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Bump in the Night

by AiryFairy

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A drabble about poor Fran hearing things that no Viera should ever hear.

Gentle noises. Basch snoring lightly, Ashe muttering about how Balthier is a jerk even while she’s sound asleep, and Penelo giggling softly at something in her dream. Sounds that are easy to sleep through.

Footsteps. Not loud ones. Quiet. Stealthy. Not stealthy enough though. Footsteps that walk the length of the hall. The door at the end of the corridor opens with a soft creak then closes just as delicately. The footsteps continue, quieter than before, but still audible. Then a mattress squeaks faintly, a blanket rustles, and then…

“Ba-balthier-!? Mnn…!”

A soft popping sound. Two sets of lips drawing apart.

“W-what was that!?”

“Shh. Not so loud.”

“You come and molest me while I’m sleeping and you tell me to shush?”

A chuckle. “Really now, Vaan. I kissed you. That is hardly molestation.”

Vaan snorted and blankets shifted. “Says you.”

“So I have misinterpreted the furtive glances you send my way then?”


The mattress squeaked again. Balither moving closer to his prey.

“Yes, Vaan…?”

No reply other than a soft sigh and a quiet “Nnn…”

Louder noises. Grunts, moans, and sighs. Not loud enough to rouse the other party members. Basch was still snoring and Ashe still muttering. Penelo was silent but breathing deeply, clearly sound asleep. The din was eventually accompanied by the rhythmic squeak of Vaan’s mattress. The noise seemed to drag on for hours until finally a soft cry of ecstasy and a murmured “Vaan…” in response.

At last. Silence. Sweet rest and blackness…


“Mm… Balthier…”

Fran’s eyes snapped open, having not even gotten an hour’s worth of sleep yet. The Viera rolled out of bed and stormed down the hall, slamming the door to Vaan’s room wide open. Both men froze and looked at Fran, Vaan wide-eyed like a scared animal and her sky pirate partner grinning smugly.

“My hearing may not be what it once was, but I am not stone deaf. I am also very tired. Since you two clearly do not remember, I spent a great portion of my day saving you from a flock of Wyverns.”

“My apologies, Fran. I thought Vaan’s room was far enough away that you wouldn’t hear.” Balthier replied, still smirking.

“Well, I did.”

Vaan turned bright red at these words and sunk beneath the covers with an embarrassed moan.

“Take your thief to a different room or go to sleep. That is not a request.” Fran said, leaving the room and smartly closing the door behind her.

“Sorry Vaan.” Balthier chuckled amusedly, “I really did think your room was far enough away. I never thought Fran’s hearing was that advanced. The things she must hear…”

Vaan’s only reply was to let out another mortified groan.

The end!

Just wanted to try something new with POV. It may be jarring to some, but...meh... ^_^;

Poor, poor Vaan. What has he gotten himself into? XD

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