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Something More Valuable.

by AiryFairy

Libraries: Final Fantasy, Lemon, Male/Male - Yaoi, One Shots

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A Balthier/Vaan PWP that I painstakingly wrote over god-knows-how-long.

Author's very long notes:

This fic has been kicking my ass since day one XD.

First I came up with a premise and was happily writing away when I thought of an even better premise so I started over.

Then I found it particularly difficult to actually write smut because of the style of dialog FFXII has.

The fic is not perfect, but I did try my best to keep it 'proper' although a few 'naughtier' words slipped in there because I got tired of repeating the same terms over and over again. Your choice is limited if you want proper and polite :p

And finally when I was reading it over I realized that my stupid "auto-correct" changed every "thier" in Balthier's name to "their". So I had to change every single Balthier... manually... @#$%*!!

But yes, the fic is finally here and I am damn proud of it and I love it! So... I hope you like it too!! If you don't... tough potatoes!! XD


Contrary to popular belief Balthier was a patient man. He’d been waiting for nearly an hour in the dark with nothing to keep him company save for the patter of rain on the window. Finally, the door swung open, spilling a rectangle of golden light into the room. Balthier slipped quietly out of the chair he’d been sitting in and moved somewhat behind the door so as not to alert the person who’d just entered the room.

“Goodnight Penelo.” Vaan smiled, closing the door and plunging the room into darkness once more.


Balthier swept up behind the blond and wrapped his arms around the teen’s waist, making his intentions quite clear by kissing Vaan’s shoulder.

“Ba-balthier!” Vaan gasped.

The pirate smirked and released his captive, giving him a chance to either get away or punch him in the nose. He was quite surprised when the blond merely twisted around to face him and kissed him full on the mouth. More experience that the pirate thought was in that embrace.

“Who’ve you been kissing?” Balthier smirked against Vaan’s mouth.

“No one you know.” Vaan replied with an identical smirk, breaking away from Balthier and lighting the small lamp beside his bed.

“Try me, imp.”


“Mmm… tall green-eyed blonde?”

“Not even close. Dark hair, hazel eyes, tan skin, very curvy…” Vaan replied, his eyes going a little glassy.

Hating the small pinprick of jealousy he felt Balthier pushed Vaan down onto the bed and kissed him, determined to snog all memories of dark hair and curves from the desert thief’s mind.

“Ah!” Vaan gasped as the older man’s kisses trailed down over his neck and he gripped tightly onto Balthier’s shirt sleeve.

“What else did you and this Aricie do?” Balthier asked, giving the blond’s throat a nip.

“Why Balthier… are you jealous?” Vaan cooed, smirking all the while.

“Hmph. Don’t be absurd.”

“Ha ha. You are jealous.“

The pirate growled, pressing his mouth down hard against Vaan’s again. The blond merely moaned and sent his tongue forward to flick at Balthier’s lips. The older man purred softly in response and brushed his own tongue teasingly against Vaan’s. The thief whimpered, running his fingers down the gold gilding on Balthier’s vest.

Snap, snap, snap. Balthier paused in the kiss as Vaan almost expertly unbuckled all the fastenings on the back of his vest. The blond only fumbled twice.

“And how did you learn to do that so quickly?” Balthier asked, raising an intrigued eyebrow.

“Whenever you’d lead the party I would stare at your back and daydream about what it would be like to undress you.” Vaan confessed, his cheeks coloring slightly. “I spent most of the journey across the Ozmone Plain figuring out how your vest came off.”

“Vaan, I’m flattered.” Balthier smirked.

Vaan’s cheeks turned a darker hue of red.

“I am almost ashamed to admit I have no clue as to how to get you out of these clothes.”

A hint of a mischievous smile played on Vaan’s lips. “I’ll gladly help you with that.”

“Mmn, I don’t doubt it.”

