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Left Behind

by Brethesen

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What can i say about this poem? Hmm... Nothing, actually... This poem has been written in two different moods, wich probably can be seen in it. I started it almost immediately, when my girlfriend had announced that we're not together anymore and i continued it later, when i had heard that she's at the psychiatric policlinic in hospital. Reason: she had cutted her wrist with a sharp object. So right now i'm running from anger to despair, from sorrow to such emotional point, that i start to cry.

In fading colors of the dusk,
he sits alone at the cliff,
in his own sanctuary,
a summer cottage,
in a island,
far away from civilication,
in middle of a forest old.

Alone he cries,
silver glimmering of his tears,
fall's to the ground,
and shattering,
and his torn heart,
shredded to pieces,
once a big,
golden heart of a strong man,
now a small,
almost dimished piece of coal in his chest,
cursing every god known to man,
shouting threats to humankind,
and waiting,
for a black curtain to fall,
into his stage of life.

It was deep simplicity,
how she told,
that they're not together anymore,
and suddently,
his life took a big leap to nothingness...

So miserabely he sit's at the cliff,
that even the animals of the forest have come to see him,
wondering what he's doing,
when he cries,
and beats the rock with his bare hands,
and a hammer in his neck now hungs side to side,
while his hands starts to bleed,
and colors the rock and the moss,
wich grows in the cracks of great gray mass,
now turns to red.

So silently he sleeps,
curled up like a baby,
inside mothers womb,
so silently he dreams,
that the animals of the forest covers him with a moss carpet,
and they leave him there,
atop of the cliff,
to dream,
but without their notice,
he changed,
from inside,
while sleeping,
from a caring little boy,
to a soldier,
merciless in every way,
and ready to die.

when first colors of the morning rises to the horizon,
he opens his eyes,
and a dead-cold stare,
of an adult,
now shines from his blue eyes,
and he rises,
looking towards the sunrise,
and he knows,
that from this point forward,
he'll do anything for this little northern country,
'cause wounds from dating runs too deep in him...

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