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Untold Redemption

by Lady D Valentine

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Angst, Final Fantasy, Lemon, Male/Male - Yaoi

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This will be another universe but not too far fetched...Chaos taking on Seph....mmmm I so look forward to writing these two.

Untold Redemption


The players were in place as the life stream carried within its fold the soul of Sephiroth, constantly creating havoc..in his idealic space. Gaia had observed him these many years and the cycle of his visions were trying to say the least.

This man's childhood and upbringing was responsible for the man's insanity, apart from the mental infection that Jenova caused.

{{What an irritation, this soul needs a new twist his life to bring about the changes required to gain peace within him. Well off he goes, he'll join his remaining brothers that survivied the blast.}} Gaia shakes her head, how within days he found his siblings, that the servitude had begun all over again.

Vincent was within the hidden branches of a tree close of the shell house, he had been staying there for hours. This was the first place he had checked according to the vision he had and was correct in his assumption.

Big brother had to take up the reins from the 'lost pups' that were still grieving of their loss of Kadaj. Yazoo and Loz would take turns to be screwed by big bother as Sephiroth got back control over their worthless lives. Sephiroth had rammed into them a motto,"My word... your law." until spent himself.

There was something in the distance, a feeling, strange almost, like he was being watched. Sephiroth frowned lightly, emerald green flickering sharply. It wasn't often he got that feeling without being correct, he had ignored it for a while, so that the younger ones would not be concerned, but now... well, now they were sleeping, it was high time he investigated for himself.

Soft footsteps took him to clearing where the bikes were parked. Sephiroth's lips pursed together into a thin line. Yes, it was here, just where he had felt it. Voice low, audible only to those who were listening, he spoke. "You might as well come out... if you do not.. I will make sure you do not do anything again."

Vincent was looking at the being below, it seemed like the young brothers were left alone. Now he had his chance to 'tango' with the man. "I doubt I WOULD allow that"

That voice. He knew it only too well. Where, he could not quite remember, but he knew it. The response made him chuckle softly though, whoever it was, they had a sense of repartee. "I doubt you would have a choice, but why don't you stop hiding and we will find out?" Lips now curved into a half smirk, half smile, eyes flickering steadily as he turned his gaze in the direction of which the voice had come.

Vincent gathered himself and misted onto the ground in front of him. His eyes glowed in amber, his stance of a calm collected person was the face shown,"What is there to find out of what I already know," He misted out and place himself behind Sephiroth holding his elbow to his back and claw to his neck.

If he was uncomforted by the action of the other, Sephiroth made no signs, his voice remaining calm and collected, no trace of emotion upon his face, no signs of trembling while held by the other. "Valentine. It has been a while, are you still not over trying to kill me?" He shook his head quietly, "You should know by now, that I do not die as easily as your other prey." His words over, he wasted no more time, his free hand moving swiftly towards the others arm, grip firm. "I suggest you let go now, or you will find yourself sorely troubled."

Vincent closeness to Sephiroth triggered Chaos awakening. His body took a silent transformation before he answered in the growled tone of Chaos,"Are you so sure? Maybe with Vincent you had a chance but I doubt it with me. I am curious what type creature you are, maybe I'd like a taste of what you gave your brothers. You seem to be somewhat to par of my strength. I need the challenge to get my body ready for a nice dive into you." Chaos wrapped his arms around Sephiroth and ground his hips into him before he slashed his cheek and backed away.

A sharp hiss of breath accompanied the slash, red and green trickling down the pale face, yet this only brought a smile to the ex-generals lips, the scent of blood only serving to heighten his bloodlust. "you're going to regret that... I will make certain of it." The cut healing even as the man spoke, Masamune out and in Sephiroth's left hand, an extension of his own arm. He may not be able to teleport, but Sephiroth had speed on his side, a black and silver blur moving to behind the other, Masamune at the throat of the creature, voice low, breath warm against the others ear. "Maybe if he's lucky.. Vincent will get a taste, but not until I've disposed of you."

Chaos's guttural laugh sprang forth,"Ah yes my pet, play with me, I need some enticing challenge to get my lust rolling. Vincent WILL enjoy what I will take willingly or forced out of you." Feeling the heated breath from his opponent only stirred his longing lust for this creature.

He misted out that trap only to set his own. He clawed away at the pants, an opening to Sephiroth's behind before Chaos took up both Sephiroth's arms and stretched to be held back. Chaos allowed the cut, the sliver of blood dripping from Sephiroth blade, to only add the pleasured pain push his sexual drive further.

