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Traces of Lust

by ArticTiger

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Tentions between a few lovers; one want one to her self the other is unsure. Temtation and desires are their weaknesses! Read :D

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Chapter 1

Traces of Lust


Traces of Lust
Chapter 1
Warning: Contains Yuri, Yaoi, threesomes and Foursomes.
Nicodemus was walking along the village of the Thunder mountains. The weather there always rained but Nicodemus didn’t mind in fact that is his favorite kind of weather, rain, and thunder. Walking along the steep cliffs enjoying his walk his mind was wondering off to things he wanted to do, ideas set in mind of things he wanted to do and still wanted to do those to a selected few people.
 Nicodemus’s mind wondered back from time to time when he was locked up in Suna in the darken prison cell and Vince came up and started at first beating him, ripping off his clothes and started raping him. From there it moved on to where Vince’s girlfriend took part in the three some until Vince got out of hand on Nicodemus. All that ended.
Nicodemus didn’t really care for Jayda Vince’s girlfriend at the time.
Nicodemus laughs to himself.
“Selfish fucker; he’s got a girlfriend yet tried to go after his own teammate… oh wait no… he fucked her a while back and ended up having his son. Hmm what was her name… Oh yea Dawn. Hmm… there is someone I wouldn’t mind having her.”
Nicodemus thought of a few ideas but not enough images of Dawn. Nicodemus wasn’t very fond at all by Jayda’s appearance. He didn’t like tall girls at all, and Jayda was trying too hard to please Vince’s every needs.
A lot has happened in Suna since the major battle leading to a lot of deaths, and destruction. Nicodemus stopped when he remembered over hearing Gaara talking to Jason about a few people that lost their children even newborns. One he remembered about Vince where he covered both his young son, his girlfriend and of course she was expecting another baby. Another part of hearing how Dawn nearly died from using too much of her chakra. Her son Alexander was killed, her newborn son Seifer also killed…
Nicodemus remembered that a kid… in an Anbu form was the one who revived the dead, very few. Nicodemus never knew just who that kid was.
Nicodemus looks off the distance and continues walking the steep trail. Half way up Nicodemus was pulled away from the trail and suddenly found himself in a dark hallow cave. Someone really strong held onto him, he knew just who it was.
A large hand grabs a hold of his hair pulling it back, while the other large hand started to unbuckle the belt of Nicodemus’s pants. Once unbuckled, then the 5 buttons to the jeans are freed; the large hand reached inside stroking Nicodemus’s cock.
Nicodemus moved his hands on to the one large hand that was busy stroking his cock. Out of no where Nicodemus’s shirt was off and now his pants are starting to slid off by itself. Nicodemus wears baggy pants, so they were sliding off of him. His now naked body was feeling the cold air and the other combination of heated breath on skin.
Another yank to Nicodemus’s hair forcing Nicodemus looking up and feeling a hot wet tongue running against the shell of his ear. Whispers of hot lusty desires rang into his ear until Nicodemus paused to hear what Vince said.
“I thought you might enjoy her…look.” Whispered Vince.
Nicodemus dazed with lust in his eyes to see in the direction off the corner where he saw Dawn, the dark lust side of her that he’s never seen before at all until now.
Dawn walks up in a corset/vinyl teddy complete with a thick chain in her hand. Her chocker she was wearing had a big ring hung down in the center she looked like she as chained up to something. Her corset was a combination waist sinchure and under bust revealing her 48DD beasts; nipples pierced with 8 gauge nipple rings. Her eyes were a darker green with red mixed. Her hair was down, she started walking up to him.
Vince continued whispering into Nicodemus’s ear. Nicodemus looked at Dawn wondering just what she was going to do to him. Dawn now close enough where she raised her one arm up placing her hand on Nicodemus’s face. Nicodemus didn’t waste anytime as he placed both of his hands on Dawn’s breasts. He pulled her closer now against him he runs his one hand up to Dawn’s face and kissed her. His mouth dominated over hers his other hand moved away from Dawn’s breast down in between her legs; he feels just how soft and obviously she waxes so her crotch was as smooth as silk not one prickly or stubble there.
He starts rubbing her folds until it started to get wet in his fingertips. Dipping his fingers index and middle inside of the tight walls. A few moans escaping from Dawn both from his kisses & pumping her inner walls getting her wet. Vince still holding onto Nicodemus’s hair pulled on his hair again this time his hand started to stroke his hard cock. Nicodemus felt he was being pulled down to the ground by both Vince & Dawn.
