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-September Tomato Juice-

by Strawberry Snape

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The third part of the Tale of Zacrach [You do not need to read the others, there is very little outside plot.] Zacrach meets up with Selias a young boy who was one one of Zacrach first ship fairing "adventure" but what happens when he finds out that all these years apart Selias has been harboring feelings for him.

FAIR WARNING: This story contains Homosexual Male characters and Scenes all those finding that not to their liking might be better off to turn tail.




About: This story was written in 2004 so its a wee bit old, so far this is all that there is. I do plan to continue it some day. I honestly do. However I haven't been feeling it lately. Its the third part in the story of my character Zacrach but theres no real plot details that arise so its okay to be reading it for the first time. Infact part one (the story of Mella and zacrach) is hand written and in a box in my closet cause I haven't gotten around to actually typing it. Some day.

Wirtten: Sept-24-2004 to Current

Characters: Zacrach and Selias











Selias rode his chestnut stallion down the gang blank, swaying from side to side as the horse walked. He kept his eyes forward and ignored all the people around him. He was back in Zerlin and all that mattered was the X Cafe. People automatically cleared away before the horse. They were common in Zerlin and were allowed on the streets.

Selias let the stallion have his own say in direction until they reached the end of the dock. "Pardon," Selias called over to another young man. "Is Master Creef still in Zerlin?"


The young man nodded and Selias continued, directing his stallion onto the main road. The chestnut's hooves made a cheerful clipping noise on the cobblestone, mixing into a strange music with the other city sounds. Selias sat contentedly in the saddle, letting the stallion wander, but keeping him in the general direction of the X Cafe.

No one paused to look at the horse or the young man in the saddle. He was dressed plainly in dirty white shirt and long, wide-brimmed, brown pants with black leather boots. he carried no weapons except a dagger in each of his wrist guards. He was so plain and young, in fact, that no one who saw him on the street that day would have guessed him for what he was.

As Selias neared the X Cafe the crowd began to thicken. The Market Square wasn't far away and people were always coming and going from it at noon. The mass of people slowed down the horse until he was almost standing still. Selias pressed his heels into the horse's sides, causing him to rear up. People cleared instantly, leaving a quick gap to the cafe. Right as the chestnut stallion stood before the building the people had compacted together again.

Selias dismounted and once the ground he pat the horse's neck. "Meatmillers," he said into the animal's ear. The stallion snorted in agreement. After tying up the horse with one of his own special knots Selias entered the X Cafe, looking for Master Creef.

Zacrach Creef sat in a table at the back strumming his fingers upon the hard wood of the table. A pint of dark ale sat beside his hand, it was half empty and looked as though it was not his first. For another empty pint sat across the empty table. Zacrach yawned and stretched putting his long legs up on a nearby chair. His boots were plan black with a silver clasp that was more for show then for use.

He wore dark brown baggy pants with small light brown pin stripes. On his waist held a large leather belt that looked as though it was too large for his skinny form, it dangled loosely and severed only to hold his pistol and sword. His pistol was old, given to him by his father many years ago. He hardly used it now, once again it was merely for show.

His shirt was plain white, and was pretty normal spare the slit down the front that tied up with thin white straps of cloth. On the outside of the shirt he wore a dark blue vest that tied up the front with thin leather straps. The last noticeable piece of clothing stuck out the most. It was a large dark brown hat, that covered his long black hair. The hat had long feathers darting out one side of it, of all assortments of colours, it looked as though he had collected them. Some were plain, while others looked as though they had come from tropical birds.

He crossed his legs and grabbed his pint from the table, in a matter of seconds he had drained the last of the Ale from it. He placed the empty glass on the table and snapped his fingers, leaning back into his chair again. Selias had barely scanned the room when he spotted Zacrach. He grinned, remembering the hat. Back then it had had many less feathers.

Before approaching the man Selias took a moment to study him, see how he had changed in five years.

"Get outa the way laddie-buck," said a man behind Selias, giving the boy a hard shove. Selias had to jump to keep from falling face first. He glared at the offender, hoped no one had seen the misshap, and quietly strolled over to Zacrach's table.

"Hey," he said, his voice timid.

Zacrach raised an eyebrow at the young man that had approached him. He grunted silently and sighed.

"Unless yer carryin' an Ale or a Rum, I have no interest in ya..." He took a second to look the young male over, something about this boy seemed strangely familiar. 'Must be the rum catching up on me.' Zacrach thought to himself rubbing his temples as if trying to get something out of his brain.

"What's yer name boy?" Zacrach asked suddenly, the very thought of knowing this boy drove him mad, he knew he knew him somewhere. Although Zacrach knew a lot of people, from various ports and harbors, most of which he wanted nothing to do with after he had met them. Somehow though, he knew this boy was different...

Selias bit his lower lip. "Selias Morgan," he said carefully.

Zacrach pushed his hat out of his face to get a better look at the young male "Selias Morgan eh? From the S.S Darlinent." Zacrach smiled and laughed, "I knew I knew your face, but I never thought I'd have to bring up that awful ship again..."

Selias took a seat across from his old buddy. "It's been a while," he said, feeling a little more bold. He checked out the two empty mugs Zacrach had.

"Yes, it has been a while hasn't it." He smiled and pushing his hat against his forehead again, in a bar he always sat like that, it distracted people from his light blue almost white eyes. "Do you drink?" He said noticing the young man glancing at his empty mugs.

"I do," Selias answered, "but I've got nothing to pay with."

Zacrach summoned a beer wench, and ordered the same thing he had had before. "Tell the woman what you want." Zacrach said ignoring the look the Beer Wench gave him as shescooped up his empty mugs...

"A rum on the rocks," Selias said, his voice it's usual commanding self. The beer wench raised her eyebrows at his curious order, but didn't question. She hurried off to get the drinks.

"So what have you been doing with yourself for these past four, no five years is it?" Zacrach cracked his knuckles again aimlessly trying his best to strike up with some conversation...

"I've been roaming the Atlantic," the younger man said. "Visited the Caribbean several times. There was good catching there. I went back to En-"

Just then the beer wench came back with the drinks. Selias grabbed his and gulped it down.

Zacrach raised an eyebrow but didn't question why the young man had stopped so abruptly, if he wanted to tell him he would. "So I see ya have been keepin' yer-self busy over the last few years..." He grabbed his Ale and began to drink it, if you were looking at him, it seemed as though he was chugging it. Zacrach liked his Rum...

When Selias had drained off half his drink he continued with his short story. "As I was saying, I went back to England and got myself some sort of education. They drummed 'proper' speaking into me... That's why I no longer talk like I once did. I ran out of there though and got a job on board a small trading ship, which, after half a year, got me back here."

Zacrach nodded, "I noticed you Diction is better." He smiled and winked slightly. "Like I said, its a good thing you kept busy, you were quite the worker..."

