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What They're Searching For

by squallfan

Libraries: Humor, Lemon, Male/Male - Yaoi, Misc Anime and Manga, One Shots, Romance

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Starts out as a regular night for Gojyo and Hakkai, but they soon discover they both are looking for the same thing. Cute little one-shot I felt the need to write. (Yaoi Saiyuki fic)

What They're Searching For

Disclaimer: I do not own Saiyuki, nor the characters within. I do not profit from this story.


Crimson eyes watched Hakkai as he walked around the room, picking up a few papers to toss out and straightening pillows on the sofa. He had been cleaning for the last hour and Gojyo had been watching him closely, smirking every now and then when his green eyed friend would stop and look around to inspect his own work, then furiously start cleaning again.

"Is the place really that big of a pigsty, man?" Gojyo lit a smoke, putting his feet up on the coffee table Hakkai had just cleared off.

"Huh?" he muttered softly, dusting off a bookshelf with meticulous care.

"Will you stop the maid act and sit down for a while. You're gonna burn out if you keep it up."

One of those soft chuckles of his came out as he set the dust rag aside and sat down with a soft sigh. "Sorry, I just like to keep busy."

"Look, how long have you been living here with me since you were released from custody by the monks?....Two months, give or take a week?"

"Yes, and your point?" His smile was bright as always when his eyes turned to him.

"My point. Do you realized you have been cleaning like this every day since, at least two hours a day. What the hell, man?"

A soft shrug, a small smile on his lips. "Maybe I just like keeping my mind busy too."

Gojyo knew what he meant. He had heard his story. His wife being taken, Hakkai taking his vengeance on those Youkai. Him being forced to watch her take her own life right in front of his eyes, and unable to do anything to stop her. Gojyo's own past wasn't the best memories to have either, so he understood the pain of those images that never seemed to go away.

From the time he found Hakkai laying wounded on that rainy night, he had felt a connection to the man. His name had been Cho Gono then. His name may have changed, but the man had not. Hakkai was cheerful, soft spoken, and serious at times, even when Gojyo couldn't tell if he was being serious. Hell, he liked having him around. Their friendship had blossomed into a deep trust of each other. Best friends was the perfect way to describe it.

"Why don't we go out, have a drink?" Gojyo suggested. "That way you can keep your mind busy without doing work." He smirked, crushing out his cigarette in the ashtray. He watched Hakkai looking around the room again and chuckled. "Yes, that does it, we're goin out."

They went to a bar that Gojyo frequented a lot to drink booze, gamble and pick up the occasional hot lady for a night of fun. Hakkai had come with him a few times, and he usually just drank quietly, talking pleasantly to a few young women that would come onto him in their flirty way. Not once had Gojyo seen Hakkai leave with one of these pretty women that were obviously interested in him. Gojyo assumed the pain from losing Kanna was still too much to even enjoy the physical pleasures of sex.

Tonight was no different as he played a round of poker with a few other regular customers. They never learn. He lay out his winning hand to a response of annoyed groans, and a few pleased squeals from the two women standing behind him as he pulled the pile of money over to stuff in his pocket.

"One more round, Gojyo, come on. I can win it back."

He looked at the bearded patron across the table and smirked. "Sorry, I'm done takin your money for the night fellas." The other two men were already getting up from the table, their taste for playing anymore souring from losing so much cash to the redhead. "You can always try winning it back next time."

"Yeah, yeah, you bastard!"

Gojyo wasn't expecting much trouble from the burly guy. They had played cards almost every other night for a year now. Gojyo took a drink of beer, calmly looking at him over the rim of the mug. He also saw Hakkai out of the corner of his eyes, sitting at the bar as his attention went to the man who's voice just went up a notch. Even the ladies felt the tension as their touch on his shoulders tightened with the suspense.

"Now you're not going to do something stupid, are you buddy?" Gojyo's voice was cool as ice. He casually set his mug of beer down. "Because this was just a friendly game of poker. Not my fault you lost." He could see the guy was more drunk than he appeared by the glaze of his eyes.

"You cheated! You always cheat, I just need to prove it." He stood menacingly, knocking his chair back onto the wooden floor. All eyes turned toward the commotion, but Gojyo was more focused on Hakkai who began to edge off the bar stool he was perched on. Gojyo stared into the angry man's eyes and shook his head no, and Hakkai sat back, catching his friend's message. Gojyo loved a good fight, but this would be pointless really. The man was drunk and talking nonsense, and he didn't really want to hurt the guy.