He took the moment to grind into the silver creature,"HOW does it feel to receive what you do to others?" Leaving Sephiroth to feel his massive cock bulging against his bared crack.

"Try it and see where it gets you." Sephiroth spat at the other, annoyance more than anything causing those eyes to flash brightly, flames beginning to lick gently both at Sephiroth himself and at the one who thought to hold him, gradually heating further.

Sephiroth had never cared to be pinned, even as a child, now he was an adult and no longer helpless, he cared for it even less. "Tell me, how does it feel to know you will lose?" Foot moving sharply towards the kneecap of the other in a hard kick. "Think I will just roll over and play puppet for you?"

"No child, I want to hear my bird sing of passion or painful lust is all the same for me, aww hmgff that to the knee was not nice" Which gave him the excuse to free his conquest. The peck of pain of the knee made him realize his pet was going to be a challenge to be not taken for granted.

He dodged a few swipes of the blade before his shoulder caught one. Chaos barely hissed at the wound but it gained him access to grab hold both wrists with his bat wings claws. Leaving Chaos to grab with his free hands the sword and lay on the ground. Sephiroth was suspended in mid air by his wrists caught by wings claws.

"Well silver one...what do you say?"

"Hm.. let me think about that." Sephiroth growled softly, triumph in his eyes at having scored the mark against the other's shoulder, "I think the correct phrase would be..." he paused as if thinking about it, working out his strategy at the same time. "Go back to hell where you belong." His hands were grasped firmly enough that he could pull himself upwards, swinging up to deliver a kick to the others face with both feet, using the momentum to allow himself to land knees bent on the ground when he was released.

Chaos snorted up the blood from his nose and licked off the blood from his lips,"Yes that's it, give in to that anger and let me feel it when I plunge into you." Chaos looked on with white mooned eyes, his body rolled with heated lust that was ready to take his fill of this delicious creature.

He misted by and carved away the cloth that hid that privileged limb. It was finally exposed as he misted into the sky and flapped his wings waiting for his pets reaction.. He was at an distance where the sword could not yet touch but he was hard pressed to keep a watchful eye on his precious. He was fast.

It was easily too late for the other to say to give into the anger. Sephiroth was already there. His thinking involved only in defeating the cursed being that thought it could best Him. It was rather irritating that the other kept cutting into his clothing though, it was rather expensive that kind of leather, the only kind he knew that did not burn in extreme heat, a rather vital thing for him as his own body heat was rather higher than that of regular living creatures.

"What's wrong? Scared now you know I'll fight back and win?" He was beginning to enjoy this fight. It had been a while since he had found someone who was an actual Challenge. He leapt upwards and towards the other, Masamune slicing out, uncaring of What he hit provided he hit Something.

Chaos saw the oncoming fury of the silver haired one, he let his claws catch the blade to stop in front of ;his face. Claw and blade caught in a bind of steel. The creature had sure some strength to begin giving a challenge to his person but he allowed the creature the belief that he could have a chance.

It was pleasing Chaos greatly to tease the opposer to a kill or maim his person. He was never a real threat but to see the temper in those beautiful emerald eyes were enticing his lust to new levels. He had to have him now.

Yet now was not an option as far as Sephiroth was concerned. He was only beginning to fight. He pulled at the blade to get it away from the claw, growling sharply when the blade was not released. Reluctantly he released the blade himself, leaving it dangling in the creatures claws.

Sephiroth seemed uncaring of his state of undress now. That was unimportant compared to the battle itself. "Flames of darkness come to my aid." The spell cast, holding his hands upwards towards the other, a ball of flame growing in his palms and then flying at the one who would keep him captive.

Chaos saw the release of the sword and knew that he would do a magical attack. He let the blade fall where it would and cast himself the "Shell barrier" then returned it with the sleep mode of 3rd degree. That was it, Chaos had enough. "Listen my pretty, I'm done playing these games, I will have you, NOW."

"For starters. I'm not yours. Secondly, I am definitely not your pretty." Sephiroth retorted sharply, "Thirdly... you shall not have me. I do not care to be taken however much you try." He would not allow the sleep spell to take hold. No matter what. Eyes flashed sharply, leaping elegantly to the side. The blade dropped made life easier, he threw himself at the blade, grasping hold of it again. "Shall we say round two? Or have you had enough?"

Chaos chuckled his glee," ah you are sweet torturer, your voice and body are enticing and are intoxicating my lustful senses. Please do as you wish but I will remove each piece of cloth you wear until you have none. That will be your countdown. Shall we begin?"