"When did you get your own ship?" Selias asked as he and Zacrach boarded the SilverFeather. "I don't remember you having one." He ran his hands up and down the railing, loving the feeling of the wood.

Zacrach ran his chin as if thinking about it. "Around two years ago, I stole it from a rich man off the coast of Italy. I think he had so many he didn't even know this one was gone. I gave her a nice new paint job and hired me a crew." He looked around and smiled "Most of which are still missing tongiht.."

Selias took a seat on a crate and stared out at the water. "You were always a stealer, Zacrach," he said. "No one could ever stop you."

Zacrach sighed "Its how I was brought up, I mean if I had really wanted to I could have bought one. I have enough money. But its the thrill of it that gets me. It would be boring just buying one." He rolled up a lonely rope that had been left out by one of his crew and threw it into the corner...

"At least you have money." Selias picked at some flaking paint. "For the past couple years I've been as broke as a snail, and even some of them might as well be richer than me. I'm still wondering how I get along without money."

Zacrach leaned against the one of the mast poles. "If you are short on cash, I can led you some, its not big deal." He smiled hoping the boy would take him up on the offer, even if he didn't Zacrach would give him the money anyway. "I have more then enough to Share." He said chuckling to himself and winking slightly...

Selias smiled. "If you don't mind, I would take a bit, but I wouldn't feel right just taking it. The fact I borrowed money would haunt me forever. Is there anything I can do to earn it?" he asked, standing up.

Well, I'd like this ship spotless, and the only other person here is Thackary over there who has been spying on us since we started talking." There was a slight gasp and the sound of a mop being knocked over and Zacrach laughed. "He can't to it by himself, if you want I could pay you for helping him. And its no use hiding anymore Thackary, we know you're there." A small boy around the age of 12 climbed out from under a set of stairs, though it was dark you could still make out him blushing feverishly...

"I'll do it," Selias said. "What do I do it with and where do I start?"

"Whoa, slow down. Ye can start in the morn, you'll to be startin' on the top and work into the bowels of the ship. But don't you dare start till morrow. Thackary?" The young boy stood up straight and addressed his commander. "Go to bed now, you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow." The young boy nodded and left down the adjacent set of stairs. Zacrach then turned to Selias "You may go back to where you were staying or you may stay the night here, its up to you..."

"I wasn't staying anywhere, actually," Selias said. "I guess I'll stay here. Where do I sleep?"

"Anywhere you wish, hammocks and Bunks are in the crews quarters. Or you may have the couch in my room." Zacrach said walking towards the captains quarters. Either way you'll need comfortable sheets. I'll grab you some."

Selias almost blushed when Zacrach mentioned his own room. "I'll sleep in the crews quarters," he said.

Zacrach nodded, "its one flight of stairs down, its a large door you can't miss it. If you get hungry just go to the very bottom of the ship and grab something. I'm not sure what there is but theres bound to be something." He presented Selias with a wool blanket and a pillow and smiled. "I will see you bright and early then..."

"You sure will," he said, taking the blanket and pillow. He made his way carefully down the stairs, found himself an unused hammock, and promtly fell asleep.

Zacrach closed the door and slid off his boots not bothering to ever stip himself free of his clothing. He would do it in the morning. It didn't take long for the man to fall asleep...

In the morning Selias awoke to the sounds of the crew back on board. The smell of cooking meat hung in the air, making the young man feel hungry.

"Hey," a passing man said. "You Selias?"


The man pulled him out of the hammock. "Well, then get to work! No sleepin in!" He left, leaving Selias to mourn over his hurt pride.

He decided to skip over breakfast and get right to cleaning, so he hurried up to deck.

Thackary appeared from behind Selias and handed him a bucket and a sponge. "Here, I'll mop and you sponge, then we will switch..."

Thackary dumped his mop into a small beatin bucket and began to mop around the plank which was the dirtiest. "You should start with the railings." Thackary suggested...

Selias nodded and started sponging around the rails. "it's been a while since this ship was cleaned..." he muttered when his sponge got all nasty after a few strokes.

Thackary nodded "Zacrach hates making us do manual labor all the time. We only clean about once a year, other then that we just manange the sails and such..."

"Oh," Selias said. "How many times do you clean your hull of barnicles? Those tricky buggers."

Thackary walked up the plank he had just finished and began with the deck "Only when someone has disobeyed Zac- I mean the Captain." He knew better then to always use his Captain's name. "The captain hardly ups up with that kinda of stuff, The once threw a man overboard because he tried to kill him in his sleep. He made everyone Watch to set and example..."

Selias whistled. "Harsh."

He moved furthur up the railing, wondering if he was ever going to get the sponge fully clean again.

Thackary smiled slightly "Hes strict but hes also the best Captain I have ever worked for... Do you wish to mop?" Hoping Selias would say yes, his arms were beginning to hurt.

"Yes," Selias said, eager to get rid of the nasty sponge. He snatched up the mop and went to it with a will, wanting to stay away from the sponge...

Thackary quickly took up the sponge, he was better with it anyway.

Zacrach climbed up the stairs yawning slightly, when he made it onto the deck he smiled watching the young boys working hard. He walked over to Selias and smiled "Good job, but you missed a spot." He tapped it with the tip of one of his black leather boots. Then yawned again the sun on his shirtless back made his feel sleeply, and suddenly he wanted nothing but to sit on a feild of grass and bask in it. But that was out of the question, where was he going to find a feild on a ship. "I am going into town for some suplies, do you need anything Selias? Or is there anything you want?"

Selias cleaned up the missed spot then leaned against the mop. "I would need some oil for my saddle, a new bridle, and some hay and oats and other horsey foods, for the stallion"-he pointed to the chestnut horse, which at this point was being walked around by another crew member on the dock-"and for myself I would want something sweet to eat."

Zacrach laughed "Anything else you've forgotten? Maybe I should buy ye city just to make sure. I was getting horse supplies anyway." He said motioning towards a crewmember that was bringing up a black feathered mare from the stalls. She snapped at the one who was holding her reigns and whinnied shrilly tossing her head from side to side angrily. With one swift movement she pulled away from the crewmember who cursed loudly as she took off and stopped by Zacrach side, still snorting angrily. "We'll I guess this is a sign for me to take off, I'll be back." He pulled himself up onto the detailed saddle and walked his horse down the plank and onto the docks, from there he took off down the streets...

As he left Selias's chestnut stallion noticed the pretty mare and whinnied in her direction, but she ignored him. The stallion pulled to get away, but the man holding his reins yanked in the other direction, and the stallion, because he was obident (cant spell) followed.

While Zacrach was gone Thackary and Selias finished the upper deck, leaving behind them shining wood.

"I think we're doing good," said Selias, who was used to cleaning ships. "Rather pretty now, isn't it?"

Thackary nodded "Yes sir, very good. We only have to do the kitchen now, the Crews Quarters is being done by Mr. Makinka today."

"All right, let's get to it," said Selias, tossing the used washing water overboard. "While we're down there I'll grab something to eat. I'm hungry."

