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A Chrismas Story

by ArticTiger

Libraries: Humor, Lemon, Naruto, Romance, Series

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A mix up of naruto & OC in here :) A humor FF about the characters & funny & imberrising moments.






 A Christmas Story 





Characters adding into this are:




:iconDarkPredatorPrincess: Danya X Neji; :iconDahdtoudi: Tausha X Gaara, Makoto, Ken. :iconArticTiger: Kankuro X Dawn, Kira. :iconpyrasterran: Kame & Tsurento. Heart










In the Hidden Sand Village...





Everyone is inside their homes, the snow came early back in October, and continued to snow heavily through December. Tausha & Gaara just finished decorating the tree. There was a knock at their door. Gaara answers it, only to see two twin boys. Lance & Luke Dawn's Nephews. "Hi, we cannot stay for long out here but we wanted to give you this. *Lance handing Gaara an invitation* Well, see ya later." Both boys start running off to another house. Gaara closing the door and begins opening up the envelope, Tausha up ion her tippy-toes trying to add the final touch to the top of the tree by adding a star. Satisfied and finally plugged in she looked to see what Gaara had in his hands. "What is it Gaara?" Tausha asked. Gaara just showed Tausha as if to read it aloud to him.




" You are invited to a Christmas part held at Jason's house, we would also like to invite you to see our newest member of the family Gabby and Alice twin girls. Hope to see you there.


Merry Xmas


Jason, Ophelia, Lance, Luke, Gabby & Alice. *




"Omg, I wonder if Dawn was aware of this?" asked Tausha. "She will now from this invitation she will be getting shortly" Gaara folding the card back up and placing it off the side of their table. Tausha picks up the cord to plug in the lights for the tree. "Finally, we are done.. * Gaara picks up Tausha * Hey, what the.. Gaara?" Tausha off guard, Gaara heading to the bedroom. "No, we are not done yet." Gaara with a smirk on his face. The door slams shut.







In The Hidden Lead Village...





Danya & Neji tired, but still manages to get the decorations up. "I really hate delaying this decoration. I bet Tausha is ahead of the game * Neji looks at her in question* I mean she starts before Thanks Giving comes around. Here I am doing this in mid week." Danya on her toes, reaching out for that last bit of the decoration to be pinned in place. Neji has the easy job of just handing Danya items and often teasing her about stuff not going on just right. "This isn't competition you know; I thought it was just the decorations it self that only mattered to you most. Enjoy the lights and what not." said Neji wondering if this sort of eased her stress level or not. Just before she was about to reply to him, there was a knock at the door. Danya heads to the door to see how it was. The twin boys making their rounds, and it was getting cold so this time conversation was "Hope to see you there" and they took off.





Danya looked a bit confused to know what it was. "Hmm, we have an invitation.. interesting.. I wonder if it's from Tau.. Hey.. Neji!" Neji throwing Danya over his one shoulder caring her to the couch. "That will be enough worrying & wondering for you; just sit and enjoy yourself... * Snatches the invitation form Danya* I'll read it for you." Danya make a pout face to him. Neji reads it.. a slight pause. Danya wondering what it says. Neji plays a small prank. "Oh.. interesting" Danya perked up "What.. What is it?" Neji smiling to himself. "Dear Danya, we are enjoying ourselves with our decorations. * Danya starts to flip out.. Neji's plan is working * however I think we have over did it this year." Before Neji could finish, Danya got off the couch grabbed the phone and hit # 2 speed dial calling up Tausha. Neji running after her. *Oh crap, I gotta stop this *






Back in The Hidden Sand Village..





Ken, Kame, Makoto, Kira, Kankuro, & Dawn all got their invitations. All now are planning to go to the party. All hell was soon about to break loose soon. How you ask? Simple; keep reading and you will see why.





Kankuro & dawn sound asleep in the bed when a phone rang. Startling them, they both collided * Ugh, Dammit * “Who in the hell would be calling at this hour?” asked Kankuro rubbing his head. “I don't know, nor do I even care to find out.” Dawn rubbing her side of her head. The phone stopped ringing. “WTH? OK I really hope that was just someone dialing the wrong number.” Said Kankuro, he crashed back on the bed on his back covering his face with his one arm draped over. Dawn about to get back in the covers more, only to be rudely interrupted again. Ring..Ring. Dawn flings straight out of the sheets. Pissed beyond belief she crawls on the bed looking for the phone. Cursing to herself as the phone continued it's pestering ringing. Finally locating it, she picked up the phone. “Helo..O?” the phone was hung up. “WTF? UGH!”