The blond pulled Balthier’s loosened vest off over his head before leaning up into another kiss. Their tongues met and hesitantly pressed together, making both of them moan. Vaan quickly rid himself of his gloves and ran his fingers through Balthier’s hair. It wasn’t as soft as it looked, but still quite nice, albeit a little dirty from their day-long journey. Balthier slowly slid one hand down over Vaan’s throat then traced a finger over the blond’s collarbone. He opened the clasp on Vaan’s vest and slipped his hands inside. Vaan leaned up enough to allow the man to slide the clothing off his shoulders. The blond wiggled the clothing down off his arms, tossed it aside, and it landed with a heavy thump on the floor.

Balthier purred. Vaan was nibbling on his tongue in a rather pleasant fashion. He gently brushed his thumbs over Vaan’s nipples, delighting in how the blond moaned and arched his back. As they both would soon desperately need air, their kiss broke. However the kisses did not stop there as Balthier’s lips descended upon Vaan’s throat.

“Nnn… Balthier…”

Vaan’s hands traveled down Balthier’s back, stopping just shy of his buttocks. His fingers did an uncertain tap dance on Balthier’s lower back before sliding upwards, pushing into the pirate’s shirt. Vaan slowly ran his fingertips over the man’s back, gently scraping the skin with his short fingernails. A small shiver ran down Balthier’s spine and his thumbs began to move in slow circles over Vaan’s nipples.

“Mmn!” Vaan gasped, nails digging a little harder into the pirate’s back.

Balthier could feel the blond’s nipples hardening beneath the pads of his thumbs. Similarly he could feel something else hardening against his hip and his own penis twitched eagerly within the tight confines of his pants. Vaan’s fingers scrabbled at Balthier’s shoulders as the man’s lips trailed down to his collarbone, tracing the ridge lightly with his tongue. The sky pirate nuzzled a sensitive point on Vaan’s throat as his fingers gave the teen’s nipples a hard, but not unpleasant, pinch. The blond pushed up against Balthier and his cheeks flushed slightly when he felt the man’s hardening erection press into his thigh. Vaan slid his slightly trembling hands from Balthier’s shirt and started to unbutton it. Balthier grinned against Vaan’s neck then gave the tender skin a nip. The blond whimpered and pushed the pirate’s shirt open. Balthier’s grin widened as he sat up to rid himself of his shirt. Vaan’s mouth dropped open slightly, his gaze fixed on Balthier’s nipples… and the small gold hoop that was pierced through each.

“See something you like, Vaan?” Balthier teased, tossing his shirt over his shoulder.

The blond’s mouth worked soundlessly before he sat up as well, looking inquiringly up at Balthier. The man smiled, but offered no encouragement or discouragement. He was curious to see what Vaan would do. The blond licked his lips nervously, swallowed thickly, and slowly slid his hands up Balthier’s back. The brunet purred and arched his spine, pushing his chest toward Vaan. Oh, Balthier was being such a horrid tease. Vaan couldn’t stop staring at the gold loops pierced through Balthier’s caramel-colored nipples. The teen’s hands were doing a nervous dance up and down the man’s skin and he licked his lips again. Balthier waited unwearyingly, running his fingers through his thief’s thick blond hair. He just barely felt the first touch of Vaan’s lips on his nipple and a triumphant smirk curled his lips. Vaan kissed his partner’s nipple again, this time a little more firmly, feeling the small hoop piercing dent his lower lip. A low moan sounded in Balthier’s throat as the blond’s tongue emerged to give him a timid little lick. Encouraged by Balthier’s reaction, Vaan hooked the tip of his tongue through the loop and gave it a mild tug.

“Now you’ve got the right idea, Vaan.” Balthier purred.

Vaan’s cheeks glowed red, but he repeated the motion and Balthier moaned a little louder. Suddenly a thought occurred to the blond and he glanced over at the door.

“Balthier, did you lock the door?”

“You worry too much, Vaan.” Balthier replied, smirking.