"Tell ya what, sit back down, and I'll buy you another drink. You can win your money back next week." He watched the man's expression turn more sour, his hand balling up into a fist, but he still made no move to attack. Come on, man. I just want to have a few more drinks, and take one of these babes home for a good fuck. Seconds seemed to stretch into minutes before the man began to ease off his fury, his body relaxing more as his eyes lost their threatening glare.

"......Alright, but if I ever find out you are cheating, I won't hold back from breaking your pretty face!"

Gojyo chuckled. "Fair enough." He ordered a few more beers, and looked over to see Hakkai just shaking his head with a soft smile. The two ladies were already back to fawning over him, giggling furiously at each other. Hmm, maybe I'll take them both home. He smirked and had another thought. He looked over at Hakkai again and saw him drinking quietly, not paying much attention to a pretty woman that had just sat beside him and eyeing him up. You need to get laid, my friend.

He continued to drink and talk to his new lady friends as time dragged on. He found himself keeping an eye on his friend who had finally started to at least talk to the young woman beside him. Gojyo would smirk every time the woman would lay her hand on Hakkai's shoulder, or blatantly lean over to show him her cleavage. Hakkai, being the gentleman that he was would keep his eyes averted, and just smile softly, nodding as she talked about this and that.

It had to be obvious to him she wanted in his pants, but he knew Hakkai enough to see he was doing everything he could to avoid it. Gojyo just didn't know why he couldn't let loose for one night and get rid of some tension. He damn well deserved it, that was a fact. Gojyo knew there had to be more to his hesitation than just the loss of his woman months ago. He just couldn't figure out what it was.

His attention perked up when the woman suddenly pressed forward and kissed Hakkai full on the lips, her hand going to the back of his neck. Gojyo was barely hearing what one of his lady friends was whispering in his ear as he watched the scene progress into something uncomfortable and heated. Gojyo's mouth fell open slowly as he watched Hakkai gently push her back and turn his face away from her. She was insistent and tried for another lip lock, and he was more forceful with his hands this time.

She stood with a disgusted look, and staggered from having one too many drinks as the night had progressed. "What is wrong with you?! You don't have a cock or something?!" Her words were slurred, and she looked like she was about to start blubbering uncontrollably.

The ever calm Hakkai just looked at her and smiled pleasantly. "I'm sorry, Miss. But you should really just walk it off and go home. You're drunk, and I won't take advantage."

"Oh, I see, maybe you're a fag then! Is that it?!" Again, Hakkai only smiled softly as other patrons of the bar began to stare at the drunken woman.

Stupid bitch. Gojyo stood and stepped over smoothly, pushing between them. "Look, sweetheart. He's right. You're drunk. You should be lucky he's a nice enough guy not to take you when you're like this."

"Fuck you! Fuck you both!!" She stumbled back, nearly falling over on her way to the door in her drunken state.

"Not tonight sweetheart!" He called after her to the sounds of amused laughter from a few buzzed customers. He turned back to his friend and saw a look of pity in his green eyes. "Hey, don't worry about her. She'll be fine once she sleeps it off. Probably won't even remember what she did."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." He glanced at his unfinished drink and sighed. "I think it's time for me to call it a night as well. It's late." He looked over at the two woman who were impatiently waiting for Gojyo to return and chuckled. "Besides, I think your friends are getting mad at me now for having your attention over them."

"Nah, they can wait a minute." Gojyo sat beside him and ordered a shot of whiskey. "Hey, I know this is a personal question, but....why don't you ever take any of these girls home?" He lit up a cigarette, and watched his face as he thought the question over.

".....I guess...that's just not what I'm looking for." He chuckled. "I guess that doesn't make sense, huh?"

"Sure it makes sense, Hakkai." Gojyo smirked and tossed his arm around his shoulders. "At least you're not a slut like me." He winked and smiled when Hakkai's eyes brightened with a soft laugh. He had really come to love his smile, and his laugh. It was amazing to Gojyo that he could seem so happy and content all the time, but there was something hiding underneath all that. He could feel it like a fever coming off his body. "Come on, hang around a bit longer. You know, I've never seen you drunk."

