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Take your mind off things

by ClayvmanDahdtoudi

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Well this is my character with Dahdtoudi's character Katsumi...in a very...umm...well its about...sex...WOOHOO!

 Clay sat on a stump in the forest. He decided to get away from the headquarters away from them…for now. They looked at him as the enemy ever since he returned. “So be it” he said “I lost everything that was dear too me already.” His heart ached when he saw Kagome, she didn’t love him anymore, she found someone else. For the first time in over a year, he felt like letting go. He lost the only thing he fought for, fought through the pain, the temptations, the demons both inner and the things in that mansion.

He was in Kya and Shin’s world. The land of the ninjas. Hell he knew that they would look for him hear. He grinned “I’ll just pick them off one by one.” Michel had sent a group of mercenaries at him. The mercs would suffer Michel’s fate. Clay extended his claws. “You created me and this monster is going to fucking kill you.” “Well well what do we have here.” Clay didn’t look up, he knew the voice. It was Katsumi, Tausha’s older sister. “If it isn’t the brat, long time no see, you know I thought you were dead?” Clay didn’t even respond didn’t look at her, he just continued to look at the ground. “You know you have quite a big price on your head. I figured I’d pick it up and get my vengeance on you at the same time.” She made her nails grow using chakra, and she produced the whip. “it’s a darn shame hun, I actually enjoyed your company, but you never visited anymore so I figured you forgot about little old me. THIS TIME I’LL BE THE ONE LAUGHING!” Clay smiled then started to chuckle. Then he started full blown laughing.

“What’s so funny?” said Katsumi. She started to grow angry at him. “Fine if that’s the way you want to play it then fine.” She brought back her whip and latched it around his throat, he didn’t even bother moving. The she started to rush him, intending to finish him off once and for all. Until he stood up. His skin changed color and his finger nails grew to claws. His skin started turning crimson, and then he looked up at her, she froze in fear at what was in front of her. His eyes blood red, his pupils were white. His teeth were sharp fang like, and a grin came across his face. He grabbed the whip from his neck, and ripped it in half. She was shocked no one has ever done that to her before. He rushed her, she jumped back but he pinned her to a tree. She quickly stabbed him in the chest with her claws. He grabbed her hands and held them in the air, both together in one hand. Her eyes widened when the wound started to close. “What the-” “T’s recovery ability.” “T? what are you talking about, LET ME GO!” “Why should I Katsumi? You cant do anything, your immobile.” She struggled, as he grinned and started to move his mouth to her throat.

She closed her eyes as she felt his breath on her neck. His teeth could rip her throat out with one chomp. However she didn’t expect to feel something different she opened her eyes to see that his skin changed back and that his hands no longer had the claws. She felt a kiss on her neck. He brought his face up to meet hers. In his eyes she could see a deep sadness. “Katsumi, in all the years I’ve known you…I’ve considered you a friend, no matter what you said, or if you threatened me. You even opened your house to me after I was injured…are relationship…is a very fucked up one you know that.” “Clay what are you trying to say too me.” Clay went to open his mouth as if to speak, but instead slowly placed his lips on hers, and loosened his grip on hers. Her eyes widened, when she felt her hands come free so started to make her nails grow, “Is this another trick” she thought to herself, however that thought faded when he put his arms around her and gently squeezed her.

As Clay brought his head back from kissing her, she looked at him in confusion. Here she’d tried to kill him, harm him, she even stabbed him, his blood was on her hand, and yet he still clearly cares for her. It was bewildering to her. “Clay why are you doing this?” she said. He looked at her, and slowly hugged her. “Because for some strange reason, you’re the only one I can trust right now.” That answer confused her even more. “What do you mean, I tried to kill you and you trust me?” “You’ve always told me the truth, you always told me how you felt about me, that’s what I need right now, the truth, and the truth is Katsumi, I need you.” “You…need me?”

