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Looks are Deceiving

by rmr34

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POV: 3rd Summery: New college student, Renee Eichiru, thought her dorm life at the high society all-girl dorm would go easy and carefree, until she meets her roommate, Reiichi Makoto. At first, Reiichi was friendly, and beautiful girl, until that night, Reiichi became almost lecherous toward Renee, causing her to wonder about her roommate. After that, Renee was beginning to fall for Reiichi's seductions! Until, a hot guy, introduce himself to her, and they started dating. And Reiichi wasn't having any of that and began to interfere with their dates, until Renee confront Reiichi, and Reiichi kissed her! Renee also learn a big secret. Renee soon learns looks are deceiving!

 Chapter One: Meet Your New Roommate!

 “No way!” Reiichi yelled, as she and the dorm leader argued. “I was told that I would have a single room, till I’m out of here. You know that Francis!”.
Francis sighs, and took off her classes, “Yes, I know that but we are running out of dorms, so the single dorms, will be turned into double to fit in the new students. It is beyond my control, Reiichi. I tired, really I did, but the board already made the decision. You will just have to be careful.”

Reiichi sighed, and nodded and walked out of the dorm leader’s room to her single room. ‘Unbelievable! How can I be careful with a girl in my room!’ Reiichi thought. ‘Dad told them about my situation. How am I going to make it through this year with a roommate! Damn dad for putting me through this!’ Reiichi threw open her door and slammed it shut.


 Renee stood at her new dorm door, and inhaled, ‘Finally I have made it to college. I hope my roommate and I will be good friends. I know we will!’ She smiled and opened the door, “Hello! I’m Renee-” Her roommate glared at her while she sat at her desk. Renee swallowed. Her roommate was beautiful, blonde, and pissed. “H-Hello, I’m-”. 

“I know who you are.” She said in a voice deep for a girl’s. 
“O-Oh.” Renee said. Her roommate stood towering her, “I’m Reiichi. You can sleep here.” She pointed to a bed without covers.
“O-Okay, Thank you.” Renee smiled, then went to her bed.
Reiichi felt her heart kick, but ignored it, “I’m sorry that this room is small, it’s really a single.”.

“Oh, I know. It’s fine. I don’t really need a large space anyway. I come from a large family anyway.” Renee opened her boxes and looked for her covers. She found them and made her bed.

“Really?” Reiichi asked, watching Renee, as she bends over.
“Yeah, my mom and dad were very young when they married, and had lots of us kids.” She chuckles, and looks at Reiichi, “Mom said that they loved each other and just couldn’t keep their hands off each other.” She sighed, and went back to making her bed, “I hope I can have a relationship like that too, someday.”.

Reiichi swallows, as she watched Renee, “Really?” Reiichi cocks her head and saw down Renee’s shirt. ‘ A blue bra, and nice breasts ‘ Reiichi thought. 
“So what about your parents?” Renee asked, looking at Reiichi. 
Reichii slight jumped, then clears her throat, “M-My parents are divorced.”.
“Oh?” She said, straighten, “That’s sad. I bet you went through a lot. How old were you?” 

Reiichi looks away, “About 13. Do you have any classes this evening?”.
Renee looks at the clock, “Yes I do! I better get ready for it! My first class, and I don’t want to be late!”

Reiichi went back to the desk and sat down, ‘I’m in trouble.’ Reiichi thought as Renee undresses. Reiichi side glanced and saw Renee in her panties and bra, ‘I’m in big trouble!’ Renee had big breasts, that you couldn’t tell with the clothes she wore, and she was curvy like the way men likes, and women wanted to be. Reiichi, swallows, as she fought for control. ‘I’m not in trouble, but she is!’ Reiichi gripped the desk, and started breathing heavily. 

“Are you alright?” Renee asked, concern as she button her shirt up.
“I-I’m fine.” Reiichi said, then coughed, “You better go.” 
“Ok. I’ll see you later than.” Renee said, “If you need anything just ask me, okay?”.
‘You have no idea what you just said!’ Reiichi thought, nodding and faked a smile.
Renee left to go to her classes, and Reiichi groaned, collapsing on the desk. ‘I’m cursed.’ Reiichi thought.