"No." He slipped off the bar stool. "Go on. Have a good time. I'll see you in the morning sometime." He headed for the door and slipped out without another glance back.

"Hakkai!" Dammit.

"Gojyo, come back over here, handsome." He looked over to see the ladies beckoning to him seductively, and it was very tempting, but he found himself getting up and following Hakkai instead. He heard them call after him, but he just felt the urge to stop Hakkai. There was something.....something.... I got two hot chicks waiting for me, and I'm playing hide and seek with Hakkai. I must me losing it.

The night was cool, and he shivered slightly with a light breeze blowing through. The street was empty, save for a few people walking to their homes at the late hour. He just saw Hakkai rounding the corner and headed off to catch up at a fast walk, finishing off his smoke and tossing it away. In the back of his mind he kept wondering, Why am I doing this?, but he moved on, keeping Hakkai's back in his sights. He turned the next corner and Gojyo sped up, taking the corner and running right into Hakkai's chest. He fell back on his ass with a grunt of surprise and looked up at amused green eyes.

"Shit, man, did ya have to do that?" He stood up and brushed dirt from his pants with a scoff of annoyance.

That soft chuckle. "Why are you following me when you have two attractive women at the bar waiting for you?"

"Hell, I don't really know." He sighed and looked at him again. "Are you sure you don't want to talk about something. You have been a little preoccupied lately, like something is on your mind."

"I'd have to say the same about you, Gojyo."

"What? Me with something on my mind other than smokes, drink and women?" He shook his head a bit, but got thinking seriously for a moment. Well, I have been thinking about Hakkai a lot. Always worried if he's okay, and.... He looked at him and gazed at his soft smile.

"Are you sure it's not just you who is the one that's been preoccupied, Gojyo?"

Like a dream Gojyo stepped closer to him, looking into his eyes with a questioning. "What kind of mind game is this?" Gojyo's voice was a whisper, but Hakkai flinched ever so slightly, a soft gasp passing those lips that he was gazing at again. Gojyo shivered, but it wasn't the chill in the air that caused it, it was the familiar heat that started in his stomach and slowly began to travel to his loins.


He shivered again at the sound, his name coming from his lips like a silken caress across his ears. Had any woman in the simple act of saying his name made him react this way? He could think of not one. He began to wonder if it was the booze he'd drank that was making him feel this way, but he had barely gotten a buzz, and that had quickly worn off long before he started his pursuit of Hakkai through the dark street of the town.


"Dammit, stop saying my name like that," he said with a growl, and gently pushed Hakkai against the building they were standing by, pressing close like it was the most natural thing to do.

"Like what?" The two words came out in a rush of breath as his hands came up to press against Gojyo's chest, but not with much force. Hakkai's eyes looked back at him with a hint of uncertainty.

"You know. Like you want me to do what I'm doing right now," he answered softly, bringing a hand up to brush his fingers over Hakkai's cheek, his other on his slim waist teasing the fabric of his shirt. Hakkai's lips parted slightly, and Gojyo was sure he was about to speak, but only the softest whispering sigh came forth. He let his thumb pass gently over his lips to feel their texture. They were moist and full to the touch, and he could feel the heat of his breath. He watched his own thumb brushing back and forth over them, slowly moving his gaze up to Hakkai's eyes again. Gojyo was not much taller than Hakkai, but his head was tilted up slightly to look back at him. His glasses reflected the stars of the night sky, blocking the beautiful green of his eyes.

"Damn stars in the way," Gojyo muttered.

"Huh?" He saw Gojyo half smirk as his hand moved up and began to slide his glasses off his face.

"The stars." He absently slid the glasses in his pocket, then tenderly cupped his chin. "They were blocking your eyes."

".....Oh..." He blinked rapidly for a moment and swallowed thickly. He hadn't been this close against another person since Kanna, and it almost felt new to him. That's because this is new. Gojyo is a man...., but that doesn't matter. He felt his face burn with the thought as he stared into deep crimson eyes that were filled with a searing lust. His eyes are like fire, not blood, but a roaring fire.

"Damn, you're blushing." A knowing smile graced his lips as he began to gently brush his cheek again.

Hakkai chuckled. "I'm not blushing." He knew the denial was fruitless as he felt the heat rising up even more on his skin.

