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Strike of the Predator

by Caprice

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B/V Hot encounter at Capsule Corporation. Vegeta’s unquenchable lust knows no boundaries. What happens when he takes CC by storm one afternoon and corners his prey into hard-core ecstasy? Does Bulma surrender to the primal need for her Saiya-jin?

Disclaimer: DBZ is not my property. Believe me, Bulma and Vegeta would have had a lot more screen time.


 A/N: This is what happens when you're at a family reunion and you're bored out of your mind. You pretend you hear the conversation but all you can think of is smut.


Strike of the Predator

By Caprice



Mid-tempo instrumental lounge music oozed softly from the speakers strategically located around the main lobby of Capsule Corporation, multi-billion Zeni empire of technology and motors. Wide window panels graced the front, shielding the expensive carpentry from the seeping sunshine. Big tiles of marble, strong beams of chrome, ample spaces and the smell of crisp power were enough to impress anyone to set foot inside, that and the enormous art prints that displayed the newest additions to the luxury sedan line of the company.


The orderliness of everything was in keeping with the strict organization of the staff, all clad in appropriate uniforms and/or business attire, walking along like busy bees in perfect synchronization with each other. It was sheer perfection, an efficient machine that functioned everyday without disruptions or delays.


Today everyone was particularly interested in keeping things moving smoothly, all because a certain heiress was currently upstairs in floor 18, meeting with the most important associates, stockholders and business men related to the corporation. They had been locked up in a luxurious conference room, clad in mahogany and leather, for over two hours now, discussing things that Parsly, the receptionist had absolutely no clue of. She had been witness to the seemingly unending line of stuffy old grouches, all in polished designer suits that had walked across the lobby to take the elevator, but the sight had been nothing to make her snap out of the bored haze she had been sunk in the entire day.


Indeed, today was different because the stakeholders were in, but that was hardly enough to make a fuss over. If anything it only made her back grow stiffer and she sure as hell couldn't wait for the day to be over. In a way she kind of felt bad for Mrs. Briefs, stuck there in full businesswoman mode talking figures with the few men that run the world. Yes, Briefs may be a powerful, rich, smart and beautiful woman, but Parsly wouldn't trade her ass for hers even if she got paid for it. It seemed it took way too many guts to fill that woman's shoes. At the moment she was better off blowing bubblegum bubbles and filing her nails, while the gears of the company moved on in perfect timing.


She popped a bubble. Yeah…just another lazy afternoon.


“Fanny, Mrs. Briefs did say she didn't want any calls transferred to the conference room didn't she, gosh she can be such a bitch sometimes. Did you see her today? She came in strutting her ass in that tight little skirt and that slutty pantyhose that had lines down the back of her legs”


Fanny, the other receptionist lifted up her head from where it had been resting on the desk. “Yeah, for such a tough, powerful woman she sure knows how to flaunt her assets. Makes those old bastards sweat and squirm, I mean who wouldn't be intimidated, you can't deny she's got a killer body”


Parsly scoffed “and killer tongue…I swear she can be so bitchy at times I wonder if she even manages to get laid”


Fanny perked up, “Oh, you don't know what you're talking about…I'm sure she does, very much and honestly if I had her husband, I'd probably be on my back the entire day”.


“What, you've met him?” Parsley stopped filing her nails and looked inquisitively at the other woman. Fanny's eyes suddenly became glazed and she thought she saw her lick her lips.


“Impossible not to remember meeting him, we all have. You're new, so you don't know him yet, and frankly, regardless of how fine he may be, I swear you're lucky he hasn't come around in a long time.”


Parsley frowned “What do you mean?”


“Oh…just be glad and pray to God he doesn't….” Fanny cut her sentence short abruptly and her eyes widened into huge orbs.


“What were you saying? Fanny? Are you ok?” Parsly put her file down and stared at the woman who was now gaping at the front door; her mouth hung in complete fear and paralyzed terror.


“Oh shit….” Was all Fanny could whisper a second before grabbing the phone and nervously dialing reception on the 18th floor. “Dorely….fucking page Bulma Briefs…yes! Code red, fucking code red, spread it to all levels and freaking take cover you hear me!”


