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Lovers sacrafice...part 2

by Clayvman

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The second part of the short story for Dahdtoudi contest on DA so here it is...its...its for adults or sneaky people who know how to use the internet. Kya belongs to Dahdtoudi Tynan belongs to DarkPredatorPrincess Story by Me

Kya cuddled Tynan, he had woken up after he was nearly killed protecting her from Yukio. For the first time in a long time, she felt he was the one true hero of the day, his kidney was injured and they had to do surgery. Thanks to his brother, he now has at least one kidney to keep him alive, until Clay hooks them both up with a pair again.

“How are you feeling?” Said Kya snuggling up closer.

“Better now since you’re here” said Tynan putting his hand on her head. He had butterflies in his stomach though. He had never been this close with Kya, usually her brother put a stop to it before this happened but now she was laying on his chest. She was clothed and he had his shirt off. “Close enough” he thought to himself “If it’s the best that can happen I’ll take it to be with her.”

“Tynan, when you were on the ground, when you said you wanted me to be your bride and bare you a child…did you mean it.” Tynan blushed, he forgot he said that, it was a dream of his but he still wasn’t ready to tell her that, but he was relieved that it finally happened, he was always to shy to ask her that. He wasn’t usually shy but something like that made him. “Kya, I mean it, I really do, will you marry me someday. Will you be mine?” Kya looked up at him, she was almost busting into tears with joy. “YES YES I WILL!” She said leaping up to kiss him. They parted and stared into each others eyes, then they leaned in for a more passionate kiss.

Tynan started to take the top off of Kya, when it came off she hid herself, blushing “Don’t look.” She wasn’t usually one to be shy, but here and now, with Tynan and what they were about to do. It frightened her a little. “Why Kya, your beautiful.” She looked at him and slowly lowered her arms. She grabbed his one hand and placed it in the middle of her breasts. Then slowly slid it to one. Tynan was blushing, he had never done this with Kya, this is something he had dreamed for a long time. He slowly started to rub her. “Mmm” she hummed as he started to play with her.

Kya wrapped her arms around his head and slowly led him to her chest, where she felt one of her breasts enter his mouth, his tong went wild on it. She breathed deeper she enjoyed him doing it to her. Tynan slowly slid down, undoing her bottom part of her uniform. She was in red panties. A pair he enjoyed. He started to rub the outsides of it then went to the middle. He heard her breath deeper and in a higher pitch. She started to get wet down there and he slid down the soaked panties and toast them behind him.

Kya slowly lifted his shirt off, she almost teared up seeing the damage Yukio did to him. But he lifted her chin to make her look him in the eyes. He smiled as he kissed her. Tynan slowly stuck his tong to her lips, she let him in as there tongs danced on top of one another. Kya started to undo his pants as she didn’t break the kiss. He let his pants drop and stepped out of them, and leaned Kya over the bed as he laid on top of her.

Kya blushed as she looked at his thing. “Tynan is…is that thing really going inside of me, its too big” Tynan kissed her and then looked at her. “Kya, if you don’t want to do this we don’t have too.” Kya looked at him. “I want it…I want you.” Tynan nodded and positioned himself, Kya slowly opened her legs as he started to press down into her. Kya bit her lip it hurt. Tynan stopped he was half way in “Kya are you ok?” “Its ok” she said “As long as its with you I’ll be ok” Tynan kissed her as he slid the rest of the way in. When he was all the way Kya broke the kiss and tightened her grip around him. “Tynan it…hurts.” “Kya it’ll only be for a bit, then it’ll feel good.” “Ok, I trust you.” Tynan started at a slow pace. No real technique other then just thrusting into her. She moaned and wrapped her legs around him not letting him escape her. Kya looked him in the eyes then kissed him deep. “Tynan can I try for a bit?”

Kya sat up strait while looking down at her lover. She placed her hands on his chest and started to move her hips up and down and started to grind. Tynan started to moan as he fell back. Tynan grabbed her hips and started to thrust up into her. She grunted a bit and moaned in delight. “Kya I’m going to cum soon.” “Its ok Tynan just don’t stop I’m almost there too.” Tynan increased his speed and force, he made Kya go wild on top of him. He rolled her over and thrusted down into her. He felt it he was almost done. Kya didn’t let him leave though, she wrapped her legs around his waist, he was going to cum inside her. He leaned down and kissed her as he finally came, but he didn’t stop he kept going. “Tynan keep going” He followed his lovers order as he continued, he felt Kya tighten around his shaft as she came. Both of them fell to the bed.

Tynan slowly slid out of her. Her blood not to mention her juice was all over him. “Kya are you ok?” She grabbed the back of his head and kissed him. She cuddled up to him. “Tynan I’m so happy I could be here with you.” “Kya, you know what I’m also happy for…my stitches didn’t open so we know this activity is something we can do over and over again.” Kya smiled as she held him closer. She looked down he was already hard again. “Already Tynan?” “Its just me being close to you.” She smiled as she took a hold of it and placed it back inside her. “Lets do this some more lover.”

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