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Your Worlds are on Fire

by Owlgirl

Libraries: Batman, Lemon, Male/Male - Yaoi, One Shots

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[Batman/Red Hood] [BDSM themes] Bruce brings Jason home in an attempt to sort everything out and change his mind.

Scheherazade, you enslave me
Others begged, crying "save me"
Wasted words, hatred tore me
Scheherazade, tell me stories
Ships at sea, all imagined

Bravery, all imagined
Bloodless blood, colorblindness
Scheherazade, who's behind this?
Scheherazade, there's a sameness
To the world in its plainness
But your worlds are on fire
Filled with lust
Filled with liars

~'Scheherazade' Sparks

The bird’s straining against the zip ties again, groaning when Bruce bites another path down his side. He doesn’t know enough curse words to tell the man how much he hates him, how much he wants to slit his throat and just *bask* in it, because yelling ‘fuck you’ every five seconds just doesn’t cut it anymore, especially when the man is making him feel so good.

Bruce bites hard at Jason’s upper thigh, near the young man’s hardened, leaking member. And shit, is Jason going to have a fit if Bruce doesn’t suck him soon. “*Bruce*, you’re a fucking tease…and *fuck*…I hate you!”

“I think your losing your conviction, *Jay*.”

“*Fuck*! *You*!” Bruce is smirking and making fun of him, of his position, wrists and knees tied to Bruce’s headboard, spread and nowhere near cooperative. “Don’t call me. *That*!”

“My beautiful Jay bird,” the man muffles near Jason testicles, sending vibrations against hypersensitive skin.

“Not…your fucking…*bird*.” Jason is hating these zip ties more and more every second, every minute he can’t choke Bruce on his erection.

“Then what are you, *Red Hood*?”

“Not yours, *asshole*.”

Bruce shoves his lips hard against Jason’s, growls when the bird ruthlessly bites his tongue, sending blood dripping from the man’s mouth, mixing in with both of their saliva. Jason almost chokes, laughs when Bruce backs away and wipes at a small stream of blood at the edge of his lips.

“Rebellious as ever, Jason.”

 “Let me go and I’ll show you rebellious. I’ll show you rebellious when I shove my knife through your fucking *throat*!” He’s going to have the worst bruises on his wrists from straining so much, from trying to just get a *bite* out of Bruce and make the man bleed more.

Bruce just smirks and gives off one thick laugh, a Batman laugh, as he sends a few fingers through the curling bangs on Jason’s forehead. The young man’s sweating from being so goddamn perverse, dark bruises already forming on his wrists and the backs of his knees.

He leaves a few small kisses at the bird’s ankle, bites lightly and playfully; moves his lips down Jason’s leg and punctures the hairless skin of his thigh and cherishes the almost scream that emerges from his ex-ward’s throat. “So *sexual*…,” now, like this, and ever since Bruce found him and tied him to a chair, ever since the night Bruce fucked him so hard, he was wincing all the way through training the next day. He grins and kisses the reddened, bleeding skin.

“You *motherfucker*! Don’t you *dare* fucking *mark* me! I’m not yours!”

“Maybe not now, but that will all change,” it’s almost a whisper against his knee, the bat speaking, the bat wanting what he can’t have, and it all seems so right.

“Only if you fucking *brainwash* me!”

And yes, that could be an idea; Bruce does know quite a bit about that subject, or he could go the more…*taboo* route of magic. He wants to laugh again, or maybe just watch Jason squirm, but only the latter is really an option right now.

He engulfs the head of Jason’s dick into his mouth, smiling from his eyes, letting off a wet sound as he sucks hard, tasting the distinct flavor of pre-come on his tongue. Jason groans, curses again and wishes more then anything that he could grab onto the man’s hair and just *pull*.

“*Bruce*--,” it’s almost not even distinguishable as Bruce decides to relax his throat and take the entire shaft in until he’s reached Jason’s pitch black pubic hair. The young vigilante smells unmistakably like smoke and sweat this close to his skin, like he could never get close enough to the dirt of Gotham, like he could never shoot enough thugs and drug dealers right through their heads. The scent of gunpowder is so in depth with Jason’s own scent, it’s like it belongs there and could never be washed away.

He reaches a hand forward just to grab onto Jason’s balls and tug until the man starts cursing again. Bruce lifts his head, smirks at how dark and throbbing the bird’s erection has become, still spilling clear pre-come.