"Oh, you're blushing, no doubt about it." His voice was coaxing as his face inched closer. "I wonder, how far does it go?" Hakkai let out a slow breath as the hand cupping his cheek ran down the side of his neck, the long fingers teasing his skin with small circling motions.

Hakkai couldn't stop the words from slipping out. "Is this how you seduce your women?" The hand froze it's descent. "Who's playing mind games now?" Those eyes like fire narrowed, and the hand that had just been as gentle as silk roughly clutched his hair.

"Do you really think that?" Hakkai heard the undertone of a growl, and lust coiled in the pit of his stomach. "You think I'm just wanting to use you?!"

"No...." He smiled and started to laugh. "I just wanted to see if I could wind you up."

Gojyo's eyes widened. "Oh, you asshole. I hate when you do that." His body pressed impossibly closer, and Hakkai could feel the brick of the building digging in his back, but he paid it no mind as he continued to chuckle helplessly. "Stop laughing." He chuckled and shook his head. "Ah, fuck it." Gojyo moved in and captured his lips, slipping his tongue inside before he could close his mouth. He needn't have worried as Hakkai welcomed the slick probing tongue, dancing his own slowly around it.

Hakkai's laughter was finally dead as he melted against Gojyo, and the coiling lust began to build once again. Hakkai let his tongue explore, running over his teeth and the roof of his mouth. He didn't think he had ever experienced a kiss so deep that it made him forget where he even was as this one was doing. His body shivered, and he yelped softly into the kiss as a cold hand inched inside his shirt, the icy fingers teasing a nipple until it was so erect that it throbbed. His fingers were relentless with their toying, flicking and twisting the nub until Hakkai was gasping heavy into the kiss. Gojyo began to pull from the kiss, but Hakkai moved forward so it wouldn't break, kissing his lips until his partner began to chuckle and rub his chest, gently pushing him back just enough so he could look into his eyes again.

"We should get off the street and head home, don't you think?" Gojyo's voice was husky, and his mouth was still so close that Hakkai could feel him talking. The hand inside his shirt had become warm against his skin and was still deliciously tormenting his hard nipple. Hakkai could only swallow and nod his head a little.

Gojyo smirked soft, eyes twinkling. "Yeah.." It was a whispering sound from his lips, but if spoke volumes to his ears. Gojyo's smirk faltered though when off in the distance two female voices were calling out his name.

"Guess your companions from the bar got tired of waiting," Hakkai whispered and looked in the direction of the voices, but he couldn't see them yet.



"Run," Gojyo hissed and yanked him from the wall to haul ass toward their house. It was only a few blocks away so it wouldn't take them long to get there, but laughing while you were running made the job a little more tiring. Gojyo prayed the ladies wouldn't hear the echo of there footsteps as they fled. Hakkai was the first through the door and stumbled in as Gojyo slammed and locked it, still laughing breathlessly, then sliding to the floor to catch his breath.

"Don't they know where we live?" Hakkai asked, panting through the words with a smile as he slumped on the sofa.

"No. I hadn't sealed the deal with either of them yet." His head thumped back against the door as his breath slowly calmed. Hakkai was silent across the room, and he tilted his head back down to look over at him. His expression had become unreadable in the dim light of the living room. "Something wrong?"

"Sealed the deal? Is that what you call it?" His gaze was hard, his chest still heaving slightly with the soft pant of his breath. "Have you sealed the deal with me, Gojyo?" His voice was soft, the sound pleasant and inviting in contrast to the words and cold eyes.

Gojyo didn't speak, or bother to stand up. He crawled over to the sofa, keeping his red eyes fixed on Hakkai's greens. When he reached his legs, his hands went to his thighs, rubbing gently over them. He could feel a tremble beneath his hands, and it only aroused him more at the thought of Hakkai being nervous. Hakkai wasn't a timid man. Strong and a fearsome fighter. Gojyo has seen it with his own eyes more than once since their first meeting that dark night.

"Don't be stupid, Hakkai. If I'd wanted a simple fuck, I could have stuck with those two." He lay his head on his lap, and it felt damn good there. He closed his eyes when he felt Hakkai's fingers brush through his hair, and he was the one trembling now. He wanted him so much, but he didn't want to pounce on him either. Slow and gentle, but how long could he hold himself back. He hadn't felt a desire this strong in a very long time.