Thackary nodded, "Very well then, we can stop for luchen before we continue."

Selias hurried down to the kitchen, eager for some food.

Thackary grabbed a piece of bread ate a bit of it then put it into his pocket for later and began to wash the dishes "You can mop the floors and do the counters, I'll was and put away everything. Cause thats all I know how to do in here..."

Selias nodded to what Thackary said and snatched up a large piece of meat. He sniffed it and discovered it was the same meat he had smelled cooking, only it was cold now. He bit into it and held it in his mouth as he filled up the bucket *(magical sinks! lmao)*. He then continued his mopping chore as he ate the meat.

Thackary finished soon after and waited for Selias to finish as well, it was a small kitechen so it wouldn't be long, but he was not allowed to leave as long as the person he was working with was still working

When Selias finished he stored the mop and bucket in a corner, because he didn't know where else to put it, and quickly wiped up the counters, eating any eatable food pieces he found.

"There, finished," he said.

Thackary nodded "Well now that we are done its free time, you may do what ever you please, but you must before sunrise tomorrow, well that is if you are staying here again." Then Thackary smiled. "See you round." He said walking up the stairs an onto the deck again, just in time to meet with with Zacrach who had returned, two large brown patato sacks were tied around each side of his horses back. A few of the crew members untied the bags carefully eyed the whole time by the large balck mare...

Selias followed a minute after Thackary.

"Hello, Cap'n," he said to Zacrach.

Zacrach smiled and dismounted, "You have no need to call me that but if you want you may." He handed Selias a small bag then another slightly smaller one, "Theres your sweets, and the other is everything else you wanted. Feed and Hay will be taken to the stalls and fed to your horse, you neededn't worry about it."

Thackary quickly walked over to the Mare and pulled himseld into her saddle, unlatching her girth he pulled the large saddle from her and quickly brought it back to her stall. A few seconds latter her came back with a bucket of brushes. "Would you like you horse brushed master Selias?" He asked politely...

Selias smiled and accepted the bags. "Thanks, Cap'n," he said. To Thackary he said, "I think he'd like it. I'll meet you at his stall," he added and went back below decks to his hammock to store his sweets. From there he went to the stable, looking forward to oiling up the saddle and trying on the new bridle.

I wonder just why Zacrach bought all that... he wondered.

Thackary led the mare to her the stalls and tied her up just outside it for better reach. He started with her brushing her dark black coat, She lowered her head comfortably and nickered contently. Swaying her tail from side to side, when he had finished he started with the Stallion giving him a small piece of apple and petting him, just so he could get use to the young lad first...

The black mare whinnied angrily and stuck her nose into the stallions stall and nickered. She wanted a piece of apple as well. Thackary laughed and handed her a piece, she ate it greedily in a quick bite. "no more Thackary said petting the horses velvet muzzle "Or you'll get fat!" The mare whinnied defensively, but it was quite apparent she was already spoiled for her girth was large. Zacrach blamed it on her being a big horse to begin with...

Selias sat nearby, working on the saddle. He watched the way his stallion reacted to Thackary, and smiled when the good horse accepted the caretaking from the boy.

The stallion whinnied back at the mare, basically laughing at her size and what Thackary had said. The chestnut himself was small, almost starved looking.

Thackary began to brush the horse starting with its tail and working its way up, He had trouble with the mane, having to stand on his tip toes to reach it. He was short, but he found ways to work around it.

The mare pinned her ears against her skull and snorted at the Chestnut Stallion, She snorted at him and began to search the floor for anything she had missed. A older man around the hage of 40 walked in carrying some grain, "Its Supper time Young master Blinx." He then turned to Selias "You have been invited to dinner with the Captian Master Selias. He is awaiting you in his cabin." Thackary ducked under the plank that kept the horses in and walked out the door to the Kitchen while the older man put the mare in her stall and fed the two horses. The mare at hers quickly eyeing the Stallion the whole time, as if he were to steal it from her...

Selias wandered into Zacrach's cabin after having to ask the way to the place.

"You wanted to see me?" he said.

Zacrach nodded. "I've invited you to dinner. It is for all your hard work for the ship was spotless when I returned. Good job." He smiled and winked pulling out a chair and pouring himself som red wine... "Do you want some?" he asked holding out the bottle?"

Selias took a seat. "I'd love some," he said, looking at the wine in Zacrach's glass.

Zacrach nodded and poured the young man a glass then returned to his chair. "Help yourself when you are ready." He said cutting himself a piece of the roast he had had made for the dinner.

Selias sipped his wine, enjoying the way it felt in his throat. He waited for Zacrach to finish cutting before reaching out and getting his own slice. He put it on his plate and grabbed a roll.

Zacrach began eating slowly, drinking more then he ate. "I hope you like my cook had never made it before. But it sounded good so I asked him to try."

"it's delicicous," Selias said, meat grease dripping out of his mouth, he was eating so fast.

Zacrach finished off what was on his plate and poored himself another glass of wine. "help yourself to how ever much you want, Do you want more wine?"

Selias nodded and held out his glass, unable to speak because his mouth was full.

Zacrach poured the young man some more wine, then slowly leaned into Selias face, with a quick movement he licked the side of Selias face, wipping it clean. "You had a little spot on your mouth." Said Zacrach winking...

Selias hid his face in his glass, trying not to show how much he had liked the contact. When he felt he was under control the glass was also empty, so he put it down and continued eating his bread and meat.

Zacrach sat down in his chair again, crossing his long legs and sipping from his glass...

Selias poured himself more wine, not realizing that the stuff was starting to get to him. Wine got him drunker than rum did but he had forgotten over the long time he hadn't had wine.

You might want to cut down on your wine there. You never know if someone might take advantage of you in the nigh." Said Zacrach sipping from his glass then putting it lightly on the table.

"Who would do that?" asked Selias, putting down his once again empty glass.

Zacrach smiled. "I Might..." He said winking and smiling sadisticly

Selias grinned and got up. He stretched, trying to reach the ceiling, he failed and gave up. "You always said things like that," he said.

"I know." He said pushing away from the table slightly and drinking the last bit of the wine from his own cup. "But you never got to find out if I meant it or not..."

Selias walked over to Zacrach and sat in his lap, facing him. "You never let me try," he said, smiling.

Zacrach smiled and began nuzzling the small boys neck. "You were young then, and still are now." He wrapped his arms around the young boys waist and pulled him tighter. "Don't do anything you'll regret later." He whispered giving the boy a chance to pull away from Zacrach…

Selias welcomed Zacrach's embrace. "I've been dreaming about it for years," he whispered.

Zacrach began to work his way up the young boys neck and towards his soft lips, he began to kiss the young males tender lips softly, biting down on his lower lip playfully...

Selias felt like he had melted, finally getting the attentions of Zacrach. He smiled when Zacrach bit his lower lip. He squirmed closer to the man, wrapping his arms around him.