“Bruce--*fuck*…” and yes, that is the squirming Bruce wanted to see. Jason’s flushed all the way up to the line of his hair, panting, blinking at the man he once called mentor. His blue eyes darken under his curls as he licks his lips. “Fucking--*fucking* tease.” The way Jason looks--Bruce is so glad the cameras are recording just so he can see that look again and again, the look that finally tells the man Jason wants to be fucked and *used* over and over again until he just can’t.

“Say it, Jason.”

The young man shifts his head to the side against his bicep, contemplating.

“Say it.”

He groans and looks back at Bruce, who’s giving him a Batman look, a look that almost seems so wrong for what the man wants. “*Bastard*…”


“Mmm…*fuck* me.” Jason lets his mouth fall open as he watches Bruce grab the brand new tube of lubricant from the top of his nightstand. He would smirk if there would be anyone else to know it’s new because of *him*, and Bruce probably wants to keep him tied to his bed for *days* or at least until that tube is used up and he has to fetch another.

Bruce has his fingers slicked up quickly and flawlessly, places the tube beside his thigh and pushes one finger *in*, past Jason’s contentious sphincter, earning a high pitched whine from the vigilante.

“Relax.” It’s more a command then anything, spit out in the loose growl of Batman’s voice and despite all of Jason’s independence telling him *not* to listen, to be as difficult as possible until the bat has to rough him up, he does, and relaxes the muscles as much as he can.

Bruce smirks and kisses Jason lightly on the lips, “Good boy.” He shoves another finger in on the next thrust and watches Jason shift on the silk of Bruce’s bed sheets. He tightens for one moment, unclenches the next, licking his lips.

“*Fuck*--hurry up…”

“I don’t think you’re much in the position to argue with the speed at which I’m going.” Of course, it had to be the lecture voice. Jason grins, wiggles his ass and wants to kiss Bruce again, because it’s so true. It does make the man ram in a third finger until he’s prodding Jason’s prostate, teasingly.

“Mmm…fucker--” Jason arches, tries to get Bruce to hit him there again, but only gets a tight squeeze to his dick.

“I can’t have you coming until I want you to.”

“Can’t fucking control me…”

“You know,” Bruce has his hand around Jason’s chin, forces the young man to watch him, “I do have a certain *toy* that would be perfect for this occasion.” The man is smirking, laughing with his eyes in a way that is nowhere near good for the bottoming vigilante.

He stares at Bruce, wants to smile because it’s finally getting down to the threatening part. The man gives a sharp smile and removes his fingers from deep in Jason’s anus. The bird would start to whine, to curse more but Bruce is grabbing a box and taking a small object from it.

Bruce slips the elastic cock ring around the base of Jason’s penis and gives a lick at the man’s lips. “Give us a little more time.” Jason looks at the ring, clear and clenching tightly, making sure that the bird won’t be releasing for another good few minutes. He doesn’t want to think about *why* Bruce has the ring, maybe just for Jason, maybe it was for Dick.

The man is kissing him again, pushing his tongue forcefully into Jason’s mouth, letting out a feral growl when his captive doesn’t bite back, just allows the kiss to continue and take his breath away.

“Fucking *kinky*--,” Jason’s gasping for breath, licking a path up Bruce’s face, past his eyelid. The man lets him and pushes his fingers back into the bird’s rectum, receiving a loud moan of pleasure from Jason. He tickles the vigilante’s prostate a few more times, strokes it, just to see Jason squirm and pant against Bruce’s cheek.


“*Please*…fuck me.”

“Hmm, so willing now.” Bruce strokes his free hand down the bird’s cheek, smiles when Jason pushes into it, licks his palm.

“Do I really have a choice?”

“No.” Batman’s laughing at the edges of his lips, fucking Jason with his fingers, scissoring wide before removing them. Jason lets out a gasp, feeling more empty then before, and he wants more then anything to be filled.

“*Bruce*--” The man’s lubing up his cock, watching Jason twist with *want* and breath hard and hot against his own arm.

The first push in is the best and worst all in one. The *stretch*, Jason had almost forgot; he wants to whine, to tell Bruce to stop somewhere *before* the bird’s sphincter rips, but he’s done this before and he can do it now. He breathes out, harsh and even, watches Bruce press in slowly, gently, until the head of his cock is secured inside the heated cavern.