Now on the floor of the cave, all were on their knees at least there was some soft blankets to cushion the hard cave ground. Dawn’s legs were now spread apart as Nicodemus continued to pump her inner walls. He slowly stopped as he inserted his ring finger, now added more pressure and thrusting. After a few hard thrusting pumps, the inner walls began to leak. Vince paused to see Dawn cumming. Nicodemus remembered the last time he made Jayda come for him… and Vince got mad.
In a panic Nicodemus pulled himself away from Dawn awaiting for Vince’s harsh beatings… only to take notice that nothing happened…yet. He looked back up at Dawn, the look on her face of “Why” he wanted to continue on. Nicodemus was moved to the wall of the cave his back facing the wall, Vince moved, but Nicodemus couldn’t see where he went. Dawn crawled on her hands and knees up to Nicodemus close enough to where she comes close to his face.
Nicodemus wasn’t sure, hesitated a bit until he heard Dawn beseeching him to kiss her.
“Please me…Do I not satisfy your desires?” asked Dawn as she started to take hold of Nicodemus’s dick stroking it tenderly.
“Wha…” was all Nicodemus said as he pulled Dawn nearer now up on his lap. His cock in anticipation of as Dawn’s wet folds starts rubbing against his cock.
“Not yet,… but you shortly will be satisfied with my desire…” Nicodemus placing both of his hands on Dawn’s face lovely as he devourers his mouth onto hers parting it forcing his hot tongue passing through her pouty lips and into her mouth.
A few minutes passes by when Nicodemus moves his hands away for a moment where he helped Dawn up away from his lap just enough as he used free hand to assist his hard shaft in place then helped Dawn glide down on his thick shaft.
Off the short distance Vince watched the two.
Nicodemus placed his hands back on Dawn’s face in a loving and desire way.
“Ride me… show me how much you want me…I want to hear you how much you are loving me fucking you.” Nicodemus placed his one hand around Dawn’s waist, his other hand still resting on her face kissing her more.
Vince watching the two…
Something new that Vince never done himself… now seeing Nicodemus how he was loving Dawn… nipping, sucking, and devouring her mouth like that. Vince made sure to remember to do something like that to Dawn.
A few moments passes, Dawn climax reached and she moaned out begging more her entire body was full of lust.
“Uhhh… Nicodemus…. Fuck me more…ohh; **More moans and panting** Dawn now pulling onto Nicodemus’s hair while they both continue on devouring deep kisses. Nicodemus felt a strong surge passing though Dawn and into his body.
Nicodemus has his own dark beast in him… a Panther… but with this shock wave… he can feel Dawn’s Tiger beast… He didn’t know Dawn had a Tiger beast in her and it was just as dangerous as his Panther Beast.
Nicodemus let out some moans and grunts his head arches back a longer moan escaped out of his mouth.
“Uuuuh… ooh come on baby…let me hear you.” Asked Nicodemus feeling Dawn’s walls clamping, tightening around his hard thick cock. He gives Dawn a few thrusts… she couldn’t take it anymore as her body shook.
Dawn’s head flipped back yelling out earsplitting causing both of Vince & Nicodemus’s ears ringing.
“Uhh…uhhh…uhhh…uuuuuuh…” **Dawn’s head moved back down facing Nicodemus** “Cum in me.” Was all she asked him. Nicodemus wanted to but… he knew what would happen. Sure he didn’t mind fucking her well and hard, but impregnating her … he was slightly worried…. He’s never had babies, kids ever.
Nicodemus paused for a while, as much as he wanted to fill her… he wasn’t sure about getting her pregnant. In his mind he thought to himself that he would never be a good parent.. Father figure.
Not realizing that Dawn can read his mind.
“You got this far with me, I know what you are thinking. Besides, there are not a lot of our beasts left other than a very small people out there, like us.” Offered Dawn.
Nicodemus was taken back by Dawn’s comment and her reasons; he Dawn closer and kissed her more now taking his time pumping into Dawn.
Off the distance where Vince continued to watch the pair making out… Vince was stunned to see that Nicodemus didn’t even try the other things that Vince had done to Dawn & other women. No biting, sucking, or further four playing; just straight simple loving the other.
 This started to make sense to him, for so dam long Vince hated Seth for being with Dawn. Seth was never the type to force his girl on anything. Seth always respected & loved Dawn. Vince felt a sharp pain in his heart…it was stabbing him painful stabbing… Vince carefully snuck out of the cave and into the raining storm.

Nicodemus continues riding into Dawn; caressing her telling her things what might happen between the both of them. Dawn was aware of what he was talking about. The two completely naked.. Nicodemus removed Dawn’s outfit long before he started having her ride him. Both bodies coved in beaded sweat droplets. Nicodemus felt his peek and it has finally reached its limit.

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