“Anyone could walk in-“

“It’s a single room and it is nearly midnight. Everyone else is sleeping. No one will walk in.”


“Vaan…” Balthier purred, pinching one of his own nipples.

The blond’s eyes snapped back to the man’s chest and he watched Balthier’s fingers intently. The man pinched the hardening nub once more, hoping to coax Vaan into continuing his earlier actions. It worked. Unlocked door forgotten, Vaan leaned in to catch Balthier’s nipple ring between his teeth and he twisted it gently.

“Gods, Vaan…” Balthier murmured, tilting his head back slightly.

There was definitely some tentative inexperience in Vaan’s bold yet still oddly shy ministrations, but his enthusiasm more than made up for that. Vaan nipped at the sensitive nub beneath his lips, making Balthier moan and grip onto the back of the blond’s neck. Someone reacting that way, becoming aroused because of what he was doing, was entirely new for Vaan. He hadn’t much luck with women (or men) before now. He felt the older man shift and he groaned as his and Balthier’s clothed erections brushed together. The pirate tipped Vaan’s chin up and kissed him, teeth nipping lightly at his lower lip. The blond sighed contentedly and his hands moved to squeeze Balthier’s shoulders. The man’s hands skimmed down Vaan’s back and gripped onto the blond’s ass, pulling the teen into his lap. Vaan squeaked and clutched tightly to the man’s shoulders, but did not break their kiss. If anything he leaned into it more, parting his lips slightly. Their tongues softly touched and Vaan’s fingernails were digging into the man’s flesh again. Balthier’s hands relentlessly fondled Vaan’s backside. He’d never admit it aloud, but he’d been checking out that particular… asset of Vaan’s since they first met. It was common place for Fran to give him a sharp nudge in the ribs because he’d been gawking too long.

Breathless, their kiss broke and Balthier lovingly bit the corner of the blond’s mouth. Vaan’s hands slid down over Balthier’s chest and his fingers languidly pulled and twisted the man’s nipple rings. The blond’s cheeks reddened somewhat. Apparently he’d discovered that he had a hidden kink. Balthier didn’t mind at all of course. He merely moaned, unclipped Vaan’s belt, and started to unwind the red sash coiled around the blond’s waist. The thief shifted anxiously in Balthier’s lap. He could feel the man’s erection pressing into his bottom. It was making him both aroused and restless. His own erection was throbbing lightly, pressing against the crotch of his pants.



The man finally managed to unravel the entire length of the sash and he brushed the end of the soft cloth against one of Vaan’s sensitive nipples. The blond shivered and rolled one of Balthier’s own nipples between his forefinger and thumb in response. The pirate gently pushed Vaan down onto the bed and trailed his gaze over the blond’s nearly nude body. The teen could feel his cheeks starting to color again and he cursed his uncontrollable blushing. Vaan always hated the fact that he’d turn red at the drop of a hat. However, Balthier just smirked and slowly ran one finger down the center of Vaan’s body. The thief positively shuddered at the feeling and he gripped hard onto the blankets.

“Tell me, Vaan, how in the bloody hell do these come off?” Balthier smirked, rapping his knuckles lightly on Vaan’s shin guard.

The desert thief chuckled and bent one knee. “They loosen in the back. Like this…”

Vaan loosened one shin guard while Balthier watched. Once he got the idea the man loosened the other. With Vaan’s help he slid the blond’s complicated boots, socks, and shin guards off.

“You shouldn’t be allowed to wear such difficult clothing.” Balthier teased.

“Maybe I should just walk around naked from now on then.” Vaan replied, still silently cursing his endlessly blushing cheeks.

“Oh I like that idea.” Balthier purred, unbuckling his criss-crossing belts.