Parsly flung her gaze to the main entrance and gasped, her throat narrowing and her eyes bulging…”Oh my god…who is that?”


Fanny tried to make the astounded woman snap out of her daze by shaking her but then resolved to grab her arm and pull her down. “That my friend is Prince Vegeta, and he's Bulma Brief's”


“What!? What the hell is a code red? And why are you so afraid, he's gorgeous!”


Fanny turned Parsly's face around and looked her straight in the eye. ”Yeah as gorgeous as he is terrifying, so if you want to remain unscathed just hide under the desk and pray that he doesn't notice”.


Parsly could only squeak while she was pulled under.




“…Prince Vegeta…” The murmurs of the workers extended throughout the floor, a rumbling sound of awe and reverie.


The most daring of the women stood in the halls or outside their offices bowing in respect and admiration as he walked across the hall on the 18th floor. He pretended he didn't notice the ones who sported a blush over their cheeks and giggled to their friends, while they pierced his body with their appreciative eyes.


The men scurried and hid, not nearly as brave as the females who had a lot more guts and couldn't miss a chance to fawn over the exotic Prince from a foreign country that had shown up at the office building. He did so rarely, but when it happened havoc ensued, the machine went into commotion and there was nothing else they would talk about for the remainder of the day. The very few unlucky enough to face him and actually talk to him deemed it a victory to come out of the exchange unaffected by his temper.


His presence alone seemed to charge the aisles, and he enjoyed the power it displayed over the little people that worked at the woman's complex. But now he wasn't distracted by that. Now he had come from his training trip, and he was in Saiyan heat. All he could smell was her female scent and it invaded his senses, like a predator in lust that had come from afar to hunt down and eat up his prey and that is exactly what he intended to do…




Bulma Briefs, toughest woman on the planet, if not by physical strength, certainly by her quick wit and vicious tongue, sat at a board meeting with managers and stakeholders that bored her out of her mind. She was in a terrible bad mood from having to suffer through two endless hours of intense negotiations with a pack of filthy rich bastards whose only concern was, well, getting richer. She hated this part of the business and quite frankly she'd rather be anywhere else than having to preside over the most powerful men on the world. Couldn't she just come down from all this intense responsibility for a bit? Couldn't anyone deliver her?


Her mind shifted towards Vegeta for the 20th time. He had left on one of his training trips about three weeks ago and, god helped her, she was horny as hell. Since Cell, two years ago, he had acquired the habit of taking off every now and then to train somewhere else. She really didn't know where he went or what he did, but he usually didn't take this long. Now her entire body tingled with nothing but frustrated desire and she swore she was always wet, right now more so than ever, waiting for the day he came back and rammed her against the nearest wall.


She sighed.


“The figures have increased by 10% over the last quarter which coupled with…” The accountant's voice trailed off and everyone turned to face the door.


Bulma, who had been suppressing a yawn, lifted her gaze and her body instantly flamed in recognition. He stood in all his glory, gracing the entrance with an alien aura that could stop time in its tracks. She really couldn't believe her eyes, a hot feeling of wanton invading her womb and making her part her lips to exhale.


Her predator looked more beautiful than ever. He wore a blue training suit, gloves and boots and his fiery hair was slightly tousled from having flown all the way here, she could tell. His lids were heavy with contained lust and his black eyes were fervent enough to scorch her skin.


As if falling under a spell, Bulma obeyed her master's silent command and stood up. The woman who could make the most powerful men in the world tremble slowly walked to the door that led to an adjacent room, not once leaving his gaze. Their presence suddenly became insignificant to her, and all she wanted to do was dispose of her power and surrender to her hunter's calling.


Vegeta's lips quivered in response, his tongue licking at his evil smirk, while he crossed the room, not even minding the stunned looks on the men gathered there. Bulma could barely stand on her feet as she held the door open for him to enter her private office, allowing her to lock the door and shield them from the viewers.


He grabbed her wrist and dragged her over to her desk, violently clearing it with a single swipe of his arms. He then sat her there and pushed her shoulders so that she lay against the surface.


“Vegeta….” She moaned, a pained voice that almost pleaded him to do with her as he pleased.