"Are you going to sleep?" His voice was so low he almost didn't catch the question. Gojyo's eyes opened and he turned his head upward to look at him. Hakkai was smiling again, the cold gleam of his eyes gone. "That was unfair for me to say, Gojyo. I'm sorry. I'm just a little taken aback by this."

"So am I, but I like it," Gojyo answered, and swallowed, his hands gripping his thighs a little tighter. "Is this one sided here?"

Hakkai shook his head no, and his smile reached his eyes. Gojyo needed no more assurance. He moved his head face down on his lap, his lips brushing over the cloth of his pants until his mouth was against his groin. He felt Hakkai's organ jerk through his pants against his lips, and heard him sigh softly from above. Gojyo smirked, testing the waters a bit. He kissed and nibbled at the rough cloth, feeling his cock grow harder against his lips. Hakkai had begun to pant rapidly, his hands running through his hair, and brushing the sides of his face.

"Gojyo." His name came from Hakkai in a strained moan, his body tension as rigid as the erection pressing against his pants. Gojyo's own pants felt extremely too tight, but he ignored the discomfort and worked to get Hakkai's cock free, his fingers working briskly on the button and zipper. He'd never done this before, but he'd gotten enough blow-jobs to know how it worked. Gojyo tugged open his pants, looking up at Hakkai for a moment. His soon to be lover had a pink tint to his cheeks again and he smirked. His hand snaked into his boxers to grab the warm, hard flesh of his cock.

Gojyo's breath shuddered. "Damn, I love that blush." He stroked over his length slowly, getting a feel for his bodies reaction to his touch. Hakkai was shivering, nibbling on his bottom lip in the most adorable way, and moaning softly between gasps of breath as his hand worked over him. Gojyo wanted to see just how far Hakkai would let go. He licked his lips and moved his mouth over the head of his cock, rolling and massaging his tongue around the flesh.

"Don't stop." Hakkai breathed, voice breaking slightly as his moans increased.

I'm not about to. Gojyo took more of his organ, working the flesh with his tongue, getting used to the thick shaft sliding in and out of his mouth as he took more of his length. He bobbed his head, taking as much as he could, using his teeth lightly and moving his tongue wildly along the shaft to make up for what he couldn't reach. His hand worked further inside his boxers to grab the base of his cock, stroking up and down with the movement of his mouth. He must have been doing a damn good job with the way Hakkai was crying out with abandon, and gripping his hair like he might pull away.

Hakkai looked down to watch him, unable to stop moaning with the hot pleasure radiating from his cock and further throughout his body. He never dreamed this could happen. He hadn't even thought about it, but now he was inclined to wonder why they hadn't done this much sooner. His breath caught when his stomach began to burn hotter, and his hips jerked on their own accord making his cock slip deeper into the depths of Gojyo's searing mouth. His legs spread, and his feet planted hard on the floor with his thrusting movements.

Gojyo's groan was muffled around the girth sliding smoothly between his lips and against his tongue. His jaws were beginning to ache, but it was a gratifying pain, only making him work harder to get Hakkai to the release that he so eagerly desired. He could taste the salty beginnings of his pre-cum at the back of his throat, and he pushed Hakkai's hands away even as they tried to pull him off his cock. No, he wanted to feel what it was like. He wanted to taste the release he was working so diligently to bring from his lover.

Hakkai's back arched off the sofa as he felt the the pleasure swelling into something overwhelming. His hands gripped the sofa cushions as it continued to build stronger, his throat almost dry from the gasps and cries that he could not quiet. His cock was like a throbbing piece of lead working in and out of the heat of Gojyo's mouth and he couldn't take much more. His eyes squeezed shut as he felt the orgasm tear through his body, yelling out so loud he couldn't hear Gojyo moaning around his flesh, only feeling him sucking impossibly harder like he was trying to milk him completely.

Gojyo wasn't expecting the shot of thick seed that splashed across the back of his throat to be so powerful. He swallowed in reflex, taking half of his essence in the process. He pulled back a little, sucking harder and finally tasting the salty remains of his climax, letting the tart, but not unpleasant flavor roll across his palate. The sound of Hakkai's pleasure filled his ears, along with his own heavy breathing and sucking sounds he was making as he took care in cleaning his lover's slowly softening organ.