The pirate removed a blue Potion bottle from one of his belts’ pouches before tossing the straps aside. He set the bottle on the nightstand and moved to hover over Vaan. The blond was still blushing, but to his credit he returned Balthier’s gaze without wavering. The brunet hooked his fingers into the band of Vaan’s pants and tugged them down slightly. Vaan did not protest. Instead he reached down and popped the button on Balthier’s leather pants. The man gripped more firmly onto Vaan’s pants and slid them all the way down. Vaan shivered in the cool night air and slowly opened Balthier’s zipper. The blond had almost expected Balthier’s penis to be pierced as well. It wasn’t. Instead the tip glistened with a bead of pre-cum. Vaan’s thumb hesitantly stretched out and rubbed against head of the brunet’s erection, smearing through the pre-cum. Balthier’s tongue flicked over his lower lip slightly and his hips strained in Vaan’s direction.



The blond looked up and Balthier’s lips settled upon his. The man reached out and grabbed the Potion bottle off the table. He removed the stopper one-handed and poured a small amount of the somewhat viscous clear liquid into his palm. Balthier smeared his fingers around in his palm, getting them nice and slick. Vaan’s teeth pinched the man’s lower lip and he moaned as he felt Balthier’s fingers gently close around his erection. The pirate smirked and gave Vaan a little squeeze before slowly starting to stroke him. Vaan moaned, circling his thumb slowly around the tip of Balthier’s erection. The brunet shivered and tipped the Potion bottle slightly, silently asking Vaan to take some. Vaan did not disappoint. The blond held his free hand up and Balthier poured a small amount of Potion into it. The man chucked the now empty bottle aside as Vaan rubbed his hands together, wetting them both. Balthier bit Vaan’s bottom lip and gently squeezed the blond’s penis, anticipating what would soon come.

The first brush of slick fingers on his aching cock was near bliss. Then Vaan’s hand timidly curled around his shaft and the teen started to mimic Balthier’s ministrations. The pirate smirked and kissed Vaan again, pinching the head of the blond’s penis lightly.

A smattering of hail clattered against the window and Vaan’s head immediately swiveled towards the door. Balthier rolled his eyes, a smirk on his lips, and shifted both himself and Vaan so he blocked the blond’s view of the door. Vaan looked as though he might protest so Balthier distracted him with another kiss. It seemed the pirate would never grow tired of kissing, nibbling, and sucking those plump, desert-chapped lips.

“Balthier…” Vaan murmured, his tongue slowly twisting together with Balthier’s in the small gap between their mouths.

The man wrapped his hand around both his and Vaan’s erections, allowing them to press together. Vaan shuddered and pre-cum leaked from the tip of his cock. The blond couldn’t recall a time in his short life where he had been this aroused. His hand joined Balthier’s and they moved together in lethargic unison. Up and down, to-and-fro, rubbing their penises together as they stroked. Shorter, sharp nibbling kisses passed between them and Vaan felt a tightening in his lower belly. Balthier was quite taken by surprise when the teen’s hand clamped around his wrist, ceasing his actions. The brunet looked quizzically into Vaan’s eyes, their usual sparkling blue dark with lust.

“Balthier… I want more.”

The blond did not blush.

Balthier licked his lips. “You’re certain, Vaan?”

Vaan still did not blush, “I’ve been fantasizing about it for some time. I’m certain.”

“Very well.” The brunet leaned in and kissed Vaan. “On your stomach if you would...”

Now the blond fought hard to keep the blush off his cheeks and he slid out of Balthier’s lap, moving to lie on his stomach. Balthier stood, admiring every inch of Vaan’s body, as he retrieved his belts from the floor. The man removed another Potion bottle from the left-hand pouch and dropped his belts onto the carpet once more. Vaan watched Balthier over his shoulder as the brunet completely removed his leather pants, kicking them aside. The pirate set the Potion bottle aside for the time being and lingered over Vaan, kissing the nape of the blond’s neck. Vaan let out a soft sigh in response and watched Balthier over his shoulder. The brunet gave him a smirk then shifted to kiss one shoulder. He kissed his way to Vaan’s other shoulder and back again, brushing his lips softly against the skin between the teen’s shoulders.

