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Running with Werewolves

by NizhoniWolf

Libraries: Action, Fantasy, Gothic, Humor, Original Fiction, Romance, Series

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~*~ Running with Werewolves ~*~ Ever since Emily was little, she'd drawn and wrote about monsters, mostly Werewolves, wolves being her fav animal. But how will she react when she comes face to face with a real one!? How will she fair in a new relationship, And will she ever stop being a target for rogue werewolves out to distroy pack life...

“ what a utter fucking waste of time”, she sighed walking out of work, The street was dark and it had started to pour down with rain, she liked to walk in the rain, especially when she was angry it was as though the flames of her anger was being slowly put out. After a year of moving out from her dads she still had a shitty shop assistant job, she should be working 9-5 week days as a accountant like she was qualified to do, not weird and wonderful hours serving stuck up customer’s…. She sighed heavily has she walked across the empty streets ever getting closer to home. She bounded effortlessly up the stairs and unlocked the flimsy lock to the flats, in the corridor she let the door slam shut. She routed thought her mail box …nothing interesting as usual…no romantic love letters from Ioan Gruffudd or Orlando Bloom saying they dumped their girlfriends and wanted to marry her. …She giggled at her own self-amusment and started the long climb up the stairs to her flat.

She was lucky to get the top flat, no listening to people above having rampant sex… although she had often thought it would be nice to BE that annoying person … bring home a different guy every night screw him from dust ‘til’ dawn and annoy everybody, … the truth of the matter is She never really cared for that sort of thing … she wasn’t particularly pretty and she knew it, and didn’t care either …and then there’s the fact that she not a whore…’Naaaaaaa’ she thought….’I wouldn’t what some horrible diseases’ She had reached her flat and unlocked the three locks and crashed through the door, she dropped the keys down on the side near the door and made her way across her living room into the open kitchen and stared into the empty fridge *sigh* “oh bum” she said half heartedly *KNOCK, KNOCK KNOCK* “Emily?…..Emily are you there?”
“Hang on a minute”, she replied moving swiftly back across the room. She opened the door to Natalie ‘oh no the bloody book writing thingy I forgot’
“so…are you ready?” Natalie said happily in her normally bouncy self
“erm….” She opened the door properly and revealed she was still in her work uniform “that’ll be a no”
“Well hurry up and get ready, Matthew and Paul won’t be waiting for ever you know” she squeaked
‘oh yeah … the reason I’m being dragged to this thing is not because I might like it,  me being the one who  used to write back in college….. Oh No … I’m being dragged along to look at fit guys. *pffft* how utterly school girlish …I grew out of that years ago...I bet they are nothing special…. Or Evan if they are gorgeous …what a wonderful way of to remind myself how utterly unbearably single I am…WHY oh why did I agree to this’ after changing and washing quickly she appeared from the bathroom in some baggy jeans a T-shirt and her favourite wolf hoddie. “You know Nat I don’t feel like going…..”
“What? Are you crazy?….come on lets go” Natalie said grabbing  the keys from the side and chucking the coat at her

If they had walked she probably would of bolted and ran away ….but that would have done no good as Natalie lives below her… Natalie drove so there was no escape now anyway. Some dribble was playing on the radio …some kids trying to be puck rock  “what the hell is this bull?”
“this!…” Natalie announced with joy “Is busted …the tall one is nice I think”
“Ewe…their kids…. And they suck goats cheese……”
“No. no …I think they are quite good”
‘Well I guess it better than that computer-generated bullshit she listens to I guess… R&B and house or what ever… …’ they soon reached the little community building and parked up. It had become bitterly cold outside and it was nice to retreat to the warmth of the building… seeing that there was more people there then what she expected she started to feel a little uncomfortable… being a solitary person she was crap with large crowds of people…she hated busy towns, being smothered by people and Talking to large groups of people.

