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Castlevania: Project Deus'Nox

by Zarbon

Libraries: Gothic, Misc Fanfiction (other), Series

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A crossover between Castlevania and Resident Evil... more soon...written by me and my friend Mike... so dont give me all of the credit...

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Chapter 1, Phase one :Awakening

The familiar stench of death and rotting flesh drifted into Adrian's nostrils, rousing the Vampire-Human hybrid from what was supposed to be his eternal sleep. With a start the man sat up immediately, and then fell back into the coffin, the rotting wood splintering under his weight that had been his resting place for what could very well have been several hundred years. The Man, known to Alucard by some, sat up once again, moving as slowly as the stiffness in his joints would allow him to, he placed a hand on the side of the ornate casket, but as he tried to put his weight down on the silk lined wood it gave way under him causing the man to tumble out on the dusty ground. It took him a few moments but Adrian slowly climbed to his feet, his dark eyes scanning through the small cavern that had been his home for so long, the jagged walls that where once home to gemstones and what was commonly referred to as 'fools gold' where now bare, and his armor, and stored that had placed in an enchanted glass case before his sleep where gone; as was the glass case itself.
Alucard grit his teeth, as much as he felt like screaming, the vampire did not know is there was someone around, and it was that thought alone that possessed the man to walk towards the entrance to his cavern, still a bit curious why he would smell rotting flesh, and such a strong presence of it at that. As he stepped from the cavern and taken aback by the environment in which he now found himself. He was indoors, in a large cavernous room, filled with various glass cases, each housing various weapons and armor, most of which where not even whole suits, and the weapons. Most of which would never have been used in combat.
"Why would anyone save these" most of them are useless"" He asked himself aloud as he turned his gave towards the placard that was in front of his cavern. "A Mummified Noble"" he read aloud" " Here we find the remains of a Noble man, from the late 17th century found deep in the wilderness of Transylvania, not far from the place that was rumored to have been home to the mysterious Castle Dracula" This Man had been perfectly preserved by an unknown process of mummification" and here he lays in the same casket he was found in, and placed in a perfect recreation of the cavern that held his body""A bit Bewildered by this Alucard took a few steps back from the sign, his gaze wandering trough out the large room, not pausing on one target for more then a few seconds before jumping to another target.
"Where in bloody hell am I?" where the only words that pass through his lips before he was interrupted by a low guttural moan of hunger. His Gaze snapped toward the noise, before she started words his, silently damming himself for not having his sword. Slowly The man called Alucard inched his way towards the moans he heard, as he neared the noise he also heard the sound of a woman, she sounded as if she was struggling, possibly against the source of the other noises he heard. Then as he stepped from behind a large case holding a suit of armor, the woman came into view; she was holding off several lumbering men that Alucard recognized as reanimated humans.
His dark emotionless eyes widened a bit before he dashed towards the small group, the hybrid bared his fangs as he pulled his gloved fist back, pondering for a moment how long it would take to dispose of then two men with his fists. He did not have time to think about it for too long because in the time it took for the thought to cross his mind he had already slamming his fist into the face of one of the men, shattering the jaw and lower half of the creature, before pulling his gore soaked fist from its cranium, before spinning towards the other reanimated being. He Grasped the creature by the throat, a smile creeping across his face as the creature reached out for him, clawing at his arm as Alucard slowly squeezed at the creatures neck, listening intently as the moans began to die down replaced instead by the crunching sound of bones in its neck shattering. With a Smug smirk Alucard released the zombie, looking down at the human's corpse, before returning his attention to the woman.
"Please forgive me for my actions" But I felt that the action was appropriate for the situation" Are you well?" After a slight bow Adrian a slight smile and awaited the woman's answer.
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