“Balthier…” Vaan purred.

The blond writhed about, lightly grinding his erection into the cool sheets beneath him. One of Balthier’s hands caressed the just-kissed spot between Vaan’s shoulder blades while the man kissed, nibbled, and licked his way down the blond’s spine. The teen had resolutely been trying not to blush, but his face flared bright red when he felt Balthier nip at his left buttock. The pirate felt Vaan tense up somewhat and he looked up at the back of the blond’s head. He could see that the teen’s ears were vivid red, almost purple.

“Second thoughts, Vaan?” He asked, using his tongue to draw a heart on the blond’s lower back.

“No.” Vaan replied firmly.

“Not even if I do this?” Balthier teased, giving a bite to Vaan’s other bum cheek.

The blond shivered, “No.”

Balthier grabbed the Potion bottle and uncorked it. He tipped the blue crystal vial and poured a small amount of the liquid onto the small of Vaan’s back. As there was no wound to heal the curative pooled on the blond’s skin rather than soaking into it. With a wide, Cheshire grin Balthier pressed a kiss to the skin just beneath the pool of Potion.

“Bend your knees, Vaan.” Balthier drawled. “I fancy seeing that Potion trickle up the entire length of your spine.”

The blond did as Balthier asked, moving onto his knees, pushing his bum into the air. The brunet’s gaze did not wander from Vaan’s back and he watched the blond shiver as the Potion trailed down his arched spine and began to gather between his shoulder blades instead. Vaan jolted a bit, stifling a moan, as he felt the pirate’s tongue trace the exact path of the Potion.

“Delicious…” Balthier murmured.

Vaan was quite unsure of whether Balthier was talking about him or the Potion or both. However such insignificant thoughts fled from his mind as he felt more Potion trickling down the cleft of his buttocks.

“Balthi-nnn!” Vaan gasped.

The brunet had spread Vaan’s bum with his fingers, lapping up the Potion and teasing the blond’s hole with his tongue.

“Mmmnn…” The teen panted, twisting his hands in the sheets.

Balthier’s curiosity was peaked. He expected Vaan to be squeaking and demurely protesting by now. Instead the blond was moaning and eagerly pushing his backside towards Balthier. True, Vaan had said that he wanted this, fantasized about this, but Vaan had a tendency to jump into things he only thought he’d been ready for. Balthier briefly dipped his tongue inside the blond, making Vaan moan even louder. The teen moved one hand to loosely wrap around his erection and stroked himself lightly.

“Nnn…ahhh…” Vaan moaned.

The pirate pressed the tip of one finger, slick with Potion and saliva, to Vaan’s entrance and the blond jolted forward a bit.


The man’s finger prodded at Vaan once more before just the tip of the digit slipped gently inside. The blond sighed contentedly and squeezed his erection, playing his fingers about the tip. Balthier noted the increase in Vaan’s enthusiasm and felt his own thrill shiver down his spine. The blond was surpassing all his expectations. Flying passed them really. He slowly worked his finger in and out of the teen, crooking it every so often.

“Gods…” The thief groaned, biting into his bottom lip.

“How flattering, Vaan.” Balthier teased, leisurely adding a second finger. “But I assure you there are no godly workings afoot. It’s all solely Balthier.”

Vaan’s chuckle melted into a purr as the brunet’s callused fingers found a rather pleasurable spot inside him. Balthier gently twisted his fingers back and forth, stretching the blond carefully. Pre-cum leaked from the tip of Vaan’s penis and dribbled down over his fingers and onto the sheets beneath him.

“Bal…thier…” The teen moaned.


The pirate’s teeth were slightly clenched. Sitting there watching Vaan touching himself, feeling the blond’s muscles clutching at his fingers, was making his erection throb for attention. He wanted nothing more than to ravage the blond before him. However, he had to show restraint. This was possibly the teen’s first time and Balthier did not want to ruin it by jumping the gun (pun not intended).

