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Title: Poison Rating: M (Mature audiences) Character(s): Sesshomaru & Kagome Squicks: Friendship, Humor, and lust *gasp* Summary: What happens when Miko’s and a Demon’s path collide and a kind of relationship forms out of thin air. Disclaimer: I own nothing that smells, tastes, feels or sounds like it came from InuYasha. Author's note: This is a song fic for a challenge created by Forthrightly on LiveJournal. I thought it would be interesting to try my hand at something new, so here is my take on it, The song will be posted in the journal, the link in my Artist Comments. I never knew Saimyosho liked techno. Poison - Groove Coverage

She let out a low groan as she slowly became aware the sounds of her surroundings.  The birds chirped merrily as the babbling brook babbled on and on about nothing at all, only making her head pound even more in response.  She cringed as her limbs slowly came back from their wonderful numbness only to throb in agonizing pain.  Her eyes fluttered open and the trees overhead seemed to sway dangerously in rotation as she squinted against the bright rays of the sun.

There they were: three, no wait four…or was it two, yes, two white haired figures that slowly faded into one blur.

“Inu…Yasha?” she questioned weakly. She clenched her eyes shut and blinked rapidly until she focused on a pair of narrowed golden eyes which contrasted greatly with the blue crescent moon upon his forehead.

“Get up, miko,” came the unfeeling voice.

Your cruel device

She remained still, unsure of what had come to pass to leave her helpless beneath the heartless demon.

“This Sesshomaru does not repeat himself,” he warned as he looked down at her broken form.

Your blood like ice

She glared up at him defiantly only for a moment before his eyes became dangerous slits, daring her to give him a reason to end her meaningless life.

One look could kill

She tried pushing herself up only to fall back to the ground as her body protested against any movement. She hissed in pain as she felt his claws grasp her hair and pull her up forcefully.

“That HURT!” she rasped indignantly as she glared at him.

”Pity,” was his only response as he moved away.

My pain your thrill...

She took a step forward only to collapse as her energy was completely spent.  He caught her by the nape of the neck with one clawed hand before looking down at her is disgust.

“Pathetic,” he muttered as she let out a whine of pain.

With a great heave, he threw her over his shoulder causing her to cry out in pain and discomfort.

”If you value your life, you will remain silent,” he drawled as he started on his way.  After a few steps he stopped.  His nose twitched at the scent of her fresh tears.  “You will stop that as well,” he murmured, but his words were wasted on deaf ears as she slipped back into unconsciousness, which suited him just fine.  He needed time to think without any distractions anyway.  

He took flight once more and continued on his journey as he replayed the events that led up to this current situation.

He was slicing through the thick air of late-autumn at lightning speed when she collided with him.  It was not as if he was unaware of her rapid approach towards him, the cracking of his knuckles as he poised his claws to slice through any offending obstruction in his path made that quite clear, but as her familiar scent filled his nostrils, he paused right before she hit him with a dull thud and continued her descent into the trees below.  

He had never witnessed a flying miko before and he was sure he never would as he watched her body twist unnaturally before she slammed into the forest canopy below.  With decisive grace, he sped to her assistance, telling himself repeatedly that there would be something to gain from this.  He snatched her bruised body from her fall before any more of the partially naked branches could cause her harm.  In one fluid motion, he had landed and placed her gently on the ground.  

He watched her chest rise and fall slowly but steadily, assuring him that she would survive her failed attempt of flying.

“Such a strange mortal,”
he thought to himself as he wiped her raven hair from her face.  He sniffed the air for any sign of InuYasha and his companions and found their scent mixed with that of numerous demons, but none smelled of the stench of Nuraku, so he cared not.   He returned his attention to the miko and stood as a soft groan alerted him to her dazed awareness.   He could tell she was in a great deal of pain as she came to, but all thoughts left him as she called out to him, mistaking him for his brother.  Insulted, he simply glared at her and decided that he had wasted enough time.  If she could walk, she could return to her comrades.  If she could not he decided she was useful enough to take with him.  When she did not rise at his first command, he sent her her first warning.  He was silently surprised by her audacity to defy him, but he was also amused by the spirit she had left in her.

