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Math Class Suicide

by TheNikki

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Depressed in a 2 hour math class.

Math Class Suicide


More confused then when I walked in

numbers swirl around me as they are written on the board.

I give up in attempts to understanding

this language I was always good at.


As my mind wonders off,

I start to remember my depression.

And how much I would like to end my life.

Thinking of all the ways in which to do it.

The type of suicide note I would write.

What it would say.

And how it would end.


People tell me I would be hurting them.

they would kill themselves over me,

I don't understand why.

They are stronger then I.

I think they will be able to cope.

Myself on the other hand,

I am not.


For being a nonconformist

I will be conforming,

 like all the other teens before me,

I am yet another statistic.



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