Dawn pissed off she throws the phone across the bedroom. The two getting back in their bed once more. 10 minutes goes by; RING. Kankuro grunting this time with a pillow draped over his face. He felt Dawn getting ready to pounce the phone. Throwing the pillow aside, he grabs Dawn pinning her on the bed. “Forget the phone, at least the volume is super low.” Kankuro had something on his mind, however Dawn was focused more on killing the person calling & to destroy the phone; too focused to pay attention to what Kankuro had in mind. The phone continued its tourcher tones, Kankuro throwing another pillow this time landing on the phone no longer able to hear it ringing any more. Dawn sitting up freed from Kankuro for a moment only for him to pin her back down again. Ok this now grabbed Dawn's attention. “Wha.. Hey what are you doing? It's 1:30am.” Dawn a bit miffed mainly of the phone issue, she just wanted to go back to sleep. “Why I plan on doing you.” Kankuro with a smile on his face. Dawn's cheeks flushed, now she knows what was on his mind. Giggling.






Two hours pass by…





The phone rings again, both Kankuro & Dawn far too busy into their thing, the two completely forgot about the phone. This time Kankuro answers the phone. He had a look on his face that was priceless. Something caused him to blush and made him laugh all at once. Kankuro covering the mic of the phone with his hand: “OMG.. Dawn * Whispering to her * Listen to this.” The two listen, Dawn didn't hear what it was.. she hit the speaker button. Oh that did it, both now blushing and giggling at what they were hearing.





Kankuro still holding on the phone: “Is this for real?” Dawn listening in more: “Who in the hell is it?” Kankuro taking a guess, but none that really matched. “ I dunno, but hell, you can hear the bed creaking in the background.” Dawn hiding her laughter. “OMG.. I wonder if it's Vince?” Kankuro looking at Dawn. “Vince, no way, besides I thought you said that he was the type of person that took his sweet ass time into things. This one, however is obviously getting a work out.” More laughing from the two over the phone. Dawn points to the phone: “Ugh.. * Shocked look * No way.. OMG” Kankuro noticed Dawn's expression. “What, do you know who it might be?”





On the phone they can hear things falling off a table or something falling off of something. “I don't think that's Gaara and Tausha” Kankuro taking another stab at his guess. Only to hear someone else on the other line. “Yea right, as if we are the sort of people to be having phone sex Kankuro!” said Gaara. Both Dawn & Kankuro freaking out. “Gaara? WTH? Are you on this line too?” asked Dawn frantically. “Shh! Crap they might hear us you guys.” Said Tausha. By now both Kankuro & Dawn shocked, but holding in their laughter. “Alright, how long have you guys been on this line for?” asked Kankuro. “At first we thought it was you guys fucking, but the only difference was that Kankuro spanks, and Dawn moans loud.” Said Gaara. Tausha gasped, both Kankuro & Dawn freaking out & shocked to death of what Gaara just said. “WTF Gaara?” came from a very pissed off but still blushing Dawn. “Hey, not my fault, that is what Kankuro told me is what you do.” Dawn gasps and stares at Kankuro. “You .. WHAT?” said Dawn starting to get pissed off, but was more embarrassed. Kankuro freaking out, but pissed of what Gaara said. “Who in the hell told you I spank?” asked Kankuro. “Dawn told me a while back, she said that you..” before Tausha could finish, Dawn crouched and buried her head grunting.





Suddenly all four stopped speaking when they heard a girl over the phone: “ Hey Kira.. have you seen my…Oh Wow!” said Kame, Ken pops his head to see what Kame saw. “Ride him Kira!.. Ha, ha.. Hey who are you ridding anyways?” asked Ken. “Ya Kira, I wanna turn when ever you're done.” Ken nearly dropped on his face “WHA? OUPH.. that's not.. what I meant Kame.”





Kira turns to see how was watching, she flipped out falling on the other side of the bed Makoto Sitting up, his hair messed up a bit. He was mortified as all hell. Kira getting up holding a partial bed sheet slightly covering herself, she throws a pillow at the two. “Ugh.. You Guys! Dammit that door was locked for a reason!” yelled Kira.




Un noticed to them that their phone was on speaker & on, the other four couples could hear everything that was going on. Silence.





“Kira, why did you lock the door for? Asked Kame. Ken was about to tell the main reason why, but Kira beat him to it. “So I can have Makoto here to fuck my brains out, now get!” Now every one that was over hearing the conversation on the phone, and the two other couple that was standing in Kira's bedroom, was all in shock. Just when Ken was about to pull the door shut, he heard someone's cell phone going off. “Oh Dammit what the fuck now? Kame, could you answer my cell phone for me?” asked Kira in more of a tired tone. Kame found Kira's Pink Razor phone and flipped it to answer the call. “Hello, Kira's phone” said Kame. “Kame? Hey can you move to your right?” it was Vince on the other line. The cell phone was set in speaker mode.. now everyone got an ear full.