“Balthier… I…” Vaan glanced over his shoulder, his cheeks slightly red. “Don’t I have to uh… prepare you too?”

Balthier’s eyebrow quirked. Oh, the intrigue.

“Splendid idea, Vaan.”

The man removed his fingers from the teen, noting the disappointed whimper with a satisfied smirk, and put the stopper into the Potion bottle. He rolled the bottle Vaan’s way then lay back on the bed, pulling the blond along with him.

“One leg over like this…” Balthier moved Vaan’s leg over him so the blond was straddling him. “Perfect.”

Vaan had ceased stroking himself so he could use both hands to balance. He stared at Balthier’s groin, which he was perched over, and swallowed thickly. The brunet waited patiently, one of his fingers lazily stroking Vaan’s entrance. The teen soon tore his gaze away from Balthier’s lightly twitching erection to the crystal vial of Potion. Vaan picked the small bottle up and pulled the stopper out. He tipped the vial and Balthier shivered as the liquid poured over the head of his penis and dribbled down the shaft. Vaan’s nerves were returning. His fingers trembled slightly as they wrapped around Balthier’s penis. Regardless of his nerves however Vaan readily stroked the brunet’s erection, rolling his thumb over the tip once in awhile. The pirate made a content noise in his throat and re-inserted one finger into the blond. Vaan moaned, squeezing the brunet’s length as his muscles squeezed Balthier’s finger just as firmly. Pre-cum beaded on the head of the man’s penis and Vaan leaned down to tentatively lick it up. He didn’t take Balthier into his mouth though. He seemed a little scared to. However, as stated before, Balthier was a patient man. There was no need to rush Vaan. They’d have plenty of time to find out about what Vaan knew and wanted to know.

“Mmmn…” Vaan sighed, unconsciously wiggling his backside.

Balthier smirked and pushed a second finger in again. The teen’s hole was more than ready, but Balthier was content to wait. Vaan would let him know when he himself was ready.

Liking the noise Balthier made, Vaan continued to lick at the head of his erection while his hand stroked and caressed the shaft. Balthier moaned softly and slid the hand that wasn’t teasing Vaan’s bottom up the blond’s back. Feeling a little bold the teen moved his free hand down to cup Balthier’s testicles, massaging them gently.

“Vaan…” Balthier growled, digging his fingernails briefly into the thief’s shoulder blade.

He crooked the fingers he had inside the blond, lightly rubbing his prostate, determined to drive the teen wild. It worked spectacularly and Vaan let out his loudest moan yet as his spine arched deeply. Rain and wind lashed against the windows, making them rattle, and Vaan glanced at the door. Balthier chuckled. The blond really did worry too much. He rubbed his fingers against Vaan’s prostate once more, alleviating the teen’s worries in an instant.

“Balthier…” The thief tugged gently on the man’s cock in a yearning way.

“You would like… more?” The older man smirked.

Vaan nodded and tugged on his penis again.

“As you wish, Vaan.”

The pirate teased Vaan, twisting his fingers a little as he so very, very slowly removed them from that incredible tightness. The wind was rattling the windows again and Vaan looked over at the door once more. A devilish smirk crept onto Balthier’s lips. Now it just wouldn’t do, having Vaan be distracted every few minutes. He’d have to remedy that.

“On your side, if you would please, Vaan.” He said, “Facing the window.”

Feeling nervous and aroused Vaan nodded and moved off of Balthier, laying on his side like the man asked. Balthier slithered up behind Vaan, spooning against him, and the blond shivered when he felt the brunet’s erection brush against the cleft of his buttocks.

“Slowly…” Vaan murmured, allowing Balthier to hook one arm under his knee to lift his leg up.

“Of course, Vaan.” The man purred, kissing his companion behind the ear.

