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Winter Nights

by Jaden56

Libraries: Fantasy, Lemon, Male/Male - Yaoi, One Shots, Original Fiction

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Tyron can't sleep. Contains kemonomimi, incest, slash, violence, blood/gore/vore, and sex.

Winter Nights by Jaden56


Tyron lay stiff and still for the scant space of a heartbeat, staring bloody murder at the ceiling above him, before he kicked off the heavy coverlet, growling in irritation.


Even though he was comfortable now he knew later their combined body heat would be trapped and accumulate underneath the blankets, eventually become so stifling that he'd wake up in the middle of the night gasping for breath, unable to fall asleep until he was at a suitable temperature again.


Tyron hissed a curse and crawled over Dimitri's languid body, all jabbing limbs and hard knees, and his brother eyed him wearily - which he promptly ignored - when Tyron nearly took out both of Dimitri's backs with his elbow. Their youngest sibling had designated the night to be spent snuggled between their parents in their bed, which was just fine with Tyron, even though he vehemently denied the possibility of Bon's absence being part of his restlessness.


He stalked over to the broad, curtained window and snatched the thick material roughly aside, drawing the window a few inches open and shivering as the brisk winter air prickled at the exposed flesh of his chest and arms.


Tyron scurried back to the futon mattress on the floor he and his brothers usually slept on, his chilled bare feet shuffling into the carpet as he made to clamber back over Dimitri, whose green eyes were watching him with vague amusement now.


Halfway through the motion, however, a basic feline instinct gave him the sudden need for a deep stretch, his back curving and brushing his belly against Dimitri's side as his right arm extended before him, his fingers and toes curling pleasurably with the satisfying ache and release of taut muscles. The pleasure lasted for only a brief moment, though, as the action and disruption of his distributed weight sent the cub sprawling over his brother rather inelegantly with a grunt of surprise as his braced arm wrenched under him and the strange angle at which he fell forced him to use his face as a belated landing pad.


“Owwwwwwww!!!!” Tyron keened, cupping his hands over his face and pressing his palms hard against his nose which burned fiercely with pain. The rest of his body flopped over the human/deer hump on the bed as he instinctively curled up, biting his lip as he blinked back the reflexive tears.


“…What on earth was that?” Dimitri gave a short bark of laughter, unable to hold in his silence at the sheer ridiculousness, but soon gave into pity and wrapped his arms around the sniffling cub, coaxing Tyron around.


Tyron glared at Dimitri's amused face past his fingertips and shocking pink hair, his knees tucked up and pressing uncomfortably into the deer's pectorals. “Fuck you,” he grumbled, immediately averting his gold eyes as the irritating film of tears threatened to slip out.


Dimitri made a soft hum and brushed the back of his fingers against Tyron's cheek. “Let me see, Tyron,” he said, his voice gentle, cradled by the cool wind blowing softly through the opened window.


Tyron prodded tenderly at the sides of his aching nose, wary that as soon as he removed the steady pressure the vulnerable appendage would explode with fresh pain. “Nnnhh,” he whined, but reluctantly lowered his hands to his cheeks, still plump with lingering traces of baby fat, so Dimitri could see. He grudgingly acknowledged his older twin's talent for soothing little agonies, even though he'd never admit it out loud.


Dimitri's blissfully cool fingertips replaced Tyron's, and the tiger could almost feel the swollen capillaries receding under that tender touch.


“It's not broken,” Dimitri murmured, his eyes soft and brilliant in the pale wash of moonlight as he prodded gently over the bridge of his nose, sweeping lightly back down the sides and over Tyron's cheekbones to dispel the remaining pain.


“Hn,” Tyron agreed, his eyes fluttering closed as Dimitri eased the ache away with his deft touch and his hands pulled away from his face entirely, trusting Dimitri to fix him.


Tyron remained curled up tightly, but his torso sifted closer towards Dimitri and the deer felt an affectionate smile drawing on the corners of his lips in response as he continued to stroke his brother's face. The pain was nearly gone now, as was the faint bruising that hadn't the chance to come into full bloom, and Dimitri expanded his work to gradually smooth away the anger furrows and tension lines that were nearly as much a part of Tyron's face as his lovely stripes were.


Tyron's eyelashes fluttered against Dimitri's fingers as the palm of his hand skinned the soft, slightly chapped flesh of his bottom lip, sighing as his rigidly cramped body position shifted into a more natural curve. The tip of his striped tail twitched contently as Dimitri massaged the tension from the areas around his eyebrow ridge and cheekbones.


After several minutes of this gentle treatment Dimitri slowly completed his ministrations by tracing the sweeping crescents of Tyron's sienna markings on his cheeks and forehead, at last smoothing his thumbs over Tyron's bushy eyebrows and resting his palms lightly against his cheeks, cupping his brother's face as he sealed the restorative energies with a gentle kiss against the tip of Tyron's nose.


As expected, the newly healed nose crinkled and Tyron's face pulled away from the kiss as his eyes blinked open dazedly and struggled to refocus. Dimitri let him retreat and his hands drifted into a comfortable curl near his chest, grinning at the appearance of Tyron's sulky frown as his delayed embarrassment at falling on his face flared up.


