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by sladinforever

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Angst, Drama, Lemon, Male/Male - Yaoi, Misc Fanfiction (other), Misc TV Shows, Romance, Series

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Certain dreams ruin you. They manifest to become real. Robin's case is no different. He always hears the words in his head. "Remember, Robin, You started it" Apprentice Rewrite; Sladin & Sladin X & Red/Robin R&R


Robin was chasing Slade in a starry-night, rocky landscape. He was hot on the villain's heels. The man jumped over a few fissures. He came across a high, flat peninsula with several tower-like formations inside. Running down a narrow path, he jumped, landing in the surrounded area. The man vanished when the Boy Wonder followed suit and jumped. He landed in a crouch, looking around for his arch nemesis.


Slade suddenly walked out from behind a large rock.


“Dangerous behavior, Robin,” he said, approaching the boy. “You must be very eager to see me. I'm flattered.”


Robin growled.


“I'm not here to see you,” he stood in a fighting stance, his fists raised, “I'm here to stop you.”


The two fighters circled each other.


“Hmm. But how can you stop me, when you don't even know what I'm planning?” Slade asked.


They stopped, Robin glaring daggers at the man.


“Like this.”


He instantly attacked with a savage kick. Slade easily dodged it. Robin's fist smashed one of the towers of stone. They sparred a bit. The Boy Wonder then went on the defensive, trying with a charging punch. The villain caught the fist and then hurled the boy against a tower. Robin quickly rebounded, trying for another punch. This only results in more broken rocks. He continued to miss, sending rock dust through the air, making it difficult to see much. Slade's eye glowed briefly during the attacks. One he had an opening, the man landed a powerful kick to Robin's stomach. The Titan fell back, only to quickly regain his balance and try again. The man kept blocking the boy's punches. With a punch from the villain, the boy was sent flying back again. He rolled over, two Bird-a-Rangs in his hands when he got back up.


Robin let them fly. Slade stood his ground, his arms crossed in front of himself. Throwing his hands outward, the boomerangs were sent flying into two other rock formations. They began to crumble. They toppled over, clouds of dust covering the entire area. Robin's silhouette appeared within the haze. He stepped into the open to survey the place. Desperately searching for Slade, the man spoke.


“Excellent, Robin,” he said as he passed one of the crumbled formations behind the Boy Wonder. “We appear to be evenly matched and equally ruthless.” Robin now eased around within the dust. “Not surprising. You and I are so very much alike.”


The dust finally cleared to show the man standing directly behind Robin. The Boy Wonder whirls to face the man.


“I'm nothing like you!” he shouted, sending an uppercut to his enemy's face. Slade flew back, crashing into the ground. Robin pulled him up, glaring at the man's masked face. “You're a criminal, a psychopath! All you care about is destruction!”


Dust cleared around the lower part of the male's bodies. Slade stared back at Robin.


“And all you care about, you destroy,” he said, motioning to his left with his hand.


Robin looked to where Slade was pointing. The hero's eyes widened when he saw broken statues of his friends littered all over the ground.


Looking back at the psychotic villain, Robin asked angrily, “Who are you?!”


The teen quickly reached for Slade's mask, but the villain was quicker. He grabbed Robin's wrist in a vice-like grip. The boy growled.


“The real question is,” Slade started, “how do you feel about me?”


Robin gave the man a confused look.


“What are you-?!”


Slade chuckled.


“Do you straddle every man you knock down?”


Robin looked down and saw that his legs were on either side of the man's thighs. His face paled. With the boy's mind distracted, Slade quickly turned the situation around. The hero fell back with a thud after the villain held him underneath him. The boy looked up at him in anger.


“What are you doing?!”


Grabbing both of Robin's wrists with one large hand, Slade held his hands above his head. Out of nowhere, shackles appeared and latched themselves onto the boy's wrists. He struggled to break free, but the restraints were too strong. Leaning back on the boy's legs, the man went for his utility belt. He pulled out a black blindfold and laid it over the hero's eyes. The villain quickly tied it at the back tight so that the boy couldn't see a thing.


“Remember, Robin,” there was a click, “you started it.”


The sound of ricocheting metal against rock could be heard off into the distance. Had Slade thrown his mask away?