He was sure that he would be able to obtain information from her, be it about her own being or the whereabouts of Nuraku, all in all it would be an interesting couple of days, of that he was sure.

Snowflakes began to fall as their days passed in awkward silence while Kagome slowly healed from her injuries.  One morning as she was returning from her bath, she asked about the whereabouts of Rin, Jaken and ‘that dragon thingy.’  He assured her that their whereabouts had nothing to do with her. He, in turn, asked for information pertaining to Nuraku and she assured him that Nuraku’s whereabouts had nothing to do with him.  She, of course, readily offered up any and all information when he decided to persuade her with five poisonous claws against the rough bark of the nearest tree. However, that technique would not work against her when he questioned about her strange ways and her odd clothing.  The girl was as bold as he was stubborn, and he had to admit that he found it rather thrilling to have someone stand up to him in such a manner.  It wasn’t as if he didn’t enjoy the cowering and adoration he received when he was in his lands, but 200 some odd years of such can begin to get a bit taxing.  This was refreshing, to say the least.  She was a nuisance more than a threat and as the days wore on, she became a puzzle, one in which he was determined to figure out before the inevitable happened.  InuYasha was close, but not close enough. He made sure to keep a couple days of travel between himself and his little brother.  He would return the little bastard’s miko when he was done with her.

Kagome, however, had other plans. She was quite weary of the Inugami daiyōkai, and she had to admit some trepidation and fear at his presence, but she didn’t believe he would actually harm her.  He had invested too much time and energy into her well being for him to just cut her to bits and leave her for dead, and that alone raised a plethora of questions in her mind.

”You…saved me, Sesshomaru?” she questioned softly as they walked side by side.  Well, she considered it side by side even though he always maintained a stride ahead of her.

“I did no such thing.”

“So, you inconvenienced yourself to keep me alive just for kicks?” she rolled her eyes at his bored tone.

“I have my reasons.”

Her eyebrows rose at this.  She was quite curious to know.  “Which are….”

“None of your concern.”

“OSWA….GAh,” she glared at him as she clenched her fist, trying to restrain herself from punching him square in his perfect face, “You know what?  You’re infuriating.  I just want to…”

Within the blink of an eye she was pinned against the nearest tree by her throat.  

“What is it that you wish to do to me, Kagome?” he said in a low and dangerous whisper as he arched his brow the slightest bit.


I want to love you, but I better not touch.

”she was completely taken back at what her mind supplied as an answer.  Perhaps it was his proximity to her and his warm breath on her neck.

“Yes?” he urged.

I want to hold you, but my senses tell me to stop.

“I want to…”

I want to kiss you, but I want it too much.

“If your feeble mind is unable to put your action into words, then I suggest you act quickly before I lose my patients.”

I want to taste you, but your lips are venomous poison,


You’re poison running through my veins,

He actually rolled his eyes and sighed.  An action he obviously adopted from Kagome, “Allow me to simplify it for you.  This is a one time offer, miko, since I’m feeling rather magnanimous today.  Do what you wish to me and I offer you no repercussions.”

You’re poison.

“You’re bluffing.”

“Try me,” he smirked with a raised brow.

I don’t want to break these chains.

In that moment, her world stopped moving.  He looked so open, so gorgeous, so ready to be snogged to death.  Her eyes widened at the visual images and lecherous thoughts her mind supplied so readily.  She squashed them down immediately and classified those thoughts in the ‘purely mental’ file, which she filed next to ‘stupidest ideas’ and ‘quickest ways to die’ files in her mind.

“No,” she said as she pushed him away.  “Get away from me.”

She may have filed them away in her mind, but Sesshomaru easily identified what her flushed cheeks and fiery gaze told.  He moved back to allow her to escape, but couldn’t help but notice how her hand remained on his chest as she walked forward.

“It pains me to say this, Miko,” he said softly as he backed up and looked down to her with mirth dancing in his eyes, “but that may have been the wisest thing you’ve ever done.”

She met his eyes and stared at him in awe.  

“I’ll give it a moment, however.  You mortals are known more for your stupidity, so it’s only a matter of time.”

Her eyes blazed with fire as she balled her hands into fist and forcefully shoved them into his chest causing him to take a few steps backwards to brace himself.  He watched as she stormed away, rubbing his chest where two Miko fist shaped bruises were sure to quickly appear and fade just as fast.

