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Learn to Knock!

by doggieearlover

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Kagome gets an unexpected interruption in the shower.

Disclaimer: I still don’t own InuYasha or any of its characters, but I do enjoy making them play with each other!

AN: This was written for the Tickled Pink InuErotica Challenge at the InuErotica Community at LiveJournal. I have to admit, I didn’t have any plans or ideas for this challenge until I saw the artwork, “Learn to knock, Jerk!” posted by Fluffball here at Red Curtain. She also gave me a sneak peek of its companion piece after I told her she’d inspired this. So I have her to thank (or blame)! And as always, thank you to inufan625 for the beta job.


Inspiring Artwork by Artist Fluffball

art thumb Learn to Knock, Jerk! (nude Kagome)
And more Fanart by Fluffball!
art thumb Steam (Kagome & InuYasha)
Learn to knock!
Kagome’s eyes sprang wide in surprise when the shower door opened.
“Hey, how long-” InuYasha started but abruptly stopped when his gaze landed on her nude form, water cascading over it as it flowed downward.
Her skin was tinged pink from the heat of the shower. She hastily covered her breasts, but didn’t seem to realize that nothing hid that dark curly mound below.
The miko’s mouth opened, perhaps to say the dreaded word, when he regained his senses and stepped back.
“You’re supposed to knock!” she yelled, almost losing her balance as she grabbed the door to close it.
InuYasha stood in the bathroom, mouth open and panting as he closed his eyes and try to calm his surging blood. Instead, all he could see was pink: her flushed skin, the dusty color of her nipples, the rosy tinge of her cheeks.
Kagome was starting to think that it was too quiet when the shower door opened again. This time an equally naked InuYasha stepped in with her and quickly closed the door behind him. Before she had a chance to say a word, his mouth crashed down on hers. One hand covered a breast and gently squeezed, while the other cupped her bottom and pulled her to him. She gasped into his mouth when she felt his hardness pressing against her belly.
The water continued to surge over them as she reached between them to grasp his length. He pressed her against the tile wall as one hand slid around to her mound and gently brushed over it. She moved her feet apart and tilted her pelvis towards him, silently giving permission. Carefully, he reached between her folds and found the heat that seeped from within.
She gasped when InuYasha went to his knees and thrust his tongue up into her. Raising her foot and placing it on his shoulder, she opened herself up so that he could devour her. Panting at the sensations running through her heated flesh, she reached down and grabbed his hair to steady her balance. She nearly ripped it out by the roots when she came into his mouth.
She was still trembling when he stood and captured her lips again.
“What do you want?” he whispered in her ear. “Tell me.”
With lust in her eyes, she looked down his body, his flesh also flushed pink with excitement. “Fuck me.”
InuYasha growled in approval as he spun her around. She planted her hands against the wall, and he slid up into her slick passage. He gripped her just above her hips and hammered into her with such force that he pushed her up the wall as he desperately sought his release. He spilled into her with a roar and then rested his forehead against her shoulder, panting.
Kagome reached to turn off the water that was rapidly losing its warmth and leaned back against her hanyou. “That’ll teach me not to lock the door.”
InuYasha grinned. “Wanna do it again?”
“I’d be tickled pink.”
Kagome giggled and whispered, “Yes.”


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