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Elegy to Counter-Strike

by Brethesen

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LOL, well, yeah, i'm Most_of_the_Time_Dead_Guy and i'm not ashamed of that... i'm shamed of my skills at Counter-Strike... LOL

Alone at night,
i sit infront of the computer,
playing one game with fellow players,
a world-wide game,
bound with two sides,
trying to take control,
Sipers and campers,
auto guys and knife users,
everyone trying to stay alive,
in field,
soon to be covered with bodies.

Again i spend thousands on my weapons and equipment,
that i'll survive a little longer,
than last time,
maybe even killing someone,
and again i stumble upon my slow reaction time,
when my head is,
yet again,
blown away with AWP.

Now so sick of dying,
i buy a dozen of tomes,
suddently raising few levels,
and taking ultimates to my weaponry,
and again i'm killed,
now by several stab wounds.

So sick of being dead,
so i changed my name,
from the old,
and lame Brethesen,
now i play,
trying to learn,
(and i have probably improved already...),
and to survive,
against all odds,
in Warcraft Servers.

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