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Deny Me, Deny You

by Chenoa

Libraries: Action, Dragon Ball Z, Drama, Erotica, Romance

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Enraged that Kakarotto still hasn't a mate, the king rounds up all the females under 25.Kakarotto still refusing to mate, he catches a thief escaping from the palace one night. Soon he begins to feel towards her, and she him, even though they deny it.

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Chapter 1, fate

Disclaimer: I obviously dont own DBZ, nor do I own any of the characters. the only thing I own is Shouri, and my imagination...

Here Is the first chapter below. Sorry it's with the disclaimer and is short, but hey, it's a strong beginning point.

I am reposting this btw way. story (c) Me


The night sky was a deadly pitch black. The stars had vanished and a full crystal white moon continually rose onto the blanket of darkness.

She was backed into a corner with no way out. Even with her powerful strength there would be no escape. She was still too young to defend herself properly. Her soul was sinking with an overpowering sense of fright and dread.

He advanced on her, towering over her in both size and strength leaving her no option but to give into his every desire. She knew he was in rut as soon as she saw him. His twisted grin with sharp white teeth and shaded eyes. She had tried to run, tired to find some place to hid but it was no use, He knew every step she was to take before she made them. He was toying with her.

He captured her between the rock wall and his bod, slowly moving toward her. She was terrified. Her breath came out in shaky gasps. She wanted to slap him, choke him, kill him but no way in hell would she mess with a male under the influence of a full moon even if his target was her because if she fought, he would destroy her.

He pressed his body up against hers leaving no space in between. He took her tear streaked face into one of his hands and forced her into a rough kiss while his other hand ripped the clothing from her fragile body and snaked its way down.

Her disgusting torture seemed to last an eternity of horror, him being the least bit gentle as he explored every inch of her.

Suddenly he flung her to the ground pinning both of her hands above her head with one of his massive hands. She struggled the best she could, trying to prevent the inevitable. He easily put a stop to her little fight, ravaging her unmercifully, and there was nothing she could do about it.

As he escaped into the night, She was left alone in the light of the moon, only able to just barely voice a soft 'no' in protest towards this fate.

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