“*Mmm*, as well endowed as I remember,” Jason lets out a small, heady laugh as Bruce places his hands on the ex-Robin’s thighs, still held up tightly.

“I’m glad you remember, but I want you to remember all of this.” And that’s really no problem with the horrible bruises and rope burns Jason will have for *days*, maybe longer if Bruce chooses to keep him captive, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be difficult about the situation.

“Maybe if you fuck me so hard, I won‘t be able to *walk*.”

“That’s a very tempting offer,” another Batman expression, almost hidden.

“Why don’t you take it?”

Bruce is moving again, *shoving* the rest of his penis in, hitting the bird’s prostate and smiling from the scream Jason is pretty sure *Tim* heard from his bedroom. It doesn’t make him feel any better when the man gets a just as loud moan on the next thrust.

Jason’s at the point where he feels like his balls are either going to fall off or his dick will suddenly explode from the need to come. Bruce is smiling with his eyes, skimming against that small (annoying) gland every time he gets *in*.


“Do you want to come?”

“Jesus *fuck*, yes!”

“Hmm, I didn’t hear you say ‘please’.”

Jason is going to break the billionaire bastard’s nose once he’s able to. Now is really not the time for proper Wayne Manor etiquette. He’s groaning again, and Bruce doesn’t seem to be anywhere near ceasing his movements for Jason’s sake and the feeling’s just getting worse.

“Please, Bruce! Please, please, please!”

“Then you can come, beautiful bird.”

The orgasm rips through him like a knife; one spurt of come on Bruce’s chest rends a too-loud shriek from Jason’s throat; a second: a heart stopping moan, releasing the rest of his load over his chest and stomach.

Bruce is kissing him when his vision evens out, still pounding in. Jason groans, looks at the semen covering him and Christ, he never thought he could come so *hard*, never thought he would want to.

“Absolutely gorgeous.”

“Mmm, I’m glad you think so, *bastard*.” Jason raises his head for another kiss from the man, licks his own way into Bruce’s mouth and earns an appreciative sound from him. He can feel Bruce’s hand on his flaccid dick, slipping the cock ring off and throwing it onto the bedside table.

“You’re perfect,” but the real fact is, Jason is pretty sure, that he’s prefect for *this*, for getting pounded into over and over again and following Bruce’s fucking orders like he’s still in panties, letting Bruce tie him up and just--

The man is throwing his head back a bit, eyelids fluttering, and he comes furiously inside Jason, shoulders suddenly becoming rigid. He doesn’t collapse, just places his hands down around Jason to catch himself and not smash the bird.

Bruce is breathing evenly again in what seems like forever for Jason. He’s already practically hard again just from seeing Bruce look like *that*, allowing himself to look like that.

“Fuck, Bruce.”

He smirks and kisses Jason again, wipes his lips along the young man’s cheek and lets himself take in the smell of *sex*. The bird gets a keen little nip at the man’s nose, smiles hard when he backs up to take the whole thing in.

“I don’t think you’ve fucked me hard *enough*.”

“You just want to hurt when you move in the morning.” And yes, God, it’s so true; he had said he wanted to be fucked so hard he couldn’t walk, wouldn’t be able to operate his gang for at least a night. The bruises really aren’t enough.

Bruce slips out quickly, lets Jason enjoy the feel of semen slipping out of him to dirty the too-expensive sheets. The slightly spent bat is crouching above Jason, grabbing a batarang that was hidden behind the headboard. He cuts the rope binding Jason’s legs first, lets them fall to the bed, then slashes the zip ties from the bird’s wrists.

Jason chafes his wrists, takes a look at the already dark bruises winding around them. He’s surprised when Bruce takes both in his hands and gently kisses them, licks his way around one bruise as Jason feels his breath hitch.

The rope burns on his knees really aren’t so bad, but he gladly flexes his legs while Bruce continues licking his wrist and kissing each fingertip. “I’m sorry.”

It wasn’t what he was expecting Bruce to say, “Didn’t I ask for it by fucking around in your city?”

Bruce’s cold blue eyes meet his and he almost wants to hug the man who’s still stuck half in Batman mode, batarang still in hand. “I *had* expected you to--”

“Shut up. I don’t think you did, I think you wanted to do just this.”

Bruce smirks and sucks one of Jason’s fingers into his mouth. “Maybe,” he says around the wet digit.

“You’re still a fucking asshole, I hope you know that.”