Balthier pushed his hips forward, pressing the tip of his erection to Vaan’s entrance. A shiver ran up the blond’s spine and he clutched onto the sheet in front of him. Balthier surged forward again and the head gently slipped inside. Vaan moaned and whimpered. The brunet kept his promise, taking everything slow. A sky pirate was only as good as his word after all. One of Vaan’s hands reached back to grip onto the older man’s thigh. Not to halt the brunet’s actions, but simply because he wanted to touch Balthier. Inch by deliciously agonizing inch Balthier thrust ahead until he was fully sheathed inside Vaan. The brunet moaned as Vaan’s muscles clenched slightly around him, gripping his penis firmly.

“Vaan…” He murmured, nibbling lightly on the blond’s neck.

Vaan whimpered softly in reply. At first it felt kind of odd having Balthier inside of him. However that feeling was quickly becoming more and more arousing with each passing moment.

The blond gave an experimental wiggle, making them both moan, and his fingernails dug into the flesh of Balthier’s thigh. The man didn’t need a verbal cue this time. Vaan made what he wanted perfectly clear by sliding his hand further back to grip onto the brunet’s buttocks, urging him to move. Keeping to his earlier promise Balthier started out leisurely, using long, slow strokes that made both of them shiver and raised the tiny hairs on Vaan’s arms.

The brunet kissed and nibbled on Vaan’s neck and ear as his hips continued to push forward. Vaan mewled and tightened his one-handed grip on his companion’s backside. His other hand reached down and curled around his erection, stroking in sync with Balthier’s thrusts. The pirate wondered if Vaan realized just how sensual he truly was. The blond whimpered as Balthier gently bit down on his ear. He dug his fingers into the older man’s buttocks, silently asking him to pick up the pace. Balthier readily complied, motioning his hips faster. A smirk came to the pirate’s lips when he noticed Vaan’s toes were curled. The soft sound of skin slapping together was nearly lost in the din of the wind rattling the windows and Vaan’s moans. The blond gave himself a squeeze and fondled himself a bit more roughly. A lust-filled growl sounded in Balthier’s throat. He couldn’t see Vaan’s ministrations, but he could feel them through the blond’s trembling body. It was driving him mad.

“Vaan…” He murmured against the back of the blond’s ear. “I wish to change positions. I want to watch you.”

The thief merely panted and nodded in reply. He didn’t trust his voice to respond verbally. Balthier carefully pulled out, barely containing a Cheshire grin as Vaan whimpered unhappily, and rolled the blond onto his back. Vaan stared unabashedly up at him, his blue eyes darkened with desire. There was a faint blush on his cheeks, but it seemed to stem more from arousal than embarrassment or shyness. A shiver rippled down Balthier’s spine and he leaned down to kiss Vaan, guiding his erection forward to enter the teen once more.

The blond’s body tautened like a bow string, his muscles clamping down around Balthier’s erection tightly. The brunet groaned softly and stroked Vaan’s sides before taking hold of the teen’s hips. Vaan did not relinquish his hold on Balthier’s backside. In fact he hung onto it rather possessively. This both amused and aroused Balthier. With a stinging, but not painful, bite to Vaan’s full lips the man began to motion his hips again. He resumed his earlier pace, using rougher strokes. Similarly Vaan continued fondling himself, pinching the head of his penis and moaning against Balthier’s mouth.

The brunet alternated between kissing Vaan’s lips and watching the teen touch himself. He shifted and change the angle of his entry, pushing still more forcefully into the teen.

“Mmmn! Balthier!”

Vaan was so tight even when he wasn’t contracting his muscles. Balthier grit his teeth and surged forward, thrusting hard into the blond’s willing body.

“Vaan. Nnn, gods… Vaan…”

Vaan tugged on the brunet’s rear, coaxing him to go even harder. The bed springs began to squeak in protest as Balthier pounded into the blond.

“Nmmmh!” Vaan moaned.