Zacrach pulled the young man close to him so he could feel the soft beating of his heart against his chest, slowly he ran his hands up the young males back, beginning to kiss him deeper and more passionately the before...

They were getting quickly into it when the cabin door opened, making a soft creaking noise. Selias and Zacrach both froze and looked up when they heard a smash and saw young Thackary fleeing. He had knocked over something in his haste.

Zacrach sighed slightly and gave Selias a quick kiss before standing slowly, "That was Thackary." He said picking up a small piece of bottle from the floor, the red wine it had held inside at one point began to seap into the floor boards.

Selias sat down in Zacrach's now empty chair. "What're we going to do about that?" he said, his voice the same he had used in the tavern, small and timid.

Zacrach stood empting his hands of the glass into a small trash bin. "You do nothing, do not worry about it." He said smiling. "You can leave him to me. This isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened."

"What do you mean, 'this isn't the first time'?" said Selias, back to his normal self, if not still a little drunk.

"Its a long story." Said Zacrach cleaning off the table a little bit as a few crew members came up to gather the plates and glasses...

Selias watched blankly as everything was cleaned up. Finally he stood up. "I have to get and check on my horse," he said, going to the door.

Zacrach nodded silently, "There was only one other... " Zacrach said grabbing a bottle of rum and sitting at the table, not even bothering to get a glass "And he's dead now..."

"Dead?" Selias stopped and turned around in the doorway.

"I threw him over board 4 years ago." He said after taking a large drink from the bottle of rum. I had only known him for a while. But he told me you were dead, and I refused to admit it. I ended the relationship the day after and told him to get off my ship. He didn't listen. And the next night he attepted to kill me in my sleep. He knew that I didn't love him I loved you, and he decided that if he couldn't have me. No one could. Luckly I found out about it." Zacrach said taking another long drink from his bottle...

Selias smiled a bit. "I look forward to meeting with you again," he said before leaving down to the stables.

Thackary pet the black mares soft velvet muzzle softly tears falling into her silk black fur. "I knew he didn't love me Mistress, but why does it hurt so much." Mistress nickered softly and pressed her nose against his chest, Thackary responded by hugging the horses large head...

The chestnut stallion suddenly lifted his head and whinnied. Selias answered with a whistle and the horse stomped his hoof.

Selias scratched his horse's nose. "Hello Thackary," he said quietly.

Thackary forced a smile "Hello..." He paused as if straining to say his name as well "Selias..." he finished stroking the large black mare behind her ears...

"What is it?" Selias asked, sitting down on a haybale beside Thackary. He kept his hand up, scratching the stallion's nose.

Thackary nodded as if to acknowledge the fact that the other boy was there, though he was upset he was never one to be rude to another. It was just the way he was brought up. But he refused to make eye contact with the other and remained silent, petting Mistress who happily absorbed the attention, nickering happily and tossing her head into the air.

Selias stood quietly, not sure of what to say to the boy about what he had just seen.

"I... I'm sorry about that," he mumbled, keeping his stallion's head in a position so he couldn't see Thackary.

"its fine." He said softly picking up a small bag of apples he had brought for Mistress, He gave her a last playfull slap on her muzzle which made her snort and sneeze then turned towards the door. "But just to let you know... Zacrach is mine." With that he slamed the door behind him making mistress jump slightly...

Selias stood in shocked silence a moment, then went after the boy. Thackary was too swift for him, and knew the ship better... So when Selias figured he wouldn't catch the lad, he yelled after him, "What do you mean yours?"

"you heard me..." Thackary stated turning around suddenly. "I've been waiting for my moment for 2 years, and suddenly you come in and in a day, hes all over you! Its not fair! Thackary wipped away a small tear in the corner of his eye. Then turned around again "Forget it, why am I talking to you about it..."

"I've wanted him longer than that," Selias said. "Ever since we knew each other," he added, sitting down on a random crate.

Thackary stopped "What do you mean?" His fists in tightly clenched balls as if he would strike out at the next thing to come relatively close to him...

"I mean that ever since I met Zacrach, I've had feelings for him," Selias said. "We've been apart for the last several years, and every night I would go to sleep wondering where he was, what he was doing...." he trailed off, a dreamy look on his face.

Thackary nodded, "I am sorry I didn't know..." he blushed feverishly, how stupid he had been for flying of the deep end for no reason, he didn't even know what was going on. He sighed then bowed "i must take my leave master Selias, I will see you in the morrow." With that he turned around and walked down the flight of stairs to the crews quarters.

Selias stayed where he was a few minutes before going down to his hammock. He stretched out on it and kicked off his boots. Before he could even think of taking off his any other clothing, he was asleep.

Zacrach walked out onto the deck, well more or less stumbled onto the deck. Mubling to himself he walked towards the plank and down it threating to fall into the water more then once. but eventually made it into the city... A crew member watched him leave mumbling angrily to himself "Stupid bumbling drunk out to drink more I suppose..." The crew member sighed and tipped his hat forwards falling asleep again...

In the morning Selias awoke on his own, not by some other cranky crew member. He got up from his hammock and put his boots back on. He made a mental note to get his socks washed soon, before his toes started growing mold. After a few stretches and yawning he went up to the deck and found the sun hadn't even risen yet, so he went to the stable to get his stallion and go for a stroll about the city before everyone started running willy-nilly.

Selias led his stallion down the dock and to the street before mounting and riding into the city. He automatically went toward the X Cafe, not realizing it until his stallion stopped to drink from the water through. Selias was turning the horse around when he spotted a man over in a small ditch between the X Cafe building and the next. He pushed the stallion that way and saw that it was Zacrach, sprawled out with a bottle in his hand.

Selias jumped off the stallion and went to check that the man was okay.

"Hey, Zacrach, time to get up," he said, carefully taking the bottle away.

Zacrach grunted and turned over shooing the boy away, not knowing he was not even in his ship let alone his bed. Suddenly he opened one eye and grumbled angrily "Gemme-me-rum-you-scoundrel!" He said, his words slurring together forming one long word and making a fruitless grab towards his empty bottle...

"You can get up, walk to the ship, and get your rum there," Selias said, fighting the urge to get Zacrach while he was drunk. That wasn't right. The chestnut stallion neighed and Selias went to him, tossing the useless bottle away.

Zacrach stood almost falling down again. "Hey I was drinking that." He said angrily walking towards the horse and male, he grabbed the horse by its bridle and stared up at the young man. "I'm watching you Rum stealer..." He said letting go of the horses bridle and walking towards the docks, swaying as he did so...

Selias smiled and shook his head. He turned the stallion and walked after Zacrach, to make sure he didn't harm himself or anyone else.

Zacrach turned around hearing the hove beats on the cobble stone and dirt behind him quickly he turned around almost hurling himself to the ground in the process he raised an eye brow at the boy and his horse. "Why-be-you-followin-me?" He said then suddenly looked as though he was thinking. "Are you me crew member? I can't remember where I put me ship..." Just then a large bulky man appeared behind Zacrach, it was the man from the night before. The horse stopped just inches away from Zacrach who had a delayed reaction.