"And what are my terms for winning hmm? I see no advantage in playing this through if you are going to use a flimsy thing like clothing as your count down." Sephiroth was amused now, "How about... if I manage to cut off that part of your body that you are so proud of... I win." So saying he leapt forwards once more, this time the blade aiming directly for the creatures lower region.

Chaos gave off an evil smile,"Listen child, there was not ever any intention for you to have advantage but to fold and receive my pleasure onto that exquisite body of yours. If you want to join and participate all the more better for you but boring for me. I feed on your ire and all you stand to lose. If you choose to threaten the limb that intends to plunder you then it will only flame my desire for you more." The claw blocked the path the blade took and pushed the blade away from it's mark to leave a slice in Chaos thigh making him hiss in pleasure.

Sephiroth's smirk was triumphant even so he had missed his target. He was not going to lose this. He would not and could not afford to. "If you think I will ever allow you to take me. You are sadly mistaken. I do not take. I only give." He threw the blade deliberately towards Chaos, once more aiming for the lower region. "If I have to cut off your legs to prevent you from your games.. so be it."

Chaos was truly enjoying this war of wills,"Yes lovely, I know you like to give, which will be fine by me as you swallow my cock with your pretty lips" His claws blocked the blade again, gaining another slash to his other thigh but this time, he was able to remove with his claw a whole pant leg of the right..

"I would sooner bite it off!" Sephiroth retorted sharply. "Just try and put that anywhere near me and you will see how long it remains attached to your body." He barely seemed to notice the lack of clothing, more intent on dismembering the creature before it had a chance to try and make good its promises. "And then what would you do? Hm?" He caught the blade as it fell, raising the blade to his mouth, licking the blood off, mm... a taste of things to come then. "You should be honored, your power shall become my own when I destroy you with Masamune."

Chaos smiled the evil grin,"Foolish child, you shall soon be in my arms withering in pleasure. You think you can best me, I can let you believe that are a few chances but they will be next to nil. The countdown continues...come my pretty one...come and play." When the silver haired pet licked off the sword, there were tremors of searing lust raising hell in Chaos.

"I don't think I can. I Know I can." Confidence in his voice that he didn't feel Quite as surely as he had when this started. Still, there was no need to let This thing know that. He could beat this. No matter what. He could beat it. Tongue moved against his lips, retasting the blood. Letting that surge through him, sending a shiver of pleasure down him where little else could once in this frame of mind. "Very well.. lets play. This is my game." Masamune moved again, no longer looking for where he was slicing, more aiming for quantity rather than quality. If he could cut enough things, the other might realize he was Serious.

Chaos was ready for whatever the man had in mind, but when those lips tasted his blood again on Seph's blade, he wanted to slam into him to ravage that mouth with his.

Sephiroth, had other things on his mind. "Giving up already? Good. Then go home." A soft low purr in his voice at the thought that he had won so easily after all. The leather could after all be replaced. The blade that had been so close to Sephiroth's mouth a few moments ago, was now slicing downwards towards the creatures knee joint in determination. Cripple him, and then perhaps he would give up.

Chaos had easily deflected the blade and was able to lay another cut to man's chest letting it color that white pearl of skin. It had removed the leather cross from Seph's chest," Oh yess now that's pretty color, yesssssss"

He hissed sharply at the flash of pain that raced through him, how in the name of Jenova had the man managed to cut him Again? This was intolerable! Unforgivable even! "You'll regret that." He promised the other in a low tone. Irritatedly he shrugged off the remainder of his coat, it was only getting in the way as torn as it was. Gloved hands grasped the blade tightly, eyes flickering unsteadily, glowing bright one moment only to darken the next, as if unable to make their mind up. He let the blade drop, reaching upwards to try and grasp the mans arm. With any luck he could at least break that instead. That claw was beginning to get on his nerves.

There was the sign of that he was looking for...his winged claws grabbed Sephiroth's wrists as in small swipe of his claw, removed the rest of his pants leaving the man utterly naked. The poor pet had tried feebly to get hold of something of him leaving himself exposed to such an attack.

Not quite what he had been aiming for. Sephiroth was swiftly starting to discover even He could tire eventually, his breathing no longer as smooth as it had been, pulse racing, he pulled downwards, trying to pull off the trick he had used earlier when captured thusly, only to discover he could not longer quite get himself that high. This was beginning to become more than annoying now. This was beginning to concern him. "Let. Me. Go." Each word curt and short. Anger revealing itself in the mans voice.

Chaos loved the sight of this powerful body. The lean muscles decorating the body with such finesse..yes this was delicious"meal" to be enjoyed.


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