“Vince? Why are you calling this late.. Uhh Why did you ask Kame to move to her right for anyways?” asked Kira as she started to sit next to Makoto on the bed. “Oh why Kira, you naughty girl you.” Said Vince teasing her. Kira looked at Makoto then at both Ken & Kame, as if to say Huh. “WTH? Vince are you drunk again?” asked Kira. Vince laughs. “Nope, I'm just sitting here & enjoying this wonderful unexpected Porn going on here.” Said Vince still laughing. “You called me this late to tell me your watching a porno?' Kira starting to get pissed off.




Mean while all the other couples are overhearing the conversation: Tausha X Gaara; Kankuro X Dawn; and Danya X Neji. All trying to keep quiet, and find out now about what Vince was talking about.






“Why yes, this is the reason why I called you. Because.. I was curious to know if you left your computer on; because I was receiving a lovely image only to find out it's a web cam.” Kira freaks out and starts to stare at her computer looking for the light to her web cam. She didn't see it on. “Nice try perv boy!” said Kira. “Oh you think I'm making this up? Ok then Lemmi see here; why I see a bed, no lights.. oops there is some light but that would be coming from the doorway, obviously where both Kame & Ken are standing; you are sitting on the bed with half the bed sheets sitting next to Makoto. BTW there's your reason why I called & asking Kame to move to her right she was blocking the view.” Kira's face blew up in beet-red, Makoto speechless. “OMFG.. Kira.. has that camera thing been on all this time?” asked Makoto looking mortified.





“OMFG.. * Kira hops off the bed to see her web cam * sure enough it was on. She completely forgot the stick that she placed over the red light * How in the hell did you get this sent to you Vince?” asked Kira worried to death. “Um obviously someone had to of hit the SEND button, how else could have I got this?” asked Vince.





Everyone shocked on the other phone line, Silence for a moment until Danya shattered the moment. “OMFG.. Just how many peps here are on this tie-line?” Everyone freaked out. None more freaked out like both Makoto & Kira. “WHF now?” asked Kira frantically looking around her room. “Why Kira, Phone Sex Too?” asked Vince now laughing. Kira looked on the other side of her room finding her phone one & was on Speaker mode. She picks it up and freaks out even more when she finds out that her caller ID showed a list of Tie lines & who was on the phone listening to the entire thing. “OMG.. Kira.. that was you?” asked Dawn on the other speakerphone. “ *sighs * Yes, it was me.” Said Kira now feeling like crap. “Vince.. who else is with you watching this?” asked Makoto. Kira looked at him shocked. “Well, Tsurento was. But I got as far as pointing out to the screen the next thing I knew he's on the ground twitching & I think his nose is bleeding. Meh, he'll be fine later on. That's all” said Vince.





“Alright, now that every dam person tonight/morning got to see hear this shit happening, I'm calling it a night.” Said Makoto. “Wait a sec.. Hey Kira” asked Danya. Kira sighs and asked her what she was going to say. “Well, if this makes you feel better oh and for Makoto too; did you know that Kankuro spanks Dawn?” asked Danya.. earning a few gasps from both Kankuro & Dawn. “Hey! Alrighty then; I can beat this.. Gaara's toes point up to the stars when he cums!” said Dawn. Tausha flips out. “HEY.. WTH Dawn?” said Gaara.





Out of the blue, another person shouts at all of them. Someone they would ever least expect to be on the same phone line. “Dammit you people, just go back to what ever it was you were doing.. which BTW obviously all of you guys were busy fucking one another. Vince.. go & masturbate yourself * Vince interrupts telling her that he's thinking about that * What ever.. everyone just shut the fuck up, unplug your phone lines & computers. So that I can get back to what I was trying to do for the past hour now!” said Temari. Everyone now speechless.





“Temari, no need to be that harsh.” Asked Tausha in a calm tone. “It's a bit hard to be calm & talk nicely to others when they are too busy ease dropping for a dam hour!” Temari very tired & growing more impatient. “Temari, where is Shinka? “ asked Gaara. Temari's utter surprise to hear Gaara her younger brother to be asking her where her boyfriend was. “He's out getting food, now will every one just hang up the dam phone already.” Said Temari as she snuggled in her bed more with a small groan as if she was in pain. “Temari? Are you Ok, I mean you sound like your in pain.” Asked Tausha. “Ugh.. Dammit Once I say my reason why I'm in pain… I'm ending the conversation.. I need my sleep Dammit!” Temari growing very tired. Everyone else agreed to hang up once she answered.





“Alright, for starters, I'm normally never this moody, or cranky either. BTW Gaara I really do not need for you to freak out here, so for all of you that want to know why I'm like this & in pain.. I'm having a baby & due in Spring.. Now GOOD NIGHT!” Temari hung up her phone & yanked on the cord so that no one is to disturb her again.




Everyone else didn't hang up like they were suppose to.. every one was in utter shock. Ken for once spoke up. “Ok guys seriously, lets just talks about this later on. Just hang up your phones, and call this a night.” Said Ken making sense for once in his life. Everyone that was on the tie line finally called it a night and all hung up.





















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