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by Yuuki

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A little DBZ-Drabble, Theme: Hair, written for a challenge on the DB-YAOI-FANFICTION club on DeviantArt

Warning: m/m relationship
Disclaimer: I don't own DB/Z/GT
I love to be evil.
I stated this to myself and emphasized it with a cruel smirk. And would somebody had looked me in the face, he would have seen those glint in my steal blue eyes showing anticipation for what’s to come.
Everything was perfect. Now I only had to wait for my prey…
And I didn’t need to wait long. I sensed his ki milliseconds before I could see the air flicker and my awaited guest materialize before me.
Now it would start.
He was standing right before me. But not long. His body was dragged down by an invisible force. I heard a loud thud and my victim was sprawled on the cold metallic floor, face down and right at my feet.
I laughed.
Yes, just perfect.
With one of my white, golden tipped boots I lifted his head up und waited for him to open his eyes, what seemed to take him some effort. Like it should be. Finally wide black eyes looked at me, astonishment written all over his face and I greeted my special guest.
“Welcome Kakarott!”
Then I pulled my leg back with a sudden movement and laughed again as I saw his head crush back to the hard floor nose first. I heard him groan.
“Oops, is think this was your nose.”
If Kakarott’s nose hadn’t been broken before, now it was.
It was very amusing to see my long time rival struggling to get to his feet and loosing this battle. This was my gravity room, and I had turned the value up to 1000 times earth’s gravity. I, too, felt the gravity pull hard at my body, but my Super Saiyan form and the energy flowing around my body enabled me to withstand the merciless force.
Kakarott had stumbled into my delicious trap. Unaware of what awaited him.
“It seems that you honor your prince by lying at his feet?”
I mocked him, pleased to see that my plan had worked so far.
“I like your subservience, Kakarott. By the way, you’re allowed to kiss my boots, if you are not too weak to do so.”
Kakarott’s ki changed. I felt it rising, first slowly, then explosively. His black hair turned blond and a second later he was at his feet, defying the gravity.
I couldn’t stop myself to stare in amazement. His muscular body. His golden hair. His now blue eyes.
Eyes that looked at me accusingly. Pointing at his battered nose he spoke for the first time this day, “See, you have broken my nose, Vegeta.” He made a pouting mouth.
And I laughed.
And laughed.
You are childish Vegeta.
No, I’m the merciless prince of all Saiyans.
I stopped laughing and with a swift move I was right before Kakakrott, looking straight into his blue eyes. Blue like my own. But not exactly like mine, there were those little sparkles of green, which made his eyes look more like emerald jewels.
Precious jewels.
I put both of my hands in his unruly blond hair. For an unknown reason Super Saiyan hair, unlike non Super Saiyan hair, felt like pure silk.
I gently stroked his bangs. Felt the pleasant texture and the energy of the Super Saiyan that made my fingertips tingle lightly.
Ok Vegeta, you have to maintain a reputation. And soft end gentle isn’t a part of it.
In a rougher manner I pulled at Kakarott’s hair and brought him near to me, so I could whisper in his ear, “But Kakarott, stop whining, for a certain reason I know you like me playing rough.”
Kakarott pulled away and laughed on his part. “Vegata,” he lowered his voice, “and I know that you like to touch my blond hair. And not because it’s rough.”
I couldn’t accept defeat. “You may mistake me for someone else.” To give my words authority I punched his already bloody nose.
“Ouch!” some fresh blood trickled down his face.
“Ok ok, Vegeta, you win, you are a real asshole.”
I smiled.
…kissed him.
Soft lips.
Velvet skin that I cleaned from the blood with my tongue.
Hands, stroking silky hair again and again.
Time seemed to stop.
My hands found their way under Kakarott’s shirt and roamed his upper body, his beautiful sculpted body.
Again I whispered into his ear, this time more hoarsely.
“Maybe you’re right, I may like touching your hair. But what my hands do like even more is touching this body and…”
My hands traveled down to the lower regions of my lover’s body. Kakarott hissed and a moan escaped his mouth.
“… and this part.”
Yes, I love to be evil.

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