He wasn’t quite sure why he came here, he didn’t get many ideas for his writings … and he was constantly hassled by woman who couldn’t stop starring at him… .oh alright .. I guess he kinda liked the idea of woman fantasising over him … but apart from that … it was rather dull… “Erm Matt…er..Hi” a soft nervous voice broke his thoughts and he looked across to the young woman who stood nervously in front of him….
“could you tell me what you think of my opening…..oh I mean the opening ……of the book I mean?” she blushed madly at her cock-up. He raised a eyebrow and smirked slightly “sure” his voice was dark, still and confident. He took the book from her, and read what she wrote, and looked at her hopeful face.
“Honestly?” he asked not really showing any emotion
“Honestly yes” she replied,
“ I think it’s a nice way start to a book although I’d concentrate more on the characters personally rather than her looks… because you can build up the sense of what she looks as you go though the story, but it’s the sense of character you need more of at the start”
“ I yes I see what you mean”, the glint in her eyes faded slightly … but at the same time appreciated a honest answer… she stood there a little longer, almost as if she was waiting from him to say something…and he knew what that something was..
‘oh yeah and by the way would like to come back to mine?…..pffft…no way….’ “Forgive me I’m...just going to…” he said as he gestured to the toilets. He retreated to the toilets and splashed cold water on his face, the other room was filled with smells of perfume and other chemicals which irritated him, most of the girls wore revealing stuff and Matt hated it, there was nothing left to the imagination… were was the fun in that? They all wanted to get his or that other guys attention. Though it did, seem to work for the other guy…but not him. After coming out of the bathroom and seeing that the coast was sort of clear he found himself a chair and sat down to read… he could hear the girls giggling and talking about him but he wasn’t overly bothered about it…. He peered over the top of his book every now and then…making a mental note of who had turned up and such. Two more people walked thought the door and he peered over his book to see some one new. He was first taken back by the wolf hoddie. She instantly seemed different from all the other girls he’d ever met. … and it wasn’t the fact she was the only one not wearing something revealing, or wasn’t falling over herself to get to him.  Her mosey brown hair was in a lazy and scruffy bun and her body language showed she was very much to herself, shy but bold. ‘How interesting’ he thought