“Ow,” he said softly as an after thought as he dropped his hand from his chest.  For being a human and the supposed ‘weaker sex,’ the girl was rather strong.  It was just another piece to this ever growing puzzle that was Kagome.

He kept his distance for the rest of the day and simply observed her.  She was so easy to read.  Any enemy could easily slice her down when she was so lost in her thoughts as she was now.  She was better than any scroll he had ever read.  He found that he wasn’t able to take his eyes off of her, especially when she worried her bottom lip in between her teeth.  She was biting back something, something she desperately wanted to say to him.  

“I can see why you are often lost in thought, it's an unfamiliar territory for you.”

She looked up and he could tell that she was startled that he was watching her.  He saw the fire return to her eyes and he raised one eyebrow slightly, signaling his permission for her to speak.

“Why must you be like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like…..like…well, there’s not really a nice way to put it.”

He looked down at her and raised an expectant brow, waiting for her to put it however she liked.  

“…An arrogant, self-centered, egotistical bastard?” she said timidly as stopped in the middle of the path with her eyes locked on his.

“And how else should I be?” he questioned, unfazed by the insult as he stood motionlessly beside her.

“Well, there’s got to be something more to you.  I mean, you’re not all poison claws and bad attitude all the time, are you?” she smiled and shook her head.  “Between you and you’re brother, I think I have a good idea of what your father was like.  Hot-headed, arrogant, intelligent, loyal, a brilliant warrior, wise and if you got on his good side…I’m sure he was nice…ish.”

He narrowed his eyes as she described his father’s personality.  

“I am not my father.”

“Well, thank goodness for that,” she smiled as she continued on down the dirt road, “Just be yourself, Sesshomaru.”

“An arrogant, self-centered, egotistical bastard?” he murmured in question as he fell into step beside her.

She gave a laugh and shook her head. “Yeah, something like that.  But, you know, you can let your guard down once in a while. It’s like I always tell InuYasha…” She stopped, grabbing onto Sesshomaru’s arm and staring off to her left, “I sense a jewel shard.”

He starred at her hand that was touching his person and watched as it moved and slipped into his hand.  A chill raced up his arm

”Come on,” she murmured, dragging him along.

“I suppose I should thank you for such sound advice.  I now see why my ignorant little bother has kept you around so long,” he said sarcastically as he followed behind her, his claws closing gently around her hand.

“Shut up already.  I liked you better when you were the stoic demon lord.” She let out a confused gasp and murmured, “It’s moving away quickly!”

“What is the importance of this shard you seek?” he questioned.

“Nuraku is after them.  I have to get them before he does.  Once we have all the jewel shards, Naraku will seek us out and…”

“Then he will die,” he said in almost a whisper before pulling Kagome into his chest and wrapping his arm around her waist.  “Point the way,” he said softly as he lifted off from the ground.

They found the monstrosity easily enough and blocked his path before he could continue his destruction.  The giant grey demon only had time to boast about how he was the most powerful, indestructible, fiercest demon of all time before Sesshomaru cut him down with a lazy flick of his wrist.  

“Well, that was a let down,” she murmured as she extracted the jewel from the demon.  “At least InuYasha is entertaining in battle.”

“Far be it from me to deny you of your viewing pleasure,” he said sarcastically.

She ignored him and pulled out the stopper on her little phial and placed the newest shard inside.  She gave a yawn and looked over at Sesshomaru, “I’m tired, you think we can rest for a while?”

“Since you’re the one doing all the work, I don’t see why not,” he said blandly.

“I need a bath too,” she said as she scrunched her nose and tried to wipe the demon-goo from her hand.

“There are hot springs not too far from here,” he offered as he came up behind her and wrapped his arm around her once again.  A moment later he was stepping back from her and indicating which direction she should go.  She smiled happily at him before she sauntered off towards the spring.  

It was getting late and Sesshomaru watched as the fiery sky turned into a dazzling night sky with sparkling stars and a full moon that lit the surroundings luminously.  

She had been gone for a long period of time, and despite the fact that he did not care if she came back or not, or so he told himself repeatedly, he went off to check on her.  