"God..Gojyo," Hakkai chuckled, his breath still hectic as he lay his head back to look up at the ceiling. His hands were back in Gojyo's hair again, lovingly brushing his fingers through the crimson locks.

Gojyo licked his lips, still tasting his release on them. "Good?"

"Try incredible." He smiled down at him, his hair hanging in his eyes and sticking to his sweaty brow.

"Well, I do try." He smirked and crawled up to straddle his lap, his cock aching and straining in his pants. He groaned soft as it brushed impatiently inside it's confinements, sending a bolt of pained pleasure through his groin. Hakkai didn't need to ask as he pressed the palm of his hand against the bulge and caressed it, moving it in a circular motion, watching Gojyo's expression with a soft smirk of his own. "Hakkai, don't tease me," he groaned, rocking up impatiently against his palm.

"After the pleasure you've just given me. Why would I do that?" Hakkai's body shifted, and Gojyo fell sideways on the sofa with a soft grunt. He looked at Hakkai to see him smiling, but that shade of pink was rising on his cheeks again. Hakkai moved above him and pressed close against his body, kissing his lips, sharing the taste of the essence he had taken. "I can only hope I will please you just as much." Hakkai's knee rubbed over the bulge, kissing him deeper as Gojyo moaned helplessly with the torment. Hakkai's hands worked open his shirt as his lips trailed lower down his chin, and along his adams apple that he nuzzled before going further. His knee continued to brush and rub deliciously across his enclosed erection, and it was practically turning his body into jelly.

"Oh fuck, are you gonna make me beg?" He was groaning and jerking his hips to get more friction, but it was only making it worse. Hakkai seemed to think it was amusing and laughed softly as he kissed and licked across his chest, taking one of his nipples in his mouth to suckle thoroughly. He used his teeth in a way that made Gojyo hiss and shiver, and his cock twitched, throbbing hotly as it begged to be free. Gojyo was beginning to sweat just from the rampant, building need in his body. He was even beginning to whimper, which he never did as Hakkai's lips teased down further, leaving light kisses over his abs. He bit back a cry of relief when he felt him unfastening his pants with nimble fingers.

"And I told you I wouldn't tease. I'm sorry." Hakkai gazed up at him, smiled a little, and gingerly pulled his erection out of his boxers. He brushed his fingers over the length, tracing a vein, then moving close to slide the tip of his tongue along the same path.

Gojyo held his breath, watching him as his slick tongue trailed up to the head of his cock. Hakkai stopped, his eyes focusing on the pre-cum pearling at the slit. Please, please, please. Gojyo forced himself not to say it aloud. He'd never begged for sex ever in his life, and he didn't want to start now, but for Hakkai he might just be willing to. A soft, curious sound came from Hakkai as one finger slowly smeared the wetness around his cock head. Gojyo let out a slow breath when he put his finger in his mouth to have a taste. He started to whimper again as Hakkai sucked on his own finger with such thoroughness that his cock twitched impatiently, and spent more drops of pre-cum that began to roll down his length.

"You're killing me here, baby." The sentiment flowed from him naturally as he lay there gasping and painfully aroused.

Hakkai blushed and chuckled soft. "Sorry, I've never done this before. I just want to really enjoy it."

"And while you're enjoying it, my cock is going to explode," he groaned out and Hakkai began laughing so hard that his body shook and tears stood in his eyes.

"It's not funny, dammit." But even as he said it he was already laughing with him. Laughing during a sexual encounter wasn't the norm for Sha Gojyo, but it just felt right with Hakkai. His already handsome face become more beautiful as he laughed at the amusing situation, and Gojyo touched his cheek to wipe the few tears away that trailed down it. Hakkai put his hand over his gently, and looked up into his eyes as his amusement slowly died to soft chuckles.

"Well, I certainly don't want that to happen." Hakkai's smile turned more alluring as his eyes lidded heavy with desire.

"Oh fuck," Gojyo whispered at his expression and shuddered with a shocked moan as Hakkai took the head of his cock into his mouth. He could feel his tongue working over and around him, lapping up the spent pre-cum. His hand moved from his cheek to his hair, running his fingers through the soft texture of it. Gojyo couldn't take his eyes off his cock going in and out of Hakkai's mouth, nor did he think he was going to last long. He had been teased far too much, and it felt so damn good. It didn't help that Hakkai was staring up into his eyes as he took his length again and again, lashing the underside with his tongue with each bob of his head. And damn if he wasn't blushing again, his bulging cheeks a sweet pink color.

