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The Virgin's Deal

by KoiyumiHentai

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Saya is an average senoir attending highschool, or maybe not so average. She is the only virgin of her grade and is tired of the contast downgrade aout that. She is in deep love with a classmate named Kenji and when he does not notice her the way she wants, Saya decides to sign a deal with a demon...who for payment of his help wants her virginity!

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Chapter 1, Chapter 1 Virgin.

 “Sorry Saya, I would invite you but this isn't the kind you'd want to go to. Believe me." Meime said closing her locker. Saya frowned; she had heard that everyone had been invited--but her.

“What? Well what kind of party is it; I'm sure I'd be fine."
“Let’s just say this party isn't for virgins." she said with a slight smirk. Saya flushed completely, all through the school she was known as the 'Class three, third year virgin.'[ meaning either she couldn't get any or was just to shy to try. Although Saya was a pretty upbeat girl and was always known to smile, she never had a boyfriend.


Many teased her about this, they either said it was because of her flat chest or skinny ankles and definitely the childish looks; there just was no sex appeal in any of her looks. Sighing she lowered her head “Oh-- it's that kind of party, well have fun Meime."
Meime patted her on the back “Don’t worry Saya, maybe someday, you know when you get a boyfriend, and you finally lose that god for saken virginity!"
Saya nodded, her mother had always told her it was perfectly normal to still have her virginity at her age; but every other 18 year-old girl had lost it and was really easy to stand out with that known. She slammed her head against the locker " Why am I the only one?" she mumbled lowly.
" Umm..Saya is something wrong why are you banging your head like that?" A tall male asked behind her. Saya shot up at the voice, slowly she turned, embarrassed.

" KENJI! I--I was just testing the density of the lockers! Yep nothing says safe like a firm head test!" she jabbered. Kenji raised a brow at this " well, if's that's what your doing have a nice day I suppose."
Saya waved as the beautiful male walked away "Yea! Thank you kenji!" Once he was out of sight the girl slumped against the lockers, she always acted so stupidly around him. Meime knelt down in front of her and touched the big lump that had formed on Saya's forehead “Wow Saya, what a disaster. I know you like kenji but you got to stop doing that."
“I know, but I can't help it. Now matter how I try I either mumble, trip, or do something stupid to make him think I'm a total weirdo!" she whined. Meime placed a bandage on the lump and gave a devious smile “Sure would be nice if you lost your virginity to Kenji, huh?"

Saya beet red covered her face “Go, go away Meime! Go home okay?" Meime smiled and skipped down the hall to the exit doors of the school

“Okay, see you later Saya!" Collecting her things Saya threw her sack over her shoulder. It wasn't like she hadn't thought about doing such a thing with Kenji, heck she had even dreamed about it a few times before! Her brown loafers made small clinking noises as she walked down the busy street of Tokyo. Her sort brown hair silently blowing around her elegant shoulders. She stopped in front of a store mirror her big doe blue eyes looked up and down at her figure. Okay--but not sexy in anyway. Saya looked up at the sign  Cashmere’s Books  She was not a book buff either but it did fill her time.

The store was pretty much empty expect for a few who seemed to be returning some, complaining about the value. Ignoring that she walked down the rows of books, some looked brand new and others very old, almost ancient. Her eye was caught by a rather thick book, the dust covering it almost made her eyes water. Saya pulled it from the shelf it rest upon and examined it. “Spells of the otherworldly." she mumbled flipping through the pages, each page was covered in dust. Closing it she awed at the big red ruby that was embedded in the very front. She didn't believe in spells but it was amuse her for the weekend.

Pushing past the complainers she set the big book on the counter “I’d like to buy this please." Saya said politely receiving glares from the others behind her. A man with long crow black and jade eyes smiled behind the counter. “Spells of the otherworldly, no one has ever even touched this one." He said ringing it up, once it was paid for he handed to Saya “Enjoy, I know he will..." He chuckled lowly as she walked out of the store. Had she been paying attention she would have heard the comment.

The sun was close to setting and Saya had to hurry home, her mother always overreacted if she was late for dinner. “I’m home mama!" she called placing her shoes on the mat. She had made it just as the street lights had come on.
“Welcome home Saya-chan!" her mother replied from the kitchen “Dinner is ready, are you hungry?"
Saya clutched the book," No, I'm going upstairs. Just save a plate for me!"
“Ok, it'll be in the fridge." Her mother said in her light voice. Saya hurried up the stairs and landed on her soft bed. Immediately she began to flip through the pages again, her hand stopped one particular page. “The Spell of Trade." She smiled, she was very naive in thinking this would work but it was worth a shot. If this did work then she would ask for a chance for Kenji to notice her in a way more than classmates.

She took a marker and drew the symbol on her wood floor and said the magic words. The symbol lit up and force erupted from it that caused her to fly backwards into the wall. Dizzy she held her head " Ow, what the-"

A tall elegantly dressed man with fine flowing silver hair and crimson eyes stood where the symbol once was. Eyes widening Saya scrambled to her feet " Who--who are you?"
The man smirked “I am Sasume, prince of the underworld and have come to collect payment."



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