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Leap of Faith

by doggieearlover

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After the battle InuYasha takes off suddenly. Kagome goes after him to find out what’s wrong.

Disclaimer: I still don't own the characters of InuYasha, but I do enjoy making them play with each other!

Written for the LiveJournal InuErotica community Leap Day challenge.

Leap of Faith
“Fuck, woman, just leave me alone!” InuYasha cursed before scrambling to his feet and leaping away.
Kagome was left standing with her mouth hanging open, and tears in her eyes. What had she done? She only wanted to make certain he was all right. He’d hit the ground the hardest after they had come tumbling out of Naraku’s body when the evil hanyou was defeated. And it wasn’t for lack of grace. He’d thrown himself under her to break her fall. As a result, he’d practically landed on his head. That was practically on his head – he’d landed more or less on his back with his shoulders hitting the ground first.  She’d crashed down on top of him. He hadn’t really noticed the hard ground he’d slammed into. Rather than that, the hanyou had become aware of her soft breasts pillowing against his chest and her skirt billowing up so that her panties were pressed against his hakama – and the hard on he now sported from the battle. She’d been so grateful that she hadn’t noticed any of those things. Instead, she’d just climbed off of him and wanted to check him over to make certain that he wasn’t hurt. Even her touch now made him tingle all over, though in a different way from when her spiritual powers had helped him divert from his youkai state back to plain old hanyou. It was too much for him, so he’d snapped at her and run.
Miroku and Sango broke their celebratory embrace to turn and stare. They were surprised by the sudden outburst from the hanyou. Sango was still holding Miroku’s Kazaana free hand as they watched the scene unfold in front of them.
“Something’s wrong.” Kagome looked up towards them. “Sango, can I borrow Kirara?”
“You want to go home?” the slayer asked, somewhat confused.
Kagome shook her head. “After InuYasha. Please?”
“Of course, Kagome,” Sango answered as Kirara transformed to her larger form.
The miko climbed on to Kirara’s back. “Help me find him, Kirara. Please.”
They spotted the hanyou sitting in a clearing, hunched over like he was in pain. Kagome could see his head occasionally jerk. She was startled when she heard him call her name.
Running, she came up behind him. “I’m here, InuYasha. What’s wrong?”
At the sound of her voice, his head whipped around. His eyes opened wide and he flushed the hue of his firerat. “Dammit, Kagome, can’t you just leave me alone!”
“No,” she said resoundingly. “We just went through Hell to defeat Naraku, and now you’re running from me. What’s wrong with you, InuYasha? Why did you run? I only wanted to help you.”
The hanyou gave a maniacal laugh. “Help me? I guess. You are the one who did this to me.”
Kagome moved in front of him and went to her knees. She was no longer able to hold back the tears that had been threatening to escape. “What did I do to you, InuYasha? How did I hurt you? Whatever it was, I swear I didn’t mean to.”
She reached forward to take his hands in hers and pulled them towards her. That was when she noticed that he’d been using his billowing sleeves to hide the fact that he’d untied his hakama and had a rather impressive erection. Her eyes locked on it and her jaw fell slack.
“That’s what you do to me, Kagome. That’s why I had to leave. Go on back home. You weren’t ever supposed to know,” InuYasha whispered.
She astonished him when she leaned forward to kiss him and then lowered her head to his lap, pulling the soft head into her mouth. Working mostly on instinct, she wrapped one hand around his shaft while using the other to brace herself on his knee. Her head bobbed up and down, using her tongue until she felt his hands in her hair and something hot and bitter hit the back of her throat.
When she finally looked up, her eyes met his filled with wonder and astonishment. “You didn’t have to,” he said softly.
She reached up to cup his cheek. “Yes I did.”
InuYasha blinked. “But… but why?”
“Let’s just say it was a leap of faith. I love you, InuYasha,” Kagome said softly.
He gathered her into his arms and pulled her into his lap. He murmured into her ear, “Can I return the favor?”
The miko giggled. “I’m counting on it.”
The hanyou was grinning as his mouth found hers.

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