to see he was being watched through half-lidded eyes, pleased to hear his king's comfortable purr. Radditz felt some pride in knowing he was the only Saiyan alive who had seen Vegeta at his best as well as his worst, and felt especially privileged to know Vegeta did not conceal his pleasure from him.

"Your Majesty… King Vegeta," he purred, enjoying the way his lover's name felt rumbling through his chest, coiling his tail around Vegeta's leg to begin a teasing path upwards.

Vegeta chuckled and sat up, threading powerful fingers through his hair, pulling him near until their mouths nearly touched. "Radditz," he growled softly, the wine having taken some of his edge off, "No titles. Not here. Not now…" Vegeta nipped at his earlobe and Radditz groaned. "My title has changed, not me," he said, palm skimming over Radditz' barely-covered chest.

Radditz purred into the kiss, his tail curling encouragingly around Vegeta's wrist, coaxing further exploration from powerful hands that were surprisingly gentle. As fingertips teased his nipples he released the royal wrist to send his wandering tail feathering over Vegeta's growing erection, still concealed by the folds of his robe.

Vegeta released his lips with a groan, making Radditz smile at the sound. He moved closer until he was between Vegeta's legs, the royal tail teasing a path from his navel to his throat and back down again. He was rewarded with a soft moan of pleasure from his lover as he rubbed two strong thumbs up the inside of Vegeta's thighs.

He brushed his fingertips over Vegeta's cock, noting with satisfaction the hiss of pleasure that escaped from his lover. He didn't let his touch linger, however; it had been too long since they had the opportunity to be together like this and he intended to make up for lost time. His palms smoothed over bronze skin, teasing Vegeta's robe open, leaving him exposed to his hungry eyes. Radditz purred and gently pushed Vegeta back until he was stretched out before him like a feast.

His king's fingers remained tangled in his hair and Radditz willingly allowed himself to be pulled up to Vegeta's voracious mouth. Radditz moved his still-covered groin enough to grind against his king and Vegeta broke their kiss with a gasp.

Radditz grinned down at him, earning a needy glare when he raised himself up on one arm until his weight was no longer pressed against his king. The heat radiating from Vegeta's body was intense; he could only imagine what it would feel like to be this close to him when he was ascended. He promised himself, when the king was more comfortable with the form, he would study the body of his golden god, learning every inch the same as he had with his dark prince.

He shifted back to his previous position at Vegeta's feet, making sure to drag his hair over the bronzed muscles, leaving his king blanketed. Radditz teased his rough hands over the smooth skin of Vegeta's stomach and chest, the firmer touch contrasting with the light feathering of his hair.

Using his tongue, he traced every line of sculpted muscle of Vegeta's stomach, rolling and pinching hardened nipples between his fingers as he swirled his tongue in his king's navel. Vegeta sighed and moaned in appreciation as he worshiped every inch of his body with his mouth and hands.


Vegeta groaned and writhed in pleasurable torment as Radditz teased and tasted his body. The long locks of hair gliding over his sensitive nipples were making him shiver at the contrast between the delicate touch and Radditz' firm caresses.

Radditz knew how much he craved the feather-touch on his flesh and was deliberately driving him mad. Every time he moved his head a section of hair fell over his cock, brushing against him and curling loosely around his erection, the touch so light he sometimes thought he was imagining it.

It never ceased to amaze Vegeta what a contradiction Radditz was - powerful and brutal in battle, but a careful and attentive lover. It was almost as if he saw sex as an extension of his guard duties; careful to protect and shelter Vegeta. Even now Radditz was displaying his unusual mix of aggression and submission to his ruler - his large body looming over Vegeta, the display making him shiver with pleasure. His - all his, with only one thought in mind: pleasing his king.

"Radditz," he groaned, dragging their mouths together; he would never grow tired of this taste. He wasn't sure what he would have done if Radditz had been the one killed by the icejin. Nappa's death broke him, but Radditz' would have destroyed him. Nappa was his rock, but Radditz was his heart. Vegeta had worked hard to hide his feelings from Frieza, but he doubted even Radditz realized how much his mere presence had helped him survive those bitter years under the icejin's control.

Radditz' touch on his bare flesh was maddening, making him crave even more contact. Vegeta growled in frustration and reached up to massive shoulders, jerking the short robe off, practically ripping it in his eagerness to touch more skin. Radditz chuckled at him and leaned back to free himself from the robe. As far as Vegeta was concerned though, he wasn't getting undressed fast enough, so he created a small flash of ki, just enough to make the loose pants vanish in a shower of shredded fabric.

Radditz smirked at him as he returned to his preferred position on his knees between Vegeta's legs. "There goes another of your favorites," he laughed, "Next thing you know I won't have anything left to wear and I'll have to guard you naked."