InuYasha had been closing in on them for the last few days and it was really only a mater of time until he would have to put his puzzle solving on hold.  

He approached the waters edge silently and walked into view of the spring in which Kagome inhabited at the moment.  His body froze at the sight before him and he found that no matter how he tried to move, he was mesmerized by the sight.

Your mouth so hot

His eyes followed the trail of her warm breath as it mixed with the cold night air, and he stood motionless as if paralyzed by the scene.

Your ware uncaught

He watched every move she made as her hands slid over her shoulders and down her arms; the small movements making the water ripple and leap up to cling to her flesh. His eyes widened as she dipped her hair back into the water before pulling herself onto one of the warm boulders to give the same attention to her legs.  His breathing became ragged as he took in her ethereal beauty.  He pale skin glowed and sparkled in the moonlight, putting to shame the bright white patches of snow which covered the ground.  

Your skin so wet

He was mesmerized by the droplets of water that clang to her flesh.  His inner voice was wondering what her flesh would taste like under such conditions.  Would the droplets freeze to her body, allowing him to nip on one at a time until they each melted in his hot mouth.

Black lace on sweat

His eyes wondered up the trails of droplets to where her wet hair clung to her shoulders, neck and cheeks.  His hand twitched wanting to smooth every last strand from her porcelain skin.  His eyes flashed red for a moment, the beast inside wanting out to do as it wished with unsuspecting girl.  He emitted a low growl and clenched his fist trying to maintain his cool exterior.

”Who’s there?” she called out as she quickly submerged herself completely into the water.

I hear you calling and it needles and pins,

She gasped as she saw wind blown silver hair fly around him, “SESSHOMARU!” she screamed in outrage.

I want to hurt you just to hear you screaming my name

He simply stared at her.  She was about to scold him and perhaps pluck a few nice size pebbles from the bottom of the pool to launch at him for the intrusion, but without so much as a splash, he was in the water fully clothed and rounding on her as she backed herself into a corner.

Don't want to touch you but you're under my skin

He closed in on her, lifting his hand to her cheek to smooth away the tangled web of hair

I want to kiss you but you're lips are venomous poison

“This….This is what happens when I let my guard down, Kagome,” he breathed in her ear as his claws softly caressed her neck and shoulders before trailing down her arm beneath the water.

Her eyes widened before chills raced across her skin at his touch.  She gave a shuddering breath as his lips met the soft curve of her neck.  His tongue flicked across her moist flesh, sucking in every last drop before his fangs moved smoothly to the spot behind her ear, making her gasp and brace herself against him.

running deep inside my veins

Almost every fiber of his being was set on fire as her hands slowly journeyed up his chest.  His pride, however, was adamantly protesting in the back of his head.  It was quickly silenced when she softly whispered his name.  He brushed his cheek against hers as he moved to look into her eyes.

poison burning deep inside my veins

She gazed up at him with those sparkling hazel eyes with a look that instantaneously tamed the beast that was raging in disapproval.  

One look could kill

He leaned towards her until his lips were mere inches from hers.  His heart constricted painfully as his pride screamed in fury from the back of his mind, calling him a hypocrite and a weakling for falling into the arms of a mortal woman.   Yet through it all, he could smell the spike of emotions radiating off of Kagome, and none of them were denying him of what he secretly wanted….no needed, in the very core of his being.  His blood was pounding in his ears as he felt her breath across his lips.  Suddenly, he stepped back, prying her hands off of him as he went.

My pain your thrill

He backed away from her slowly and looked down into her eyes as confusion consumed him.

I want to love you, but I better not touch.

“I am not myself,” he murmured as he continued his retreat.

I want to hold you, but my senses tell me to stop.

“Sesshomaru? I….”

I want to kiss you, but I want it too much.

“No, I shouldn’t have come here.”

I want to taste you, but your lips are venomous poison,

”I should go,” he said hastily before adding, “InuYasha is coming for you.”

You’re poison running through my veins,

His puzzle would have to wait to be pieced together.  He did not know when or how he allowed himself to fall into this situation, but the wisest action he could think of was to get away from her, FAR away from her as quick as he possibly could.

She was a weakness; A toxic poison that could taint the blood of the Demon Lord of the West.  Yes, that is what Kagome was.


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