"Well I didn't except you to be in the road, I half expected you to be in a ditch. Now if you don't mind you have a ship to run." The man seemed angry and embarrassed that this was his captain but ignored it. Zacrach smiled

"I have a ship?" He said letting himself be helped onto the mans horse. "Is it a big one?!" He said nearly falling off the other side of the horse after getting on. The man shook his head and walked his horse closer to Selias'

"Thank you, sorry for the trouble. You may be off." He said turning the horses reigns and making it veer back to the ship...

Selias climbed back on his stallion and watched the two ride off. He was going to follow them when the horse moved toward the market, and so Selias let him go. The people of Zerlin were starting to wake up and already many people were in the streets. The stallion whinnied to nearly every mare they passed, which wasn't that many, but that doesn't matter. Selias laughed at his horse and moved him into a canter. They wove easily in and out of the isles of the market.

The man dropped Zacrach off at the ship and met up with a few other crew members. Who left moment after to do what the pleased. It was a free day after all. Zacrach stumbled back to his room and fell onto his bed falling asleep instantly, not even bothering to discard of his boots or dressings.

Once the crowd became too, well, crowded, Selias dismounted and walked the stallion around. "It's good to have you," he whispered to the horse, "because you're so large, people move out of the way." The horsew neighed in agreement and sniffed towards some apples. Selias stopped and bought him a couple. The horse mounched on them happily as they walked.

As they were leaving the market several shiny objects caught Selias's eye *(maybe hes like a magpie)* They were knives, swords, axes, and shields. He stopped and looked at them, suddenly remembering Thackary and the detail of him having no knife.

Either he doesn't have one, Selias thought, or he never wore it when I was around... Odd that I should remember it.

He looked at the knives for so long the boothkeeper started getting annoying, remembering all the pick pockets and thieves around.

"Are yeh goin ta buy or what?" he snapped.

"This one," Selias said, hoping up a fine small knife, about six inches long and extremely sharp, with a smooth curve in it.

The boothkeeper quickly stuck the knife in its plain leather scabbard and Selias paid the twenty zen. The young man mounted his stallion, and after nodding to the boothkeeper, rode off at a gallop, scattering people left and right.

Once back at the ship he brought his stallion down to the stable and cleaned him up before putting him into his stall with fresh water and the last of the apples.

Selias pat the stallion and turned around, thinking of finding Thackary... but when Selias turned, he found that Thackary was right behind him, and the surpise made him jump.

"Holy shyt, Thackary," he said, "don't do that to a man."

Thackary raised an eye brow to the older boy and walked towards the mare. "I'm sorry I spooked you." He said grabbing the mares haulter and pulling her away from the stallions food bucket. The mare whinnied angrily at Thackary for stopping her from getting her apple. But nickered as he presented her with her own apple slices...

"It's all right," Selias said, his heart having calmed down. "I brought you something," he added, digging the knife out of his saddlebags. He presented it to Thackary. "A token of friendship," he said.

Thackary unsheathed the sword and smiled "Thank you." He said bowing slightly. "I shall treasure it. Mistress will like it too, he said petting the horse on the nose, "Now I can cut you more then one apple at a time." The all ready huge horse nickered happily at the thought of getting bigger.

Selias smiled, happy that Thackary liked the gift.

"Is there any job I can do today?" he asked, not certain of what he should do with himself.

Thackary shook his head, "not that I know of Zacrach is still passed out in his room, so there wont be any orders all day..." He began to brush down Mistress who ate at some hay Thackary had put down for her.

"I guess I'll stay here and chat then," Selias said, searching around for his own horse brush. The stallion watched him curiously.

Mistress stuck her head over the piece of board that seperated herself from the other horse and began searching Selias for apples or anything else she could get her mouth on. Thackary tried to pull her back but couldn't so ignored her and went back to brushing her silky black coat. She wasn't hurting anyone so why stop her

Selias found his brush, noticed Mistress sniffing at him, and magically dug an apple from his pocket. He gave it to her and she munched away happily. The young man smiled and opened his stallion's stall door. The horse came obidently out and stood as Selias went perfecto over his fur with the brush.

Mistress began to sniff at the stallion nipping at him gently as if telling him to get closer to her so she could smell him more, The stallion shook at her but otherwise ignored her. Thackary sighed and pulled on her haulter, pulling her away from the stallion who was bound to snap back soon. "Leave it!" He said sternly, Mistress obeyed for a few seconds then went back to nipping at the stallion and nickering...

"Pay attention to her," Selias said to the stallion. "Just don't move around too much."

The horse shook his head and neighed back at the mare, fluffing up his tail. He nipped back at her, reading her from her scent and finding her quite attractive.

The black mare began to nip playfully at the stallions muzzle nickering softly as she did so. She could be quite annoying at times, but it was her way of playing. Since most of the time they were constristed space wise... Thackary laughed slightly and rapped her on the neck, "What are you doing?"

Selias laughed. "Can't you see she's flirting?" he said. "It might be safer if we don't let them loose together, or she might get even bigger, if you know what I mean."

The stallion snorted at him, making Selias laugh more.

Thackary laughed "Is the possiable?" Mistress threw her head up and pinned back her ears, then shoved Thackary as if insulted. "What!?" He said pushing her away and putting the brush in the small tack bucket "Its not my fault if you get any bigger you'll bust..."

The stallion whinnied in horse laughter, but was put off when Mistress glared at him. He bowed his head in submission.

Selias put him back in his stall. "Be a good boy now," he said. The stallion raised his head and stood importantly.

"Want to grab something to eat in town?" Selias asked Thackary.

Mistress snapped at the horses neck getting him back for laughing at her. Then greedily at the last of Thackary's apple. Thackary smiled and shook his head. "No thank you, I'm on cooking duty tonight, maybe some other time. But if you want I can give you the name of a good pub you can eat at tonight...

"All right," Selias said, packing up his saddle bags and hanging them up. "Give me the name and I'll check it out."

"The crescent moon its called, its about two blocks down and 3 buildings in. Its a small place but its a good pup." He put away the tack and walked across the deck, "I will see you later..."

Selias went to Zacrach's cabin and lightly knocked on the door.

Zacrach opened the door a crack, yawning and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Who is there?" He said looking through the small crack in the door. "Oh its you Selias." He opened the door the rest of the way letting Selias inside if he wished...

Selias moved in and took a seat. "Thackary just gave me the name of a pub, I was wondering if you'd like to go."

Zacrach smiled and nodded "I will, but no rum for me. Not after this morning. Sorry you had to see that." He said blushing slightly.

Selias smiled evilly. "Made you quite attractive," he said.

Zacrach raised an eyebrow and smiled "Oh really? You liked my drunk ass? Your about the only one who did today." He laughed and pulled of his shirt, "I'll be with you in a minute, I need to change vests and shirts..."