Hakkai swallowed, breathing hard through his nose and relaxed his throat, taking more than he thought he'd be able to. He couldn't take his eyes from Gojyo's. The connection between them was just too strong to look away. He saw beads of sweat building on Gojyo's face as his breath deepened, his chest heaving in a rhythmic movement. His body language was enough to tell him he was close to release as his hips began to pump with the pace of his mouth. The sounds he was making though, that sound was a pleasure all it's own. A soft kind of musical caress to his ears. Ah, ah, ah. It got steadily louder until he began to taste the salty tang of his essence.

The climax that he had been on the verge of having since Hakkai started spilled forth, and his body jerked with the hot bolt of pleasure. His balls tightened up as his body arched, the orgasm so intense that it almost hurt....almost. He groaned deep, his hand gripping the cover of the sofa so hard it ripped with the force. His other hand was balled up in Hakkai's hair, but he had enough sense about him not to tug it too roughly. As the pleasure rolled off him, he lay back and closed his eyes in a sweaty disheveled mess, his moans going soft as he felt Hakkai take his mouth off him, only to kiss along the softening organ.

Hakkai crawled up when Gojyo grabbed his shirt and tugged it in a urging way, and he lay against his chest. He could feel his heart thudding and he smiled soft, pressing his ear closer to listen. Hakkai let his hand roam over his chest, smirking slightly as he played with a button on his open shirt with the other. Neither of them spoke, only the sound of their soft breath heard as they lay together. He turned his head, kissing around one of Gojyo's nipples and felt his cock twitch in response against his stomach.

"We're way over dressed here," Gojyo said, shifting a little in annoyance as their half open clothes bunched around them.

"I agree," was Hakkai's soft response, and he sat up a bit as Gojyo started to help him pull his shirt over his head. His eyes were still covered with the fabric when he felt Gojyo's lips press to his in a sweet kiss, and his lips parted with a soft breath to invite his tongue inside. Gojyo was more than happy to oblige, sliding his tongue between his lips in a deeper, lusher kiss as he yanked the shirt the rest of the way off. He shrugged his own open shirt off his shoulders with Hakkai's help, then began to ease his lover's pants down over his hips, letting his hands brush across his ass. In seconds they were nude and laying against each other, the kiss unbroken and passionate with the rebuilding of their arousal.

"Come on," Gojyo muttered softly against his lips, easing off the sofa and taking his hand to lead him to a more comfortable spot. Gojyo's bedroom was dark with shimmers of moonlight coming through the window and spreading across the floor. The sheet was cool against Hakkai's body as Gojyo lay him back, his hot body a contrast atop him as their lips touched again. Every touch was soft, but urgent and the same time as their legs intertwined and rubbed together. Hakkai gasped as their hard shafts brushed heavily against each other, his head tilted back as his neck was covered with delicate kisses.

"You told me once," Hakkai panted with a soft moan, "that I was the only man you ever had in your bed." Memories of his time recovering from his injuries coming to mind. "I guess that has more meaning now."

Gojyo's hair tickled across his skin as he lifted his head to gaze down at him, a sly smile on his lips. "Yeah, I think so too."

Hakkai smiled back. "I'm ready, Gojyo." His crimson eyed lover leaned close and kissed his lips soft, then pulled back to reach the side table beside the bed. He slid the drawer open and came out with a bottle that Hakkai looked at curiously with a soft chuckle. "Love Oil," he read the label with amusement.

"Hey, it's good stuff," Gojyo said with a crooked grin. "It's for massage, and lubrication if needed, and baby, I think we need it."

Hakkai let his chuckle trail off and nodded softly, reaching up to brush Gojyo's hair from his face. "We've come this far. Please keep going." Gojyo's eyes softened and he opened the bottle, his hands shaking a little as he did. He squeezed some of the oily contents on his palm before he stroked it over his shaft, the slick mess coating his fingers in the process. Hakkai was already spreading his legs willingly, panting with the excitement that was making him tremble.