 ‘I hope Reiichi is alright.” Renee thought as she made her way back to her dorm. She suddenly bumped into someone. “I’m sorry!” She said, as she looked. A red head girl smiled, then got close, “My you are pretty. You must be new here. I’m Jennie. Are you rooming with Reiichi?”
“Yes.” Renee said. 
“Oh, lucky girl you. I’ve been after her since she came. Been mostly to herself.”
Renee blinked, then got it, “Oh!”
Jennie smiled, “Yeah, I’m one of those, darling. Don’t be scared. Unless you’re a lesbian too?” 
“No! I mean, no I’m not. There’s nothing wrong with it though. I just like men.” Renee stuttered.
Jennie laughs, then pats Renee’s shoulder, “It’s okay I get you. I’ll walk you to your room.”
They walked up to Renee’s room. “I’ll catch you around!’ Jennie said and left.

 Renee opened the door and walked in. Reichi was in sleep clothes, and drying her hair with a towel. “How did your first class go?”
“Fine.” Renee said, putting her books down on the desk. “I met someone very, what’s the word, eccentric?”
“Really?” Reiichi asked, side glancing. Blush formed on her cheeks, “Who?”.
“A Jennie.” Renee said, taking off her blouse, and putting on her sleep shirt.
“Oh, her.” Reiichi said, looking away. ‘That weirdo hits on everyone, including me.’ “Don’t tell me, she hit on you.”.
Renee laughed, taking off her pants, “I guess so.” Reiichi quickly glanced away, but not after seeing her cute blue panties.
“But she seems nice.” Renee said, getting into her bed. Reiichi throws the towel and it went in the hamper, “Only if you’re a female.” Reiichi went around her bed and sat on Renee’s, “ She even hit on me one time, when I first got here.”.
“Yes. She did mention you.” Renee smiled, and laughed.
 Reiichi glared at her, “I suppose she mention that I refused her.”.
 Renee nodded. 
 Reiichi looks at her face, her heart kicked, and she clenched her shirt.
 “Is there something wrong, Reiichi?” Renee said, concerned.
 “No.” Reiichi said, then asked, “Have you got a boyfriend?”.
 “No. I’ve not really dated anyone for the last 19 years.” Renee said.
 “Really?” Reiichi asked, blinking.
 Renee sighed and said, “My mom and dad mostly told me to finish school then I could date. Now, here I am in college, and I haven’t met the man of my dreams yet.”
Reiichi felt her heart beat, then thought , ‘I like this girl’ “You want a boyfriend?”.
Renee blushed, and nodded. ‘She is cute.’ Reiichi thought, then asked, “Have you been kissed before?”.
Renee nodded no, “No. Only my father and brothers kissed me, but that doesn’t counted.”.
“No, that doesn’t.” Reiichi said, staring at her. ‘I can’t believe this girl hasn’t been kissed before, as beautiful as she is. ‘ Reiichi thought.
“Is there something on my face?” Renee asked. Reiichi nods no, and says, “It’s just hard to believe you haven’t been kissed a pretty girl like you.”.
Renee blushed, and smiled, “You think I’m pretty? Really?”.
“Really.” Reiichi said, ‘Don’t tell me she hasn’t been told that she’s pretty either!’ Reiichi thought.
“Thanks!” Renee said, and hugged Reiichi. Reiichi gasped, and went still as Renee tightly hugged her. Reiichi felt her breasts pressed tightly against her flat chest. Reiichi blushes, and gave in, putting her arms around Renee, and hugging her back. Reiichi’s hands smoothed down her back, then suddenly Reiichi pushed Renee away, and went into her bed, and said, “Good night!”.
“G-goodnight.” Renee blinked, then went to bed, while Reiichi was dealing with a problem she couldn’t tell anyone.



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