“I will be, until you stop trying to kill the Joker.”

Probably not going to happen, Jason doesn’t say out loud, he rather enjoyed getting beaten and bruised and *fucked* by daddy bat. “Maybe if you could just keep him locked the fuck up.”

Batman glares at him, bites down on the sensitive skin of his wrist. “Maybe I should keep *you* locked up.”

“God, fuck *yes*, please, Bruce.”

It’s a very convincing plea, Jason’s eyelids fluttering closed as Bruce bites his way up the bird’s arm. “I don’t know how much Tim would like that,” he says against the bird’s shoulder, letting his lips sweep over the sweaty skin.

And yes, that makes it so better because Tim *has* to know what’s happening in here, he had to have heard the screams Jason let out, the little shit might even be eavesdropping outside the door, jerking his penis hard.

Jason groans as Bruce bites his neck, sucks until he leaves a mark.


The man just continues to mumble wordlessly against Jason’s soft skin, enjoying the feel of it all.

“I really thought you were going to take me up on that *offer*…,” Bruce looks up, gives a little twitch, leaves another small kiss, and it looks like Batman is staring at him.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t,” he growls and bites the nook of Jason’s shoulder, receiving a soft whimper from the bird. “But we have all night.”

Jason smirks and pulls the man into another kiss, fucks himself hard against the muscle of Bruce’s thigh. “Right now…*now*…” Bruce is practically hard again, and Jason is *wanting* like crazy, like he’s still in those dumb pixie boots.

“I didn’t say you could become demanding.” Batman scowls and continues biting, across Jason’s collarbone, drawing blood a few times along the way.

“Then *fuck* me!”

Bruce raises on eyebrow, and yes, Jason has seen that look more then a few times when he was gallanting around as Boy Wonder, it doesn’t make him *want* it any less. “I’m not so sure you deserve it anymore.”

“Then tie me up again.”

“No. Prove it to me. Prove to me that you deserve it.” It’s like the fucking Gauntlet all over again, Batman watching him like--okay so not exactly; here, Batman just looks lusty and…slightly annoyed by Jason’s insistence.

“*How*?” Jason’s already fingering his thoroughly fucked anus, slipping in to the first knuckle, letting off a little gasp.

“If you don’t come for five minutes from that.”

Jason doesn’t have time to complain before Bruce flips them over, turns Jason around as he presses the bird’s back to the bed between the man’s own muscled thighs. Bruce puts the vigilante’s legs over his shoulders, Jason can feel the warm mahogany of the headboard with the tips of his toes, and Bruce has a great view, lying against the pillows, of Jason’s reddened anal sphincter.

Bruce--Batman--licks his lips, “Start.”

And fuck, of course the man has to be counting mentally, watching Jason push further into the semen slicked passage. He groans and takes in the feel, not like he hasn’t fingered himself before, but not *after* he’s been fucked.

Bruce is watching intently and Jason pushes another finger *in*, earning a twitch of an eyebrow from him. One finger really is nowhere near enough, even if he can almost tickle his prostate gland, it’s not the stretch he wants. Jason pushes his middle finger in, dry and not rough enough. He groans and accidentally tickles that damn gland; Jason can almost feel the shiver being sent up Bruce’s spine.

He scissors his fingers, stretching the muscular opening and refuses to whimper against the man’s calf muscle. It still feels good, not as much as it could if Bruce would stop being an asshole, but it’s as close as he’ll get for a few more minutes.

It’s already getting hard enough to concentrate, feeling that familiar tingle, and shit, he can’t come because Bruce will just leave him, probably lock him up in one of the secure rooms. “Two more minutes,” the man rambles off; Jason’s pretty sure he can hold it in for that long.

Almost sure, until Bruce decides to help with the game and shove two fingers in next to Jason’s. “*Fucker*! You’re a dirty cheat!” It’s really hard to look threatening when you have four fingers shoved up your rectum but the bird tries his hardest anyway.

Batman just smirks, “there was only one rule, red bird.”

“*Fuck*--” Bruce prods his prostate a few times, and Jason’s body has the sudden urge to push back against the fingers over and over again.

“Don’t come” the bat says again, ingrains it in Jason’s head, and he can really only have about a minute left, max, but he’s already feeling like he’s getting blue balls.


The man pushes in another finger, and it’s still nowhere near the girth of Bruce’s own erection, dark with blood and just waiting to be pushed back into the heat of Jason’s body.

