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by Frozen17

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Love, sex and fire.

Burn (Harry/Draco)

The whisper of your lips
is a warm caressing ember on my skin

I never thought I could feel loved
until I felt the burn of your fingertips

Your tongue, like fire,
runs down my back
we create our own rithym
we are no longer two separate forms
we are one

I never thought I could feel loved
until your flames warmed my heart

the sweat on your chest
tastes so salty-sweet
let my nails dig into your back
bleed for me my love...just a little
I want the world to see your scratches
so they can see you are so obviously mine

I never thought I could be loved
until our bodies created fire

our heartbeat pounds so fast
rest against me, your head on my chest
you will never be alone again
I love you

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