Slade pulled out a knife from the back pocket of his belt. Reaching for the base of Robin's neck, the villain started cutting away the cloth of the hero's cape and then his red tunic. Cold air hit the teen's now bare chest. The villain yanked the ruined material out from underneath the boy's back. He replaced his knife into his belt and went for the boy's own. The man removed it and threw it away.


Robin struggled against his bonds again. Panic was setting into his chest. Was Slade going to do what he thought the man was going to do?


Gasping, Robin turned his head to the side. He felt a warm, wet tongue teasing his chest and nipples. The buds soon hardened after lips met skin. Slade gently and softly sucked on the skin, using his tongue to make it even harder than before. The hero couldn't believe this was happening to him, especially coming from his arch nemesis.


The wet tongue trailed down the boy's chest, down below his ribcage, and stopped at his navel. The wet lips kissed the teen's stomach. A shiver went down Robin's spine. This shouldn't be happening. He so hoped the man didn't want to go lower.




The villain had touched the bulge in Robin's green spandex with his lips and was now removing the obstacle. Cold air hit the boy's skin. After the pants were removed, he felt the wet tongue again at the tip of his hardening cock. The hero gasped again when Slade's mouth engulfed the aroused body part. The boy breathed out hot air; his hormones were having a field day.


Slade held the boy's hips while he worked his magic. He knew the boy would cum soon. White spots appeared behind Robin's tightly closed eyes. A white, sticky substance entered the man's mouth. Moving his head away, the villain spat most of the semen at the ground. Reaching forward again, he kissed up to the boy's chest, trailing semen remains while doing so. The hero shuddered from the cold and the man's sweet kisses on his skin.


Robin felt Slade's hands around the back of his neck. He closed his eyes, knowing what was to come. The man kissed the boy's lips passionately. He forced his tongue past the teen's closed mouth and massaged the boy's own.


Robin couldn't resist the wonderful feeling the villain put inside of him. His hormones and body were betraying him. This wasn't fair. How could this happen?


Slade ended the kiss in order for Robin to get air. The boy breathed in as much as he could. While the teen did so, the villain undid his belt. The boy finally regained his breath.


“Why are you doing this to me?” he asked angrily.


Robin really wished he could see Slade's face. He wanted to see the man's expression. What was the villain thinking?


“I already told you,” Slade said, positioning himself before the boy's slightly spread open legs, giving the man access. Robin cried out from the foreign intrusion inside his ass when the man plunged his full self forward. “You started it.”




Leaning forward to Robin's ear, Slade whispered, “Our relationship.”


Slade started moving in and out of the boy's tight ass. Robin gasped a few times as the man fucked him. He quickened his pace, filling the boy up. The hero struggled in his bonds again, but to no avail. Without the use of sight, he was stuck. His breathing became hard and hot. He mentally cursed his body for betraying him this way. Needless to say, the boy was enjoying the man's large cock inside of him. This was horribly wrong on several levels.


“A-Any s-second now,” Slade panted out.


The tightness of Robin's ass excited Slade; the man was actually moaning. He was almost…there…






Robin bolted up from his desk. Sweat dripped from his forehead. He had dozed off in his workroom, trying to figure Slade out. He couldn't believe he dreamed of that.


Robin looked at his clock; nine o'clock. The Titans would be in bed soon. This was his chance to find out…


The Titan's leader had gotten a package early that morning. Luckily, it had been his turn to retrieve the mail. Robin had opened the package before returning to the kitchen, finding a tracking device with a blinking, stylized S near one of the docks inside. He hid the device in his utility belt and then returned to the Tower, where he gave everyone else their mail. Somehow, the hero knew his dream was a sign; a sign the boy hated.


Making sure the coast was clear, Robin made his way to the elevator. It slowly opened once he pushed the down arrow button. He got inside. The doors closed behind him after he pushed the button labeled “Garage”. The elevator lowered all the way to the bottom and then opened, revealing the garage and its vehicle inhabitants. Stepping out, the Boy Wonder walked over to his motorcycle. He got on and pushed a button. The large garage door slowly opened while he put on his helmet. Starting the bike, the locator now attached, the Titans leader took off, ready to find Slade.

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