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The Road to Becoming a Pirate.

by AiryFairy

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Balthier loves to teach a certain blond about the road to becoming a sky pirate.

Lips roam over silky, sun-sweet skin. Hands, large and callused, caress slender hips. A sharp, shuddering sigh breaks the early morning silence and a name tumbles from lips flushed dark pink and wet from devouring kisses.


“Mmm…” Balthier purrs, giving the tender flesh beneath his lips a bite as his hips continue to roll slowly forward.

Smaller hands, rough from work but not quite callused, clutch at the Strahl’s console. Blond hair shines in the grey light of the rising sun. Knowing a certain ex-knight arises with the sun Balthier whirls his companion to face him and his hips begin to move at a quicker pace. Lips press together as the pair almost frantically rut against each other. The sun, nearly properly risen, silhouettes the lovers and for a moment they look as one. But soon Balthier is tipping his head back and containing a loud, satisfied moan as he releases himself deep inside his partner. His blond lover reaches orgasm not long after with only a soft, pleased sigh escaping his lips.

“Well Vaan… you’ve evolved from a street rat to a thief to a sky pirate’s wench. I’m impressed.” Balthier grinned against his companion’s ear. “Maybe in a few years you’ll progress to sky pirate.”

“Bastard.” Was Vaan’s affectionate reply.

The pirate and his wench exchange a simple kiss before they right their clothes and head off to pretend they’d been in their separate rooms all night.


Balthier is grinning like an idiot. That is the first thing Fran notices when she enters the cockpit a few hours later in midmorning. The second thing is the scent of…

“Can you not ever contain yourself?” She asks.

Balthier’s grin just widens and Fran approaches the console, but soon stops cold.

“The scent gets stronger here…” She eyed her longtime friend. “You did not have him my seat did you?”

“Of course not, Fran. What do you take me for?”

The Viera sits down in the pilot’s seat and reaches for the controls.

“I had him bent over the console.”

Fran’s fingers stop just short of the controls and she glares at Balthier. However she cannot reprimand the pirate as Penelo chooses that exact moment to bounce into the cockpit.

“Are we going?” She asks excitedly. “I think I’m starting to love flying as much as Vaan!”

Fran eyes the controls with a slightly disgusted look on her face.

“Humes and their urges.” She mutters in an undertone to Balthier.

The pirate chuckles and Penelo looks at him, clearly confused. Soon she is distracted though as the rest of the party enters the cockpit and readies themselves for flight. Balthier and Vaan exchange a significant look that goes unnoticed by everyone but Fran. The Viera holds in a shudder and gingerly prods at the controls with her fingernails. Thankfully they're strong enough to get the job done and the Strahl soon arises into the blue cloudless sky.

The End.

Poor Fran. Having to work in such ‘unsanitary’ conditions XD

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