“Hmph,” Tyron grunted, his body delivering rough treatment on the well broken-in futon mattress, as he abruptly turned around to flop on his stomach, snatching the covers with clawed hands as he bunched them up defensively around his shoulders. His cheek punched the pillow as he finally lay in unsettling quiet and motionlessness after that wild flurry of motion, fuming in his humiliation until the stark emotion receded as his tempers usually would after a while of simmering.


Dimitri managed to hold back his soft laughter this time, sheer affection and hopeless exasperation pushing against his chest and threatening to envelope his beloved sibling. He settled back on his side instead, carefully arranging his stack of pillows so his growing antlers wouldn't hinder his rest or accidentally gouge Tyron while they slept.


Tyron's eyes narrowed and flickered towards Dimitri's direction, even though he couldn't actually see him at that angle. He barely breathed, the tension and almost eerie silence reminiscent of a predator taking stalk of its area. Dimitri never had awkward silences. Instead the deer retained an air of subtle attentiveness and gentle breathing without the need for words to accentuate every waking moment (unlike Bon who never stopped talking).Or at least it seemed that way to Tyron.


He shivered, and then frowned when he noticed how uncomfortable he was. He released the fierce grip on the blankets and wriggled until he was flat on his stomach, his arms hanging listlessly at his sides. He stayed in this position for a moment, but heaved an angry breath at the cloth of his sleep pants bunched against one hip and pressing up against the bone almost painfully. Closing his eyes against the rising irritation of his own restlessness, Tyron arched his back outwards and scrabbled his hands against his thighs and hips, aligning his pants so the wrinkles would straighten out.


He was braced tenuously on his shoulders and cheek with his ass in the air, tugging now on the back of his pants and straining with the effort of not falling over again.


A deep sigh came from his right, and suddenly hands other than his own were on his pants - in his pants as Dimitri grasped his bottom and pulled Tyron forward at an angle, forcing the cub to collapse on his side facing Dimitri.


His cheeks flared with heat as he stared back into Dimitri's flat gaze, his fingers clenching against the other's wrists connected to the hands on his ass. There was a pause as the two waited for the other to say something, and then Dimitri was coaxing his hips forward again, leaning the front of Tyron's body against his own.


“Don't--!” Tyron started, letting go of Dimitri's wrists to push at his chest, and then gasped as ten perfect half-moons dug into his flesh, threatening to break skin, or at least leave lingering marks. “Dimitri!” Tyron snapped angrily, using his much longer, much sharper claws as a deterrent in biting pricks against Dimitri's lean chest.


He knew better than to use his predator's claws or fangs on his brothers, but he was pissed, and he was restless and irritated, and… and Dimitri was stroking his ass.


Tyron breathed in sharply, a moaning growl taking leave of his throat before he had any say in the matter. Those cool, lithe fingers soothing the tiny hurts felt more than just a little amazing, and Tyron felt a tightening in his groin in response to the resumed sensual attention that his body had already been attuned and was eager for more of.


Dimitri's mouth moved towards Tyron's ear, but instead of speaking he let his lips brush against the furred triangular points and then ghost downwards to freckle soft kisses along Tyron's neck. Tyron moaned in Dimitri's ear and released his clutching nail points, his ass muscles flexing under Dimitri's hands as he automatically moved closer to his brother's warm body.


Dimitri's lips parted over a particularly sensitive area near his jaw, and Tyron gave a full-body twitch as a deft tongue moistened the spot right before lips commenced in a luscious sucking motion.


“Uhhnnn…” Tyron growled softly, his fingers sliding upwards to clutch at Dimitri's shoulders as their bare stomachs touched when their bodies gravitated together. His knee slipped over Dimitri's slender hip, his calf resting just behind the curve of the lower deer half's lean shoulder. Dimitri's hands pulled him the final scant millimeters so Tyron's groin was flush against his lower belly and furred chest, his mouth wide as his teeth gently gripped Tyron's neck with the force of his suction.


Warmth suffused Tyron's cheeks as his breath sent wisps of Dimitri's blonde/brown hair drifting over his shoulder to stick against his own neck. His lips grazed Dimitri's temple when he arched into the careful bite, his hips writhing as fingers fleetingly dipped along the crevice of his ass and then returned to massage him deeply.


Any trace of sleepiness that might have lingered scattered like a shot, and Tyron couldn't help panting raggedly into Dimitri's velvet, tapered ear when the other's hands encouraged him to grind against his body. They would have had the mutual benefit of this delicious friction if it weren't for the anatomy issues. Dimitri's own sex was nearly half a body's length away from where the organ would have been located had his lower half been more human rather than that of a quadruped.