He stood between her legs, which hung over the desk, pulling her skirt up around her waist and taking his time to take on the pleasant view of all that was her. He was suddenly irritated to see she was wearing pantyhose over a tiny little thong, too many clothes. But he issued a devilish grin when he saw how wet the pantyhose was.


“Where you thinking about me, onna?” His voice was so dark and gruff it made her blood heat. Her heart was pounding.


“Yes…” She wanted to scream at him to end her frustration but she enjoyed rendering herself to his mastery.


“I could smell you…” He knelt on one knee and quickly disposed of his gloves. He spread her thighs wide open with strong hands, which gripped into her burning flesh deliciously.


He then pressed his nose to her wetness and inhaled her intoxicating juices, so pungent and musky they reached the core of his desire and boiled his blood.


“…and I am hungry…Saiyan hungry”. His phrases were raspy and primal, eliciting goosebumps on her skin.


She felt a twinge in her stomach and her breathing became shallow. All she wanted was to raise her hips and press against him. There was nothing she wanted more right now than for him to grab her and take her like a doll, satiating her maddened lust.


She moaned, like a needy girl in pain “…Eat me…”


He chuckled deep in his throat, a dark sound that crept under her skin. “I came all the way from afar to punish your little pussy onna, for driving me insane…it serves you well to surrender it to me”


Bulma bit her lower lip and grimaced.


Her whisper was barely audible and her heart was now thumping violently “Oh god….” His punishment could be so cruel, so mouthwatering cruel, she knew there was little she could do against it but surrender to his powerful demand.


Vegeta sniffed her scent some more, very slowly, as Bulma spread her thighs totally wide open. He then pierced the delicate hose with one finger and tore it off her legs completely with his hands. The soft garment fell to the floor leaving her perfect, supple porcelain skin free to his hot touch. He grabbed her thighs and ran his hands firmly over their length, massaging the sensitive skin on the back of them with his thumbs. He remained kneeling, smelling the delicate liquid that drenched her thong.


“Mmm…” Bulma whimpered. This is how it felt to be at the mercy of someone else, and she enjoyed every bit of the torture.


He begun licking the back of her thighs, all through their length, and bit on them softly, eating and savoring every inch of her flesh, elated at the way she squirmed.


She clenched her eyes shut and arched her back.


“It appears you missed me?” He raised an eyebrow and licked her thighs some more, a shudder suddenly shaking Bulma's entire body.


“Yes…” she cried.


A growl rumbled in his chest. “Good…” With that, he grabbed her thong and slipped it off in one swift graceful movement.


He then moved his tongue in circles edging closer to her womanhood until she felt his lips stop inches away from her very core. No further notice, he held her legs apart and licked her pussy with one single broad movement of his tongue.


“Ah!!” Bulma raised her hips and held on to the desk until her knuckles were white from the strain. “Yes...”


His tongue licked again, and again…and again, feeling how her swollen nether lips just kept producing the sweet nectar that drove him insane with barely contained lust.


This man was a god, of that she had no doubt. It's all she could think off as a terrible fever broke out over her skin. He licked broadly, then in little quick licks, savoring her inner most parts. He took his time, exploring her entirely, eventually raising his mouth to graze her most sensitive nub with his teeth.


“Vegeta I'm going to cum” She stated with a trembling voice, ready to lose all her resolve.


“No” His virile voice echoed through her body.


“Vegeta please…”


“Not yet, you will endure my punishment longer, I am too thirsty woman”. Oh God…! Bulma nearly cried in pleasure. He could be so ruthless; he could drive her to the brink of insanity. She may be about to lose her control, but she knew better than to disobey her master, her predator, who now sought her to quench his desire. She wanted nothing more than to give him what he needed.

She began squirting the delicate arousal liquid into his tongue, and he accepted it hungrily, licking the little hole of her entrance and sucking on it too.


Vegeta moaned against her quivering lips and nipped her clit.


“More…” He breathed.


She was too close to cumming and was now panting. “Oh…God…” But her anguished pleads did nothing to soften his resolve.


“I said not yet…”


She grabbed unto the desk and readily exerted the pressure that made more of her transparent liquid gush against his hot lips.


His steaming breath over her sensitive skin was driving her insane. Had his voice always been this deep, this masculine…the way it reverberated against her feverish swollen nub.