"Relax," Gojyo whispered and moved his hand down, sliding his slick fingers along the crack to find his entrance. It was puckered, and he tested Hakkai's reactions, gently rolling his fingertip around it. His lover's body shivered and his legs spread wider to invite him to go further. Gojyo pressed in, gasping even louder than Hakkai when his finger pushed past the tight ring of muscle to be hugged by his tunnel. "Damn, I've never felt anything so tight." He rolled the digit deeper inside him, watching Hakkai's face that was a mask of surprised pleasure. "Is it good?" He didn't think it was necessary to ask, but a perverse part of him wanted to hear Hakkai say it.

"Give me more," Hakkai moaned, arching against his hand, his cock bobbing with the motion.

"Oh, fuck me," Gojyo purred and added another finger, pumping them in and out, scissoring them rhythmically. Hakkai's body arched and rocked with him until he cried out sharply when his fingertips grazed his prostate. Gojyo groaned as all Hakkai's inhibitions were blown away in the moonlit glow of the bedroom, rocking his hips harder against his hand, moaning and panting with uninhabited gratification.

"Gojyo, please." He pushed back against his arm until his fingers slid free and pulled him forward over his body. "I need you." His expression was one of desperation.

"You got me, Hakkai." He rocked forward, feeling Hakkai's legs brushing his sides as he slipped inside his virgin hole, hissing with the heat surrounding his cock. The unyielding pressure hugged his erection, and he was left gasping hotly against Hakkai's neck. The legs around him tightened and pulled him closer, urging him to thrust. He gave to the pull and began to pump his hips leisurely, relishing Hakkai's total surrender.

The music of their ecstasy was an orchestra of soft words, harsh gasps of breath, and the erotic sound of slapping flesh. Hakkai was already stretched to what he felt was his limit, but he wanted his lover deeper. One leg lifted up closer to his chest, and he whispered to Gojyo. "Harder." Gojyo groaned and thrust with more force, making the bed creak and shake as he held up his lovers leg up with a strong arm. Hakkai yelped so loud when his prostate was hit by the stiff organ delving inside him that Gojyo froze for a moment in shock. "No, don't stop!"

Gojyo resumed his wild pumping, and covered Hakkai's lips with a kiss that was just as probing, sliding his tongue against his lover's. He could feel Hakkai's cock sliding between their stomachs with the steady motion of their bodies, the sweat they had building making it slick against their skin. He shuddered, groaning into the kiss as he imagined how that beautiful cock would feel inside him.

Hakkai could feel his stomach heating up, and his cock throbbed against flesh as his sweet spot was hit repeatedly with Gojyo's urgent thrusts. So close. He moaned louder in the kiss, breathing rapidly and deep through his nose as he felt the tide building fast. It was like he was suffocating with the sensations, and he broke from the kiss, taking in deep breaths as he moaned helplessly, arching up harder against Gojyo's body. He looked into his red eyes and groaned as his balls tightened with the first bolt of pleasure through his cock, yelling his name when he spent hard, his thick seed spilling hot between their writhing bodies.

Gojyo gasped when Hakkai's tunnel contracted around him and shuddered with the unbelievable pleasure. He watched Hakkai's sweat covered face as he cried out, the expression of total bliss enough to draw him closer to his own climax. His hips worked faster as he grunted and groaned, the hot pressure of his tunnel squeezing and pulling his organ, inviting him to let go. His own cries filled the room as he spent deep inside him, rocking hard with Hakkai who was still moving deliciously with him to take his lover through the climax.

Even after he was spent, Gojyo still moved weakly above him, gasping as his sensitive cock began to soften within Hakkai's body. The afterglow slowly took over and he kissed his lovers lips gently, still panting from the exertion of their encounter. He cursed softly, finally letting Hakkai's leg down with a bit of a sheepish expression. Hakkai only chuckled breathlessly and kissed him again, holding him closer as his legs relaxed down on the bed.

"You okay?" Gojyo asked him softly after a while of cuddling quietly in the dark. He felt pleasantly tired, but he just couldn't seem to drift off just yet. Maybe because he had to hear what he would say.

Hakkai shifted in his arms and tilted his head up to kiss his lips. "Yes." His eyes sparkled when he smiled. "Did you doubt it?"

Gojyo thought back to all that had happened between them since that rainy night they met and had to smile back. "No, I guess I didn't." Sleep came easy after that as they held each other close, neither waking until the light from the morning sun filtered through the bedroom window. They made love again in the warmth of it's rays, both of them finding that comfort they had been searching for.


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