Selias sat contentedly and watched. "There's no hurry, we have a little time before I start getting hungry, unless you're hungry now."

Zacrach shruged, I'm in no big hurry either. He smiled and walked over towards Selias, "Your telling me not to rush because you like to see me shirtless?" He laughed and patted Selias on his back, "I guess I did teach you all those years ago." Zacrach smiled and kissed Selias lightly on his lips...

"Is there something wrong with me wanting that?" Selias said. "i can taste the rum on your mouth," he added.

Zacrach smiled "So I had a few more after I woke up. I can't help it." He threw on a clean off white shirt and tied it up. "Rum is my best friend. Has been for years, you know that..."

"I've been more into wine the past year or so, myself," Selias said, "but you taught me to enjoy rum, and so I do. I didn't drink anything but water before I met you."

"Are you saying I am a bad infulance on you?" Said Zacrach throwing a red vest on over his off white shirt.

The younger stood up and stretched. "No, why would I say that? I was a loser before you came along... I probably would still be on than damned farm too."

Zacrach nodded, "Well your not now and that is all that matters." He put on his hat and adjusted it so the feathers fell just right. "Where are we going anyway?"

"We're going to the Crescent Moon," Selias said, checking out Zacrach's flooffy hat

Zacrach smiled as he watched Selias check out his hat. There are a lot more feathers on it now then there used to be. I may have to get another hat. He pulled it off his head for a moment and pulled out a long black feather. "Remember this feather?" He said simling. It was a large black feather, most likely from a raven...

Selias smiled and stood close to Zacrach. He ran a finger down the feather.

"I certainly do remember it," he said quietly. "I gave it to you when we had to part ways, to remind you of me. I thought it was stupid, but when I said so you laughed at me and said it was the best thing anyone had ever given you. I don't know exactly what you meant by that, and you might have said it only because I was a kid, but it meant the world to me. I found it on the way to the dock, I don't think I told you that. If I hadn't found you, I hadn't found it, I wouldn't have given you anything..."

Zacrach smiled "I still would have remembered you. If a person leaves an impression on you, you will never forget them." He took the feather from Selias hand and placed it back into his hat once again with the others, which were a lot brighter and more flamboyent then his, but still had its own special spot where it was quite noticable...

"You want to go?" Selias asked. "We could take Mistress and my stallion..." he stopped, suddenly realizing, "Zacrach, for all the time I've known him, I've never given my chestnut a name."

Zacrach laughed, "Well its about time you've givin him one. I wonder if the saddle still fits my girl." He said opening the door and letting Selias walk out first. Then shutting and locking the door behind him...

On the way to stable Selias mumbled over what he should finally, after so much time, call the stallion. When they reached the horses' stalls, he still had no idea.

He took the stallion's nose in his hands. "What should I name you?" he asked.

Zacrach un latched the board keeping Mistress in and lead her out. She nickered happily as Zacrach put the saddle over her back and sighed. "They should stop feeding you the pealings from the apples and such, your getting to become wider then you are tall." Mistress turned her head and whinnied angrily at the comment...

The stallion and Selias both laughed at the comment and Mistress's reaction.

"She is pretty big," Selias said. "Maybe she doesn't get enough exercise. You're sure she's not pregnant?"

Zacrach laughed "I'm pretty sure shes not pregnant, she hates males. Plus She has her own stall. Which your horse is standing in right now. He said lifting up the board between the two horses. "The whole thing her her stall, I just made it two for your horse for we didn't have a spare. And I know she doesn't get as much exercise as she should. They take her for walks around the deck, but they can only get her to do it if shes fed every so often, which defeats the whole propose of doing it in the first place."

Selias laughed. "You glutten," he said to Mistress. "You'll get a little walk this afternoon, along with this one here." He pat the stallion's nose. "What in all the world is your name? I never even thought about it until just a few minutes ago."

The stallion flicked his ears.

Zacrach fastened the saddle and walked Mistress out the door, "What about Dante?" Said Zacrach walking around Mistress then tighting her girth strap.

The stallion picked up his ears in Zacrach's direction.

"Looks like he likes it," Selias said. To the horse, "You like it boy?"

The horse whinnied and snorted, his way of telling Selias "yes."

"Then no more whistling to you all the time," Selias said. To Zacrach, "I always whistled to him. I guess that was sort of his name."

Zacrach laughed and mounted his horse "A wistle is not name for a horse."

Selias copied Zacrach and mounted the stallion.

"You're right. So, my horse, we dub thee Dante!"

The stallion snorted and trotted along, striking his "I'm important" pose.

Mistress rolled her eyes at the brown stalling and pulled at her reigns, as if asking what was keeping Zacrach. Zacrach pet her neck softly and kicked her lightly in the sides to get her to do. She complied and walked down the plank and onto the dock. "You coming?" Said Zacrach looking back at Selias smiling...

Selias gave the stallion a slight tap with his heels and the horse went forward.

"I'll lead the way there," Selias said, going in front of Mistress, giving her a view of Dante's behind *(sorry, i had to)* and giving Zacrach an okay view of his own back.

Mistress pulled her head back and lowered her ears, then snorted angrily. She hated not being in front, because in her mind she was the alpha bitch. She snapped at Dante's behind once or twice, but Zacrach stopped her from doing it most of the time. Zacrach let the boy lead, even though he knew of the tavern. He had never been there but he had heard of it...

Mistress, luckily, didn't have to stand the sight of the stallion's ass too long because the Crescent Moon wasn't that far away from the dock. Outside Selias drew Dante to the side and tied him up, using a special knot he had made himself.

Zacrach dismounted and tied up his horse as well, then gave her a small piece of carrot from his pocket. He then gave one to Dante before down the steps and waiting for Selias to enter the pub first "Pick a spot to sit I don't care."

Selias moveds past Zacrach, his hand slightly brushing the man's sleeve. He picked a place in the back of the pub where the light was dim and the tables were up against the wall and seperated from each other by miniwalls, adding more privacy. He sat down and waited for a wench to go by.

Zacrach sat down as well taking off his hat and leaning back into his chair. "Well are you treating or am I?" He asked smiling and playing with a large green and red feather nestled in between the others...

"Well, it depends on who's sober enough to pay the bill," Selias said.

Zacrach raised an eye brown "Is that suggesting something?" He said but wasn't able to receive an answer for a beer wench appeared in front of them. "What can I get for ye?" She said smiling, he bust almost spilling out of her vest and shirt. Zacrach smiled "I want you deepest and strongest Rum." He said putting his feet up on an empty chair.

"I'll take whatever wine you have," Selias said, checking the woman out

Zacrach laughed as she walked off "Found something more appealing then I have ye?" He smiled, "If I get too drunk just carry me home and do what ever you want." He said smiling and winking slightly "Unless you want her, I'm sure she'll featch a pretty pennie though..."

