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Fast Paced Life

by DemonEmpress666

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I'm not very good at poetry, so criticism is welcomed and appreciated.

I miss those days that went past so fast,
Beginning High School was a blast.
New friends to make,
And I hated those preps…so fake.
My Chemical Romance was best,
And I didn’t give a shit about any test.
2:16 rolled around,
We waited for the ring, then we were homebound.
Now times have changed,
My friends are not so much deranged.
We don’t talk a lot anymore,
It’s like they think hanging out is a chore.
Life is busy, and dizzy, and crazy.
We’re growing up so fast, the past is kinda hazy.
High School went so fast just like a blink,
Seems like yesterday we were walking around the rink.
I wish the past was here sometimes, But I know it can’t be.
I guess I’ll just have to settle for my memory.

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