“OK everybody lets sit down and start today’s season!” Claire said addressing the people in the room, she was a lovely woman very big. And big hearted too. Once everybody had sat down in the circle there was lots of little different conversations going on within the circle, Emily felt Natalie nudge her, then looked to were she was pointing.. “THAT is Paul ...he’s so sexy” she swooned. Emily screwed up her face at the muscular blond guy…. Who ...actually to her looked like a complete idiot  ‘yeah …OK …what ever…???..i mean the guy is all muscle…I bet his brain is the size of his ball sack ……………..and I bet that’s small too…’ she thought.
“And over there…” Natalie said pointing to a bloke reading a book “..Is Matt” she couldn’t see his face, but she saw that he wore similar clothing to her, baggy trousers a T-shirt, she could see his scruffy hair, with dyed red tips… but that was about it.
“Right!” Claire said clapping her hands together “we’ve got somebody new in our mists I see, would you like to introduce yourself?” ‘oh god ….. I hate talking to strange  people ….no I wouldn’t like t introduce myself…not at all … I’ve been conned ..Conned I tell you!!!!’
“ This is my flat mate Emily” Natalie announced, “You know, the one I told you about. She lives in the flat above me”
“Thank you Natalie, now Emily is there a particular thing you like to write about?”
“ Well she writes about wolves and warewolves and things… she loves wolves as you can tell” said Natalie pointing at her hoddie
“Yes I’m sure she can tell us for herself” Claire said politely “So Matthew you have a competitor it seems!” she said in the direction of a guy hidden behind the book, as she said this he put the book on his lap and looked over to Emily and nodded. ‘OH GOOD GOD HES FUCKING GORGOUS!!!!!!!!…… holy shit …. I mean REALLY!!…Natalie wasn’t kidding…’ she smiled weakly back. “So Emily…what’s your spin on warewolves?” Claire asked  “W..well…” she started
“I mean are your warewolves good?…evil? ..mythical?..”
“Well….yo-you can’t have one without the other….”
“How do you mean? are your warewolves good ooooor ?..”
“ Well, in the book I-i…. Started to write…well ..there’s like lycanthropes… and then there’s… ware-wolves …”
“that sounds interesting?…what’s the difference between the two?”
“erm...w-well lycanthropes my book any way….are a race of people th-that can shift in to human, wolf o-or a mix ..mixture of the two…a-an-and warewolves in my book were men…w-who wanted to be strong like the lycan’s s-so they built a tower up to the h-heavens and took some of…..goddess l-Luna’s blood and mixed her and wolf blood into their own...and be came wolfmen….only they couldn’t handle the emotion…and became raged…” she quickly looked up to see, Claire and a couple of the others listening intently…she tried not to look up at Matt…she didn’t what to make it obvious  she though he was cute….but before she knew it she looked at him and for a second she met eyes with his bright blue eyes, which sent a shiver down her spine “Th-the humans begged the goddess to get rid of the werewolves, she cursed the werewolves,  and the light of the full moon showed them for what they really are…”
“so what about the lycan’s?” a feminine voice spoke up from no where “what part do they play”
“well….th-they are a ancient race, they are a honourable  and peaceful...but keep the werewolf population down at any cost, as they feel its their fault for not stopping them getting to the goddess”
“wow that sounds like a very interesting read” Claire said “how far have you got with it?”
“oh not that far, I stopped soon after collage I guess I never got back in the swing of it…”
“ok, well, would you like to read us a bit of what you’ve got?”
“e..erm…o….k……” she said still nervous, she could feel eyes upon her and it made her feel extremely uncomfortable. She flicked though the pages of what she had written and wondered what on earth she could read out … ‘ah!’ she thought… ‘this will do’, she cleared her throat and composed herself.

‘How very interesting’ he thought, churning her words around in his head, he folded over the corner of the page he was reading and put the book on the floor. He then sat up and leant his arms on his legs and watched as she flicked through her work. She was nervous….he knew it…suddenly her flicking came to a stop and she cleared her throat, and after a few seconds she started

“She could hear him get closer…too close…if she was going to get away she would have to run now… she darted out from behind a overgrown bush and ran as fast as she could, she looked behind,  he had saw her and was running after her. She screamed with excitement and let out a girlie giggle; he growled playfully and started to laugh too. They ran in and out of trees, their hair flowing behind them. They danced around each other, ran and played… the air was soft and fresh against their skin. He court up with her and swung her around before collapsing on the floor. Her emerald eyes looked lovingly into his and for a moment the world had melted away and all that was, was them….them and their love for each other. The moment was perfect…. well…almost. He leaned up to her ear ‘tonight, the world is ours… let us run…’ She looked down to him with a glint in her eyes and she smiled, they stood and slipped of their cloths, then held hands and started to run. Once at a steady pace the change started, it was slightly uncomfortable but it added to the moment as they changed together their hands becoming claw like hands, they looked to each other in their lycan form, and then jumped as high as they could. As they touched the ground they both had became wolves and started to run as fast as their legs would let them. The moist grass tickled the pads of their paws, the wind had picked up and was flowing through their coats, and every part of their bodies was working and had started to sweat. As they ran they nipped at each other and started another game of tag.  An hour or two later they had found a peaceful spot in a field and lay close to one another nuzzling. They gazed up to the cloudless night at the bright stars, and howled, celebrating their love.”