As it was, Tyron couldn't even tell if Dimitri was outwardly aroused or not. The enigmatic creature could be turned on to the point where - if it had been Tyron or Bon - he should have been panting and mindless for any sort of friction, but he wouldn't even have an erection if it didn't suit the moment (aka In Front Of Their Parents). That kind of control was almost unreal, but Dimitri was by no means a prude or shy of his cultivated sexuality. He could spend hours pleasuring his brothers without achieving his own physical release even once, and still be fully content in the role without even suggesting reciprocation, not that either Tyron or Bon were that selfish…usually…, but Dimitri could honestly get off getting them off and he was nothing short of god-like for it.


Tyron could feel himself falling in love as Dimitri kissed his throat and urged him to take the one-sided pleasure being offered, but immediately squashed that embarrassingly sticky warmth with a trailing hiss as he nipped sharply at Dimitri's ear and ground all sense out of himself with the force of his wild thrusting.


“Hhnngg…Dimitri…” Tyron gasped inelegantly, pressing his eyelids into the curve of Dimitri's neck until he saw little white sparks dancing across his retinas. The blurring contrast of his dick slipping back and forth between the border of Dimitri's smooth belly and the furry beginnings of his deer half was driving him insane. Dimitri's middle finger, slick with their combined sweat and the copious juices leaking from Tyron's cock head, teased his anal ring until it was contracting and pulsing, and then pressed up into him.


Tyron gave a loud, sudden cry and for a terrifying instant he thought he'd died - just like that. The pleasure was almost more than he could stand; he ceased breathing, ceased thinking, and even his heart stilled a beat before everything just as suddenly rushed forward in a white hot burst as he came, and came again until his dick lay limp and wet and trembling against Dimitri's belly.


“F-fuck…fuck…” he gasped, fisting silky handfuls of Dimitri's two-toned hair as his thighs, back, and shoulders threatened to cramp up painfully as the post orgasmic tremors racked throughout his body, locking him up as his hips jerked for purchase and bruised Dimitri's.


Not even thinking, his mouth found and bit down fiercely on the corded muscle between Dimitri's neck and shoulder, grinding his teeth as a splash of rich coppery blood filled his mouth and bubbled outwards with his continuous growls. The worse the twitches in his body became the harder he bit down in an attempt to stave them off, until he was all but biting through his brother's shoulder.


Dimitri gave a sharp intake of breath at the sudden violence, which was unexpected but not entirely unwelcome, but Tyron was biting too hard, too deeply and the sudden flow of blood gushing out of his body left him warm and dizzy as if he'd just suffered his own mind-shattering orgasm.


“Ty…Tyron…” Dimitri whispered thickly, his fingers scrabbling weakly at Tyron's sifting shoulder blades, trying for the back of his neck to rein the tiger away, but the dizziness was swirling in like a tide pool and Dimitri's eyes blinked languidly as he struggled not to fall… even though he was already laying down…


Tyron gave snorting breaths as the cramps and tremors gradually subsided. Warm blood filled his mouth and threatened to choke him until he swallowed, which he did, only to find his mouth full of the thick red liquid again. Tyron heard a muted groan somewhere past the hungry sucking and swallowing, his belly feverishly warm against the cool skin tacky with sweat and come he was pressed against.


He gave a few more deep draws, indulging his predator's thirst, before slowly retracting his penetrating eyeteeth. The bruised flesh immediately clotted as the painful impediment was removed, struggling to knit together and heal as a thin trail of blood continued to flow from the puncture wounds.


When he relaxed with a sigh and pulled back into his own personal space, now experiencing the pleasant warmth and buzz of his aftermath, Dimitri's body fell limply against his, the deer's arm lax against his waist as his forehead bumped against Tyron's chin like a doll with no momentum of its own.


Dimitri's body was cold and trembling weakly, his back icy as the open window buffeted winter air mercilessly into the exposed flesh.




“…m…” It was no more than a nearly indistinguishable sigh against loosely parted lips, but it was enough for Tyron.




Tyron considered getting up to close the window, but he was too lazy and content right now to be bothered. He felt a phantom pain in his nose of remembered clumsiness at his last attempt and only strengthened his resolve to laze instead.


Sleepy now, Tyron tugged the blankets over his and Dimitri's shoulders, his brother pliant and unresisting, and cold, but he nuzzled his nose softly into the musky heat of Tyron's neck when the cub pulled their bodies close and wrapped an arm around his back, leaving a hand-shaped imprint of pure heat along the middle of his spine.


Even though Dimitri's eyes were closed, blackness other than the absence of light faded in and out in his head, his mind barely clinging to the surface of awareness with numb fingertips. His breath came in tiny, interspersed sighs that the night air ate up greedily before any sort of his own heat could be generated and at least give the illusion of warmth back into his cheeks.


But Tyron was an inferno around him that he was more than content to be buried in the midst of. The last traces of arousal had long ago left him after a sudden sharp burst of delicious pleasure when Tyron bit him, trickling out pleasantly and heating Tyron's belly while his grew cold, satisfied in his part as lover and prey.


Honest exhaustion replaced the heavy blackness and he took a deep breath and held it, releasing the air in a warm puff against Tyron's neck - warmth that lingered even as tendrils of breathy ice dusted their hair and blankets.



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