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by wolfhunter

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Original Fiction, Sci-Fi

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mature content but no sex


Seot. 25 2082

Welcome to what may well be the last living colony of free humans in the universe. We're not pretty but we're still here we survived the massive invasion from the next universe over. And then the wave of pestilence that followed in its wake.

The violent and volatile Suresh have done their best, and probably succeeded in enslaving the human race, which had only just begun to expand into the universe. We were an outside colony on an inhabitable world officially named planet XVIII in the Primi sector. The first founders of our colonies have named it transcendence

It's been a living hell, when the invasion hit we were forced underground. We went into the ancient mines to founders had begun and then abandoned. No one knew why until we moved in

There's things living in here I don't even want to think about the hunters which look like massive canines made of glass. They are some of the most cunning creatures I've ever had the experience coming across. I suspect they may actually be smarter then us. Spyders that are as big as we are and more vicious then anyone could have imagined.

There were well over six hundred of us that managed to make it into the two caves we've occupied and now, six months later, there's just about five hundred of us left. Were running low on food and our temporary leader is planing on foraging outside the cave to replenish supplies but he's being met with resistance from the Elders. They say we don't know what's out there. I think it's funny how quickly what had once been our home is now the unknown and the scary.

All five hundred of us are occupying two caverns, one above one below. We need more space. We know there are other caverns but it would take resources and manpower to clear them out. Manpower we have but the elder's worry that the predators will follow us back. As if they don't already know where we are.

I get so frustrated by that fear, it seems ridiculous and pointless. What are we supposed to do starve? Let's say I'm not your typical girl. I grew up in the Outskirts, that's a fancy way of saying the wrong side of the town. I grew up around the gangs and the violence that came with that sort of place abandoned by parents that couldn't care for me. I'm actually pretty sure that all my companions think I'm a guy. I never say anything it makes my life easier.


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