She sat back and took in a deep breath and shut the folder. As she looked up she found everybody had stopped to listen. “Yeah but wolves don’t do that sort of thing” a random voice piped up, probably trying to impress Matt with her knowledge, the fact was she had none….when it came to wolves any way. Matt was about to protest when he was interrupted “Actually… they do!” Emily almost barked ‘Cow!’
“Its apart of the mating process…” everybody turned to Matt has he spoke.. Surprised more than anything … as he never really spoke that much. “it  helps them to bond….foreplay basically-”
“Thank you Matt” Claire interrupted worried how this could go… “And thankyou Emily, for the…very …romantic outlook on the warewolves theme”
“Lycan’s…. the couple were lycanthropes….”
“Oh rite, sorry dear”
The conversation quickly changed and she was glad the attention on her was gone, she looked up at Matt who was looking down, he suddenly looked up, straight at her. As they met eyes his blue eyes flickered and a secret smile formed on his lips, Emily shyly smiled back and dropped her gaze down to her lap.
For the rest of the night, Natalie was constantly trying to get Emily to talk to Matt, ‘go talk about wolf mating or what ever?’ she  said…which of course was absurd “oh yeah …brilliant…I’ll just stroll up there and say …hi my names Emily…so .. Wolf mating? huh?”  She said sarcastically. “How about, NO!”

For Emily it was nice to finally be home…she threw her cloths on the floor and climbed into bed in her panties and a old t-shirt, and as she lay there in the dark all she could think about was Matt. ‘I’m so fucking stupid…a guy like him would never like me….ohhhh but he’s so gorgeous…*sigh* I bet his girlfriend thinks so too. Oh for god’s sake don’t do this to yourself…he’s probably an asshole … all good looking guys are.... Then again ALL men are bastard’s full stop…’ She couldn’t get over how dark and mysterious he was….and those eyes! God he was like something out of a love story, guys like that only existed in girls imaginations…but there he was…in flesh and blood…as real as cheese.  

The Streets were bitterly cold outside, but that didn’t stop girls putting on ridiculously short skirts and tiny tops and going out on the town. A young drunk girl staggered out of a club wearing pretty much the same thing, followed by a devious looking guy. “Leave me alone creep…” she shouted, not that it made any difference. It was about 1 am and next to no-one sober was around, the guy pushed the girl into a ally and started to laugh a sick and twisted laugh, “what the fucks funny, piss off, I want a cab…” “You’re going no were…I want to play with your inners baby and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!” “what?……FUCK OFF… you…you freak!” “Yep that’s right baby… I’m a freak …..a mother fucker of a freak!” he said his muscles started to ripple and his body started to contract, the girl backed up against the wall as she watched in horror as this guy started to transform. He grunted and cried out as his body stretched and grew, his bones seem to creek and pop into place, dark brown fur sprouted from his body and his eyes became bright and eerie, fear gripped her as he towered 3feet or more above her. She tried to scream, but nothing came out but a whimper. Suddenly he turned back to the entrance of the ally, hearing viscous growling. There were two more, one was completely black with eerie white eyes, while the other was grey with dark marking across its back and face with glowing blue eyes. To human eyes nothing really happened for a moment apart from various growling and snarls, in reality the ware’s at the entrance of the ally were vocally telling the rouge ware to piss off, it sniggered at them and turned back to the girl that had gone pale with shock and had started to hyperventilate. The two wares ran at full pelt toward the rouge ware and all three collided into a massive dog fight, the noise was horrendous as they ripped at the rogue ware, there was grunts, yip’s and yelps and all manner of growls as they clawed and ripped apart the rouge ware, it wasn’t long before it was dead and in pieces. The girl had passed out due to shock, which in the long run would make things a lot easier, the two wares stepped aside as a blond woman stepped past them, she knelt next to the girl and sighed, “its alright lads she’s ok … you better scarpper, I’ll clean up this mess!” and with that they shifted into a wolf form and ran out of the ally. The woman, brushed away the hair from the girls face and sighed, she then reached into her bag and pulled out a needle already filled with something, she injected the girl and sighed again “well…that should make you forget everything from about” she looked at her watch “eleven O’clock…” knowing the girl would either be found or just wake up in the morning, she turned to look at the remains of the ware…which were now human parts…and sighed yet again, she’d better clean it up before someone saw ‘great!’ she thought.

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