"Don't think I haven't considered it," Vegeta replied.

"I don't know why I'm not surprised," Radditz chuckled an instant before swallowing him whole, without any warning. Vegeta howled and bucked up into the hot mouth, too surprised to try to restrain himself.

Vegeta was soon only capable of incoherent sounds; Radditz was a master at this art, his mouth worshipping Vegeta's cock. The tip of his tongue delicately traced the ribbon of vein before swirling up to circle the tip, working its way into the fold of flesh to the even more sensitive skin below.

Radditz' tail tightened and uncoiled from around his leg, gliding over the insides of his thighs, the tip flicking teasingly, curling around his delicate sacs, gently cradling and squeezing them. Vegeta's own tail was becoming more and more bushed out, the end twitching and thrashing in time with Radditz' bobbing head. The heat and moisture of his lover's mouth worked together with the caresses of hands and tail to push Vegeta closer and closer to completion. He curled his hands in the long hair of his lover, about to demand even more of this cherishing attention when Radditz suddenly sat up with a grin.

"Radditz…" he growled warningly, biting back a needy moan. The cool damp air on his cock just intensified how much he needed that touch. How dare he stop, especially when he was so close?

Radditz chuckled and left his position at Vegeta's feet, climbing up the length of his body. Vegeta could only stare into dark eyes, starved, as his lover's massive body was just rubbing against his own, their sweat mingling as they slid together. "I'm not done giving you your gift," he purred.

Vegeta curled his hand around Radditz' cock, stroking just once before releasing; Radditz groaned and nearly collapsed from his precarious position. Vegeta smirked and brought his fingers to his lips, tasting his lover's precum. "I hope for both of our sakes you deliver soon," he said with a purr, his tail curling around a massive arm over the band that marked him as royalty's own, the tip brushing over a sensitive nipple. Now that they were free of Frieza's control, he intended to reward Radditz with the matching thigh band before the next moon cycle, announcing to all he was Vegeta's, and Vegeta's alone.

"Your majesty," Radditz purred, licking away the sweat on his neck, "I would never willingly disappoint you."

"I know," Vegeta whispered, pulling Radditz' head up to capture his heated lips, groaning as the talented tongue of his lover touched and tasted his entire mouth. He joined in the battle, enjoying the playful aggression. "You haven't yet," he continued as they separated.

Radditz grinned at the compliment before moving, positioning himself over Vegeta's cock.

"Radditz?" he said, slightly concerned. He hadn't prepared his lover at all, and while they both enjoyed the occasional hard and fast fuck, that didn't seem to be the mood this time.

Radditz smirked and lowered himself, taking all of Vegeta's cock in one fast thrust. Vegeta groaned at the tightness even as he admired Radditz' foresight. The horny bastard had stretched and oiled himself beforehand - he knew exactly what he wanted and how he was going to get it.

Vegeta stared up at his lover's face, noting the closed eyes and gasping breaths, struggling to breathe himself as Radditz' entire body shuddered as he adjusted to the invasion. He wrapped his tail around Radditz' cock and began stroking slowly, matching the pace as Radditz began to move.

He could feel the sinewy thigh muscles flexing under his hands, thumbs teasing the sensitive inner flesh, ripping an involuntary groan from Radditz' lips as he rode his cock. Vegeta growled and rose up enough to meet him halfway, demanding a kiss. They moaned and purred into each other's mouth, the thrust of tongues and velvet heat an echo of their bodies moving together.

Radditz had teased him too well - he felt the heat building and knew he could not hold out much longer. He thrust his hips up as Radditz drove himself down, trying to bury himself even deeper within his lover. Radditz howled and clutched the arms of the chair with convulsive grasps, trying to keep from losing his balance and crushing Vegeta with his weight.

Vegeta smirked at the action and coiled his tail even tighter around Radditz' cock before loosening his hold and teasing the head with the delicate fur at the tip. His lover's body shuddered and Radditz came, his seed spilling on Vegeta's stomach. Muscles clenched in orgasm, tightening around his cock, and Vegeta joined him in ecstasy, crying out his release.

Radditz struggled to hold himself up, his arms shaking with exhaustion. Vegeta chuckled - only he would work so hard not to crush a Super Saiyan. He pushed Radditz backwards, sliding out of his body before toppling him on his back on the floor. Before Radditz had a chance to protest, Vegeta crawled over his spent lover, eyeing him appraisingly.

"How long have you been planning this?" Vegeta asked, wondering what else Radditz had considered before discarding in favor of this. Preparing himself ahead of time was not something he did regularly.