Selias blushed. "I wouldn't do it with a wench," he said. "But... I might take you up on yer offer. I'll make sure to get you drunk now."

Zacrach laughed heartily. As the Beer Wench came with their drinks, "Don't worry I'm sure that I can get myself good and drunk without any help." He said taking to his mug

Selias smiled. "Then I'll be sure to help you." He had the wench leave the wine bottle and poured his own drink. "What food are you serving?" he asked the wench before she could get too far away.

"Roast, potatos, chicken, pork, rice, bread and various vegetables," she answered. "What may I get you?"

"I'd like some of that roast, bread, and a bit of rice," Selias said. "Do you happen to have any liverwurst?"

"Only special order, Sir," the wench said.

"Then I'm special ordering some to go with my bread... Make that a lot of bread, at least a loaf, and enough liverwurst to smear on it."

The wench nodded and turned to Zacrach. "Is there anything I may get you Sir?"

Zacrach sighed and thought about it for a moment then answered, "I'd like a little roast and some potatos, Bread would be nice as well." He said smiling and taking to his drink again. "And another Rum, I will have no doubt finished this one by the time you return..."

The wench nodded again and went away to fetch their food.

"Nice girl," Selias said. "She's not loud like most wenches."

Zacrach rasied and eyebrow and laughed to himself, topping of his Rum. " A lot of them are not around here. She doesn't really need to be though, its a silent little pub...

It is... I like it better than most I've been to," Selias said, sipping his wine. "I like it better than the X Cafe, actually. No wonder Thackary comes here."

Zacrach smiled "I had a feeling he suggested this place to you."

"Didn't I tell you that he told me?" Selias said. "Doesn't matter."

The wench was back soon after with two trays, one for each of the men. She put them down and left, having other work to do. Selias dug into his food quickly, savoring the liverwurst and bread. He put the liverwurst on everything but his rice until it was all gone and then he ate everything all mashed together, with random drinks from the wine bottle.

Zacrach picked at his roast for a bit then began to eat some of it. After he had eaten a few bites he took back to his rum. "I see you enjoy your meals." He said lighing silghtly and opening his potato eating a few bites of it before deciding he wanted nothing to do with his plate and started on his bread, cutting a small piece off for himself and loading the half a slice into a small bag. "Mistress will enjoy that, she doesn't get bread a lot."

Selias finished his food in a heartbeat and settled back to sip on his wine. "Why wouldn't I enjoy my food? One of the pleasures of living," he said, putting a slight stress on "one."

"I see." Said Zacrach taking a deep sip from his mug. "What are the others If I may be as so bold to ask."

elias leaned forward. "Well, eating is one. Sailing is another. Friends. There's lots of things.... Some of the most important pleasures being drink and sex."

Zacrach couldn't help but laugh at the last statement. "Its too true isn't it." He said hardly being able to contain himself but trying because so many had already turned their head towards their table

Selias chuckled. "it's true, very much so."

Zacrach smiled and pushing his hardly touched plate away from him. "Well I'm quite done." He said finishing of his second drink and about ready for another...

"What do you want to do now, since we're both done eating," the younger asked, then taking a swallow out of his wine bottle.

Zacrach smiled as the Beer wench brought him another mug of rum. "Drink until we forget what our names are!"

Selias laughed. "I thought thats what you would do anyway."

Zacrach smiled "Can you think of anything better to do." A suggestive tone in his voice...

Selias moved around the table and sat down beside Zacrach. "Are you suggesting something," he asked and took another swig from his near empty bottle.

Zacrach playfully snapped at Selias. "I might be." He said pulling the young man towards him and placing a light kiss on his wine flavored lips

Selias kissed him back on the neck before moving away to drink from his bottle again.

Zacrach smiled and slowly began to kiss down Selias face to his neck letting him drink from his wine bottle...

Selias chuckled and put the empty wine bottle on the table.

"I think I have to get something else now," he said, looking around for the wench.

Zacrach nodded and grabbed his Mug and began drinking from it once again. "I could use another as well." He said looking at his almost empty glass

"Another drink, Sir?" said the wench, surprising both of the men. "What will it be?"

Zacrach jumped slightly then smiled "Give me the same please, and a bottle of red wine..."

Selias giggled and leaned against Zacrach, the wine already having gone straight to his head, dispite the food.

Zacrach began kissing Selias again. Taking in every peice of skin the young male had.

Selias let him do so and in turn nipped at Zacrach's ears.

The wench watched them a moment before leaving to get the drinks. She came back just a minute later with a bottle of wine and rum each.

Zacrach didn't even notice the returned Wench. He only had one thing in his mind, and no longer wanted and distractions. Slowly Zacrach made his way back to Selias lips and began to kiss him, deeper and more passionate then the last few...

Selias let the man have his way, but suddenly drew away. "I'd rather not in publick Zacrach," he said.

Zacrach sighed defeated but backed of taking a sip of his Rum. "I'll pay fo dinner." He said pulling out some gold and silver coins...

Selias got up, took his wine, and hurried out of the pub, leaving Zacrach to figure out what tip to give the wench.

Zacrach tossed a few gold coins on the table and left a few silver ones in one of the Empty mugs. Then grabbed his feathered hat. He put it on and walked towards the doors ignoring the looks he was getting about the hat...

Outside Selias was waiting on Dante, his wine bottle held a little drunkenly in his hand.

Zacrach walked out the large wooden pub door and out towards Mistress who was half asleep and had only one eye open. She say her master and nickered softly and lifted her head slowly and tiredly. "Shall we go back to the boat?" said Zacrach untying his horse...

Selias moved his stallion around. "I was hoping we could stay out tonight," he said. "I'd like to see what's on the other side of Zerlin."

Zacrach nodded and mounted his horse who chopped lazily at her bit. "Very well then. We'll travel, and when you are ready I will rent us a Tavern room..." He said pulling at his horses reigns and making her turn circles until the young man had mounted his steed...

Selias turned the stallion toward intown Zerlin. "You can lead the way," he said to Zacrach.

Zacrach nodded and tapped his horses side lightly along with clicking his tounge. She let out a whinny and took off along the cobblestone streets...

Dante followed Mistress loyally when Selias told him so with a few easy movements. Now the stallion got to stare at the mare's ass.... But Selias got to watch Zacrach, and he enjoyed that.

Mistress slowed to a heavy trot and Zacrach let Selias moved close to him. "This is the bad part of Zerlin." He said keeping his horse at a fast trot. "Anything that is forbidden you can get it here." Mistress strayed sideways for a moment then reared as a short hunched over man appeared suddenly beside her. When she landed Zacrach kicked her side lightly and she took of a bit faster then she was going. "Its better not to talk to anyone here." he said as the hunched man went back into his alleyway

Selias looked around curiously. He had never ventured this far into Zerlin, and was glad he hadn't, since he wouldn't have known the place and most likely gotten into trouble. He kept Dante close to Mistress, but not so close as to interfer with her personal space.

