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by Brethesen

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i'm going to sleep now... its near 4 am in finland... oh, here's one poem i did in under 15 minutes... Enjoy!

Alone at night,
middle of darkness and light,
he looks out of his window,
he only see a world,
that is hollow,
raped and ruined by the forces of humankind.

Looking to a horizon far away,
dreaming dreams of strenght and honour,
drifting to a secret place,
hidden from others grace,
deep inside,
living another life,
of higher thrones and ladies fair.

Now as a paladin he saves the world,
or destroys everything with powers of necromancy,
he's running wild,
in forest thousands of years old,
or in misery he camps near a cliff too high for him,
after losing beloved one in plague of robbers.

He is many as one,
yet he silently sits in corner,
when it should be time to tell stories,
a poeter,
rich from inside,
now just stares in front of him,
dreaming dreams,
that no one will ever know...

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