Radditz had the good grace to duck his head in embarrassment before reaching up to brush his fingers through Vegeta's hair. "A while…ever since I saw Nappa-"

Vegeta eyed him curiously. The general never seemed that interested in Radditz… "You and Nappa?" He had no right to be jealous - until Radditz wore the thigh band, he was a free agent as long as it didn't interfere with his duties.

Radditz looked shocked. "Hell no! I saw Zarbon riding Nappa…" His protests faded away at Vegeta's laugh.

"That's Nappa for you," he chuckled, "Ramming his dick up the tightest ass he could find and making them like it. No wonder Zarbon pranced after him all the time."

Radditz grinned and looped his tail around Vegeta's cock and balls, "Nappa told me about quite a few of his exploits. Want to see what I've learned?"

Vegeta smirked and coiled his own tail around Radditz' cock, teasing it back to hardness as well. "Eventually," he purred, flaring into his ki, "But in the meantime, how would you like to be fucked by a Super Saiyan?"


Radditz stared at the golden god over him in awe. He hadn't been this close to Vegeta when ascended before. He could feel the power rolling over him, but amazingly enough it didn't burn. He could feel the heat, and taste the way the air was charged from the ki filling the room.

He could only gaze in wonder as Vegeta stood, stroking himself thoughtfully. In this form, Vegeta looked even more powerful, muscles standing out, seeming to be straining to escape the glowing bronze skin. His hair, the fur around his cock, and even his tail were a brilliant golden yellow. And he was…larger. He reached out a curious hand, touching Vegeta's cock, feeling the ki flowing into his fingertips.

Vegeta smirked down at him, "We're going to need more lube."

Radditz nodded, not really listening. "I left it in the other room," he said distractedly. Vegeta was actually going to reward him; giving him something he had secretly wanted since his prince had first ascended.

Vegeta nodded and left the room, calling, "On your knees," over his shoulder. He returned moments later, growling his approval at Radditz' display, on his knees and elbows, tail curled up over his back. "Very nice," Vegeta said, his palms and tail brushing over his skin, tormenting and teasing with his touch. "We'll have to replace this red band around your arm soon," Vegeta said, touching the band he wore with pride. "You deserve the king's gold."

Radditz was about to express his gratitude when he felt Vegeta's slicked fingers entering him, unerringly targeting his hidden bundle of nerves. Radditz groaned, his tail coiling even tighter over his back, eager to know what it would feel like to be this close to a Super Saiyan. Vegeta prepared him quickly; Radditz was surprised how long he could hold this form when not in combat. It was something he was still working on; he felt honored to know Vegeta was going through this effort on his behalf.

"Radditz," Vegeta purred, one hand trailing a line from his neck down the center of his back, curling around his tail and stroking it from base to tip. Then Vegeta worked his way back down his tail to the base, ruffling his fur, making Radditz shiver at the possessive yet careful touch. Delicate fingertips stroked the glands at the base just as Vegeta ended his preparations of Radditz' entrance and pushed the head of his cock through the ring of muscle.

He could only groan as he was stretched and filled; even the preparations not enough to completely ease his discomfort. Vegeta must have understood - the teasing of his tail now joined by Vegeta's curled around his cock. Just when he thought he had adapted to this invasion, Vegeta slid further into his body. Radditz panted, willing himself to relax. After a few more moments, Vegeta was completely buried inside him, the golden fur surrounding his cock now brushing against his ass.

Vegeta continued to stroke his cock and tail, giving him time to adjust before beginning. Radditz growled and pushed back against him, his message clear - move. Vegeta chuckled again and complied, the first stroke slow and as gentle as someone with that much power could make it.

Vegeta soon began moving faster, his thrusts harder, as if desperate to finish while he could hold this form. It was like nothing Radditz had ever felt before - with each stroke he could feel the ki radiating through him, flowing into his body and escaping in rays as his own ki rose in a vain struggle to match his king. Radditz moaned and tried to raise his ass even higher, wanting more contact with the ki boiling off Vegeta.

He could feel how much Vegeta was holding back, and still it was almost too much for him, even while it was everything he could have ever wanted. Vegeta drove in hard and deep, reaching places that had never been touched before.

Vegeta groaned and held his hips even tighter, thrusting into him one last time before freezing, completely buried in his body, shuddering as he came with growl, filling Radditz with ki as well as his seed. Radditz felt filled…overwhelmed…by the amount of power roaring through his body - as he came in seemingly endless spasms he wondered if it was possible to explode from ecstasy.

He didn't pass out, but it was close. As it was he had to close his eyes and suck in gasping breaths of air, trying to control the dizziness from the power that Vegeta had sent racing through him.

He glanced to the floor beside him where Vegeta, now dark, lay on his back, his own gasps matching Radditz'. "Damn," he breathed, "damn."

"Yeah," Radditz replied, dropping down beside him and curling around the now exhausted king, "Damn."

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