The teen clenched around him briefly and Balthier’s stomach did a little swoop. His orgasm was approaching rapidly. Vaan too felt a tightening in his lower belly and he pressed the pad of his thumb to the sensitive slit on the tip of his penis.


The thief’s free hand was gripping so tightly onto his buttock Balthier was sure he was going to have half-moon prints all over his backside once it was all over. Not that he really minded of course…


The man leaned down to kiss Vaan, biting the blond’s tongue gently before twining it with his. The blond mewled in his throat. He was so close, the sensation in his belly was almost painful. Balthier moved one hand and put it over Vaan’s, helping the blond masturbate. The thief shivered and moaned, biting down on Balthier’s lower lip, as he felt the man’s slightly cold rings play over the head of his cock.

“Mmm…!! Bal-THIER!” Vaan cried out, ejaculating both into his hand and Balthier’s.

The pirate smirked and licked one finger clean. “The best kind of swag there is.”

Vaan blushed and did not reply. The brunet turned Vaan slightly on his side, setting the blond’s leg up on his hip, and pushed forward in rapid, shallow thrusts. Though feeling sated and boneless, Vaan moaned and clutched at the sheets. It was a two-handed grip as he had to relinquish his hold on the man’s bottom in order to maintain this position. Balthier bit the inside of his lip slightly. Vaan was still working to pleasure him, clenching and unclenching his muscles, driving the brunet absolutely wild.

“Bloody hell…” Balthier moaned as Vaan gave him a particularly tight squeeze.

“Balthier…” The thief moaned back, licking some of his own seed from his palm.

The man’s abdomen jolted. Just the mere sight of Vaan licking up his own ejaculate pushed Balthier to the very razor-edge of orgasm. He thrust forward, burying himself deep inside Vaan, and came. His hips continued to twitch forward feebly as he rode out his orgasm. Vaan sighed softly and rubbed one hand over Balthier’s ribs, enjoying the feeling of them simply being locked together.

“…Gods.” Balthier panted after a time.

“My thoughts exactly.” Vaan smirked.

The brunet gently pulled out and moved to lie on his side beside Vaan. The blond rolled onto his back, blushing slightly as he felt Balthier’s semen running down between his thighs.

“Tell me Vaan, was I your first experience with a man or your first experience ever?” Balthier asked in a would-be casual voice.

The blond grinned, “I’ll tell you if you admit you were jealous.”

Balthier snorted, “I cannot admit to being something I most certainly wasn’t.”

Still grinning, Vaan rolled over and snuggled under the blankets.

“Goodnight then.”

The pirate glared at Vaan’s back. The cheeky little-

“All right. All right.” The man conceded. “There may have been an infinitesimal amount of jealousy.”

Vaan rolled to face his companion again. He was still smiling.

“You were my first real experience. Everything had remained fantasy until tonight. Everything I know I learned from Penelo’s romance novels. She insists that the homoerotic ones are ‘more interesting’.”

A smug smirk curled Balthier’s lips. Vaan chuckled, kissed that familiar smirk, and settled down into the blankets once more.

“Goodnight Balthier.”

“Goodnight? I should think not!” The brunet grinned, pouncing on Vaan.


In spite of herself Ashe was a little offended when Balthier returned her ring the following morning. It had only been a fortnight after all.

“Found something more valuable have you?” She asked.

“Apparently I did.” Balthier grinned.

“What was it then?”

“A Rabanastrian cherry.”

The princess raised an eyebrow, either confused by Balthier’s answer or too dignified to humor him. Basch however, who was standing sentinel a few steps behind Ashe, turned bright red and looked somewhat aghast at Balthier’s nerve to say such a thing in the princess’ presence. The sky pirate merely chuckled and loped ahead, catching up to Fran and Vaan. Ashe’s other eyebrow raised as she noticed that Vaan was walking a little funny.

“Perhaps I should borrow those books from Penelo after all.” She murmured.

The End Big Smile (Yay! I can finally go to bed!!)

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