Katsumi looked at the kid holding her, he had matured so much since the first time she met him, the young kid who challenged her, now held her in his arms. “You know I’m not much into the lovey dovey bull shit” “I know, but I think your into the friends with benefits bull shit.” A grin came to Katsumi’s face. She pulled him close and started to kiss him, while they kissed, Clay started to undo her top as she pulled off his jacket. Katsumi now topless started to pull his shirt off of his body. When his face emerged she started to kiss him again. He pushed her against the tree and started to kiss down her neck. She breathed in deep when he got to the top of her chest. He looked at her breasts for a second before sucking on the left one and started to massage the right one with his hand. She started to breath a bit deeper then before. He started to slowly lick the nipple before switching sides. She pulled him away and turned him around, and pushed him against the tree. “My turn to repay the favor” she said as she started to move down and undo his pants.

Clay looked down at Katsumi when she held his penis in her hand. She looked up at him and grinned as she started to rub it, he smiled and slowly fell back against the tree. “You like that do you?” said Katsumi. “Well your going to love this then.” She slowly slid it into her mouth and started to suck it. Clay bit down on his teeth hard when she started to move it in and out and lick it with her tongue. He started to feel pressure and brought it out from her. She looked at him as he said to her “Not yet…I haven’t even done you yet.

Katsumi was completely naked standing at the tree. Clay was kissing her stomach and slowly going further down. He looked up and smiled as he slowly slid two fingers into her. She softly squeaked a little, he s grinned “She may act tough but she’s still a women.” He slid his fingers in and then out. When they were out he spread her legs a bit more then started to kiss her, then darted his tongue in her, he heard he moan in delight as he continued to lick her. He stopped when he realized how wet she had gotten. She pulled him up. “I think you should put it in now?” she said with a smirk on her face. “You dirty girl you” said Clay jokingly. She started to laugh a little.

Katsumi had her arms wrapped around his shoulders. She spread her legs a bit more and he slowly pushed into her. She breathed deep the let out a moan of pleasure. He started to slid out then pushed it back in again and she started to moan a bit louder. He started to increase his speed and pressure. Katsumi pulled his head in and started to kiss him. She moaned as he pushed deeper into her, she placed his head on her shoulders and wrapped her arms around his body and her legs around his waist. Clay quickly fell back and she was now on top of him. Moving her body up and down breathing deep and fast. She leaned down and kissed him as he rolled her over and started thrusting down into her.

Katsumi was on her hands and knees as he was behind her. “Look at me, letting him get the better of me, but it just feels so good.” she thought to herself. He pulled her back as he held her arms, he pulled her up and wrapped on arm around her chest and started to massage a breast while the other held her arm back. She turned her head and they started kissing as he continued to thrust into her.

Katsumi wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around him, as she started moving up and down, Clay sat on the stump and he kept thrusting up into her, his arms were wrapped around her as well. She was moaning, most of them started turning high pitched. Clay felt her nails dig into his back, he didn’t care they would heal up, he just knew he was doing a good job. He felt pressure building up. “Katsumi, I’m about to-” “Please keep going, I’m almost there.” Clay listened as he started doing it as hard as he could. Katsumi started moaning harder. “Katsumi” “Clay” said the both of them as they both released.

Clay fell on his back as Katsumi slowly got off of him. She was panting. She looked up at him “Huh” she said “Still seems you have something left.” She slowly moved forward and placed his penis in between her breasts and closed in on it. She started to move up and down. Clay started to moan a bit. “Well seems you can do it too.” She smiled as she put the tip into her mouth and started to lick it. She sucked on it slowly as she kept moving her breasts up and down, massaging is penis. “Katsumi, that feels incredible Clay started to bite down. Katsumi smiled and pulled away as semen landed onto her breasts. Clay was panting, his body sprawled out on the ground. “That took my mind off things.” “I’m glad to here it, I had fun you know.” She crawled next to him and put her head on his shoulder. He placed his hand on the back of her head. She climbed on top of him and they started to kiss again. “Just tell me when your ready for the next round Hun.” “Jeez Katsumi give me a break…I’m ready.”

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