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by fearpredprey

Libraries: Lemon, Male/Male - Yaoi, One Shots, Original Fiction

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Marco's girlfriend Malika has gone out for the night with her close girl mates. Marco thinks that he will be having a quiet night in, but that is until his best friend James arrives at the house. It's a case of when the cats away the mice will play. Characters created by Kayleigh Beckman and are from the story one sided love.


Marco heard the creaking of the door into his room, yet he didn't move his head to see whether there was anybody there. His girlfriend Malika was away for the night with a group of her closest friends and there was nobody in the house. He had just presumed that it was the wind that had made the door creak. Silence had once again ensued in the house and everything had stilled. Maco's eyes began to drift close once again. After a while he was awoken by a moving in his room, finally he looked up and only just saw his best friend standing in the room before he pounced on him.

“James, what are you doing here?” Marco enquired as James stayed on his hands and knees above Marco. James moved his head down and kissed Marco passionately on the lips. Marco tried to move away but James wouldn't let him, he just tightened his grip on his best friend and kissed him more passionately and deeply. Finally James broke away and looked at Marco, he smiled and then stroked his friends hair. Marco didn't say anything, he just lay there shocked at what his best friend had just done.

“I want to fuck you.” James said erotically to his friend. Marco gulped, he couldn't believe the effect that James was having on him, but he couldn't deny that he was loving every minute of it.

“O...o...ok.” Marco panted out breathlessly. James smiled and removed Marco's bed covers from him. He then slowly removed Marco's pyjamas from him and was greeted by Marco's cock. James smiled and then got to work, he engulfed Marco and caused his best friend to lift his hips off the bed in delight. James loved that Marco enjoyed what he was doing to him and he knew that he would love it even more as they continued. James licked the shaft of his best friends hard cock one minute and then the next he went up to suck on Marco's wet head. James became increasingly aroused as Marco panted faster in delight.

James began to suck and lick Marco harder, Marco panted more and more. He gripped onto James' wet hair as he tried to prevent himself from peaking too fast. James knew that his best friend was about to orgasm and come so he stopped. Marco emitted a little whimper as he wanted to feel his friends mouth around his cock more. James just looked up at Marco and smiled, he moved back up to him and kissed him passionately on the lips once again.

“Are you ready for this?” James asked as he pulled away from Marco's sweet lips. Marco just nodded his head, wanting his best friend inside of him. James smiled sweetly at his friend, “I promise I will take care of you.” He said tenderly, he then moved back down and kissed Marco once again on the lips.

In truth Marco didn't know what to expect, he had never made love to a man before, James would be his first time. He believed him when he said that he would take care of him, then again he was the person that he would trust with his life. James sat up on the bed and slowly undid his underpants, Marco could see that James was hard also and he could tell that they were both looking forward to this moment. James sucked three of his fingers and then inserted them into Marco one at a time to allow him to get used to the new feeling. At first Marco could feel nothing more than a slight stinging sensation, then as James inserted the other two fingers Marco began to whimper in pain. James moved down and once again kissed Marco, attempting to calm him down. He then broke away and continued. Marco was beginning to get used to the sensation, and then he felt James take out his fingers.

He moved up and lined his cock up with Marco's anal passage, Marco gulped in anticipation, he knew that it would hurt a lot at first. James began to slowly push into Marco, Marco in turn bit his lip, he tried to stop himself from whimpering at the pain. James could see this and he stopped to allow his friend to get used to the sensation, all he cared about was Marco.

“It's ok, shh, just relax and it will be ok.” James said as he once again moved down to kiss Marco, Marco nodded his head and tried to relax. James continued to move into Marco, the entry was becoming easier as his friend relaxed.

When he knew the time was right James began to move in and out of Marco, at first slowly. He leant down and kissed Marco as he done so. James increased his speed, and Marco began to pant louder. James pounded into Marco time and time again, making his best friend shout in ecstasy, he didn't know how much more he would be able to take.

“H...harder.” Marco whispered in James' ear, James responded to his friend and started to slam into him harder. “Yes...ohmigod yes. Please, harder.” James did as he was told, he loved the fact that Marco was liking this new experience. Finally both James and Marco peaked at the same time, they yelled at the top of their lungs as they came.

James pulled out of Marco and lay on top of him, they kissed one another wildly. James slowly moved off of Marco, never pulling his lips away from him. He lay down beside him in the bed, they still kissed. Finally they both pulled away from one another and just lay in each others arms.

“Marco...I love you...” James stated. Marco looked up at his friend and smiled, kissing him lightly on the lips and then pulling away from him.

“I love you to.” He replied, it wasn't long until they fell asleep in each others arms.

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