“…Yes…” He groaned, a sound so filled with lust it was enough to make her tremble. “…beg me woman…”


“…Please eat me completely…”


“That's it…” He slid his arms under her thighs and grabbed them closer to him so that he could eat her ripeness up, sucking on it with his entire mouth, her swollenness completely open and accepting. Bulma gasped and moaned in sheer and total ecstasy. His tongue darted inside her dilated pussy and fucked her intensely making her scream in delight.


“Vegeta!!!” It came out as a shrill, piercing moan and she pressed herself against him, arching her back furiously, cumming in waves that made the earth shatter. “Yesss!!!!!!!!!!”


She screamed some more and just when she thought she was done, she felt his tongue plunge inside the ultra sensitive canal as deep as it could go and start wiggling about. “Oh GOD!!!!!!!!” And she came again, contorting like a maniac. She didn't care if the most important and powerful people in the world sat at the other side of the door puzzling over her screeches. All that existed was the feeling that made her entire body riot and blaze on fire.


Vegeta bit and sucked on her cunt, enjoying the tasty flavor of her hyperactive flesh, her sweet juices squirting right into his mouth, satiating his thirst for female sex.


He smirked. “You have enough to quench Saiya-jin thirst onna.”


When he was done tasting and drinking, he rose and looked at her, eyes glinting with desire. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and licked his lips.


Bulma was so enthralled she could do nothing but heave, laying limp and helpless on the desk, her hair in disarray and her cheeks flushed.


“Now get on your feet and turn around. I'm going to fuck you”.


He said it so commandeering she couldn't believe it. This is what she loved the most, the way she could drop the reigns and let him take over, driving her into the depths of pleasure so confidently it was mind-blowing


She slid to the floor and turned around to bend flat over the desk, her breast pressing against the surface. She wanted it so badly, it was mind numbing. She could still feel the sensation of his tongue deep inside her moving around, promising the joys that his cock would bring. The moment she felt him grab her waist tightly she felt the surge of lust recoil in her womb once again with blinding intensity and she surrendered.


When she felt the tip of his erection rubbing against her clit, she closed her eyes and let the pleasure engulf her. Both areas were so sensitive, her throat emitted a rough cry of pleasure.


“Say you want it…” He needed her to tell him just how much she desired him. He loved basking in her agony.


“I want it…” She barely managed to whisper, so consumed was she on the lewd sensation of his frenulum against her clit.


He roared “Fuck…onna, speak clearly. Do you want me inside or do you want me to leave?”


“No!, Vegeta FUCK ME!!!!” she cried in desperation.


He rubbed his tip against her nub some more and threw his head back, issuing a long deep groan that made the hair on her skin rise.


“Please...” She opened her legs wider and raised her bottom enough to let him see just how dilated she was.


He was not going to make her wait anymore… he could almost feel his balls about to explode and the Saiya-jin no Ouji always took what he wanted.


He moaned when he buried his shaft down into her tight folds. “Yes…” His voice was contained, almost trembling.


Bulma gasped and cried a long sustained sound when she felt his length fill her up entirely. He was so wide, it was utterly satisfying. Nothing, no one had ever managed to stretch her flesh as much as Vegeta, and it was enough to assuage the most demanding female needs.


He held her waist in place and began ramming her against the desk, making her gasp in unison with every thrust.


“…Yes…!” She bellowed biting her lips and grabbing on to the edge of the furniture.


Vegeta always prided in his control at sex, and he surely needed every ounce of it, especially with this woman. Sometimes he felt all he wanted was to tear her apart violently, until his deepest desires were satiated. His need of her was so ingrained in his blood, he had to be careful not to hurt her even in the midst of his blinded lust. She made him suffer that way, the Prince of Saiyans bent under the enthrallment of the blue-haired woman that held him hostage. At times like this all he wanted was to fuck her for her insolence…for the way he couldn't have enough of her, for how she managed to ensnare him beyond belief. He had resorted to training as far away as possible to not be distracted by her arousing smell, but it still wasn't enough. His blood still cried for her, he still needed her, could smell her penetrating female need from miles away.


