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The Thing

by Brethesen

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I've watched the movie The Thing and i was playing the game when it struck me, like a lightning from a clear sky. And it was a poem. All those who has watched The Thing (and The Thing From Out There, if i recall it right...), please enjoy. And those, who hasn't seen The Thing, i'd recommend that you rent it or buy it or something. Just watch it, it's a great film!

Hiding from human eyes,
consealing itself from being seen,
steadily growing,
escaping the flaming wrath of humans.

Storm of Antartic coming their way,
stopping communications,
a Great Storm,
of strong winds and snow so cold,
blocking their way out.

A nearly endless dream it slept,
100,000 years below snow and ice,
a great thing from the stars,
crashed down for unknown reason,
frozen in world in deepest corner of universe.

Group of men,
haunted by paranoia,
weapons pointing on fellow men,
flamethrowers and machineguns alike,
a alien life form amongs them,
hiding itself into the warm flesh of men,
before devouring them to a bastard masterplan.

Everything in flames,
buildings once a research facility,
now destroyed by a man,
once a chopper pilot,
now a frozen remembrance of human strong will,
next to a barrel he sleeps,
a endless dream.

And the Thing is once again frozen...
For the next time to come...

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