Mistress shook her head slightly and snorted, she hated being spooked. "This is the business area of Zerlin." he said looking around. Its mostly mills and such, some children walked out of one of the mills carrying bags of grain and wheat. They smiled and laughed as Zacrach passed them. One of the little girls walked towards Mistress and began petting her. Zacrach stopped the horse and a few others began to pet the large horse who accepted the attention and the grain one of the kids had produced.

Dante stood quietly, but had a cold air about him... He didn't like children very much... So the kids stayed with Mistress. Selias pet the stallion's neck, assuring him, and the horse accepted some of the grain.

Zacrach kicked his horse lightly and she began to move. The young children waved good bye as the two set off again.

"This is a nicer part of Zerlin," Selias said, "than that other part there."

Zacrach shook his head "Not really, young children should not have to work like them..." He said sighing sadly.

"I was one of them once," Selias said, looking back at the kids, some still watching them leave. "It is still better than corruption, but I think many of them will be corrupted in the next few years." He turned his head back to the front and sighed.

Zacrach nodded and turned his horse down another street. "This is where most of the houses are." he said bringing Mistress up to a trot again.

Selias looked at the curious houses. They were each alike but different in small ways, like the number of windows, or there being no porch, or the design on the doors. The houses were painted in all colors, Selias personally liking the more earth toned ones to the bright colors of red or purple or yellow.

Zacrach slowed down his horse, "There is nothing but Farm lands for a while then we get to the last of the city and the kings place." He said making mistress speed up a bit...

"I'm quite enjoying this," Selias said, gathering in every detail he could manage.

Mistress slowed down and turned to face Dante, she then began to nip at his muzzle changeling him to a short race. Zacrach let the horse do as she pleased, they had quite some time before the came back to city areas...

Dante picked up the challange and fluffed his tail up, prancing a bit to get ready. Then he stood still and waited for Mistress to say go.

Mistress walked in a small circle whinnied and took off. Zacrach grabbed a lock of her hair and held on for the ride, it felt nice to have the wind in his hair...

The stallion took off right after her, Selias riding low on the horse's withers. Dante caught up to the mare, but he didn't know where they were racing to, and missed several seconds of time whenever Mistress turned in another direction... So, in the end she won and Dante snorted her out... Basically calling her a cheat.

Selias dismounted, with his wine bottle, to let the stallion argue with Mistress as much as he wanted. The young hadn't gone more than a few spaces before he tripped over his own drunk feet and a dip in the ground. He slide down a little hill and landed on his ass in a small strip of uncut grass.

"This is nice," he mumbled and drank from his bottle.

Mistress whinnied happily and began to nip at Dante as if mad at him for calling her a cheater. She wasn't a cheater he was just stupid.

Zacrach dismounted and walked down the hill where Selias had fallen and still lay.

"Do you need help or do ye wish to stay there?" He asked playfully alreadying getting ready to help the young lad on his feet. "I'll get us a room at a tavern near by. Its a nice little one." He said helping selias to his feet again but keeping an arm around him incase he decided to fall again

"I think I need to indoors," Selias said. "The outdoors are getting to me. Where's my horses?"

Zacrach helped the young man down and tied the horses regins together. Then using his free hand he helped Selias up. With a slight tug the two horses followed Zacrach and the young man...

Selias followed Zacrach almost blindly, every now and then drinking of his wine. The stallion behind him nipped at his shirt, but Selias brushed him away and Dante went back to horse talking with Mistress.

"How much furthur?" Selias asked Zacrach, even though they hadn't gone too far.

"only a little while now." Said Zacrach hoping Selias wouldn't pass out on him. They reached the outside of a Tavern a long boy was on the outside. He say Zacrach and walkedup to him "Let me take you horses sir." He said taking the reigns from Zacrach and leading the horses to a small Stable... "now to get us a room." Said Zacrach hauling Selias up the stairs

Selias had to hurry to keep up with Zacrach and not trip on the stairs. They were led to a room, given a key, and left to themselves. Selias put his now empty wine bottle on a table and walked around in a few unsteady circles.

"I think I feel better now," he said.

Sitting on the bed he took off his boots and socks, tossing them in a corner. he wiggled his toesand began undoing his shirt.

Zacrach smiled and walked over towards the bed. "A little Eager are you?" He said Lying atop of Selias and pressing his long slim body against his...

"Eager for what?" Selias asked, giving Zacrach a light kiss. "I was merely thinking of going to bed, and seeing as I've been in these clothes for a while, I thought I might take them off for the night... But if you want to, I know I will," he added, kissing Zacrach again.

Zacrach stood up and stretched reaching towards the ceiling of the small room "That's no fun but if you want to go to bed I wont stop you." He took off his vest then pulled his off white shirt over his head. "If you go to bed I'll go check on the horses…"

Selias stayed on the bed, wondering just how he should lay to look seductive enough for this man. He stretched out and lay on his side, watching Zacrach.

"I don't have much mind of sleeping anymore," he said.

Zacrach moved in towards the young man and wrapped his arms around his smaller form. "Then what do you want to do?" He asked pulling the young man towards him and kissing him lightly on his neck...

Selias sighed contentedly and nipped at Zacrach's ear. "I want us to stay in this room all night," Selias said. "On this bed, or on the floor if you'd like."

"where ever is fine with me, I care not. I've been waiting for this moment for years." he said taking in Selias lips again and tasting the bitter sweet wine upon them...

Selias smiled and entwined his tongue with Zacrach's as he pulled the man down on him. The bed was comfortable and fitted to the two men easily. Selias moved his legs so that Zacrach lay between them.

Zacrach smiled seductively and pressed his light form upon the young mans, slowly he wrapped his arms around Selias and began to rub his back softly, his lips never moving the young mans skin, but slowly moving down his face and throat...

Selias squirmed and laughed when Zacrach tickled him, causing some people walking by the door to stop in surprise before continuing on. The young man couldn't move so that he could kiss Zacrach on the mouth, since the other was at his throat, and settled on nipping at his hair.

Zacrach smiled began biting at the young mans Adams apple, moving his hands up towards the young mans hair, in a quick movement he had moving one of his long slim legs under Selias body and flipped him over so now Selias lay atop Zacrach's stomach. He smiled playfully and pulled the young man towards him...

Selias was surprised by Zacrach's sudden move, but quickly took it to his advantage and kissed the man again. He copied what Zacrach had done to him and moved down the man's neck, leaving soft kisses as he samplied differen tastes. Selias stopped at the base of Zacrach's throat and went back up to Zacrach's mouth. The young man also pressed his heating body onto Zacrach's, making small suggestive movements.

Zacrach smiled and ran his fingers though Selias hair, pulling him closer to his body, slowly he moved his hands down Selias back. Switching his hands to Selias front he began to undo Selias belt clasp, when he unbuckled it he pulled it of you young mans waist and tossed it to the floor. "Remember, you can back out any time, I won't force you to do anything you do not want to..."

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