He pushed his heated flesh inside her deeply and bent over her, bracing his hands on either side of her, his hips pressing her against the desk. The veins of his hardened cock rubbed against her insides, sending her into a spiral of animalistic frenzy she couldn't contain. All she wanted was more.




He bit her neck and licked at it, the heat of his breath making her roll her eyes in desire. She wanted it, she'd get it. He pushed harder, making her cry in agonizing pleasure. “You enjoy being fucked by the Prince of Saiyans, little one…don't you?”


“Oh God yes!!!”


Vegeta was about to come, but he had to steady his grip and remain in control not to do so.


“Please… let me come” She moaned. She just loved asking for his permission, surrendering her control to his authority.


“You want to come…you're going to have to beg, onna…beg some more and I might let you” he rasped.


When he pushed, she could feel his hard muscle graze her clit…and she just couldn't take it anymore. She didn't mind letting him have his way…in fact she wanted to.


“Vegeta…please….Vegeta!!” She turned her head from side to side. God she was beautiful, more than a Saiya-jin woman could have ever hoped to be, there in the throes of pleasure, screaming his name in ecstasy.


“Yes….” His permission was a breathed moan and she let go, clenching his pulsating cock in a climax so strong she felt about to pass out, her cries bouncing across the room.


The passion of her high-pitched screams and the feeling of her flesh contracting against his own, were more than he could take and he also came, pushing his ejaculation out, a squirt of hot thick semen that seeped unto her heat.


God knew how long they rode the orgasm, but it seemed like an eternity of sweet release and pleasure. It was always great when they managed to come almost simultaneously and she just couldn't resist indulging in the feeling. It was always accompanied by a swelling sense of happiness, so immense, so profound it nearly brought tears to her eyes. This was her man, hers alone, and he was the most amazing thing in the span of the galaxy. The power, the wealth, the status were nothing compared to the notion of being owned by the strongest man in alive, a force of nature as harsh as a storm and as delicate as a breeze.


Bulma closed her eyes and smiled. Yes, he could be cruel and intense when they made love, but he could be soft and gentle in the aftermath, and that's what he was now…trailing little kisses along the back of her neck, making up for having punished her with such intensity.


He then kissed her earlobe and sought her lips with his own, pressing them kindly. Her little human femaleso fragile, yet so powerful…so meant for him and him alone.


“I am leaving…” he whispered.


Before she could gasp a `no', he kissed her again and retreated, pulling himself out of her.


He pulled her skirt down and slapped her bottom softly.


“When are you coming back…” Bulma whispered pleadingly. She was still basking in his heat and to feel him pull it away from her was a terrible torture to her senses.


“Vegeta?” She rose and turned around, but he was nowhere to be seen. All she could see was a huge window wide open, which allowed the wind to blow into the office and rustle the papers that lay thrown across the carpet. It was so typical, so him to do something like this, but far from feeling abandoned, she felt loved and cared for. She knew he'd be back sooner or later, because he belonged with her as much as she belonged with him. And wherever she was, he would find her. Of that she was sure. She would wait until he fell to the ground and once again cloaked her with his majesty like a dark angel who possessed her in all ways possible.


“Vegeta…” She whispered, her eyes dewy and her face flushed from the way he had satiated her. Yes…if needed, she would wait until the end of time.


She smiled and combed her fingers through her hair, patting them back to orderliness. The wild wave that hit Capsule Corp was now gone, and she needed to get back to businesses. Oh Crap! Back to business! She suddenly remembered the board of businessmen that sat on the conference room, probably pissed beyond belief after being left in waiting without a single word from her mouth.


She smoothened her skirt and put her bitchiest expression back on. The thoughts of her alien lover would have to wait until she managed to finish the task at hand. It was time to assume control again and be the dominating woman.


When she waltzed into the room, she met the faces of some very astounded men; some looking irritated some looking at her in awe. She surely didn't care if they had heard what transpired in the adjacent room, and they probably had. That's the kind of caliber a woman of her stature had. No need to make up excuses for her behavior and no sense of shame. In fact she acted as if nothing had happened.


“Um…yes…” the accountant cleared his throat. “I su…suppose we should get back to business. About the 10% increase…” Bulma smirked, sat down and crossed her legs. Everyone had a very hard time pretending they didn't notice her missing pantyhose.


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