“Shitshit*shit*--!” Bruce is prodding around way too much, having a bit more fun with torturing Jason; being tied to the headboard was way better then having to suffer from this. He can’t stop rocking back onto the fingers, can’t stop moaning every time Bruce chooses to tickle that little gland.

Jason arches his back, and pleas sincerely with Bruce, “Bruce…*mmm*, come on--”

The man watches him, smiles and releases his fingers, “Come.”

This orgasm seems like more of a release then the last, he slips back onto his fingers, closer to Bruce’s too-dark erection and comes like it’s oxygen. He clenches his toes against the mahogany, muscles spasm, and Jason screams, if only for Bruce.

He’s not sure how exactly he got semen on his face, but he wipes at it with his hand and looks at Bruce who still, very much, has a large erection. Jason crawls his way back up into a sitting position between Bruce’s legs.

“Very good.”

“I hate you.”

“But it felt good,” he scrapes a large line of semen up the bird’s stomach and chest and pushes his slick fingers into the warm--*hot* mouth. “Suck.”

Jason complies, sucking the semen covered digits all the way in and swallowing the taste. He nibbles at them gently, teasingly, groans when Bruce presses down on his tongue and leaves them there for a moment.

“Beautiful,” he pulls them out with a slick pop from Jason’s mouth and is suddenly pushing the vigilante’s head *down* into his lap. “It’s good to know you’re still a wonderful cocksucker,” yeah, that was totally Batman talking, making Jason roll his eyes mentally as he lowers himself the rest of the way until Bruce’s penis can paint a nice streak of semen across his cheek.

“I thought you would fuck me.”

“Hmm, I’ve decided against it.”

Jason knows this game, because Batman’s always changing the rules, but it doesn’t make him *not* want to suck the dick into his mouth. He earns a groan from the man and licks along the bottom of the flared head.

Bruce has a secure hand in the bird’s hair, not pushing or pulling, just there as Jason gives one good, long, *hard* suck. “Wonderful,” the bat spits out, tightens his grip. Jason wraps a hand around the base and swallows as much as he can, and god, why does Bruce have to be such a *grower*. You wouldn’t think the guy could get so big, but then again, Jason has always been surprised by the results.

He chokes himself just a bit on the penis, gives a few more sucks before coming off, letting his hand jack up and down the shaft a couple times. Jason doesn’t have to look at Bruce to know what this is doing to the man, he just continues his blowjob.

The bird leaves a few teasing nips of his teeth along the man’s dick, over a few veins. He gives one long lick *up*, savors the feel of silk-soft skin on his tongue before he’s probing the slit, getting a growl from Bruce.

When he gets the erection back into the heat of his mouth, Bruce pushes in until Jason’s choking. He holds the bird’s pitch black hair, holds his head in place and goes until Jason is whimpering around the shaft, humming and grabbing on tight to Bruce’s thighs.

“Gorgeous, red bird…,” Bruce is rambling, not letting Jason take even a semblance of control back. He eases back a bit, doesn’t shove so far in and Jason feels like he can actually breathe again. He takes his hands away from the muscled, scarred thighs and pushes one through the thick curling hairs at the base of Bruce’s stomach, lets another roll the heft of the man’s testicles along his palm.

Bruce rubs comforting circles into Jason’s temples, eases a bit more so Jason can actually suck and lick like he pleases. The young man comes off for a breath before delving back in, taunting the slit of the penis, jerking the shaft hard.

Jason doesn’t have a warning, just feels the man’s balls tighten up before his mouth is filling with hot semen, spilling out over his lips when he gets full, and capturing the last good jet onto his cheek and nose. He swallows, coughs a bit and lays his head on Bruce’s thigh, cooing lightly when the man strokes his dirtied cheek.

“Mmm, you are worth caging.”


“A fine one you have.” Jason can see the smirk on the bat’s face in his mind, not bothering to even look up.

“You know what I mean.”

“You’re still dangerous.”

“Haven’t I always been?” The bird is smiling, tucking in closer to the man’s muscular body, feeling more tired then anything. Bruce’s hand slips into his hair, petting gently, using his other arm to pull until the bird is against him on the bed.

“I can’t let you go now.” Jason knows, doesn’t mind, and falls asleep against Bruce, tucked close to him, with the taste of semen in his mouth and home in his chest.

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